Who Should Write My Story?

I’m so excited to have a question from one of the men in our community this week – of course, I love all of the ladies, but it’s great having the guys jump in and join the conversation! Russell attended our Powerhouse Speakers event, and he asked an interesting question that I would love to talk to you about. He asked, “Should I hire a ghostwriter, or should I tell my own story?

I love this question so much, because I have authored seven books, with the first three being compilations, two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and The Secret. I started out with compilations because I didn’t feel ready to write a book on my own. This was a great way to tell my story without the pressure of writing on my own.

To address Russell’s question, YES. I use ghostwriters. By the time I wrote my solo books, No Matter What and Abundance Now, I was comfortable telling my story, but I still wasn’t comfortable with my writing skills.

Here’s the important thing to remember: these are your stories, regardless of who puts them on paper. There is a difference between an author and a writer. An author tells a story, and a writer puts it into written form. Sometimes, that’s the same person, but often, the writer and the author are two different people – this is where the ghostwriter comes onto the scene. Whether you choose to write your story yourself, or hire someone to do it, is a personal decision, based on your own comfort level and writing skills. My strongest skills are as an orator, so my ghostwriter interviewed me and I told her my story. I can talk comfortably in front of millions of people every year, but I know that writing isn’t my thing, and that’s ok. People still want to hear our stories, no matter what our writing abilities are!

There are so many ways that you can tell your story, a book being only one way. You could also write an ebook – people have made multiple 6-figures on ebooks! You may also consider speaking, whether in person, on a podcast, or in videos…it’s really up to you. The important thing is that you have a story to tell, and people need to hear it, so be open to the different ways you can deliver that important message.

Here are a few tips for finding a writer who is the perfect fit to write your story:

  • Spend some time getting to know your prospective writer. Ask them questions about the kind of writing they are most comfortable doing, and ask them for samples of things they have written in the past. This is exactly like a job interview or audition.
  • Tell them exactly what you’re looking for and find out if they can do it. You want a ghostwriter to sound like you – it’s your story after all. If you want to tell it in a very casual manner, a writer who insists on stuffy, formal language may not be the best choice. You will need to work closely with this person, so make sure that you are a good fit with one another.
  • Ask for references – they should be able to provide you with some names of past clients who can tell you about their own experiences in working with your prospective writer. Remember, you are hiring them to do a job. This is no different than if you were hiring them to do your accounting: you want to make sure they are qualified to do the job.

If you find writing to be difficult, or even painful, then hiring a ghostwriter might be the perfect solution for you. Another possibility might be to work with a co-writer, someone that co-creates with you. You both contribute to the book, and you can decide who is going to do what, and you both share the spotlight. This could be an option if you share your story with someone else, or if you both want to contribute things that work well together in one book.

There are just so many delicious possibilities, and the biggest takeaway I want to leave you with is that there are people waiting to hear your story. There are people who will feel inspired by your words and experiences, and keeping them a secret is doing a great disservice to the rest of the world. So, don’t get caught up in whether or not you are a good writer, because there are lots of excellent writers who would be great at helping you to bring your story to the world. Or, like I mentioned earlier, you might want to consider a podcast or speaking platform to share your words of inspiration and wisdom.

As always, I invite you to share your biggest ah-ha moments with me, ask questions, and comment on this post – I love reading your comments! This is not a monologue; it is a delicious dialogue, and having this beautiful community of like-minded souls brings me so much joy. We are your tribe, and we want to cheer for you, so please share your #BOL (breakthrough out loud), so that we can all celebrate together! I truly do love you and I believe you!

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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    • Brian k Hill
      Brian k Hill says:

      As an African-American male I want to tell story. M wife
      (Feliz my ) will start our 45th year of marriage. I have many diaries handwritten over the years. This particular email of all the ones I have skimmed through really resonated with me. This one is speaking directly to me as well. I’m looking for an African-American ghost writer How do I begin the process of selection?

  1. Rev Leslie
    Rev Leslie says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for the valuable content you share. This may not be the place for this comment, but I’m feeling compelled to write it. For anyone who is new to Lisa, I wanted to tell you that she is the wisest and most intuitive individual I’ve ever met. Lisa, several years ago I attended one of your private coaching sessions. When you casually mentioned your retreat, my inner GPS screamed!. I immediately went to the back of the room & purchased a retreat you hadnt even offered for sale. You came to me and told me “you have to forget all you know”. I wasnt exactl sure what you meant at the time. Four years and too many coaches & courses later, I get it now!!! You also told me how to message my gift – I didn’t listen to that either! Since that retreat, I somehow lost trust in me and the intuition that i trusted all my life. In losing connection with me & my inner knowing, I got lost. And so did my original message of “Do You See Me?”. Back to the beginning I go with many priceless lessons learned about what life is like when the answer to Do You See Me” is no !!!!

  2. Christina Merman
    Christina Merman says:

    Thank you for this info. I have been pondering about this question myself for some time now. I am so ready to tell my story!

  3. Dianne Schell
    Dianne Schell says:

    I have been contemplating this for months! Then, poof, your email arrives!! This provides so many alternative paths than the one I was considering. Thank you!

  4. stephanie white
    stephanie white says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. Sometimes I feel like I’m starting all over again with so much to handle on a day-to-day basis. I’m looking forward to speaking engagements and working towards certifications. The thought of it all can become overwhelming. I want to do so much to help others. It has always been in my nature to do so. I would be honored to assist in any way with writing a story for someone as well as myself. Perseverance is key, and you continue to be great! ~ Authoress SWD~ https://linktr.ee/authoress_swd

    • Beverly
      Beverly says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Are you suggesting that you can be or have been a ghost writer if that be the case please drop me a line and we can talk further. Thanks


  5. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Seems like fate made me click on this email. A while ago, I started writing my story in the form of short essays of my life as I remembered it from the age of six. I considered a ghost writer but was not sure how to start. As I watched and listened to you, I decided that the time is now. I opened one of my note books with verses that made an impression on me and, to my surprise, the first page that I turned to had the following verse written:
    “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” Ecclesiastes 4:9.
    Wow! How’s that for motivation and clarity?
    I have been through many storms and as I approach 77 years, I feel the urgency to tell my story. How can I get started?
    Thank you for always sharing and caring!

  6. Nina Samonia Mckinney
    Nina Samonia Mckinney says:

    You’re my inspiration and after hearing your story I’m more than confident about sharing my truth of experiences. I’ve already published 2 novels 1. The Big Dream. 2. The Rebirth of Charles Dawson. Now, because of you I’m not afraid anymore about sharing my deepest secrets with the world without caring about beingj judged for being me. Thank you so much for all your powerful words of wisdom. You’re the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m truly grateful to have graced your beautiful light. I absolutely love you. Thank you sooooo much!

  7. Sabrina Yoshitomi
    Sabrina Yoshitomi says:

    This message is exactly what I feel will help me breakthrough my block of writing my story that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I love the distinction you made between an author and a writer. That was my BOL! Thank you Lisa and congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

  8. Danita Temmons
    Danita Temmons says:

    My Story (Mystery), I’m extremely petrified to share it because it’s extremely painful. Every time I write it it’s like it stabs me in the heart over and over… it is my honor to meet you Lisa!!!

  9. Dez
    Dez says:

    I’m so inspired to know (YANA) this has truly blessed me to know I’m not alone. I’m looking forward to telling my story, and getting my (BOL) I’ve always wanted to and could not think of how to begin, however, this message has given some insight on options I’ve never thought of.

  10. Dr. Maxine McLean
    Dr. Maxine McLean says:

    Hi Lisa, I m interested in sharing my story on your platform.

    I invite you to listen to one of my meditations (body Awareness) and let me know if this is a fit.
    I believe it would be a wonderful collaboration.

  11. Felecia Mills
    Felecia Mills says:

    Dear Lisa….Thank you for taking the time to reach out and to reach back…I love your story….and I can’t believe God is using you to reach me …My eyes are …just was not sure how to pick up the pieces…but I think sharing my Story will help… My Question is …Did you write down things in order and speak on them…or did you share your story and someone recorded you and took it from there …Blessings..and thank you. Felecia Mills

  12. Vaijayanti Bose
    Vaijayanti Bose says:

    Dear Lisa,
    I have been following you since I joined your Power of Pivot Seminar. That Idea struck a chord in my heart and the outcome was my self published book on KDP as an e book and amazon. com as a paperback, called PIVOT IN CONFIDENCE Live Carefree. Inspired by my father’s story and several powerful narratives about women, it is an inspiring tale of the importance of embracing change in our life as I have done at 70, by becoming an author, Mindset Mentor and Speaker on Emotional Expression.

  13. Carla Nash
    Carla Nash says:

    This one really got to me Lisa! I’ve been holding my story close for too long because I didn’t think I could effectively write an entire book. I’m searching for a ghost writer ASAP! Thank you for your Spirit of honesty and love.

  14. Dr. Melanie Simpson
    Dr. Melanie Simpson says:

    I have actually shared my story. My first book was released on 9/24/21 titled, “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: How to Avoid A Head-On Collision in Life”. I truly agree that there is tremendous liberation in sharing your story. The project took me a period of 9yrs but every single day of that period served as a period of growth and spiritual healing. Thank you for highlighting the need to encourage others through our stories.

  15. Shavonne Ward
    Shavonne Ward says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Thank you for telling your story and allowing us to tell ours. Just a few days into an early retirement and pondering what I really want. Writing a book is part of my journey. The journey to wellness and wholeness mentally, physically and spiritually is like an emptying out so one can be open to new possibilities allowing the real you to just BE! I welcome the invitation to tell my story, unapologetically. Your email is so very timely, while this is the weekend I set aside to just re-visit what I want and how I want to show up in the world.
    Authentically yours,

  16. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Blessings to all! I love this community! I just retired from the military and I can feel the breakthrough and the blessings coming! My story is inside me and it feels like it just wants to burst out! I would like a community to keep me accountable and not let me procrastinate. I can and I will get my story out!!!

  17. Dennis Shufflin
    Dennis Shufflin says:

    I think I have a compelling story worthy of telling; that is, how, with meditation, prayer and wilderness experiences I have overcome personal challenges and inspired hundreds of other people to grow and expand… but I am laden with the sort of fears you describe in the video above. You can see photos of what I do here;

    I believe that I have a unique model, a sort of map, that other wilderness leaders could use to inspire people to grow as well, but I need help in bringing my story to the world. I have tried to write my own book for some time now, and it just seems overwhelming. After watching your video I am encouraged, I didn’t know about the various ways I might collaborate with others, but I am a sponge for learning. I am open to any advice or ideas how to proceed.

    So I just wanted to warmly thank you Lisa, you have given me hope, and I look forward to watching all your videos.

  18. Tequila Morris
    Tequila Morris says:

    I really want to tell my story a story of buse a advocate for for DOMESTIC ABUSE FAMILY ABUSE AND JOB ABUSE. Becoming a leader of the community to a safe and growth encourage environment and energy from me who can be a example to show we can move forward and control trams. I need a mentor who can help me in these areas to be positioned

  19. Danese
    Danese says:

    Hi Lisa! I especially enjoyed this episode. Can you give me the name of your ghostwriter? I have a self-help book and planner that I would like to publish and am a decent writer but could probably expedite this if I had assistance. Please and thank you. Danese

  20. Laxmi
    Laxmi says:

    Hi Lisa.
    Thank’s thank you so much for all what you are doing to helps others in life, sharing your life experience with us.
    At the moment I do not have a website; I’ve my facebook accoun with my full name Laxmi Belizaire.

    It’s have been so great to see you, I like your convination, verry Afro-Caribian, also the information the answer you have gave, was good super the ditalles.

    Recive a big cordial hug from the heart capitla of America Panama Rep, of Panama.

    Than you have and excente day and week

  21. Ian
    Ian says:

    Winners never quite and quiters never win a motivational story told by Lisa Nichols took me back to 1974 Schoolastic track and field meet at the National stadium in Lima Peru. specialties 100, 200, 400 mt exceling at 200, first heat win eat esaly, second heat slow down the pace and win it again, poised a the favourite to win the 3ed and final heat in the lead come the curve twist my ankle and carried of the track by my teammates, coach approached and says North I have taken you out of all your relay races, I said no my teammates need me, he answers you are running the 1500 mts at the end of the day, 1500 mts that’s long distance and Carlos is in it and has the National record, thats right there are a couple of runners from out of state that have very good times and I want you to go out and pace it so Carlos can win without any surprises. Was I pissed but above I was a team player, for the team! In the looker room the tigers, lions and bears are creeping into my mind I am mad and angry… snap out of it I say to myself this meet is over work on a strategy to help Carlos win! Ready with a positive mindset first 400 mt in the lead, 800 mt still in the lead can feel six steps behind me comfortable, 1200 mt the curve where I had twisted my ankle earlier on in the lead feeling 16 steps breathing on my neck, enter the stretch and from my heart I pull enough energy to win that race! Lisa you probably weren’t even born in 1974, I thank you for this great memory, the power of storytelling, this is for you Winners never pace and pacers never win!

  22. Gaynell
    Gaynell says:

    I enjoy you deliberation of touching one’s inner soul, IGNITING the drive within me. I have retired from man’s labor to seek out the Lord’s purpose of utilizing the gifts and talents within… Thank YOU Lisa and the Tribe… Pressing ONWARD!!!

  23. Marycent
    Marycent says:

    Am quite happy to have found lisa nichols talks on youtube.this kenyan lady prays and blesses you always lisa.you wake me to life.am putting together my story and undoubtably dream that one day i will connect with you physically! I have gone through alot of challenges and thorns,but out of most of them and wish to share with those stuck in that mud.

  24. Kekuhi
    Kekuhi says:

    OK!! got it
    -collection of stories; mine, others
    -write the whole story myself
    -write, orate or straight to camera
    -have someone interview me and transcribe & organize (I LIKEY THIS ONE)
    -use ghost writer or co-author(s)
    -do e book, audio, video, printed

  25. Wanda Abney
    Wanda Abney says:

    This helped me remember that my story is not just for me and that is needs to be shared with the world!


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