What To Do When Someone Keeps Using Your Ideas Without Giving You Credit

Hi, and welcome back—it’s great to have you here! As always, I love reading your comments, questions, and breakthroughs, and recently, I came across a comment that I can definitely relate to: “I’m new in the network marketing profession, and my sponsor, who is two years ahead of me, is also new to the business, and I feel like she’s using my ideas without giving me credit.”

Thank you for that comment. I feel like so many of us can relate to this, so let’s just make it into a general question:

What do you do when you feel like someone’s using your content without giving you credit?

First of all, let’s be realistic. There are only so many ways to deliver the same message. In my line of work, there are only so many ways to tell people to stay motivated, be inspired, be transformed…so, of course others are going to be sharing the same words that I share. But it’s important to understand that nobody can deliver it the way you do. If 100 people tell you the same thing, you will hear it 100 different ways, and some will connect with you, while others will not.

Honestly, when people find my content so effective that they choose to use it for themselves, I take it as a compliment. If others want to share my words, even if they don’t give me credit, it means I have done something really well. I don’t need the credit. I don’t need the validation. Take a look at your own situation, and ask yourself, “Do I need to be given credit or validation?” You might be surprised at what comes up for you.

So, let’s look at some ways to handle this, because when it comes right down to it, feeling like someone is using your ideas without giving you credit may feel disrespectful. It may feel triggering. Why do you think that is happening? Is it coming from a place of fear? A place of not feeling acknowledged? You need to first understand why it’s bothering you before you can correct it. Here are some tips for moving through this…

#1 – Talk to the other person.

Now, I know this is going to feel uncomfortable, but some of the most difficult conversations lead to the most clarity, making the relationship stronger and healthier in the long haul. When having this conversation, it’s important to leave the other person’s dignity intact. If you make them feel like they are wrong, it will only put them on the defensive, which will not solve anything. There doesn’t need to be a “right” person and a “wrong” person – you can have two people who are on two different paths, and that is completely OK. After having the conversation, we move onto the next step…

#2 – Decide if the partnership is something you want to continue.

You get to decide if this partnership, friendship, or relationship is something you want to continue. There may be a few different answers to this, with the first being, “Yes, I want to be in it. Let’s make it work.” The second answer might be, “Yes, I want to be in it, but we need to make some adjustments.” What a great opportunity to evaluate what parts of the partnership aren’t working, and make changes to fix those things. And if they can’t be fixed…

#3 Complete the relationship.

Yes, I said, “complete” the relationship. It’s not an ending, because both of you will continue on your own paths. It’s not a break up, because neither of you are broken – you are both whole and complete. Just because this relationship is no longer serving you is no reason to feel defeated. It is, however, an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a great time to evaluate what old wounds are being triggered in you. It’s a chance to see what kinds of expectations were not met, and decide if your expectations were realistic in the first place.

This is a great opportunity to heal old wounds. It’s a perfect time to figure out why you were triggered by someone using your ideas without crediting you. Why are you hurt, disappointed, or angry? Why do you feel like you’re being dismissed? I would ask you to dig in on this and really figure out where this is coming from. When have you felt like this in the past? What old experience is making you feel that this person is hurting you? It most often has nothing to do with the other person, because they don’t know what your unhealed wounds are. They aren’t trying to cause you to feel this way. You need to heal your old wounds to move forward powerfully, and with strength.

You need to decide what’s worth fighting for, and what can be left behind. Figure out where you can grow and make the changes inside that will keep this from ever happening again. And if it does happen, will you have the tools to respond differently next time? Decide if this partnership, friendship, or intimate relationship is worth saving. You will feel very differently when you are coming from a healed place than when you feel wounded.

Remember, this is not a monologue. This is a relationship. A relay between you and me, and between you and the other members of our family. I love reading your comments and questions. I love the beautiful tribe of like-minded community members we have here. So, please share your ah-ha moments, your #BOL (breakthroughs out loud), and your insights. Tell me how you are going to move forward into the healed version of yourself. I truly believe in you, and I love you. I’ll see you soon.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Big Hug! I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR and then some since I saw you at your amazing celebration in San Diego.

    I miss you!

    I saw Darius at the University Club who says he’s doing your video work for you, great guy! You look GREAT, so assuming that’s awesome for you!!! I love your messaging! Your advice is meaningful since I’m about to bring my Success Accelerators + Action Multipliers to the market! They fit beautifully with your messaging (and are NOT your words, and I even trademarked them! .

    I would love to talk to you about partnership, when you’re available… I am at least a week away from being able to have that conversation though, still getting feedback (the breakfast of champions!) and making adjustments to the verbiage. Today is Sunday, Feb. 4.


  2. Braheem Najeed
    Braheem Najeed says:

    I love this episode because it help me to see many different facials of me I didn’t realize were there and I have room to grow and I want to approach my partners in love not in hurt and anger. Thanks again

  3. Martha Isabel Barros
    Martha Isabel Barros says:

    Wao ! Interesting way of looking at this topic, nothing else would expect coming from a soul like yours. Finding something meaningful in this, such a great reminder. Gracias for believing in us and loving us so much, likewise.

  4. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Wow! So juicy. Thank you so much for addressing this. I have been harboring anger and frustration over a person who was using your content and not giving you credit. To your point.. why is this so upsetting to me? It is triggering because I pride myself on honesty and being as authentic as possible and I feel betrayed when someone lies or pretends. I have so many past experiences of having two faced people and then feeling dumb that I believed who they presented themselves to be initially. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It was so helpful.

  5. Ravi
    Ravi says:

    You are my sister from another mother. I love what you do, how you deliver your message, and your down-to-earth delivery straight from the heart. Thank you for the message today. I cannot agree more with you that not worrying about credit leaders to a quantum leap in one’s growth. Thanks

  6. Kaydia Sardine
    Kaydia Sardine says:

    This Information I needed to hear. I’ve had others used my work as if it was their idea. I felt disrespected and cheated. It hurt because that was my work and seeing someone else intentionally trying to steal it was painful.

  7. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    Thank you Lisa. What an on time message for me. Those wounds!!!! They keep impacting my life at 60. I need to go complete those wounds, not by going back to those people, but to me. It’s about understanding me isn’t it? Love you and know no one on this planet inspires me the way you do. Thank you.

  8. Cynthia A McQuade-Brinkman
    Cynthia A McQuade-Brinkman says:

    Ahhhhh!!! Love me some Lisa! Thank you. Everything you state is so well curated – I absolutely love your ability to walk us through a situation, go deeper, circle back and complete the journey. I am grateful for you. You mentioned I met needs and that is what I happen to be writing about in the moment, and I will likely integrate this lesson into it. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

  9. Judith
    Judith says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I like the phrase the relationship is complete instead of “we are broken up.” I recently completed a relationship of nine years. This phrasing allows me to take the viewpoint that I didn’t fail. Rather, the relationship provided what it was meant to provide (lessons, growth, truth, awareness, etc.) and is now complete

  10. #AskShaneequa
    #AskShaneequa says:

    I truly appreciate this message because this is an area of my business that I did struggle with. You said it best though, no one can deliver MY CONTENT the way I can and that is the magic ✨ in being authentic and uniquely ME! Thank you for helping me to realize that.

  11. Annge Carroll
    Annge Carroll says:

    When I deliver messages that are a response to something deeper l am listening in awe and gratitude to what I am saying…my gift is listening and sharing how to arrive at the best possible outcomes… after listening to you speak l would like to thank you for your wisdom, courage and infectious enthusiasm delivering in a bigger picture we all can embrace & thrive in!! I am still grinning -: ear to ear – breathing a deep sigh of yes! to what you shared!

  12. Patrice Lockhart
    Patrice Lockhart says:

    Thank you for this conversation. So many great nuggets.
    Great Reminder #1: No one can deliver my content like me
    Great Reminder: #2. Why would I be triggered if someone uses my content? Check my past!!!

  13. Denita Draper
    Denita Draper says:

    Complete the relationship! I love that….that was an ahaaa moment for me. I am a firm believer in some relationships are for a season…..when that season is complete….there are signs to let you know .
    Thank you for your wisdom~

  14. Sydney
    Sydney says:

    You are amazing! So many insights in this video. First of all “The relationship is complete” is such an amazing perspective. Also, the idea that it’s a compliment if someone uses your content is so refreshing. I am in the process of seeking permissions from a variety of self-help authors for my first book. I’m using others’ exercises and crediting them. And yet, I’ve been worried that they will feel encroached upon that I want to use their exercises — even with credit! This area can be so fraught with anxiety on all sides. I appreciate your evolved perspective on it! Trust the universe and stay in your lane, knowing it’s YOUR lane. Many thanks.

  15. Alane Farmer
    Alane Farmer says:

    I loved the idea of a relationship being completed. It changes everything. I realize I don’t need to be angry or hurt. The relationship is just completed. It reminded me that not everyone is supposed to be on my journey to the end. Thank you Lisa you are the best

  16. David Thompson
    David Thompson says:

    Hi Lisa, how are you; fine I hope. I enjoy listening to your podcast awesome presentation. You deliver a clear and detail clarity on relationship. I can relate to your presentation because of the book that I have written is base on Christian value. I am not sure how you came to connect with me, if it is through my website on instagram. The book I have written how to understand your community church. It is a awesome book and people love it and they are leaving comments on amazon. However, this is not about me it is about the job that we do to embrace and support relationship and family. You have mention about if someone had use my content how would I feel about it. If they mention where hey get the information from that would not be a problem as long as they share where they are getting the information from. Overall I enjoy listening and learning from you and I am looking forward to collaborate and support each other in the future.
    Thank you David Thompson

  17. R Joan
    R Joan says:

    You have such clarity and wisdom. I love the way you gave us to clarify the relationship issue when someone steps on our toes by seeming to claim something we gave out of our unique creative statement on something that is important to us. My interpretation was, Take a breath, check why I am reacting, and then communicate with the person in a manner that is respectful to their own sensitivity. Decide at the end of the conversation if they are someone you would like to continue a relationship with, and in what manner or at what level. If they agree, clarify the conditions if necessary. If i misunderstood what you were saying I am sure you will straighten me out in your future chats with us.

  18. Pamela B.
    Pamela B. says:

    Thank you for the perspective you offered to this issue. It has happened to me several times, and I have begun to believe that I must have inspired the individual enough that they have copied my content or idea. Truth be told, at first I thought otherwise and have proven to myself that wisdom does come with age!
    What an inspiration you are! I always appreciate your insights.

  19. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Where’s the “old” history lit up something in me! This video was right on time as I continue to heal & grow through some things & relationships. Thanks Lisa

  20. Laura
    Laura says:

    Love this concept. Complete a relationship. No blame. Moving in different directions. Different views, different paths. Enjoy your positive vibes.

  21. Elizabeth A Jordan
    Elizabeth A Jordan says:

    Dear Lisa
    The ideas you shared came at the right time. They helped me to navigate a difficult situation by reframing and deciding to have that courageous conversation. Thank you.

  22. Mauj Satsangi
    Mauj Satsangi says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I just saw your video and your steps provided. I haven’t even took my first steps in business or any field, but I am getting aware of the challenges I will face ahead in this journey.
    You like a big sister always teach us the way how to deal with problems.
    Recently I faced such a situation where classmates took my hardwork in their credit scores and the case is still going on. But now I will try these pointers in my problem and definitely be able to solve it like your ideas helped me in my other problems.
    At last, never stop your videos to reach your fans
    Love you,

  23. Donna
    Donna says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your information is always quite timely as I just had a conversation about this, this past weekend. I continue to discover that organizations’ that I submitted proposal info to actually decided to just use it themselves and take credit for it. After initially being hurt, and much prayer regarding this, I finally decided that whoever presents my information, I pray that the recipients will be blessed by it.
    Thank you, Lisa, for how you serve and add value to others.

  24. Hortense Rowe
    Hortense Rowe says:

    Thank you again Lisa ( Sis.) for your great words of wisdom. What really jumped out at me is, that in a relationship. I have options
    I can decide what my negotiable are.
    What I am no longer for.
    Decide where I can grow.
    For me I feel have these tools gives me ability to navigate, and to make the best choices for myself and for the growth, or success for the relationship.

  25. Hortense Rowe
    Hortense Rowe says:

    Thank you again Lisa ( Sis.) for your great words of wisdom. What really jumped out at me is, that in a relationship. I have options
    I can decide what my negotiable are.
    What I am no longer for.
    Decide where I can grow.
    For me I feel these tools gives me ability to navigate, and to make the best choices for myself and for the growth, or success for the relationship.

  26. Hudson Robinson
    Hudson Robinson says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been on a personal journey to overcome my triggers from what others are saying about me, but the biggest portion of this project is for me to stop being triggered by what my wife says about me, which often is the truth that awakens my past painful experiences. This video gives me the direction and confirms that I have much more inner work to do to touch my soul. Doing my inner work would allow me to complete my relationship with my past pain and hurt so I can let go and build a new relationship with my higher, joyful self to stand in my power and selflessly help others live their best life as I am doing now.
    Thank you, Lisa!
    P.S. I proudly let others know I am in the YANA tribe and what I am sharing comes from the coaching I receive from Lisa and the MTM team of coaches.

  27. Susan James
    Susan James says:

    Such clarity! And love. Thank you, Lisa, for the straightforward keys to figuring this out with our heart AND our head. These keys really apply to so many areas, beyond the main question at hand.

  28. Rachel M
    Rachel M says:

    I 100% love you Lisa! I saw the movie the secret before that I watched you on Oprah and I saw you on another show. It amazes me to not just hear your message about the Law of attraction, Law of Transformation but I seen it has manifest for you is amazing.Today, I glean more and more. Thank you for your Life!!

  29. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    This was wonderful.
    Love you’re energy.
    Do you have any openings for employment?
    I’d like to work alongside you.
    I’m based in Los Angeles.
    Kelly Ann

  30. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    The breakthrough is your delivery.
    And the asking “what triggers you and why.”
    That’s powerful.
    I think I’ve found my tribe.
    Kelly Ann
    PS. Please see my other comment<3

  31. Danielle Garcia Nielsen
    Danielle Garcia Nielsen says:

    Dear Lisa

    Thank you for your work.
    You have been my mentor from afar. I have held on to your stories “like they were oxygen”. In good times I would give you a listen and excel. In bad times I would listen to you to pick my self back up.
    I have been working on what my inner self has been telling me when I feel stepped on. Triggered.
    Recently I started not only listening but also taking action. Powerful stuff.
    Going back and healing the original wound resonates with me, so that I dont have to relive it over and over and getting stuck. Funny, I didn’t expect to find this reminder here in this episode. Thank you for that.
    Thank you for providing “a way in”.
    Much love.


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