Why You Must Make Health A Priority

I’m going to be honest; health and wellness was not always a priority for me. It’s been a journey for sure and I’ve swung from both extreme ends of the spectrum – from feeling victorious and strong to viewing it as the bane of my existence.

Recently I realized a very important truth – when your purpose on earth is to play big, be a change agent, lead effectively or be a gladiator, then health and wellness NO LONGER becomes optional. It is required.

Whoa…now THAT was a major #BOL (breakthrough out loud) for me.

You see, it’s not just about looking good or having a certain physique. It’s not just an EXTERNAL conversation. Our body is the vehicle that gets us to our life purpose. And just as if you were preparing for a cross-country trip, you need to make sure your vehicle is in top condition to get you where you want to go.

My top three tips for setting health and wellness goals are really pretty simple:

  • Be realistic. Make sure you set goals that stretch you, but don’t stress you. What trips us all up is when we set goals with unrealistic timelines. For example, releasing 20 pounds is a realistic goal, but expecting to do it in 3 weeks and keep if off is not.
  • Surround yourself with an accountability community. This is so important that I decided to launch my own #snatchingmysexyback challenge. Join me by registering at befitwithlisa.com at my favorite price – FREE. We all can use someone to cheer us on and support us when we make good choices.
  • Be willing to press the reset button. We all get busy and distracted. There is no reason to let a speed bump turn into a stop sign. Give yourself permission to press reset.

Remember, THIS is your community, and I love reading your comments. I sit for hours and read what you write. I can feel it in my heart when something inspires you or you realize, you are not alone (#YANA).

So please, drop a comment below and let me know if I triggered you. What was your biggest AHA? Are you going to join me it this fitness challenge? I sure hope so.

Let’s get healthy together.

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  1. Ayşe Sütcü
    Ayşe Sütcü says:

    Lisa is a pure inspiration to me and I need to release 30 pounds and would absolutely love to do it together with the lisa community.

  2. Lori Kannegiesser
    Lori Kannegiesser says:

    You’ve been a complete inspiration ever since I heard you in the secret. The quote you made the other day about going from optional to nonnegotiable was a huge trigger for me. I asked myself what is my mountain and everything pointed back to my weight and health. it is then that I realized this is no longer an option. Then I found this and would be honored to do it with the Lisa community. thank you

  3. Margie Gilliam
    Margie Gilliam says:

    Thank you Lisa

    Loved my goals should stretch me not stress me and our health and wellness is important to our purpose

  4. Sharron Campbell
    Sharron Campbell says:

    You are Truly and Inspiration. I have a Platform- Becoming A Winner, Eat to Live. Sooo many live to eat not knowing they are eating to die.

  5. Loveness Makwara
    Loveness Makwara says:

    I was in this journey between November 2018 and April 2019 and i manged to loose 37 pounds. It was a lonely journey though because i was doing it on my own. What do you eat on a daily basis, Lisa? I avoid calorie dense food stuffs and eat nutrient dense ones. I also avoid processed foods.

  6. Lerato Titus
    Lerato Titus says:

    Hi Ms Nicols.
    My name is Lerato Titus from South Africa. 30 years of age. A single mother to a 14 year old girl. (Dad is in prison). I have you on my vision. I have your quotes all over my house so I basically live with you in my house. My Aha moment was watching your videos on YouTube from when you were really heavy to the transformation of losing all this weight. I myself have lost 5 kg in the month of February alone Yes Yes!!! And I love it. There is so much I want to say but time….. I love you and you have no idea how you change me and challenge me to be better every single day. Not a day goes by that I dont listen to you on YouTube. It’s the first thing I put on the morning. I imagine I have your zeal and I’m good for the day.

    Love Lerato

  7. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Hi my sister, I am following you all the way from south Africa since early November 2019, everything u say is a yes yes!for me. Though I don’t have kilos to shed I need to be healthy to achieve. I am happy to be in your tribe. Yes yes

  8. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Hi my sister, I am following you all the way from south Africa since early November 2019, everything u say is a yes yes!for me. Though I don’t have kilos to shed I need to be healthy to achieve. I am happy to be in your tribe. Yes yes .

  9. Marquetta L Hurt
    Marquetta L Hurt says:

    Hi, there Lisa! -Your body is the vehicle to get you to the place of dreams. I could write a book! I’m snatching my sexy back! Wow…my spirit is running wild, as I try and type. But, I am breaking through daily! Think I’m going to try some yoga. 🙂

  10. Roxanne
    Roxanne says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I appreciate you teaching me by living your life! No pretence, no only showing the good stuff, but always sharing the REAL! thank you and I love you too!
    Roxanne Goodman

  11. Michele
    Michele says:

    You make me laugh…and cry…and smile…was the address a play on words? Motivating the masses or as I first saw it Motivating them asses! Lol

  12. Christine Boaz
    Christine Boaz says:

    Hello Ms.i am new to the coomunity i just started to read about my health being my priority. I got caught up reading the comments and knew i wanted to become a part of it. I will finish reading the rest of the steps. Thank you..

  13. vesna
    vesna says:

    hey Lisa I love to listen you and tell u Im also in gym for 3 months now,Im a mother to 6 months baby boy now and Im getting my sexy ass back…its good to know yess that we r not alone but that we can share our thought and results with u…thank u verry much,Love u and respect u,u r a real inspiration for aallll of us…kisses

  14. Issy McIntyre
    Issy McIntyre says:

    Your health and wellness is not optional to achieve your life’s purpose!!!!! Wow!!!! I’m very glad I’ve started on that journey!!! Thanks Lisa, you just strengthened my resolve!


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