Tips to Create a Powerful Message – Part 4

I am so excited to continue with this series of the 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Message whether you’re talking to an audience of one or 1,000, from a stage or online. The first three steps are available in previous blogs. So if you haven’t seen them, go back and read them as they are so yummy. You can take these techniques and apply them immediately.

This week, we are talking about Step 4, and this one is HUGE for connecting with your audience and keeping them interested and engaged. So many times, I see speakers or presenters talking, but not checking in with their audience to see if they are even listening anymore. As a result, people are on their phones or they’re multitasking. You want to keep your audience absolutely engaged. So, I’m going to share some techniques to help you identify your audience drivers.

Step 4 — Know your audience drivers

You want to know what makes your audience tick before you even open your mouth. What gets them excited? What gets them into action? What’s super important to them. What’s the WIIFM for them (what’s in it for me)? In this case–what’s in it for them?  What drives them? What motivates them?

This step goes beyond customizing your speech, which I mentioned in a previous blog. This is really understanding the psychographic of your audience. Whether you’re on social media or you’re teaching a class, or talking to one individual–these are all audiences. So you have to ask yourself, what’s the red button for this particular group of individuals.

For example: When I speak to mothers, I recognize that a mother’s job is to make her children feel safe. A mother’s job is to make them feel loved. A mother also feels overwhelmed. She’s also the multitasker of all time. She also needs rest, and she wants to be acknowledged. Many times she’s under acknowledged. I know these things before I start talking to the moms.

If I’m speaking to a group of speakers or entrepreneurs, then I know what drives them is about creating impact. They want their voice to be heard. They want to know their voice is powerful. They want to know their message is being received. They also want to monetize their message. So it’s not just about speaking. It’s also about business.

If I’m speaking to teens during our Motivating The Teen Spirit events, then I say to myself, teens are not making a lot of decisions in their lives for themselves. Decisions are being made around them. They want to own their voice. They want to hear their own voice. They’re tired of rules. So Motivating The Teen Spirit, when I’m talking to teens, I say “Here, there are no rules.”  They stop and go, “What?”  Then I say, “In this space, we just make agreements together.”  Man, they perk up as soon as I do that because they’re not used to that.

You want to make sure that you understand the audience’s needs, desires and motivators before you open your mouth. You don’t want to just speak to what’s important to you. You want to speak to what’s important to them. What are those hot buttons that will make them go hmm…let me listen a little closer?

Now, this part of the process may sound like a lot of work, but it’s worth it because it can turn a speech and your message into an experience. As a matter of fact, anytime you’re dialoguing with someone, you’re creating a partnership–especially when you understand that true success is about longevity vs. a one and done. It’s not enough to tell 100,000 people one time. I’d rather touch 10,000 people a hundred times. When you’re looking at new clients, you want it to be an experience…a life changing encounter.

So let me recap, when you’re looking at making a connection, you want to:

1) Make sure that the win is for the audience, not just for what you want to announce.

2) Show some connectivity. Give examples of how you are like your audience.  The days of speaking from a mountain top are over. Now your audience wants you to show them how to climb, and they want to climb beside you. Yes, you may be five steps ahead of them, but they want you to climb with them. So make sure the conversation of connectivity is about you climbing beside them.

3) Make sure it’s about them having a clear win from the beginning.

As I mentioned before, it takes a lot of thoughtful pieces to create a powerful message. If you step on my campus you’ll be able to learn all 17 techniques that make up the science of unforgettable speaking, but for now, these top 5 powerful techniques will create big shifts in your conversations and speeches.

Remember, this show is not just a monologue. It’s a dialogue between you and me. I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear your big #AHA. What motivates your audience? What are their pain points? I want you to read the other comments and comment on them so this becomes a conversation.

This is your home, and we are your tribe–your judgment-free tribe–and I’m your sister in prosperity. And every time I tell you that I believe in you and I love you, it’s because I do. Step 5 is coming up very soon so stay close.

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    • I absolutely love her spirit and enthusiasm for encouraging people to become the very best they can.
      I absolutely love her spirit and enthusiasm for encouraging people to become the very best they can. says:

      I am so so so happy more than you will every know for finding you. I’ve wanted to help people so much from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential but never had the guts to do anything about it. I have been on a spiritual journey over the past 18 months and oh boy it has been somewhat painful in places but so rewarding in others.

      Thank you Lisa for the amazing work you are putting out there. Nameste.

  1. Dinorah J. Medina
    Dinorah J. Medina says:

    Lisa, I am training to become an Inspirational Trainer, I would love to connect with you. You inspire me wit your life, I am a single mother , and a some point in my life I was going thru a rough moment similar to your difficult moment. I want to learn your techniques, I want to influence the women in my community in the world, I do learn more and more with this great information you are sharing. Thank you, thank you.


    I can hardly wait until #5 “Creating a Powerful Message”. Such clear and practical ideas, many I realized I’m already doing. Thank you Lisa for sharing.

  3. Miriam Edwards
    Miriam Edwards says:

    Thank you Lisa for the work you do. The tips are bearing fruits. I have been told that my conversation are much more engaging. You are helping me change lives by being aware that it’s not all about me, but I can be the vessel used to positively impact my community.

  4. Ann-Marie Mathurine
    Ann-Marie Mathurine says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I just did a seven-minute speech and got a standing ovation. Although it was a small audience, a standing ovation is a standing ovation (smile). I applied two of your techniques in “How to Create a Powerful Message”. The techniques I used was story, content, story. Lisa, you are a blessing. I have been following you for years. My speech was my BOL. Love you Lisa!

  5. Mercy Collins
    Mercy Collins says:

    I am learning so much from these nuggets your giving out. I aspire to be an author and speaker one day. You are empowering me with these modules. #BOL ❤❤

  6. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    What can I say…. I can be down deep in despair and all you have to do is come on the screen, without even saying anything. I am immediately lifted as I know I am going to get new information allowing me to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back in the running. Why? Because I heard something that makes sense. Every encounter is an experience and isn’t that what we all yearn for? Good positive experiences that connect us within ourselves, with each other, with the universe. Thank you Lisa for helping to make this happen. I’m almost there but not quiet. Just waiting to cross the threshold. This is the hardest part.

  7. Ifeoma Joy Onochie
    Ifeoma Joy Onochie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am super grateful I came across you. You are really a huge motivation for me. I have known within me that I am born to speak and inspire people, then listening to you crowned it all. I love you so much, always wishing I can meet you physically.

  8. Karen J Sykes
    Karen J Sykes says:

    Lisa, thank you for these 4 Steps that are life-changing in many ways at this point in my journey. The ‘boom’ moment was your Step 3, Designing a Powerful Close. I have better tools now on how to end with FIRE and not a fizzle.

  9. Reginald L Pride Sr.
    Reginald L Pride Sr. says:

    These steps in speaking have really boosted my confidence and drive to speak, being that I’m entering into my ministry I’m learning some good points in preparing a sermon, and speaking to different groups in general. Thanks for what your doing keep up the great work, and you should look into Pastoring, you have a Pastors heart!!


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