You Don’t Live in a Big City, But You Want a Big Business?

Are you letting your geography stand in the way of scaling your business?

Let’s explore how you can show up BIG while still living in a small town – we live in a global community, which means the internet connects us at the touch of a button. Fifty years ago, you probably would have struggled to build a big business without moving to a big city, but now you can do it from literally ANYWHERE. So, please cross “location” off your list of excuses as to why your business isn’t as big as you’d like it to be. We are going to solve that problem right now.

My niece, Lakeisha Michelle, told me back in 2014, “I’m committed to living the laptop life.” After learning more about it, I embraced the idea, and the two of us headed to Barcelona, where we stayed for a month – all we needed to run our business was a laptop. We had a blast, and never let our work slide, because with a laptop and the internet, we could work from wherever we chose. It was a beautiful experience!

You don’t need to live in a big city to be able to make big contributions. If your business is meeting people’s needs and solving problems, your clients don’t care where you live. The important question is: Do you work with passion and share it with the world in a big way? How can you share your business online, so that the world can experience your commitment to quality and desire to serve others? I’m able to share with all of you, most of whom don’t live anywhere near me, but that doesn’t stop me from showing up consistently, sharing the nuggets of valuable information that I feel will best serve you.

I have some contributors at Motivating the Masses who live in other parts of the country, but that doesn’t keep them from sharing their gifts with our organization and with you. What a wonderful time we live in! Look at all of the people we might never know or get to work with if it were the 1970’s or 80’s. Take advantage of this opportunity – get your big ideas and contributions out into the world, where they can be shared freely, regardless of your location.

Think about how you connect with people online…pay attention to the online presence that draws your attention or meets your needs in a particular way.  While still being authentically YOU, learn from others, and then tweak their methods to meet your needs. How are they connecting with you, and how often? What kinds of online tools and programs do they take advantage of? Build your own online presence by modeling those who have come before you.

As I always say, this community is your tribe, and I want this to be a dialogue where we all share. Share your ideas, takeaways and #BOL (breakthrough out loud) in the chat. We can all grow and learn together when we all contribute to the conversation. Tell us where you live, and how you are able to serve the global community from your location. I truly love you and I believe in you. I know that you have gifts to bring to the world, whether you live in a huge city or on a farm in the middle of the country. We are blessed to have the ability to meet in this beautiful community where we are connected in co-creation and love.

Your sister in Abundance and Prosperity,

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  1. Enoude Georges
    Enoude Georges says:

    Hello hi Lisa Nichols I’m just stopping by to say hello I received your email messages Im blown away loss for words not sure what to really say. I just started to follow you on reading your motivational videos and massages I find them uplifting. That’s by BOL p.s thank you Sis

  2. Shakirat Animashaun
    Shakirat Animashaun says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You’ve been a source of inspiration to me. Your YouTube videos took me out of a depression after having been maltreated in a 20year old marriage with 5children, (3 teenagers, 2 younger ones) and felt really low. I run a technical school ( prior to the marital issues with 100s of diploma students. I lost the energy to continue when I got kicked out of the joint business. I struggled to come to terms with the experience and kept battling the positivity to move on. I got the spark again watching your videos “I can do it” and many others severally. With my background in IT, I ventured into Fintech ( and really gathering traction. I do hope to raise VC fund soon and go global… I hardly remember I was cheated on. I feel great that I got the spark needed to move again.
    Raising fund as a Female led startup isn’t as easy, been based in Nigeria is a bit of disadvantage when it comes to trying to raise, yet I trust am raising soon!

    Thank you Lisa for the good work
    Congratulations on your marriage, wishing you happy married life!

  3. Monique Jackson
    Monique Jackson says:

    Hello Tribe!, I’m so happy to be reconnected to Lisa, I’m almost recovered from being struck by a car in (November 2021) during that 3 months out of work my salon closed I managed, and I decided that I would start a mobile beauty on wheels, I have to encourage myself everyday from the negative talk inside, but I haven’t given up, Thank you Lisa..

  4. Tracy Coney
    Tracy Coney says:

    Lisa, I love listening to you! You are a cool lady with a valuable message! I am listening and I am changing my finances so I can attend something of yours. It has been rough, but I have set a goal to come out by July 5th! So keep up the great work!!

  5. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Hello Lisa; This is Teresa. Thank you for sharing your inspirational and encouraging messages. Your words of wisdom find me in a challenging time of my life as I strive for focus,drive and determination to grow with my own business. My challenge is FOCUS. I need help. I need to get on my feet. Then I can be a help to others, my goal has been on back burner a while now; I am learning a new pattern of life and it does not make me feel selfish for a change. I am beginning to feel the way to help others; I must be able to help myself first.


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