How to Manage Your Time

Time management was something I didn’t even know that I was horrible at. I used to think that I was a creator…a dreamer…a unicorn and that time management would box me in or restrict my freedom or stifle my creativity.

So, I lived my life going in one direction one minute, then shifting to another direction and was all over the place. I was working 10-hour days (and I mean I was LITERALLY working 10 hours a day) and only getting a few things checked off my list.

I was tired and wondering what I was doing wrong. Why was I constantly overwhelmed? Why did I never have enough time?

It was not until I fully embraced and committed to a new belief system around time management (instead of resisting it), that I started to understand that it takes more energy to remain in OVERWHELM than it does to get ORGANIZED and manage your time. It takes as much energy to make up the plan as you go along as it does to make a concrete plan.

You see…and this is going to sting a bit…overwhelm is an UNCONSCIOUS strategy.

What finally got me to commit was knowing I was only operating at 60% of my possibility and potential. And I wanted to use every tool to find my 100%.

Once I started embracing and managing my time, I was able to get MORE done in a SHORTER amount of time, BUILD my dream faster, INCREASE my revenue, HAVE MORE family time and live a MORE FULFILLING, 360-degree life

Proper time management gives you more grace and ease and actually creates more time. So, here is a brief overview of the tool I use that transformed my life called TIME BLOCKING.

In a nutshell:

  • I block out my day from 6am to 11pm in chunks of time allocated to different things. Some are 30 minutes, some are 90 minutes, and some are 2 hours.
  • I make a list of my key tasks that I do every day and slot them in depending on the time involved.
  • I rename each task based on the outcome (so instead of checking email, I might call it “looking for opportunities” or instead of working out, I put “snatching my sexy back.”
  • I add a 15-30-minute additional cushion to each task so that I have some extra time built in.
  • I also add in a couple of 30-minute chunks that simply say “BREATHE” – seriously!
  • I check my email (or rather “look for opportunities”) twice a day at set times.
  • And if there is not a specific task, I will create buckets called “CEO Time” or “Home Time” so I know that time is dedicated toward working on my business or spending time doing things around the house

Remember, this is your home. Here, we have DYNAMIC, RICH and COURAGEOUS conversations. So, please keep talking to me, I’d love to hear from about your challenges with time management and your biggest #BOL (breakthrough out loud) moment from this episode. What hit home for you? How can you benefit from incorporating time management into your life?

In fact, I’d love for you to declare in the comments below that you are #COMMITTED to try time blocking or another tool that works for you. You’ll be amazed how it will transform your life the way it did mine.

I LOVE you. I BELIEVE in you. And I will always be your sister in Prosperity and Possibility.

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      • Darlene
        Darlene says:

        Will he getting started Monday, as I will be working from home an need to manage my time with getting Yoga (15) minutes and eating properly with positive thinking/reading for lunchtime

        • Esraa
          Esraa says:

          Hi Lisa

          I would like to say that really i love u you are a role model for me and I would like you to share how do you find your way how you what do you love to do

    • Quantre Hall
      Quantre Hall says:

      I really needed this at this time being out of work due to covid 19 . And doing alot of thinking and be self employed i dont think i gave my 100 % i never have time for nothing cause I’m so overwhelmed of always working , not having time for family , myself or doctors appointment . This makes so much sense. Thanks

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie says:

      You hit the nail on the head. Time management is what I needed to here today. I have been in a state of overwhelmed for way too long. Thank you for your transparency #committed

  1. Kristen Stez
    Kristen Stez says:

    I’ve been doing the time blocking strategy for awhile now and it really does make a huge difference. But, I love, love, love the idea of renaming and “reframing” my tasks. I think this will help me get to the next level. Thank you for this groundbreaking strategy!

    • Lelita
      Lelita says:

      Thank you for sharing. I don’t use a calendar. I just go all day until I am exhausted. I believe putting this calendar together will help me to stay focus and take care of the things that will help me successful in my personal and professional life.

  2. JULIE
    JULIE says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for this video. I will do this to manage my time better and get more things done. And overall, stop this feeling that I can’t have time for myself and my loved ones ; that feeling that I’m “under” everything.
    Thank you for this opportunity to go further and realize my dreams.
    Love you

  3. Kathryn
    Kathryn says:

    I love the home time! I think I spend a lot of time dreading chores. And doing chores. I need to schedule chores!! You are not wasting your time. I am going to start time managing!!

  4. Sandra De Leon
    Sandra De Leon says:

    My BOL were padding each task with extra time and the most important, renaming each task based on the outcome I want to receive.
    I have known about time management forever, but like you, i felt it would take away my freedom (I too am a butterfly lol) Every time i tried it, I would go from one take to the next with no breathing space in between, so I would give up after a week or two because I felt more overwhelmed than when I did not do it.
    This episode came at the perfect time, as I am grappling with being home bound, having more time to do what I want, but getting NOTHING done except what I really must do. This has given my pilot light the spark it needed to restart the flame.
    Thank you Lisa!!!!!!!

  5. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Good morning Lisa
    Thank you for today’s message on time
    Management.. how do you fit in a husband/ partner who is “needy”? I can be just fine and entertain myself alone. I m busy writing, painting, sculpting, work a PT job now remote.. and he sleeps, goes in a daily walk, Play golf occasionally , on occasion has a conference call, but goes in circles most of the time, bored. I don’t know how to manage him in my daily routine so I’ll stop what I do to do, what makes me happy and sane to cater to him and I grow resentful.
    Like you in the past, my time management is pretty bad. I feel restrained. Being creative and having inspiration happens when it needs to come out not always on your time table so I am very fluid in my day. Otherwise I lose it and become angry with y surroundings! This being said, I will break my day according to your message and try it. It’s gotta to be better then what I am doing now! 🙂

  6. Judith Moya
    Judith Moya says:

    WOW!!! You can’t imagine how proper this advice come to me right now. I’m trying to figure out my next move: getting all knowledge I can from books, experts and sources about it, and still think like I have a bunch of things in my head and tend to go from one to another without even thinking. I believe one of the things that makes us wander that way is that we can’t manage our thoughts. We think in too many directions at a time and thus we try to get to each one of them at the SAME TIME!!! That’s a vicious circle and I really appreciate you showing me a way throught which I can be more efficient, productive and even better, more creative. Thanks!!!

  7. Jae Webb
    Jae Webb says:

    What a dynamic 12 minutes!!
    Time management was never difficult for me, but what I BOL, was naming the outcome as opposed to the task. This spoke volumes to my spirit because I now get to affirm my tasks with completion, fortitude, and mantra. Thank you in a big way!

  8. Rebekah Shipp
    Rebekah Shipp says:

    Hi Lisa, I believe that I’m pretty good at time management, but you showed me a few different things that will help me become even better! I loved the last bit about naming your tasks the OUTCOME of what you want! Nice! I’ll start incorporating that one right away!

  9. Earth Phoenix
    Earth Phoenix says:

    Thank you! I am ready to do something new to get motivated like never before. My BOL moment is naming the task the outcome it is creating, for me it gets me excited for the results which makes me want get the task started and done. I am working on not being a lazy procrastinator. I needed this!

  10. Cynthia McQuade-Brinkman
    Cynthia McQuade-Brinkman says:

    #BOL Writing the Outcome! Pa-pow! I struggle with Fear of Success & Imposter syndrome. I bought a new Time management journal in January. I’ve used it twice. And, it’s not that I don’t want to consciously, it’s that my subconscious is being driven by protective fear. I am an overcome. I am powerful beyond measure. Thank you for your encouragement. You’re an inspiration, a person who draws me in. I constantly use your teacup analogy of giving when I work with “helpers” to assist in overcoming their own traumas that hold them back. I got my first planner in 1998. I made a faith statement then and have lost hope many times. I’m ready to pick it back up again. I thank you for being a pivotal person in my growth and development. I am committed to suing my planner. I am committed to my failures being building blocks for my success. Thank you, your heart is pure & I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon.

  11. Lise Lavigne
    Lise Lavigne says:

    Thank you Lisa. I have never never been good at time management. I seem to do things that I absolutely need to do when I am on a deadline. This video has helped me a lot to dedicate myself to time management. I especially love naming the tasks the outcome it’s creating. I love you Lisa!

  12. Libby
    Libby says:

    #BOL – Naming the task the outcome.
    Best idea ever to instantly remind me of the purpose behind the pain and biggest motivator to take on even the most dreaded and boring tasks that I don’t necessarily want to do but must do.

  13. Ade
    Ade says:

    I loveeee how you said you dont name the task as a task but by the outcome. #BOL VERY PROFOUND. I will steal this and adopt it immediately. Thanks Lisa you truly are a blessing.

  14. Tenni
    Tenni says:

    My BOL was naming the tasks to the desired outcome it is creating or the intention. I feel even better and motivated after watching this video. I can totally relate to your message as a single mom raising my son and having to homeschool now and manage my time. You’re such a Godsend. Thanks so much for being a vessel and beautiful soul for the world!

  15. Afton J. Greggs
    Afton J. Greggs says:

    Thank you for posting about this. I value you and this talk SO much.
    Planning for me had been stressful. It hadn’t occurred to me that I can cushion my schedule with extra time. I thought I had to do the task planned in that time, take an unscheduled break between tasks and move on to the next task- picking up where I left off the next time I’d scheduled that particular task. After listening to you this morning I’ve realized how I can better manage my time.
    The most helpful tips are cushioning time and naming the task based on my desired outcome. Those two tips are so powerful to me. I think they are going to be helpful. I’m going to put them to use today.
    Thank you, Lisa!

    With love,

  16. juanita harris
    juanita harris says:

    This has been a wake up call for me. I have not had this and was unconscious setting myself up for failure. I have now created my time management list. Naming the task as the outcome. I’m so emotionally moved right now. Seeing my flaws but ready to change my life.

    I thank you and may God continue to bless you and keep blessings us.

    Thank you,
    Juanita Harris

  17. Erica
    Erica says:

    I create a list of the things I need to get done for the day while putting the most important at the top. However, if I don’t get to it, I add it to the next day. However, I love and will be implementing the idea of writing the purpose for each task I have to get done. Thank you and I’m praying continual Blessings for you and your son!

  18. janeth
    janeth says:

    I love you so much!
    I met you in 2009 and today I got this time management email!
    Just when I needed the little push and motivation.
    What you do is so worth it!! Thank you thank you lisa!

  19. Enoude Georges
    Enoude Georges says:

    Hello Lisa Nichol I had sometime to check into your time managing video. And also I’ve read some great information from you as well… Thank you

    • Keris
      Keris says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I have been home for 2 weeks and was starting to feel overwhelm. Then I came across this video. I love, love, love the 15-30 min block as well as renaming the task. I will adopt these practices as early as tomorrow. Can’t wait to put practices into action.You are truly a God sent. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  20. Kay
    Kay says:

    I am committed to doing this method of time management! My #BOL was making the task about the outcome. It’s about calling those things that be not as though they are. That was profound for me, because then every task has to be about a goal I want to pursue or a relationship I want to build, etc. I then become more intentional about the things I choose to do. Then every task becomes purposeful, working for me, not against me, if I work it right. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa!

  21. Dineo Pitso
    Dineo Pitso says:

    #BOL Dont spend a dollar time on a penny task and rename my tasks.
    Thank you lisa I appreciate you and thanks for reminding me that you believe in me even when I dont. Thank you

  22. Judy
    Judy says:

    This is exactly what I required at this very moment. Re naming the tasks for their outcome. Absolutely on point ..whatever I am focused on is where the energy flows.
    Abundant thanks..Lisa. Be Well.

  23. Pandy
    Pandy says:

    YANA, I feel like I have a list of 10 things to do daily and only get 2 of them done. I will make the shift and plan and actually do more. Focus will be the key as well as finding some accountability.

  24. Tandy
    Tandy says:

    My ah ha moment – Naming my task to the outcome it is creating!! wow that was inspiring!! I will do that right away!! Keep shining Lisa!!! Nuff luv!!

  25. LaTonya Turner
    LaTonya Turner says:

    Thank you, yes renaming the task haven’t though about that, and setting time to check email in the morning and evening great. Making sales for the business is more I need to do , I looking to leave my 9to 5 so thanks for those tips.

  26. Sabrina Haralson
    Sabrina Haralson says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the time-management tips. My favorite part is that you make it fun and creative, and weave in those extra minutes of wiggle room. I have always used time management but I end up not following it because I make it too hard to keep up with. I had my time-management tool bound so tight that it was beginning to stand over my shoulder and micro-manage me. I had to remind it whose boss lol. I believe this will work!!!
    Sabrina Haralson,
    Blessings to You and Your Son

  27. MJ
    MJ says:

    Yes, this helps so much. I’ve just begun to start managing my time and these tips will make it more enriching. I love your books and hearing about your life story. Hope one day you can be my life coach. God bless you Lisa.

  28. Linda SpearsBlessing
    Linda SpearsBlessing says:

    Blessings to you for saying that you love and believe in me. These words gave my inner spirit such an uplifting that I needed in this time. I thank you for directing me to name the outcomes of my day. I would have never done this on my own. This is going to be so helpful to me so that I can achieve my very best everyday in Jesus Name. My heart is overwhelmed right now. Thank you so very much

  29. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Time management video was amazing. Have never thought of such an approach like that. You’re making life easier. Just as you believe in me. I believe in you as well. Such a strong woman.

  30. Ash
    Ash says:

    Thank you Lisa! This article dropped into my inbox at exactly the right time. I’ve been struggling with time management for years but being at home with small children and trying to work from home now has made things extra difficult. It never feels like I have enough time for all that I have to do in a day. I just know that your tips are going to help set me in the right direction so I can achieve all that I intend to. Much love and gratitude to you!

  31. Tyra LH
    Tyra LH says:

    Time management is always a challenge for me because I think that I should always get more done in a day. The Ahas for me were the fact that overwhelm is a strategy (unconscious)…… Kind of sounds like a passive decision.
    The second aha was giving the name of the task a name that corresponds to the outcome vs the work to be done. Thank you Lisa. This is very helpful. I will enjoy coming up with names for my tasks that will line up with the outcome.

  32. Indira
    Indira says:

    My #YANA is when you told us you thought you needed freedom and that time management would strict you. That’s how I thought. But everything that you explain make sense. MY #BOL is that I can add 30 15-30 minutes time to each task which makes me feel spacious and the way you name your task. You’re amazing! Love you! Thank you very much!

    JACQUELINE says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I love the idea of establishing blocks of time and renaming the blocks of time the “outcome”. I get excited just thinking about it!! I believe that many of us lose precious time wondering what to do next…it opens the door to distraction.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring us!
    Love you!

  34. Ine
    Ine says:

    OMG, renaming the task around my intention and what I really want as an outcome really clicked. I felt that because my emotions are deeply connected to what I want in life and who I want to become. Thank you Lisa for sharing this. I have struggled with time management all my life, made some steps in the right direction when I Konmarie’d my home, has made a huge difference, but now that I HAVE MORE TIME, it needs structure and priority. This really helped and Im making my block tonight.Love u.

  35. Samia
    Samia says:

    Thanks you Lisa for taking the time to tell us about time management.I’m from Saudi Arabia and it’s the early morning which means gratitude to me.I’m very grateful for being part if your YouTube family and being following you for just over a year.My Aha moment are to add (15_30 minutes to each task) and I loved the last bit about naming your tasks the OUTCOME of what you want! Awesome

  36. Vanessa Griffjn
    Vanessa Griffjn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I do struggle with sticking to the time management that I try to put place once I identify and write it out. It will last about a week, and then something would knock me out of the routine I was trying to stick to! And then the 2nd day comes , and I am not back into my routine.

    I like where you say to just “drop” back into the structure routine you have written down. And I like adding a window of extra time and labeling the task with the outcome I want to achieve! I am determined to make it 30 days sticking to my time management plan no matter what!!! Even if I have to step back in after whatever disruption came along. Gibing myself permission to be fluid in a structured environment.

  37. Keisha
    Keisha says:

    I’m pretty good at managing my time and I like the idea of renaming the tasks as the outcome. Pretty cool and thanks for sharing.

  38. Meg Harris
    Meg Harris says:

    Hi Lisa! Thank you for this amazing video. I desperately needed someone to help me with time mgmt. Your humble beginnings give me so much courage, and I totally appreciate how you describe the exact way that you do it, the fact that you resisted it at first was EXTREMELY helpful to hear. I love how you name the blocks according to your intended outcome. Wonderful! Thank you!

  39. Carolyn Galler
    Carolyn Galler says:

    I was typing out my schedule, and accounting for my day up until 11:00 p.m. starting tomorrow. Once I completed and printed it off, I check my emails and there it was(Lisa Nichols) and more information to assist me with my time. Good looking out thanks Lisa.

  40. Sanyar1111242
    Sanyar1111242 says:

    Dear Lisa; light worker and communication specialist extraordinaire-

    I was deeply touched by seeing you speak on video to a couple of audiences not too long ago. This followed being introduced to your work with the Law of Attraction on the breakthrough film The Secret, based on Rhonda Byrne’s awesome book. Your passion is electric! Your warmth and personal caring expressions to your audiences are powerful and palpable. Whenever I see master speakers and communicators like you in action, improving their craft through greater challenges to reach more people who are seeking their own inner lighted path to victory, I am awed by the unfolding manifestation! That kind of intuitive and heart centered multi-dimensional dialogue with the hearts and minds of your audiences serving them and bringing mutual joy and fulfillment is drawn from the storybooks of legends. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for stepping up and forward daily out of your own struggles with fear, doubt, insecurity and the raw foibles we each face. If we are fortunate enough to be inspired and touched with a hint of grace we also aspire to greatness nonetheless…-in spite of our self, for the good of all. You, our dear friend and sister have done and are doing exactly that. You are a mover and shaker and a force of nature, with us right here, right now! May God bless you, (and us all), onward and upward, and may all lives you touch receive the love you share; and become fulfilled and enriched by it…. infinitely.

  41. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Thank you so much!
    This was the most profound time management info I ever heard.
    For me adding 15-30 minutes to create space is awesome!!!
    And naming the outcome instead of the task – so powerful!
    I am starting to day and am happy to let you know- how it works. I am already feeling less stressed.
    Thank you so much for being there and being a light on a Monday morning!!!

  42. Ugochi
    Ugochi says:

    I have had the habit of starting something and never seeing it through.

    I hope I am able to start the time Management and put some structure in my life.

    Thank you lisa for sharing.

  43. Karin Grand
    Karin Grand says:

    Hello Beautiful Woman,
    Thank you for this important reminder Lisa!
    That it takes more time to manage overwhelm than to actually do my time management well.
    I love the concept of naming the task by its purpose. A great motivator.
    I’ve used it before, but I got out of the habit. The why is the way 🙂
    By the way…your son is so lucky to have a committed mother like you, who built her entire day around him.
    Much love and gratitude,

  44. Geny Soilihy
    Geny Soilihy says:

    Faaaabulous!!! Faaaaaabulous!!!
    Thank you so much for this! Loved every bit! I have listened to this before and still needed to listen to it twice today! My BOLs: divide with the bucket time ( home time and business time) and add 15mn to 30mn to every task. I am feeling so streessed out and in chop chop mode right now and those notions help a lot!
    I am definitely going to borrow those name tasks for now… until I find mine. Thank you so much Lisa!

  45. Tshepiso
    Tshepiso says:

    #BOL What came through for me is the allocation of time to the daily goal setting wow. This i will take with and adopt for myself, of-course it will require daily practice. I often did not achieve a lot from my to-do list because i would allocate more time to one thing than the others.

    Thank you Lisa.

  46. MO Wallace
    MO Wallace says:

    I loved you named the blocks of time by the outcome/result! Nice Creative touch! Thank you Ms. LISA I believe in Me too!

  47. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Thank you Lisa!
    I can relate working 10 hrs a day and only getting two things done. Thank you for explaining your time management plan, creating pillars. I love your idea of creating different labels for the tasks! This is going to help me to operate at my full potential. I am implementing it today!

    Love it, Love it, Love it!

  48. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Thanks for the tips on Time Management, I especially love the part about naming the task the outcome. I am planning for April, and that is the first change I would implement
    Remain blessed

  49. Louise Martyn
    Louise Martyn says:

    BOLS: Outcome as Name and all the padding you put into the day.
    Thank you so much Lisa!
    I’m implementing this today. I’m confident about it because I have also felt boxed in before and without space so it helps me to know you’ve felt this too.
    Much love, Louise

  50. Lopamudra Dalua
    Lopamudra Dalua says:

    Thank you sis… From last 12 days you are helping me out how to smile bring my confidence back… I knew the gratitute thing but i could never implement it i was so messed up … Thank you so much ❤

  51. Claudia Balmania
    Claudia Balmania says:

    Lisa, what I am connecting with to staying on the goal is the label. So inspired by the shift from task to labeling it the outcome or intention. Thank you for your support. Much love sister.

  52. Zubee
    Zubee says:

    One thing I learned from you Lisa is that it takes as much time and effort to be in a state of being overwhelmed as it is to do the task. Very true

  53. Brena
    Brena says:

    My BOL moment is knowing that you and others get lost between tasks. I’m working from home but even when in the office I would lose time getting ready for the next task. At home, I physically wander because I’m not allocating all of my time. Time blocking and naming the task the intention is priceless! A game changer! Thank you for sharing your spirit.

  54. Beverley
    Beverley says:

    Thank you so much for this insight. I just move into my apartment and things are every where, I work at night so when I come home in the morning, I have the task of sorting and finding place to put things; what can I name this process
    Thanks for your reply

  55. Priscilia
    Priscilia says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for all your help.
    Couple of things I got from this video;
    -It’s kind of a relief to know that you went through some of the struggles that I am going through and that time management really did work for you…. for instance, I put in so many hours of work and at the end of the day i can’t pride myself of 5 things i accomplished.
    – Adding 15-30 minutes to allocated blocks of time is an amazing idea- now I feel like I can get things done without rushing and getting stressed out
    -The fact that you named the blocks of time with the end results of what that block of time will achieve is Mind Blowing., it is such a positive way to look at life and that alone motivates one to keep going ‘ No Matter What’
    So Time Management, here I come

    Thank you Lisa

  56. Cassandra Hill
    Cassandra Hill says:

    Hello Lisa,

    Yes it’s so easy to mis-manage time especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Spending more time at home creates the opportunity to become more unproductive if I am not focused. Managing my time better has opened doors of opportunity and I am currently writing an e-book with my extra time.

  57. Deidra Lee
    Deidra Lee says:

    I will be starting a time management system. My grind has to be more effective to reach my goals. Thank you Lisa

  58. Deborah Alexis Britton-Riley
    Deborah Alexis Britton-Riley says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I just participated in a Radical Success Virtual Conference. Doreen and her guests continuously mentioned your name. I need time management and they steered me to you. I love how you suggest naming the outcome in my time blocks, makes SO MUCH SENSE. Thank you. I also thank you sincerely for the love I felt as you were sharing your thoughts on time management. Thank you

    • Katlego
      Katlego says:

      “working 10 hours and not finishing what you planned to do” This is so like me. I am glad there is a way out of this rat race I have created for myself. Thank you.

  59. Bernice
    Bernice says:

    Hello Lisa:
    This is the first time I have had someone to explain the time management to me. I have heard of time management; yet never considered it to help me in any situation. I do think this is something I want to use and for it to become sufficient for me to accomplish all that I need to do within a day. Thank you.

  60. Edia Stanford-Bruce
    Edia Stanford-Bruce says:

    Thank you, Lisa! Time management is a challenge for me. I like the way you renamed your blocks after the result. I want to start trying this method out today. I organize my week by naming the days after seasons in the garden. It is how I keep my work task cycle in order without the artificial-feeling corporate time frames. For instance, today, Monday is planning day, the winter of the week. I determine what I want to accomplish. Tomorrow, Tuesday is planting day the spring of the week. It’s the first of the action days when I put the plans into practice. Your system has just added a bloom of being more productive. I can never thank you enough!


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