How To Stay Focused on Your Vision

During our Powerhouse Speakers event, we opened up the space for our students and our tribe to ask their burning questions about business and speaking. This was so powerful for everyone in attendance that my team and I decided, instead of just answering the questions there at the event, we would open it up and answer the question for everyone in our community because you may get value from someone’s question.

Today I’m answering Anna’s question, she asked,” How do you stay focused on your vision?  I keep getting distracted by minor stuff that steals my time and energy and leads me off on tangents. They aren’t beneficial to me, my life, my vision, or my business. Lisa, how do you stay focused on your vision?”

Thank you, Anna, for this question. Now keep reading to hear my 8 tips to stay focused on your vision and change your life!

Remember That You’re an Artist And a CEO

If you are a creator or an entrepreneur, to one degree or another you’re an artist. Whether you’re an artist in makeup, in hair, in videography, or transformation, you’re an artist. I didn’t consider myself an artist for years because I don’t do dance or sing or makeup or hair. But I realize that I’m an artist of content and of transformation.

What you have to remember is that as much as you are an artist you have to be a CEO too, if not more so. It’s easier to create and stay in the artist role. That’s the exciting part…new programs, new content, new approach and it’s also the place where we can get easily distracted and ignore the CEO responsibilities.

I don’t get distracted in this area anymore, but I had to build this muscle over time because I used to. I used to always get distracted. Honestly, at one point, I was so distracted in my business and my vision that I didn’t think that it was my job to do the back end. I didn’t think I needed to touch things like building infrastructure, campaigns, funnels, strategies, and email because that didn’t feel creative or exciting to me.

That’s why if you aren’t intentional with your time your artist side will always get more time than your CEO side. But most successful business owners will tell you that they spend just as much, if not more, time in the CEO role than they do in the artist role. But don’t let that discourage you because if you get the infrastructure set up eventually you can bring on a team to handle many of the tasks you don’t enjoy. You will still have to spend time in the CEO role but you can do it from a more established and confident place. I’m a huge believer in hiring outside of my zone of genuis but I also know the importance of understanding all the aspects of my business, at least on a basic level, as the CEO.

In all the activities I do for my company speaking on stage is the one I spend the least amount of time doing. The things that aren’t exciting to you are the things that are the easiest to be distracted from, which brings me to my next tips.

Eliminate Distractions Before They Pop Up

Set up your environment to eliminate distractions. When I have set time aside to accomplish a task or work on a project I turn off my phone. I don’t just say, “I’m going to put my phone away.” I turn it completely off to avoid any temptation for it to distract me.

Time management is also important for eliminating distractions. When you have decided to dedicate time to a certain activity, then you are saying, “This is where my focus is going to be for [however long].”

When I block out time for activities I overestimate how long it will take. If I think I need 30 minutes I’ll block an hour.

Each day in my business I look at what my day looks like and make a list of things I want to give focus to that day. I invite you to ask yourself “What do I need to do in the course of a day to run the business?” Then add it to your calendar. You won’t do everything, you won’t always stick to the schedule but you will become more structured and over time it will become second nature to do these actions.

My first time really giving time management a chance, I reserved 10 am to 12 pm twice a week to do sales calls. My business grew 152% in one year as a result of that. Why? Because all of a sudden I had allocated time for sales. What’s not documented doesn’t happen.

Make a Plan For Dealing With Distractions That Are Harder to Eliminate

When my son was younger he would come home from school excited to see me and tell me about his day. So I started blocking out that time on my calendar for us to have reconnection time.

Regardless of what came up that day or what I had to take care of, I could still give him the time he deserved and the time I treasured with him.

Make a plan for the things that come up in life. It could be time with your family, someone else missing a deadline that affects your schedule, coming down with a cold or anything that is often unpredictable.

Get Real About Why You’re Getting Distract

So many times, I see people blaming external factors but so often when they pull back the layers they realize the real reason they aren’t moving forward is entirely internal. Often a fear of failure and even a fear of success is the real thing keeping people stuck and susceptible to distractions.

I see so many entrepreneurs limiting their business growth because they’re trying to find a solution to a business challenge but the challenge is not the business. The challenge is your self-esteem about who you are, who you’re becoming in the business and your fear.

So ask yourself, what limiting beliefs and outdated ideas might be keeping you from the business you want? There could be a real business pivot you need to make but if you’ve searched and searched without finding a problem there it may be time to dig deeper into yourself.

Give Yourself Grace

Understand that your timeline is probably way too fast. Someone told me years ago, “Lisa it’s gonna cost you twice as much as you think it will. And it’s gonna take you three times longer than you think it will take you.

I didn’t believe him. As far as I was concerned he didn’t know what I’m capable of.  And then it had happened. What I thought I was going to do in one year, when I first started, took me five years. So have grace give yourself grace.

Celebrate Micro Wins

Create and celebrate your micro wins. So often we’re trying to get to a 180 degree of change that we don’t recognize or celebrate the two degrees. Celebrate your micro wins.

Ways to celebrate your micro wins:

  • Send a picture showing your process to a friend or family member.
  • Record a video for your favorite business Facebook Group.
  • Post it on social media.
  • Tell yourself congratulations.
  • Treat yourself.
  • Pause in gratitude for your accomplishments,

Remind Yourself Of Your Why You’re Doing This

Remind yourself of your goals and why you want them. Don’t get caught up in why someone else wants you to have this goal. Don’t get caught up in comparison.

Know your why. Tap into your why. Because when you get tired, when you get frustrated, when you get angry, you’re gonna need to go back and pick up your why and do it for your why, not your challenges. Your challenges will stop you. Your why will keep you going through your challenges.

Get An Accountability Buddy

Get an accountability buddy or community. Get someone that you trust and enough to share your big bodacious dream with. Then come together to talk about the micro wins and milestones you plan to have on your way to achieving your big dream.

Now not just anyone is suited for this position. This is a sacred relationship. Who you share your dream with needs to be someone who can see the dream with you. Someone you don’t have to convert into knowing that you can do it and believing in you. Someone who is gonna be your cheerleader and your champion on your darkest day. Share the entire journey with them and allow them to hold you accountable, not to the person that you are today, but to the person that you’re becoming.

There isn’t one action item or a magic pill that will shift your focus overnight. Taking small, intentional steps on a daily basis is the thing that will help you regain control of your focus and create your dream.

I love you,


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  1. Sherry-Ann
    Sherry-Ann says:

    Hi Lisa. I want to ask you, how do you get over the things that you feel is keeping you back. How do you let go of the past hurt and set backs? How do you go forward when you feel like your dream not coming true no matter what you do? It’s like you fighting everyday to keep your dream alive but it’s not getting anywhere.

  2. Aminah Adcock
    Aminah Adcock says:

    peace, love, and light! I just started watching your videos and no more than two weeks, Im completely connected to the community. Thankyou for the information and the inspiration that you give to us all!
    My question is, for someone who has stage fright, how do they get over the fear of speaking in front of people? I am a new Author and I really want to reach my audience with my message.

    Thankyou! 🙂

  3. Eva Prell
    Eva Prell says:

    Hi Lisa,

    thank you so much for sharing the video.
    In fact, there was something new for me or better it sounded new for me as I heard it spoken with your words (in short): CEO stuff is boring for the artist and that’s why it’s easier to be distracted.
    It’s the first time I finally understand what my mind naturally does – seeking for distractions. 😉

    Thank you for your love. ♥️


    alias @invitationauevasion 😉

  4. Traci Bartlow
    Traci Bartlow says:

    These are great tips. A few I will use is turning my phone off as taking a quick look at social media are quick distractions when I’m doing challenging work. Another is scheduling time weekly specifically for sales. I’m excited to incorporate this into my work week. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Meg
    Meg says:

    Thank you for the motivational energy and reminders of the importance of having someone to be accountable, share milestones of who you are becoming. I am working to my masters degree and having a tribe that supports and encourages is SO important. I’m almost to the goal.

  6. Sadia A Kazmi
    Sadia A Kazmi says:

    Thank you Lisa. I love how your message comes from your heart. You are so sincere and so genuine ..that touches my heart every time I listen to you. I totally agree with you that we should allow ourselves to celebrate our little success towards our main goal. Getting to the main goal can take longer than what we anticipated but that’s alright as long as we are moving in that direction. Staying focused and managing our time is the key.
    Thank you for your love my wonderful friend, I am so happy to have found you!
    Would love to see you in person sometime.
    Lots of Love!!

  7. Linda Burke
    Linda Burke says:

    When I woke up this morning, I prayed for a productive day and then opened your email. I don’t believe in coincidences. Thank you for sharing the part about the challenges of being a CEO and the resistance in looking at your numbers, etc. I thought that I was the only one who experienced that and it’s good to know that I’m not. This community that you’ve developed is an answered prayer. I truly appreciate the blessing.

  8. Alma Lin
    Alma Lin says:

    This is a unique opportunity to learn from your video.
    Artist is a mindset of challenges. It’s a choice of love to do and get paid. Perhaps making a player turns to CEO.

    Thank you so much my sister of tribe Lisa.

  9. Patricia Kearse
    Patricia Kearse says:

    For me it,s consistency and loading to much on my plate ,Time management , focus and Accountability I have no problem with accounbilty just who to trust I appreciate real not saying on those terms ..There,s difference between accountability and trying to control a person life …I can use some personal development as well certain areas . Being around people who believe and one another lift each other up motivate each other to achieve our dreams and goals such a blessing to have ..Thank you very much for this email the videos Blessings and Abundance

  10. Angela Harvey
    Angela Harvey says:

    I am so grateful to have found you Lisa, you are amazing! I needed this today. I ‘m going through a tough time right now with keeping it together as a solo business owner. I would love to learn more about gaining some personal developement strategies of becoming the best version of me. #nextlevelthinking #Icandothis


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