Transform Like a Butterfly

It’s your girl Lisa Nichols here, and this week I wanted to talk to you about giving yourself what I like to call your “butterfly wings.”

In other words, having a conversation about moving from the YOU that you are to the YOU that you’re becoming.

Recently I purchased a caterpillar, and the gentleman I bought it from said it’s going to turn into chrysalis. And then, it will be wrapped into a cocoon. He said it will move around like it’s struggling but whatever you do, DO NOT disturb the cocoon. It will take several days or even a week or two, but the butterfly will emerge and then fly away and begin an entirely new journey.

Now, I LOVE that because the mere concept of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly means it’s going to go through all types of changes…all types of experiences. It’s going to look different. It’s going to feel different. It’s going to feel expanded. It’s going to be TRANSFORMED.

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share how your own personal transformation can mirror that of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly and how you can be present and focused on exactly where you are at this exact moment.

My brother from another mother, Sean Smith, said when a caterpillar is a caterpillar, it is not thinking about being a butterfly. And when the butterfly is a butterfly, it is not thinking about its past as a caterpillar. It’s focused on exactly where it is in the present moment. There are a lot of diamonds to be mined out of this, such as:

…Where in your life can you be exactly where you are and be present to it?
…You can appreciate your past, but don’t live in your past.
…Don’t wish things were the way they were in your past.
…And even in this crazy time of our lives, don’t wish things to be the way they were.
…Allow them to be exactly as they are in the present tense. 

Another big takeaway from my caterpillar experience is that I realized, if I were to cut into the cocoon thinking I was helping or speeding up the process or eliminating the struggle, it would have never completed the transformation.

You know how at times we want to remove the struggle from our children or remove the struggle from our spouse or partner or family members? We want to come to their rescue. If I were to have tried to “rescue” this butterfly, it would have lived and died without ever flying because it is in the struggle to get out of the cocoon that the butterfly creates its muscles and wings.

So, if you are preparing to soar in this next season, be present to where you are in the current season as you are preparing to fly. If something feels like it is a bit of a struggle now and you feel constricted…perhaps like you have to push and push and push…it could be because you’re developing the muscles that are going to help you soar.

Without what we call a “struggle” (which could just be an exercise in patience or flexibility or how able you are to give yourself permission to pivot), you might not build the muscles you need to break out of your cocoon, grow your wings, and soar.

So, I invite you to get ready for the marathon. I invite you to be willing to build your muscles and spread your wings. I invite you to be willing to honor whether you are a caterpillar or in a chrysalis or a cocoon. If you feel yourself outgrowing the space you are in or a job or a relationship, you have permission to spread your wings. Some people may not be able to handle how wide your wings spread. But I invite you to spread them anyway and allow your butterfly to show up in all of its beautiful colors and beautiful shape and all of its uniqueness.

And then, you’ll come into another season. You’ll be back in another cocoon, and you’ll grow again. We are a forever changing and morphing set of humans. Give yourself permission to constantly morph. To constantly change. To constantly expand. To constantly evolve. What fit you three years ago may not fit you today. And that’s ok.

I love reading your comments and hearing your AHA moments. So please let me know what this particular episode opened up for you. What parts of your life do you feel like there is a cocoon surrounding you that you know you are breaking out of? What parts of your life do you feel that your wings are spreading like they’ve never spread before? Please comment and share your #BOLs (breakthrough out loud) below as we read them, and they matter.

Remember, this is your home, and we are your tribe. And as you navigate through your growth and expansion and spread your wings, I’m going to always be there. I believe in you and I love you–one butterfly to another!

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Kalsea cash
    Kalsea cash says:

    In my life i have been going through changes mentally and physically and its sometimes a blessing and very beautiful but it could aso be ugly and steessful so this message heped me a whole lot.

    • Aquilla
      Aquilla says:

      Lisa, I am grateful for your inspirational message on allowing our wings time to develop, so that when we’re ready, we can soar like an eagle.

      • Trina Brown
        Trina Brown says:

        My God, when I saw this topic, I stop to watch. I know that butterfly is me. I an a recovering addict who was addicted to opioids. I was living as a caterpillar, and I know the Lord kept me because thru it all, I stayed in prayer. What Was my ahh hah moment was when you said ” when this caterpillar was in the cocoon it was just thinking its a cocoon but when it became a butterfly it spread its wings and live as a butterfly. I am that butterfly. And my past is just tha different shades of color that make me beautiful and majestic. I have formed into a new creature and God has blessed me tremendously. I am a butterfly, beautiful, blessed and WHOLE!!. Never again will I regret my journey. To have regret, I would not have the beauty that God gave me for my ashes. You see I as stronger for the struggle, and wiser for the wait. God’s mercy and grace has been my blessings. So now, I am a VICTOR and never a victim. My life has been my testimony and the journey is being for field. He has a master plan for my life. I am a proud butterfly, and I will spread my wings and the good news. I offer hope to all the struggling addicts. And that hope is in God. My name is Trina and I am a butterfly.ALL PRAISES TO GOD WHOM I LOVE, HONOR, AND WORSHIP. BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED ME.

  2. Dasheen White
    Dasheen White says:

    Where do I begin? This blessed me so much I felt tears swelling up on the inside of me because I know I’m growing but yet I feel trapped. I’m wiggling and trying to break free but I feel that my struggle is strengthening my patience and my faith and my belief in who God says that I am and what I am called to do. Thank you so much for sharing this, It gave me more initiative to fight. I love you, please don’t stop doing what you are doing. God bless you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Heneka Watkis-Porter
    Heneka Watkis-Porter says:

    I don’t believe this.I was just having a conversation with someone about how I feel like a caterpillar fighting through a cocoon with all the things I am fighting through and then I saw this in my inbox. Every skbce I discovered you years ago, you’ve always spoke to my soul and now you have taken ot to a mich higher dimension. Love you so much Lisa.

  4. Plejarittia lee
    Plejarittia lee says:

    I loved this video it really opened my eyes and heart because I’m someone that is very afraid of change I’m afraid of failing but once it happens i be like ook that wasn’t that bad i feel like I’m in the middle of changing for some reason when a new year r when my birthday come i have this out look at life like something is missing r i get to question myself like what is my purpose in life who who am I supposed to be where do i need to be in life and how can i get that and what i got from this video is that what my heart and soul desire it’s ok to go for it and to not be afraid of fail just get back up and keep trying until everything fall in to place and know God have me everything step of the way

  5. Willie Mae McKoy
    Willie Mae McKoy says:

    Hi Lisa
    Thank you for this video. For a long while now I’ve been wanting to leave my marriage because I found out I’m married to a narcissist. My home is cold because love don’t live here. It was a an act from the wedding til now and the mask is off. He shows no love but gasligjts every now and then to get my attention. The only reason I’m still here is income, Covid 19, and he tricked me so I deserve to be taken care of by him. Stay in touch Lisa.

    • shavonne allen
      shavonne allen says:

      I have given so many good years to bad men. I believed I couldnt take care of myself, but when someone is not loving or caring about you, its no way to live the one life we have. You are deserving of love and I had less stuff, but was much happier. I know the pain of being there for someone else even more than myself and them not noticing. I learned to love myself and surround myself with a god of my understanding , eventually others who valued me…many blessings to you

  6. Judy
    Judy says:

    Lisa, I met you at GoPro and was inspired by your humility and your deep relationship with your Grandmother and how her wisdom propelled you to perservere to overcome obstacles. This beautiful picture of the Butterfly reminds me that as we rest in the womb of our mother we have the pain of growing into a human being and that long stuggle down the birth cannal is a painful one, but we don’t remember the pain, we take our first breath and we continue to evolve and grown. As we leave this earth it’s a painful exit but just like birth, there is life at the end and we won’t remember the pain of leaving. It’s the transformation of growing that’s painful but it’s the resurrection of new life that makes us free and liberated. It’s great to be in the presence of a God Loving woman and learn from her! Thank You

  7. Via
    Via says:

    My life has been a journey. I wouldn’t take that Journey Back my daughter I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis your eyes I’ve watched her deteriorate and I watched her bloom. Doctors told us that she would be paraplegic for the rest of her life the strength that she has from me and her father she’s back she’s legally blind but she could see little she’s in an apartment and she’s with my three grandkids youngest is 11 months. I have congestive heart failure I have a defibrillator some days are good some days are bad. I have a husband that drinks a lot. I have a lot on my plate but by the grace of God I’m here. I am the strength of the family but I want my daughter I let her wings out she loves butterflies she goes to depression she wants to do a lot of things she wants to be back where she was she knows that that’s not going to happen it stresses me that she’s going through this and for the first time I heard that your video about the butterfly and that’s what she is that’s what we are pushing and pushing to strengthen those wings and I really really enjoyed listening and I won’t be listening more and I will be letting my daughter listen to as well to strengthen her how is teller that God has brought you back here for a reason you have work to do. And I want her keep fighting God has brought her back for a reason to enjoy your family to live.

  8. Judy
    Judy says:

    Lisa, I met you at GoPro and was inspired by your humility and your deep relationship with your Grandmother and how her wisdom propelled you to perservere to overcome obstacles. This beautiful picture of the Butterfly reminds me that as we rest in the womb of our mother we have the pain of growing into a human being and that long stuggle down the birth cannal is a painful one, but we don’t remember the pain, we take our first breath and we continue to evolve and grown. As we leave this earth it’s a painful exit but just like birth, there is life at the end and we won’t remember the pain of leaving. It’s the transformation of growing that’s painful but it’s the resurrection of new life that makes us free and liberated.Thank You

  9. Ms Mesi
    Ms Mesi says:

    AHA moment time to allow my talents and creativity to move to another level. This monologue told me to stop the procrastination and get up and do what I am supposed to do and that is to create writings that will leave an impact and help guide those in our institutions of learning.

  10. Gayles
    Gayles says:

    Wow! This is what I wrote about in my journal this morning! I wrote about reflecting on the journey I’m on to be the woman I’m meant to be and not to sit in reflection about how I got here and what I did/didn’t do on the way. I wrote out the vision of what I’d like my life to be in the future and then wrote out my next steps of how I’m going forward. Then I took the time to sit in silence and to sit still. Then I checked my email and her was Lisa! Beautifully amazing!

  11. Mary Price
    Mary Price says:

    This was such a great metaphor for what I’m dealing with right now. Firstly as the new year came in… I chose my new year theme as “I am Becoming”; I want to stretch and challenge myself to grow from within to become the true woman I know that I can be and not the woman others expect or deem me to be…to stop suppressing my thoughts for the sake of everyone else’s feelings which leave me overburdened….so I am now in that cacoon stretching developing loving and growing my mindset and spirit of self…thank you for your positiveity and encouragement. I love you so much!

  12. JoElizabeth
    JoElizabeth says:

    Thanks Lisa for the encouragement and believing in us.
    However, sometimes the circumstances do not allow you to soar, especially when you have a spouse that is not ready to support you.

  13. Carol Charles
    Carol Charles says:

    At this moment is the new me evolving and growing and i was in that cocoon and know my wings in drying to take flight and I love the new me that I I’m I miss my old life but I understand to evolve you have to be a uncomfortable and just stand and allow things to happen

  14. Nakita Coleman
    Nakita Coleman says:

    Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. This particular message caught my attention, because I have deemed 2021 as my year of transformation. I create a vision board at the beginning of each year and this year is transformation and the butterfly is a symbol of that process. I have decorated my house with butterflies and even purchased a butterfly necklace as a reminder of this transformation season. I will allow myself the space to grow wings and soar.

      • Elpy Lopez
        Elpy Lopez says:

        Becoming a butterfly has a been a journey for me thanks for being part of that unfortunately I have made a lot of mistakes been in some dark moments but thank you because I must embrace the past and move forward and allow my sons to develop their own strengths and allow their wings to extend those were my BOL thanks for the Love and compassion you give love being part of this beautiful amazing incredible brave tribe thank you Lisa Nichols


    Wow, I checked my e-mail today and when I read what you posted today it felt as if you was in my dreams.I love the butterfly when they come out of their cocoon the patterns are different the colors vary from one butterfly to the other but they are all beautiful. I fill my wings expanding and growing everyday. This message was confirmation for me.

  16. Amy Cheadle
    Amy Cheadle says:

    #BOL Thank you Lisa! That was just what I needed to hear today. I started venturing out into a life coaching career about 2 years ago and I find myself being so hard on myself thinking, “Why am I not there yet? This shouldn’t take this long to get it up and running.” This was a great reminder that I’m still in my cocoon stage and not quite ready to be a butterfly yet. I realize I need to give myself grace and not be so hard on myself, as long as I’m making progress, even if it’s just baby steps. Thank you! XO Amy

    • Viola Swindell
      Viola Swindell says:

      I am in school too, to become a health & life coach and I agree it’s stages to everything. We may feel like we should be faster or further along but our time is coming

  17. Kelly McGee
    Kelly McGee says:

    Thank you for “Transform like a Butterfly “ It Just confirmed my new path….. last month I changed my FB profile photo to a butterfly and my them is Freedom. I am excited to see how wide my wings will become. Thank you I love your spirit

  18. Cathy Turner
    Cathy Turner says:

    Thank you Lisa for this beautiful vision. I love watching caterpillars, finding cocoons and following butterflies. Because of my love for nature I can see what I am going thru now is a beautiful natural process. I have committed to self love this year and feel like the caterpillar right now. I know I will will love this process no matter how hard it may get at times. It is all beautiful. I really appreciate your encouragement and support. In the past I have had a hard time committing to myself but I feel very strong inside and am excited to be doing this for me. I Matter!!

  19. Elizabeth Carlson
    Elizabeth Carlson says:

    My thoughts are not all in order in this; I haven’t got a thoughtful reply. I feel very at home with, close to, in awe of, and myself transformed by the miracle blessing/gift of the caterpillar/ butterfly transformation.
    I have just started to listen to the AbundanceNow sessions. They are like revisiting exercises/ thoughts I have ‘been friends with’ before, but this time around all the circumstances are different. Much more real-hence-challenging this time. Can’t believe I need to reinvent myself again! So I am just in jumble-process, no bright ahas at the moment, but Lisa and the video are so beautiful-hence-a-gift. She makes me remember back to what it felt like/ looked like to be inspired. Thank you, Lisa ! And thank you for giving the you-are-here cocoon metaphor, too. Sometimes just one thought or feeling – in a given moment – can be a beacon / such a help ☀️

  20. Patriece Ravenell
    Patriece Ravenell says:

    Such a confirming word. I am breaking out of my cacoon in this very season. The past four years have been one of growth, development and transformation. Divorced after 23 years of marriage, discovering who I was and what God intended for me has been a journey. God appointed the Yellow Butterfly as my spirit animal back in 2017. I see them everywhere and all the time. I’m ready for my next chapter of authentic love, marriage and success. I was born to fly and soar. Thank you for sharing and confirming that my NEXT is NOW!

  21. shavonne allen
    shavonne allen says:

    I appreciate the caterpillar analogy. I have survived active addiction to heroin , methamphetamines, was raised by and homelessness. I’m struggling with believing I am deserving and capable of finding housing and a fulfilling career at 50. I have a decent paying job, perform in an ensemble involved with social justice, and am repairing my relationship with my 20 year old son struggling with bipolar and living in a very toxic and abusive paternal uncle. I used to fuel my self destructive behavior by the belief that I’d failed my son. I now know that I must continue on the path of self development and enlightenment. I am embarking upon new behaviors meditation, daily affirmations, exercise and now you.
    I oftentimes struggle with knowing what the next right thing to do is for myself and son…I become immobilized by fear of feeling inadequacy..Should I move out of this SRO I have savings to do so but what if I lose my job, I am 50 and dont have marketable, skills nor am I tech savvy.,
    On the other hand, I am a contributing member of my community in the way of performing arts aimed at social justice, show up for work, family members and increasingly friends(spreading my wings).
    I just received a new laptop and am learning how to use it better. This is the first time I have replied openly and as transparent as I can publicly.

  22. Lillyan
    Lillyan says:

    Hey Lisa,
    My take away from this was “being present in the space I’m in.” That has been a repeated phase that I’ve been hearing in my alone time with God, in personal conversations with others and with in my studies. It’s a little frustrating because I’m not sure what that looks like practically. Thank you for the encouraging words.

  23. Anne
    Anne says:

    I love the symbolism. My campervan is filled with butterflies to remind me that life is cycle upon cycle ever widening, expanding and transforming. A few years ago I was having a challenging time and went for a spiritual reading. The woman drew me standing on a huge brown rock – my foundation , and I was a butterfly with huge wings. Wow! That image always gives me strength to keep going Thank you Lisa xxx.

  24. Simi
    Simi says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this amazing video. For me it came at the perfect time. I’m in turmoil right now because a vindictive hairdresser gas destroyed my hair and I’m stuck with a vertical unflattering dark non shiny black hair that is super difficult to fix. I’m trying to understand why this happened to me. But I’m also trying to look inward during this time. That’s why your video was so meaningful to me. Simi

  25. Celestine
    Celestine says:

    Peace & Love Lisa
    Thank you so much! I needed to hear from you today like this. I have grown so much in a small amount of time that understanding this concept gives me comfort in knowing that I am growing my potential muscles every step I take! Change is happening in this moment now!! Everyday, I appreciate you and you passion to Motivate The Masses! I am transforming with confidence and assurance. Peace & Love

  26. Alejandra
    Alejandra says:

    Hi Lisa, first of all thank you! Thank you so much for being a light in so many lifes! My aha moment is acceptance and patience. To firmly believe that whatever I am going through, with action, will take me to soar and achieve my dreams. Yes, YES

  27. Morris Jemal
    Morris Jemal says:

    I have been in the cocoon for months now but haven’t ever looked at it like that. I have been gaining so much strength through all of my struggles. I am learning to not be co-dependent, learn to say no, set boundaries, break free from many blockages I have had in my life such as abundance blocks, I have been learning how to love myself and to gain self confidence… I know I am truly turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly in this moment as I type this and I love this! Thank you Lisa I needed that analogy. I can’t wait until my transformation is complete to where I am ready to spread my wings and fly, but at the same time I know it all happens in divine timing and I am enjoying the process and the journey learning to find abundance and happiness in each and every moment. Learning that all perceived pain are really just growing pains and that all perceived failures are all just learning experiences, all necessary to bring me out stronger, wiser, and happier.

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Morris Jemal
      You Are Not Alone!!
      When I read your blog, I thought that you was telling my story. Keep up the good work and On becoming the butterfly that you are.

  28. KS
    KS says:

    Hey Lisa,
    This video on transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly is superb & inspiring. Thank you very much.
    Is this video only for your motivatingthemasses group or is it ok to share it on my Facebook timeline/profile page? Kindly advise. Thanks again!
    Warm personal regards,

  29. Larry Hardy
    Larry Hardy says:

    The cocoon stage is where I currently reside. Build muscle, struggle in my current state while growing uncomfortable. This butterfly in me has to break forward mentally as well as in its physical form. I pray for complete Metamorphosis !

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Larry Hardy
      You Are Not Alone!!
      You’re breakthrough is arriving and whatever clarity that you need may it be granted.

  30. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    This was an inspiring talk. I never thought I was in a cocoon, just isolated and struggling, looking for is something out there not sure of me and the world around me. You told me it is ok, it is the necessary exercise, it is part of growing up. You told me it was safe in the jar, on my own, where nobody is going to disturb or try to help me and I am going to transform and become me. Thank you

  31. Isabelle wadjou
    Isabelle wadjou says:

    Thank you Lisa for this video. It’s relate to different challenge that I am facing in this season of my life.
    I am trying to expand my wings to become an entreprenor and I am confident that I am on the right track for it.

  32. Velma J Cotton
    Velma J Cotton says:

    This really resonates with me because I have had ideas and visions of what I want to do but I lack organization to do it. Feel as though I am in that cocoon developing my muscles to be come a butterfly. It is as if I am afraid to write my plan down….I don’t know why….I need to stop journaling about what I want to do and just get to it so I can see progress or I will never become a butterfly!

  33. Kemi
    Kemi says:

    Thank you for sharing so masterfully the analogy of the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly in relation to the human experience of growth and change. I am in a season of “morphing” at this time and it is uncomfortable and frightening. I am creative, artistic and I have dreams inside of me that I want to release. I want to spread my wings. Lack of focus, uncertainty and anxiety hinder me and I really want to fly. I am praying and seeking clarity and this video spoke clearly to where I am and what is happening in my life. I have been receiving the emails and I don’t always read them. However, this notification seemed to jump out at me today and I am grateful. I have some decisions to make and I am asking for your prayers. Thank you for the encouragement, love and belief. Kemi

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Kemi,
      You Are Not Alone!
      You are going to soar high. May the Lord provide the focus, clarity, and stillness you want. Don’t stop nor quit because you have something inside you that someone is waiting for, Oprah Winfrey says, “You don’t get what you want in life but you get what you BELIEVE.”

  34. Bridgett
    Bridgett says:

    This has truly blessed me in so many ways. Everything you shared, Lisa, touches on just about everything I am dealing with, going through and trying to make sense of. I am on my 16th day of “No Matter What” and I have been blessed and enlightened on my 28-day journey and I cannot thank you enough! I lost my mom, whom I had been taking care of for the last 4 years, in May of 2020, I was involved in a relationship with a Narcissistic man who also has PTSD, and I left that relationship in December of 2020. I have been spending my days trying to find myself again and this video spoke to the very position I am currently in. I do feel like I am in a cocoon, confined and struggling to break free. I have been the one everyone depends on and now I want to live for me. I am the single parent of three sons, who are all grown and doing well now. The majority of my life has been to ensure my family has what they need to succeed, trying to rescue family members, and remove their struggles. Watching this video has confirmed many areas in my life and I am now going to give myself permission to spread my wings as I break out of my cocoon. That is my Call to Action! Thanks again, Lisa for pouring out of yourself to help myself and others.

  35. Kim
    Kim says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message Lisa! I especially like the reminder that sometimes struggle is necessary in order to transform. We should not “help” a butterfly that appears to be struggling to get out of its chrysalis or its wings may not form properly. Just a educational note for all… butterflies form a chrysalis and moths form a cocoon.

  36. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Lisa, Lisa, thank you for embracing and encouraging words. I retired a year ago. I feel that God is moving me new heights in my new chapter. Right now cocoon stage is where I am. I am give myself permission to transform into a butterfly. My entire life has been trying to remove other struggles. Not now you have helped me close the gap on that part of my life. I have listened to this three times, so I can soak up every word. Yes, plan on flying soon.

  37. angela hoogterp
    angela hoogterp says:

    Thanks Lisa. I am considering retiring this summer, and am getting READY to have retirement work wonderfully for myself and my family! And PATIENCE is a challenge. remembering to allow myself to grow and get ready, and get my family ready, is so important!!! thank you for this timely and great message. Angie.

  38. Jeanette Pollock
    Jeanette Pollock says:

    Such a great reminder that we are going to struggle to move into a new space, to leave behind the old us to get to the new. The reminder that it will be uncomfortable but be present for it is all a part of the process. God is doing a new thing. Walk in the present, learn from your experiences they are necessary for you to fly. Great message. I will except the challenges as they are necessary.

  39. Adrien Blayre Valecourt
    Adrien Blayre Valecourt says:

    Thank you, Lisa! That was a wonderful speech!! I loved the comparison and the examples (rescuing dearests).
    Every time I’m starting watching you video (as everything today, ‘cause the information overloaded) skeptical, but some moments later begin to feel more inspired and motivated again and again by YOU❣️ THANK YOUuuuuuuuuu

  40. Nely Bojorquez
    Nely Bojorquez says:

    Hello Lisa
    Wow! This hit home in many different areas of my life. One of the BOL for me was needing to pivot.
    Allow my butterfly to show up in all the beautiful colors.

  41. Katherine A-A
    Katherine A-A says:

    THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!! APPRECIATE YOUR VOICE AND ALL THAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO AND OVER COME. I love the fact that you have the gift from our Creator to lack the qbility to read like most, it MAKES YOU 100% MORE REAL. I enjoy the thought that your videos are not scripted. THANK GOD FOR YOU and THANK YOU.

  42. Lady G.
    Lady G. says:

    I felt the entire message was directed to me. The struggles, disappointments, feeling like a hamster on wheel, seeking & searching for a short-cut/outlet, outgrowing my current situation (job, city, & friends & family. So ready for the next chapter in my life.

    Just yesterday, I came to the realization, thngs I am dealing with, is preparing me for something greater. I feel like I am ready to breakout. I feel like I am in a coccoon. Things have not manifested yet because I say I am ready, but still developing that endurance mussle. If I had the shortcut, I may not have developed that preseverence mussle. Now I ask myself, “Are U prepared for this miracle yet, what am I doing to be ready? This transformation is real and its time for me to stop procastinating on some things to be completely ready to receive my blessings. Thank U Lisa for your motivational message!

  43. La Tanya
    La Tanya says:

    Thank you so much Lisa. Last year I learned an important lesson of embracing the quarantined time and focus on being the moment.
    This video also reminded me to allow my son to build his own wings.

    I appreciate you!

  44. Mary
    Mary says:

    I so needed to hear this. There is so many changes in my life that’s been keeping me distracted from achieving my main goal. Now I realize maybe just maybe I may not be ready for the next level. But my thing is when will I be ready I’m a single mother of twins boys and trying to figure out how can I make their Future brighter, while i’m physically and mentally morphing. The struggle is real but I know why now.

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Mary!
      You Are Not Alone!
      Thank you for sharing. I’ve learned even though my circumstances is part of me but I’m am that I’m am.
      You are divine, courageous, and extraordinary. The setbacks are your come ups, distraction are put there to keep us back because you have something powerful in you, its trying to keep you covered. Persist and resist. Declare, You are ready!

  45. Elma Knowles
    Elma Knowles says:

    Hey Lisa! Thank you for your moment of inspiration and motivation! I am grateful to God Almighty for how He has brought me from where I was (an introvert) to where I am today (an influential leader and effective communicator), spreading my wings like the beautiful butterfly He has created me to be.

    While some persons were grumbling and complaining about the curfews and lockdowns, I used those opportunities to embrace the tremendous opportunities that came along as result of the curfews and lockdowns, to further develope my leadership and communication skills. And I feel AMAZING yet humbled.

    To God be all the glory for what He is causing to take place in my life.

  46. Nicho’le
    Nicho’le says:

    I needed this message today.
    I am feeling stunted on my growth but I am in the chrsulis.
    I need to find joy in this stage & not fight it or look to the future so much
    Thank you for the reminder

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Nicho’le!
      You Are Not Alone!
      You are Joy. The challenges can be difficult sometimes but with persistence and consistency, things are possible. Know that you Can, you Will, and you Must.

  47. ToiSwan White
    ToiSwan White says:

    I feel like I’m transforming into a gorgeous, iridescent blue butterfly with specks of silver and gold on my wings. I loved the part about not looking behind; thinking about the past. I’m moving forward. I’m anew. I’m revitalized. I’m ready for my destiny.

  48. Laura
    Laura says:

    I feel that in season of my life I am not a butterfly just yet, I’m in the middle of the struggle. And I’m trying not to quit in the middle of the process. I know that often times we quit too soon right before the break of day we give up. I know that this process is hard but I also know that It does not yet appear what I shall become for in due season I will become a butterfly…..

  49. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    Your words give life, understanding, wisdom and transmit a love that is intertwined with the Divine. Keep being a beacon. Today’s message
    Touched me deeply for when Covid hit and sheltering in was evident God showed me that this time period would be a time of transformation so that when it is lifted we could be,as God revealed to me, ( and the topic and title of my next book, “A Better Fly”. This video itouched my soul! It is a confirmation to a truth that the God of the universe is speaking into our hearts that we may truly embrace the transformation. I love you Lisa!

  50. Barakah
    Barakah says:

    Thanks a lot Lisa. This video really spoke to me. Uou talked about being in the present while being prepared to soar. The fact that all the things happening around me right now are preparing me for my flight, yes, I believe that’s God’s way of gearing me up. Its His way of telling me not to be complacent.
    Yes, it does feel cramped in my current relationship and I do need to give myself permission to fly. Maybe I also need to put my needs first for a second.
    Perhaps, by giving myself permission to soar and spread my wings, I might help those around me to develop as well. I might help their caterpillars to metamorphose.
    Just maybe…

  51. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    Thank you Lisa. That was more than what I expected to hear. Very exhilarating and reassuring at the same time that whatever it is that I am going through is helping me morph into the Butterfly that I am going to become. I am stronger today than I was yesterday. I need to totally live in the moment, and not let the past bog my today down.

  52. Gillian McConnell
    Gillian McConnell says:

    I have been opening myself to a miraculous life and recording little daily miracles for a few weeks now. I have noticed a fluttering of wings, a palpable expansion of freedom, love and joy in almost every aspect of my life, including the challenging lifelong relationship I have had with my mother, who is now 95 (and that is indeed a miracle!). Yet I have noticed very little change in my relationship with my partner. The butterfly metaphor tells me that perhaps each aspect of my life has its own season of metamorphosis. Perhaps I am a caterpillar with my partner right now and that’s OK, knowing that when I flex my muscles and spread my wings, I will emerge into a new relationship, with the same person, or someone new. And perhaps that renewal is dependant on the rebirth of my relationship with myself, in which I am currently building new muscles in order to fly. Thank you Lisa.

    SHEILA FLOOD says:

    Thanks for allowing God to speak to and through you to help us to become. This video was definitely confirmation for me. I myself am learning to live in the present and be open to change.

  54. Cynthia Harris
    Cynthia Harris says:

    I am in the cocoon and I have been building my muscles so I can spread my wings and sore. 2020 was very challenging, we had to relocate during the pandemic and coming from paying less to paying a whole lot more was very afraid to make the move, but I was still packing thinking to myself this is hard but I must keep moving until I reach my destiny. Thank you for encouraging me to not give up but continue my journey so much more is waiting on me ahead.. Blessed and highly favored.

  55. Meoshi Crumedy
    Meoshi Crumedy says:

    Thank you for your wisdom and words of encouragement. I’ve learned in seasons of change it develops patience and endurance. You reminded me to be present wherever I am because beauty requires process. My aha moment was when you said although the caterpillar has its wings if disturbed even in this process it will not make it. Such a deep meaningful message. Thank you for this message. Today I’m okay being the undisturbed caterpillar developing wings. I shall not be moved or disturbed by surroundings.

  56. Tamara Wilson
    Tamara Wilson says:

    I am the cocoon trying to transform but I have so many strongholds that I just can’t break out of that cocoon. I have so much hidden potential ready to come out but I just can’t find a way to bring it all out. I have no idea why…

    • Mary Murphy
      Mary Murphy says:

      Greeting Tamara Wilson!
      You Are Not Alone!
      Strongholds are there to prepare you for what is hidden in you. In stillness, may you find a way to bring all your passion out.
      You will break out!! Start Believing.

  57. Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy says:

    Greeting Everyone!
    Lisa Nichols, You ROCK.
    Always a pleasure to surround myself around you and all the members that make things possible. I Am grateful for all the Grace. I’m Am becoming to be a confident, resilience, loving, joyous, peaceful and Thankful butterfly. I also understand it is not good to skip any process of my development and so Honor for all my adversaries, without them I could not be the Woman I Am Today.

  58. Debra Wright
    Debra Wright says:

    This is so inspiring and touching. I just started a group called the Butterfly Transformation because the butterfly speaks to me about who I was to whom I have become. Ahhh, Lisa, I love this Thank you!

  59. Karen M McFadden
    Karen M McFadden says:

    MY Virtual COACH I AM your twin ! Thank you for pouring life into me LISA. I need to hear that 2020 a year for me being in the cocoon stage of CHANGE and HEALING while homeless during pandemic, living in a shelter in DC where I didn’t know not one person, away from my home state, my family and friends. Being diagnose with cancer in October, and 3weeks later losing my mother in November, you knows how ALMIGHTY GOD works when you totally trust him and yourself by staying the course of loyalty. Happy to say 3 days after my mom passed I was moving out of a shelter into a housing program due to having cancer. I got this saying from you Lisa. It was my blessing wrapped up in sandpaper. Like you Lisa I always felt that my story (MESS) can become someone message. Like you did for me on OPRAH and secret. Now I will be speaking on the 1st VIRTUAL WORLD Summit called COME BACK CHAMPION SUMMIT next Tuesday February 16-21,2021 is the Summit. I don’t know which day that I will be presenting my story not yet. I can not believe it ! My voice speak for Homeless Community and Women Of All Colors who are facing a diagnosed of a tumor or cancer. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is HOPE &OPTIONS for YOU. Lisa I thank you for sharing your story that help a woman that look like you, knows the struggles we have as living in this society pushing our way to be heard. My next season that I AM ready to spread my wings wide as it get to FLY! Thank you Your sister in Love, Abundance And Beyond…Karen M.McFadden

  60. Michelle Dupuis
    Michelle Dupuis says:

    Thank you for this Lisa! I needed to hear, ‘Appreciate your past but don’t live in your past!’
    Thank you thank you thank you.

  61. Julie Gelin
    Julie Gelin says:

    I truly needed this. My journey has begun the 4th of January. I’ve opened my mind and heart to receiving the lessons that come my way. And the one constant is being in the moment. I have a hard time forgiving, therefore, I tend to live in the past when I’m hurt. However, I have noticed that now, when I feel the pain occupying my mind and heart, I work at deleting it by way of reading, music etc. I have learned to fight it, though sometimes I fail. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that I am taking control. I heard something from Joyce Meyer “You have to go through it to get to it”. Nothing is easy in life and we just have to go through the heat to get the diamond. Thank you Lisa.

  62. Keara
    Keara says:

    YES! YES! I was saying something similar to my fiancé about his situation. I didn’t know your butterfly story, but the message was the same. So much going on in his country (covid, volcano possible eruption)…I just try to give him some light for his day until we speak again.

  63. Yonette Sydney
    Yonette Sydney says:

    Awesome video; I feel as though I have outgrown my coocoon season, but all in all ; I am learning to trust the process of transformation. Like you said, and it was my ah ha moment, I think that my transformation Is going to be grand and exceptional.
    Thank you Lisa for this highly motivational video.


  64. Lenora Yancey
    Lenora Yancey says:

    Lisa you are phenomenal and I admire you so much. I love butterflies because of their transformation and individuality, no 2 are alike. I want to be that Butterfly


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