Evict Your Ego and Inspire Thousands

This week, I want to talk about your message and the importance of sharing it with the world. Sometimes, we get caught up in our own fears, and that keeps us from sharing our gifts. Our ego makes it all about us: our fears about being judged or not being “good enough” to share our stories. Instead, we should be focusing on how our message could inspire others to take important actions in their own lives, putting the focus on them and off of ourselves. Recently, Edith wrote to me about an episode I did called, “How to Stay Motivated and Excited.” She said, “I recognize that I am under-acknowledged, and I am going to celebrate myself more often, starting today.” I love this. The way you honor and acknowledge yourself is the way others will honor and acknowledge you! It’s your job to give them the best possible example of how you want to be treated.

Another member of our tribe, Monique, wrote to me about an episode entitled, “Master One Lesson before Taking on the Next.” She wrote, “I’m learning that my ego and my actions don’t live on the same block.” When we allow our egos to keep us from acting, we are denying the world our gifts. We aren’t allowing ourselves to get up on that stage and hold that mic and tell our stories. Those are stories that the world needs to hear – and you’re letting your ego keep you from sharing it! When you stay small, you are keeping everyone small. Think about that for a minute – it’s your responsibility to shine your light for others to be guided.

You might say, “But, Lisa. I am terrified to speak in front of a group.” Research shows that public speaking is the number one fear in the world. But it’s really just speaking – you speak every day. What you really fear is saying the wrong thing, or stumbling over your words because you’re nervous. I’d invite you to try this: instead of speaking to the group, speak to one person, and then another person – just one person at a time. Don’t think about speaking to 100 people – think about speaking to one person. You do that every day! You speak to people in your office, or at the grocery store, or picking up your child from school.

Your ego controls the part of you that wants to stay small to keep from being judged, but in reality, nobody is judging you – not really. Most people are more worried about what others think of them than what they think about other people! Isn’t that ironic? Don’t get me wrong, we do need our egos – they can come along for the ride – but we must not let our egos drive the train. Our egos will derail us so quickly, reminding us that we’re not smart enough, educated enough, articulate enough – just not good enough. And that’s just not true.

How often have you listened to someone speak, and thought about whether or not they were “good enough” to share that message with you? Probably never. We think about the things that the speaker is telling us that resonates with us – the ah-ha moments, the takeaways, and the things that touch our hearts about their own story. We aren’t thinking about if they messed up a few words or lost their place for a second. We are thinking about their beautiful message and how it affects us.

When I started speaking, I was afraid of being judged, too. I was an overweight African-American woman with only $11.42 in the bank. I didn’t know how people would receive me as a single mom who was speaking to inspire others. My life hadn’t been easy, and I was still struggling myself, but do you know what happened? People were attracted to my conviction. They could relate to my story and were inspired by my bravery. I don’t ever worry about my speech – I focus on my story. I’m so glad I told my ego to quiet down so I could share my message. If I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be meeting in this beautiful community, and I love this family we’ve created together. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my ego – I shared my story, and you know the rest!

What are the ways your ego is getting in your way to greatness? What are some tricks or tips you have found helpful when you feel the ego creeping in, trying to keep you small? Share your thoughts in the comments below. You know I love to read your comments! What are your ah-ha moments from this episode? What questions did this episode bring up for you? I love your questions! This is a dialogue, not a monologue. We are a family, and I love you and believe in you. I want you to master your ego – you are in charge. You are in the driver’s seat. If you haven’t already subscribed, do that now! I’ll see you real soon!

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    I have the power to be awesome. I’m glad I came across your episode. It’s putting things back into perspective for me and the community.

  2. Pia Brower
    Pia Brower says:

    This message just spoke to my heart. I’m going to focus on the story not the speech. I’m not going to worry about what people might say or worry about who’s receiving it. I believe that the message will relate to anyone who needs what I’m sharing. I’m going to go forth and make a difference.

  3. Toni Kizer
    Toni Kizer says:

    Wow! This is so good. When I think of Ego, I think of arrogance and being conceited, but definitely gave me a different perspective. We never really think how our stories will motivate and encourage others. Thanks for the reminder that our stories are never just about us.

  4. Mary Oyediwura
    Mary Oyediwura says:

    I know it was God who brought me to listen to this timely message. I’m truly in awe! this made it clear to me that he’s got my back. I needed a sign before going ahead to make my video on overcoming abuse, divorce etc and this was the sign to shrink my ego so that my message may inspire others. Thank you Lisa for walking in your light x

    I cannot wait to MEET you!

    Your sister in abundance and prosperity
    Mary x

  5. Vee
    Vee says:

    I am so very inspired by this work you and your team are doing. I am very happy to be connected with you! Speaking to be inspirational rather than being so concerned with how things may look. I am working on connecting on FB as well and will continue to follow up. I appreciate this opportunity.

    Much Love,


  6. Beverly
    Beverly says:

    I have allowed my Ego to control ALL aspects of my being. I have chosen to just stay within myself….not much socializing, traveling, or anything recreational. I have found that my biggest issue is not having that strength that is needed to move out of my own way. That’s where I need help!!!!!! I love crafting but when it doesn’t work out just right I give up.

  7. Marina Rowan-Fortson
    Marina Rowan-Fortson says:

    This is big! I do talk to ppl all the time! At work, friends, on social media, in fb groups! The thing that gave me pause was I have ” pop on veneers” in my mouth due to missing teeth and my fear was ppl would focus more on my mouth than my message! Ah ha moment is I talk to ppl at work EVERYDAY with said veneers! Lol

  8. Marilyn Bradford
    Marilyn Bradford says:

    I’m not sure if its the ego that hinders the pursuit of my dreams but my disrespect of the gift. The point you shared that we must set the example of how we are treated was right on point for me. I must respect the Giver and the Purpose. I must STAND with bold courage and respect the Gift! Which I suppose is also a form of an ego that must be evicted!

    STEP 1 for me: Stop asking for permission and approval from others when I have already been appointed and authorized by THE MAN IN CHARGE! Just stop it Marilyn!

  9. Shandra
    Shandra says:

    Speak to inspire not to impress!
    I have a question
    What do you do when you feel like you a message to give and people need to hear but you don’t know where or how to get it out to the world?

  10. Shandra
    Shandra says:

    Speak to inspire not to impress! That is my Yes, Yes!!!!!
    I have a question
    What do you do when you feel like you have a message to give and people need to hear but you don’t know where or how to get it out to the world?

  11. Puseletso Khoathela
    Puseletso Khoathela says:

    “The way you honor and acknowledge yourself is the way others will honor and acknowledge you. Another point, I don’t worry about my speech instead I focus on my story”. Lisa our ears always are open to hear from you. It will end up putting our egos down and allowing us to fly.

  12. Sheila Wilson
    Sheila Wilson says:

    I don’t even know if I have a message, but I am here to receive a message. I lost my daughter in 2020 and I am just trying to reevaluate me. I want to share and inspire as I have for many years to victims of domestic violence, but now ….I can’t breathe.

  13. Angela McCoy
    Angela McCoy says:

    Lisa thx you so much for your diligence. I started a Motivational Podcast on Spotify 8 months ago called “You Win” and you so correct I focus on the hearts that will be inspired by me sharing my experiences and challenges, and not how I sound. I have a lot more I want to do and you inspire me to persevere next to have my talk show where they will see my face instead of just listening to my voice which use to challenge my thoughts.

    I am also an Author and I know one day I will be traveling and sharing my stories. You are a great example of how hardworking and dedication will work out and bring great results. Thx You for being the Intentional You !!

    • David Stewart
      David Stewart says:

      Hey this is Dave Stewart quite rhe Motivater. As I read your episode, I didn’t think I identified at 1st, he’ll I love the crowd, and I’m I’m love with the connection. I guess I could really identify about ego (thinking myself small) when it comes to putting a price of my worth. I stubble cause I truly do not know where to start to gage what my wroth is as an unknown speaker. Can you help?

  14. Joann Blakeney
    Joann Blakeney says:

    Hi Lisa
    I know I can be powerful; just coming forward that all I need to do. Thank you very for time.

  15. Kesha
    Kesha says:

    I was just having a conversation with a friend about how our ego gets in the way more than I wanted to admit. My ah- ha moment was when you spoke about action and to leave a comment. My immediate thought was I can’t do that. Well with tears in my eyes I’m leaving this comment today, which is a really big step for me. I appreciate your inspiring words.

  16. Miriama Hayes
    Miriama Hayes says:

    Thank you Lisa my sister,
    I’m really honoured to have crossed your path.
    I’m motivated now to tell my story. Love you.❤️

  17. Mary Kitana
    Mary Kitana says:

    Thank u so much Lisa – fora long time I’ve been motivated & encouraged by your story & how well u present it. After listening to this episode, I’ve learned how I’ll evict my ego which tells me I’m not eloquent & not smart enouph. I’ve also learned from your previous episode that I have to be consistent & persistent in hard work in order to produce content that will resonate & motivate someone. I gave up too early – last year I started a YouTube channel focussing on encouraging pple to eat healthy & do excercise (livehealthywithmarie) My son used to help me with editing video/content but he got too busy with his work & I didn’t have money to pay a private person to help – so I stalled after 5 posts. People were commenting how my video workouts at the gym & climbing mountains would encourage even younger pple to excercise. I’m 73 come August. U’ve motivated me to get up & revive my channel – I gotta find solution. I thank God for good health & energy.
    On your previous episode I was reminded of persistent consistent hard work for worthwhile content. I’m so excited Lisa! God bless u.

  18. Vrushali
    Vrushali says:

    Lisa, so grateful for this sharing. It’s so resonating for me as I’ve always Followed my heart. Sharing wat I’ve experienced is always joy for me.. it’s a way to connect d hearts without any barriers. It’s all about conviction rather than convince. Purity in Heart, Clarity in Mind & Sincerity in Action is d way to Happiness which has miles to go… Blessed… lots of love, Vrushali…

  19. Nikki Geatches
    Nikki Geatches says:

    It got me when you said “he wants to know she wants to know” – I could see the journey I had been on and how I would have valued hearing guidance like this. It hit me in the heart space so I know it transformed and healed me in that moment.

  20. Trisha
    Trisha says:

    I have had several opportunities the last couple of weeks to share my story. I am being prepared to inspire more people. This helped to recognize that it is definitely my ego and perfectionism that is slowing down this process. Thanks

  21. Regina Umoya
    Regina Umoya says:

    Wow! I had no idea that this brief post would give me the boost that I needed today to keep on sharing. Lisa is still the realest coach out there and inspiring us to get more connected with the world at large. See why we love her so??❤️☺️❤️

  22. LaTricia Burton
    LaTricia Burton says:

    My problem is that I have been made to think since I was a young girl that what I have to say doesn’t matter. Now as an adult I’m told that I have so much to say and that others need to hear it. So I am living in both worlds and I no longer want to.

  23. Shaila Contractor
    Shaila Contractor says:

    Thank you Lisa for your awesome episode. I have been thinking of helping ithers get healthy and fit.I want to share my journey to inspire others and help my world but my own ego and my fear is getting in my way.However your article has given me a hope and I am just going to get started and stop overthinking and try to be perfect. Thank you so much, you are my aha moment.

  24. Temitope Oluwole Fadipe
    Temitope Oluwole Fadipe says:

    Lisa, you are awesome and beautiful ❤️ outside and inside . God bless you really good

  25. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Thankyou for sharing your authentic self and evicting your ego and just being you. To the degree I used just a bit of what you have shared with that “dip” method, many have been blessed by my story. However, it has only been a few & not really the masses. I have to put a lock or an alarm on my door so my ego can’t keep returning to my driving seat.

  26. taj muhammad
    taj muhammad says:

    Thank you very very much Lisa, it was a much needed speech especially at this time in my career and my life. Very very well said it is not about Me it is about my audience, it is not about me it is about my message that will impact my audience.


    I’m soooo selfish
    This really helped me see that.. I’ve been waiting and waiting on my own confidence when really it was selfishness. The fear of just every”not” I can think of. God I’m sad about that.
    But I need to hear this. A lot of times I believe it’s to late for me now . But then I hear God say in a still small voice…

  28. Lynn Lubben
    Lynn Lubben says:

    Oh my Goodness!
    I really needed to hear this today!
    Thank you, Lisa!
    I get caught up in my imperfection of body, and mind talk when I speak, and become fear-full of how others may perceive me. I forgot that is EGO, (Edging God Out), and that I have inspired hundreds of people in the past, and most recently about three weeks ago when I delivered a message, and some told me it was very inspirational!
    I got this!
    Thank you!

  29. Juilca Ortlinghaus
    Juilca Ortlinghaus says:

    What a powerful message, dearest Lisa.

    I am working hard to overcome my fear of public speaking, and hearing your words opened my eyes and let me see the possibility to overcome my fear in another way: I speak to inspire not to impress!! I am not afraid of my message, of the impact it will have on others. I speak to 1 person (even if there are 500 in the room because I will have an individual impact on everyone).

    And yes, the root cause of my fear is fear of judgment!

    I have another phenomenon I go blanc, use much less sophisticated words than I planned to, or forget big parts I wanted to say when I am on stage. If you have an idea of how to overcome that, I would be more than grateful.

    Love you. Thank you for your inspiration!

  30. Sandra A.
    Sandra A. says:

    Inspire not Impress, fear of judgement! Nailed it as always Lisa. Action must be taken! I’ve allowed fear (of the unknown) stagnant owning my business and WHY!?

  31. Larsha K
    Larsha K says:

    Wow, wow, Wow.

    My sister in prosperity and possibly; this spoke to my soul. Your message rebirth the why, of what I owed to be as my original Existence.I had forgotten this. My melody to God’s promised sweet lyrics in my song of life. Thank you for building an incredible platform for many to grow and get the tools to succeed in their prosperity.

  32. Elizabeth Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas says:

    Lisa , for years I was in a perpetual stage of mourning, mourning for the little girl that I was who was always afraid of the judgements of others. Fear took over my life for too long. Now as a Toastmaster , I am learning the tools to conquer those fears and taking steps to become a more confident speaker. Thank you for all the ways in which you inspire me and so many. I am on a journey to having abundance, now and forever more. Thank you Lisa.

  33. Nolwazi
    Nolwazi says:

    Yeahhhh I definitely have to go do what God been putting on my mind to do. Forget about what I’m allowing to hold me back from taking action… I’m going to take a step everyday towards it….. someone is looking, waiting and in need of what I need to need to share with them. I WILL BE DILIGENT. Thank you so much Lisa.

  34. Joyce B
    Joyce B says:

    Wow, what came up for me was that, I wish I had heard this talk and got it like I just got it, 50-60 years ago. It will be easier for me now to give my comments when in a group. I will give up worrying about being judged what others may think. Thank you.

  35. Ife
    Ife says:

    Evict the Ego,
    My message is not about me. My message come through me, but it is not all about me for one evicted the ego and have subdued the fear of judgement. I am intentional about my message and focused on how it can inspire others, perhaps raising awareness to a higher level of consciousness.
    I love you, too.

  36. naomi Edwards
    naomi Edwards says:

    it actually gave me some clarity,and restored a bit of confidence when confronted by a crowd..I’m finding these dialogues so informative and inspiring,they are giving me a sense of belief in being able to put myself outthere..God bless

  37. Serantha Jenkins
    Serantha Jenkins says:

    Sometimes when you are simply taking a stand for something that you believe in it can be misdiagnosed as”ego”. You can be the most humble, caring and kindest person but the minute that you don’t allow something–it’s “she got the big head”. Have you ever experienced that?

  38. Serantha Jenkins
    Serantha Jenkins says:

    The bottom line is our story should inspire others. We need to focus on what we have to share with other and take self out of it. Impact is the goal.

  39. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    You are not speaking to 500 hundred people, you are speaking to one person sitting in 500 seats- WOW, head blown off…as I never thought of it this way.

    The next time I have the opportunity to speak with a crowd of more than 1, I will keep this in this in the forefront of my mind

    WOW, thanks Lisa,


  40. Tengetile Matsinhe
    Tengetile Matsinhe says:

    Speak to inspire and not to Impress that was my ahaaaaa moment right there. thank you Lisa
    i have a story on how God helped me to save my marriage. i have been helping 3 to 5 women who were able to save theirs aswell. now i feel i need to take my story out there to help many other women. before i was hesitant but now i feel im ready. but not really sure how to go about it
    that is why im here i need help to help others rise with my story
    Thank you Lisa


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