The Benefits of Connecting with Nature

Hello, and welcome back! This is the space where we learn how to be the best versions of ourselves with strategies and tools to improve our lives. Today I’m excited to talk to you about the benefits of connecting with nature. I think it’s something that I discounted for a long time, but the reality is that nature gives us ENERGY. It helps to balance and recalibrate us. We need to feel the water, the sand, the grass and the dirt. Nature brings us back home to our bodies as we connect to it and enjoy its healing properties.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have to think about this at all – I spent so much time outside, especially in the summer. After doing my morning chores as fast as I could, I would run outside and my parents wouldn’t see me again until dusk. As an adult, summer doesn’t mean the same thing – we don’t get that time off to play outside for three months like we did as children. The older we get, the more time we tend to spend indoors, so we need to decide to get outside and get in touch with nature. If we just wait for it to happen, it probably won’t. Maybe you are someone who gets out into nature to walk, bike, hike or swim regularly – that’s awesome! Most of us just don’t, especially if we live in big cities. Then we need to make that effort to take a walk and get some sunshine and fresh air.

I recently went on vacation with my husband – it was our first vacation as husband and wife – and we went to Nice, France. While I was there, I decided that every day I was going to get up and get in this phenomenal infinity pool. It was so beautiful, and I loved swimming laps in it every morning. And then I thought to myself how silly it was that I only took the time to do this while on vacation. I have a pool in my backyard that I hardly ever get in! I just wasn’t being conscious about how good it feels to get in the pool and move my body in the water. And then I also got Vitamin D. During Covid, my doctor was telling me how important it is to keep my Vitamin D levels high for my immunity, and yes, I can take a supplement, but I can also get out in the sun and get my Vitamin D from that. Vitamin D protects us from being run-down, which keeps our immune system in good shape to protect us from getting sick.

Another important way to get into nature is to get into the dirt, sand, and grass. I used to suffer from terrible jet lag. I would go on four or five trips, to two or three different countries, back to back. My biggest challenge was jet lag. Do you know what cured my jet lag? A process called grounding, which I didn’t even know existed, but it helped me so much. Grounding involves taking your shoes off, and going out into the grass, the dirt or the sand. Don’t do this on concrete – it needs to be natural. You simply stand or walk around for at least 20 minutes, feeling the earth. This allows your body to recalibrate to the new elements, regardless of the time change. I haven’t had jet lag in over 12 years. I know that sounds crazy, but believe me, it works!

I want you to think about some ways that you can be outdoors – how can you receive the benefits of the wind, water, sun, sand, dirt, grass and trees? How can you allow nature to bring you peace, reduce your stress, bring you joy, and allow you to feel more centered? You may not be athletic, and that’s ok, but taking a walk and just breathing in the fresh air and sunshine will lift you up in body, mind and spirit.

While we have this conversation about what we get from nature, I think it’s also important to talk about what we give back to nature. We want this earth to be able to provide for future generations, and in order for that to happen, we need to make the efforts necessary to take good care of it. Now I realize, not everyone can go out and plant trees or clean up the waterways. But there are lots of ways that you can help just by making a few simple changes.

Recycling is an easy and obvious way we can help nature. If you’re not already doing this, it’s not too late to start. You can also pay attention to how things are made – you can buy items in glass instead of plastic, which is much easier to recycle, and uses fewer harmful chemicals. Look for items made out of recycled materials. Buy products that use fewer chemicals that are harmful to the earth – it takes a few minutes to read and research, and then once you know what products to buy, it’s easy! You can bring your own reusable shopping bags to the store with you, so you don’t need to use the plastic bags at the store.

These things take so little effort, but if everyone did them, it would make a big difference. Think about how the earth sustains us and gives us life – and we can do our part to give back to the earth. So this week, I would challenge you to start one new habit that gives back to nature, whether it’s recycling, buying earth-friendly products or taking your own shopping bags to the store. We can do this!

I would also invite you to find ways to connect with nature – go on a 10-minute walk during your lunch break, or find some time to take a swim or walk barefoot on the sand or grass to get the benefits of grounding. Breathe a little deeper while you’re outside – soak up the sun and boost your Vitamin D levels. Find ways to connect with – and give back to – nature.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today – as always, I want to remind you that this isn’t just a monologue, it’s a dialogue. Please share your comments with me and tell me some ways that you connect with nature. Tell me about ways you give back to nature, and how you feel when you spend more time outdoors. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to subscribe to the channel, which brings this content to more people who can increase the quality of their lives by connecting with this tribe of beautiful beings. When I say that I love you and I believe in you, it’s because I do. I really do love you in the purest form of agape love. You matter to me. I’ll see you next time.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Cynthia Kellner
    Cynthia Kellner says:

    Thank you Lisa, I need that reminder, I too grew up going outdoors and I love it, it gives me a sense of renewal!
    It always has and I need to be one with nature more often than not! Love you too and thank you!

  2. Neva Hall
    Neva Hall says:

    I just love your perspective on life and giving back. I realize I don’t spend enough time in nature. Thank you so much for reminding us about the importance of taking time to rejuvenate. Neva Hall

  3. Christina Marz
    Christina Marz says:

    Hey there Lisa and friends! I teach Horse Guided Empowerment and the fact of being outside, in the grass, under the sky is a big part of the healing that occurs. The calm sensory stimulation helps connect with your emotions. The horses, majestic, strong and gentle inspire and activate. They also calm you through their coherent heart field. We also help rescue abused horses through our work. I need nature and live in the mountains in Ecuador, but even in cities you find parks to ground. Thanks Lisa for sharing this important message.

  4. Peter Yak Kew Gai
    Peter Yak Kew Gai says:

    I would say I connected most with the nature at my teens life than at my 30s. During my early childhood, I spent most of my time with nature in followings ways; during rainy and dry seasons, swam in rivers and lakes. Played while raining.
    In dry season, I played on sand by rollingover and over, walked 1-2 hours under the sunshine, sat under tree shadow, and climbed the trees. Pretty much to say, I spent most of my time outdoors but opposite at my adulthood, but I love nature connectivity.

    Apparently, take walk to store, sitting outside.

  5. Tankiso Phidza
    Tankiso Phidza says:

    Hi, I am so proud of you. The little we do for environment makes whole lot of a difference. I am an environmentalist and everyday of my life I am hunting for opportunities to protect, conserve the environment and the resources it provides for us. In my organization we observe the following:
    * water week
    * earth day
    * world environment day
    * Arbour day (we plant trees/ raise awareness)
    * wetlands day
    It’s really remarkable that when we save the planet it also gives back to us! Cherio

  6. Kristy DuGar
    Kristy DuGar says:

    Gardening while barefoot! Try it. Feet in the grass and dirt on your hands you’ll feel it. If you don’t have access to a green space volunteer at a community garden. Find an elder with a patch of dirt and offer to plant something beautiful or nutritious for them. It will help the both of you!

  7. Allana Elliot
    Allana Elliot says:

    Hi Lisa, I want to thank you so much for sharing. Yes it is true when you take time and embrace “Nature.” It have som much benefits to us as human being and so much to give. Also I have learn how to get rid of jet lag by grounding. Thank you for sharing that information Lisa.

  8. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL!!! You inspire with elegance, grace and with God’s Agape kind of love that’s soooo refreshing!! Thanks for reminding us to allow God’s beautiful creation to heal us as we are intentional about enjoying the blessing of taking time to spend outdoors with nature ❤️ God’s sweetest joys to U!!

  9. Mariame
    Mariame says:

    I love this idea I totally agree with you Lisa I Love nature too, it relieves stress and refill you for a great start of your day or any difficulties you are going through, it could be walking on a sea side especially early morning or evening sunset and by trees
    Lisa thank you very much, for bringing this

    TRACI ISAAC says:

    I go out into the sun 3 times a day to walk my dog? My doctor said my vitamin D level is good and advised me to stop taking the vitamin D


    I enjoy grounding by walking on the grass with no shoes on. I also enjoy grounding at the beach by digging a whole in the sand and putting my feet in the whole and covering me feet with the sand allowing the water to come and connect with my feet while I sit in my beach chair.

  12. Karen Dormer
    Karen Dormer says:

    Hey Lisa, I have the privilege of walking in my community with my mom at least 3 times per week. These I call nature walks because we go out early and enjoy the fresh air. We also do a compose heap, recycle everything plastic, eat fruits and vegies grown around us. It’s so amazing. I am in Jamaica so I really enjoy the beaches.

  13. LaShon Newsome
    LaShon Newsome says:

    Hi Lisa. Driving being one with my music. Escaping to the mountains and journaling is alway my Dre impression time

  14. Ope Ogunlesi
    Ope Ogunlesi says:

    Ope Ogunlesi
    A big thank you for your post on giving back to nature. I can remember in my former place of work as I and my boss would take a ten minutes walk round the estate just to exercise our bodies. I have not stopped doing that till today and I normally send to my club used bottles, used satchet water bags for recycling. In these ways, we give back to nature.
    I will also ensure I spread this message to my colleagues and neighbours as our environment is not too friendly in Nigeria.

  15. Suzette Atherley
    Suzette Atherley says:

    Yes Lisa! Nature walks are very eventful and oftentimes create much energy within especially observing the scenic sights and scenes when walking. I attended much nature walks in my teenage years as a girl guide. Also I explored much nature walks in the mountainous views of Montagne Pelee in Martinique as a teenager while spending a vacation there. It gave me the thrill on sailing on ferry boat there enjoying the tranquil waters and swimming in the fresh under water springs with the fresh smell of pineapples in a nearby pineapple vineyard there.
    Indeed the outside views of the golf course there and viewing the exhibits of
    Empress de Josephine in nearby locations in this beautiful ile de France gives every motivation to create energy in the beautiful forestry there also visited in the macro environment there. However in recent times I did not get the opportunity to explore nature walks but I sometimes take a walk to exercise my muscles and have a breath of fresh air.


    LISA , I LOVE THAT you said this because I always find myself parked under a tree looking at the trees, the sky and feeling wonderfull. !! on the phone I would ask Guess where I am. ? they would respond sitting under a tree,
    I love nature… I plant vegetables in flower pots and squill when I harvest. I love God and I love his works oh so relaxing….oh so beautiful. BLESSINGS TP YOU AND MARCELLUS

  17. Joy
    Joy says:

    After years of living in a city, I feel so blessed to now live in a bungalow. My bedroom looks
    out on to green grass, trees, shrubs. They scent of my lilac tree is intoxicating. The birds singing their new song for spring. I’ve just watched a lovely exchange; a male starling filling the mouth of his partner, with seeds and fruit. Oh what joy, what bliss. And, all this is free. Feeling alive and deep gratitude to nature, for all that it gives, whilst making sure I do my bit and give back.
    Blessings to you

    male starling fill the mouth of the female with seeds and fruit. Oh what joy, what bliss

  18. Juilca Ortlinghaus
    Juilca Ortlinghaus says:

    Thank you Lisa for this inspirational talk to connect to nature and spend more time outside. And I will definitively try the jet lag cure you mentioned next time I travel between time zones!

    I would like to share my ways to preserve nature a part from the ideas you already shared: I try to purchase most “dry” groceries in an unwrapped form in Zero-Waste Shops here in Europe some supermarkets even have sections where you can bring your own container and pour the rice, lentils, nuts, seeds whatever you want to purchase (or in paper bags).

    And another major change I made in my life to protect the environment:

    I became vegan and won´t eat any animal product anymore: meat production is a waste of precious resources that are so desperately needed elsewhere (for 2,2 pounds (1 kg) of beef you need 15.000 liters of water – equivalent to 300 showers and 16 kg of food). And then we tell our kids not to waste water because it is a precious good, but on the other hand, we stuff their mouths with meat? There is an amazing documentary and I invite you to watch it “Eating our way to Extinction” narrated by Kate Winslet and also featuring Anthony Robbins and Richard Branson. It is so worth while watching to wake up and get more conscious to what we are doing to the environment.
    Dairy is a big waste of resources too and in addition also not ethical. In order to produce milk we artificially inseminate cows, once their babies are born we take them away so that we can drink the cow´s milk which was destined for the calf… And mummy cow and baby cow suffer under the separation…
    I also gave up eating fish because industrial fishing destroys the oceans to an extent that I was never aware of and I regret every single fish and seafood I have eaten all the years. I suggest you watch the documentary Seaspiracy, which outlines the devastating effect of industrial fishing on our oceans, the eco system and the climate.
    You are so inspirational in so many aspects Lisa and I hope I could inspire you too with my ways to protect mother Earth.

  19. Kathy C Meade
    Kathy C Meade says:

    Thanks for the reminder that nature is healing to body. I have always felt soothed after being near water ie boat, waterfall, beaches, or even the gym pool. Will try the grounding technique when I arrive to Thailand next week! Thank you Lisa

  20. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Thank you for sharing how you ground yourself when traveling. I will keep that in mind.
    When I was a child, I always found my way to the pier, beach or park where there was water. Whenever I was upset, I would go sit near the water. There I would calm down and everything was right with the world when I was ready to leave. Water centers me and my emotions. It helps me to make decisions that are beneficial to myself and family.

  21. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    Thank you so much, Lisa. Much appreciated and I will try the grounding method, especially in new places. I hope it will help me because in most cases when in new places I have a tendency not to identify which side is west, east, north, or west directions.

  22. Naomi Headley
    Naomi Headley says:

    #AHA, I love being out side! I walk at least an hour a day in the sunshine! It always makes me feel better.

  23. Claudette
    Claudette says:

    Hello Lisa,
    The “chore before-you-go” reminded me of my childhood and how we could not wait to be outside playing games or riding our bikes…just having fun. Since Covid, I now work from home 90% of the time and there have been days when I have not stepped on the front porch. That will NEVER happen again.
    Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful benefits of connecting with nature daily.


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