What Will Your Story Be?

Our Powerhouse Speakers 2021 event is coming up October 29-31st, and I cannot wait to lead this crazy fun, 3-day live, all-virtual conference with a lineup of special guest teachers — designed to help YOU scale your profitable, thriving speaking business in today’s new normal.

You see, I believe that every one of you in this tribe has a powerful story to tell and a message the world needs to hear. Powerhouse Speakers can literally be the event that completely shifts the trajectory of your life and business.

So for this week’s blog, I wanted to share some highlights from three amazing rock stars who attended this event in previous years and the impact it had on them.

#1 — Jack

Jack attended Powerhouse Speakers last year and traveled all the way from Australia. He was struggling in life after his mother transitioned and was living in guilt, shame and was in a blank state. He knew he needed to get into radical action to make some changes in his life.

“I was looking for a mentor who was 20 steps ahead of me who could show me how to start building my business, get into action, and tell me what to do because I didn’t have a clue. All I knew is I had a message in my belly. I had a desire to inspire and empower my world, and I wanted to get out there and start doing it.”

Jack stepped onto my campus and attended the Powerhouse Speakers event. Then, he joined Speakers Mastermind. He went back to Australia and got into radical action. He quit his job that he hated. He decided to host his first workshop and just went for it. And now after just one year, he had his best month ever. “ I just hit my first $10K month. I’m running my own business. I’m inspiring the people in my world. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but the secret is just being consistent and in continuous action. I just want to let everyone know that if you are struggling in life or going through a challenging time, you can get into action right now and transform within the next year.”

#2 – Dr. Katrina

Before she stepped on to my campus Dr. Katria had made seven figures in the network marketing industry. She had a lot of success but got into a situation after 15 years where she ended up having to leave her company. From the outside it looked like everything was going amazing…successful speaking engagements, four best-selling books, etc. But Katrina was hurt on the inside.

“I was broken. I felt like I didn’t want to do it anymore. I knew that it was my purpose and my destiny to continue. I had an appointment to be on stage with the incredible Lisa Nichols, and the night before they called me and told me I had to pay over a thousand dollars to speak for 25 minutes, which I was not going to do. I knew deep inside that I was going to this event NOT for me to speak, but it was a destiny appointment with Lisa Nichols. So I didn’t speak. I went and sat in the front row, and I played full out for the entire event. I got the opportunity afterward to sit down with Lisa and an action advocate. In the process of just listening to Lisa’s heart, she knew exactly what I needed to move to the next level. And she invited me to a retreat out of the country. And I went.  Lisa said there’s another one a couple of days later. And I went to that one too. And literally my entire life began to shift. I started to see my reason why….the reason I was here. I started to have a fire in my belly again. I started to believe in myself again.”

In just a couple of conversations with me and after attending Powerhouse Speakers and a couple of Speaker Masterminds, Dr. Katrina had a bomb idea that earned her $30K in the first month as she continued to help people. What Dr. Katrina needed was a place where she could take off her cape and be around like-minded people who were there to support her, to love on her and to lead her in the right direction.

#3 — Nicole

Nicole was a successful entrepreneur. She had credibility, awards, and was making an impact. But what she lacked was the ability to speak beyond the walls she had been speaking to for 15 years. She didn’t know how to make money when she was not speaking. She didn’t have a platform to back her up other than speaking from the stage. She needed to learn tools and skills.

“I didn’t know how I was going to move forward until I found Lisa and that was it for me. I had a really hard time being fully seen. Some of that was ego. And a lot of that was fear. When you have the right tools and when you start incorporating all of these puzzle pieces to the science of speaking, you begin to understand that every single time we open our mouths, we are selling and speaking. We are using techniques…the pauses we take…the tone we use. I was coming from a spot where I was very, very successful and trying to transfer that success over to speaking, becoming an author, and growing a giant social media following, but it was not transferring over. Why? Because I didn’t have the language. I didn’t have the tools. I felt defeated. I wondered if I could be successful in something new.  It took me stepping back. It took me becoming a student again.”

Nicole learned that we all have a powerful story. Her story as a mom helping her daughter overcome a diagnosis and building a business essentially from scratch was just as powerful as anyone else’s.  She was a mom that helped her daughter overcome and live her life under the most devastating of circumstances and against all odds. And that story was powerful. When you can tap into that power in your soul, use the science of speaking and the tools to bring out your story and that message in your belly, you can have the confidence to get that message out into the world–a world that needs to hear it right now.

“Three years ago, I hosted my first event and Lisa was the keynote speaker. I was absolutely terrified. I was terrified because not only was it my first live event, it was an event where Lisa was coming and essentially being there the entire day. I decided to make fear my friend. It will never go away. I was brave and walked forward into the fear. It is a decision. And I made that decision to be brave. Lisa and I spoke back and forth. We sold a program with a 98% closing rate. It was so successful because I listened to these techniques I learned from Lisa. I practiced in the mirror. I had a 1000% increase in profit because of that one decision.”

Wow. Weren’t those powerful? Remember, I love reading your comments and hearing your AHA moments. So please let me know what you felt when you heard those three stories. Did you feel some of the same fears and emotions they talked about? Are you at a crossroads like they were where you know you are ready for a new chapter and to start taking action? Are you wondering what your story will be if you attend Powerhouse Speakers 2021? It’s not too late to get your tickets here!

Remember, this is your home, and we are your tribe. And I will always be your sister in prosperity and possibility,

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  1. Edwina V Wilson
    Edwina V Wilson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed each of their stories. I loved the energy from Jack, he almost had me out of my chair when he said, he shrinked. His travel because he wanted more and went for more was amazing to travel for, I was ready when he was talking.

  2. James Womack
    James Womack says:

    I have already written my story “Black Dad-White Dad”. I grew up in Jim Crow Mississippi. I didn’t learn to read and write until age 13..I left Mississippi the night they discovered Emmett Till’s body. I now have a batchlor’s degree fro m Butler university. The Klan was very active in the early 40 & 50’s in Mississippi. My father never accepted me because i was born with blue eyes, This was before DNA testing! .

  3. Ronke Sanni
    Ronke Sanni says:

    I stumble to Lisa Nichols speak on YouTube and since then I have recommended it to so many people in my circle of influence. My passion is teaching, coaching and mentoring women and girls to step out and be all that God created them to be in Napier of their background and challenges I need to be more organized , effective, result oriented and financially bless also. I pray that as I continue to follow this group and Lisa, I will grow in my ministry and business
    Thank you Lisa

  4. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Hi. This event was in 2021. Now it’s 2022 . Where can I get a opportunity to meet Lisa. I know when people get bigger it’s harder to speak with them.
    But I must try. This is my calling im a little afraid, but I will do it afraid. I’m so hungry to get my stories out to the world. I’ve lost so much time.
    Its time to act once and for all. These stories are eating at my soul. Please show me Lisa how to market. And get out there and make this calling happen. Can I meet with you ? Please .
    I’m stepping out on faith. Because of life’s struggles and being a single mom I’ve had to often times put my desires on the back burner.
    My little one is now 18, I can finally try to go after my dreams. Please would you do me the honor of hearing what I want to bring to the world. Thank you! Brenda Johnson


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