Tips for Finding Your Joy Now

With so much chaos going on in the world, you might be wondering, “Lisa how in the world can I find joy in the now?

How can I find joy among all the loud noise – noise about health…noise about our children…noise about our education…noise about the government.

There’s a whole lotta noise going on right now, and while some of it is necessary for you to hear, NOW MORE THAN EVER it’s important to learn how to find your joy in the present moment.

Because, NOTHING has the right to steal your joy away.  Your joy is worth FIGHTING for. Now I’m not saying everything is going to be lollipops and popsicles – especially right now with the current health and financial situation. But what I’ve learned is that situations cannot take away your joy unless you surrender it.

That’s why I am sharing my top three tips that I practice so I can find the joy in my NOW.

#1 — Gratitude. I know we’ve all heard this one before, but I make a list of 25 simple things that I’m grateful for (most of which are under $25 in value or preferably FREE). Things like taking a walk with my 91-year-old grandma or dancing with my mom in the kitchen, or having my son create a meal for me. I love to just sit and experience my gratitude on a cellular level. I mean I really get into the things I’m grateful for. I list 25, but somewhere around #16 or #17, I can feel my heart expanding and my eyes welling up. I take a deep breath and say, “yes, we’ve got all this noise out there, but I got all this deliciousness and gratefulness over here.”

#2 – Get excited about where you are going. Yes, you must be present in your now. But set an intention for the future, so you don’t live in reactionary mode. Get focused now on where you’re going physically, financially, spiritually–and who you’re going with. I’m always setting intentions and getting excited about them. I can’t wait to see them occur. I get really detailed about what the future looks like, smells like, tastes like. Then, I bring that joy into my now.

#3 – Stop and celebrate yourself more often. Start a routine of celebrating micro wins with someone else or in a small group. Be in a constant state of self-celebration. What are the things you are doing now that are celebration worthy? I start every meetup on my campus or coaching call with the same question: “What do you want to be celebrated for since the last time we met?” Why? Because what gets celebrated gets repeated.

I’ve shared the strategies that work for me. Now I wanna hear from you. I want YOU to be a part of this dynamic dialogue and courageous conversation. I want to hear your VOICE…your ENERGY…and your IDEAS.

So, please leave me a comment and let me know what sparked an Aha moment for you or a #BOL (breakthrough out loud)? To whom or to what have you been relinquishing your joy? And let me know…are you ready to grab it back?

I LOVE you, and I BELIEVE in you. These are not just words. I truly do.

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  1. Millennialwatts
    Millennialwatts says:

    Girl you had me ballin, snottin, tearing up all my shit!!! God!!! I’ve been playing small for too damn long!!! Trying to be modest, humble to not offend….helllllllllll naw…never mf again!!! You hear Me?! fuck that shit….wow….girl I had to take it back to the hood on dat ass!!! I’m the shit, Gods Knows I’m the shit…like for real…seriously…I’m the shit. I dodged that bullet of letting bitterness and hate consume me…never no more y’all like for real never no more

    • Junet
      Junet says:

      Hi Lisa

      It’s like you knew I needed this. Thanks so much I appreciate you, I am grabbing my joy back right now…starting right away!
      Junet Otto

  2. Deidra Lee
    Deidra Lee says:

    Celebrating myself. Finding 10 things in the last 90 days is hard for me. I’m in this space of “I’m not enough” ( I’m working on getting out of it). So I can only think of 3. This episode is powerful and has given me tools to help me break from this jacked up mindset. Thanks Lisa

    • Matina Lee
      Matina Lee says:

      Hello Deidra. I don’t normally leave public comments but I was led to reply to your comment. Please know that “YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!” The thoughts that you are having are not real! It doesn’t matter which roads you’ve traveled up until this point, you are a child of the Most High God! Anything that you think you’ve missed out on up until this point can be given back to you 100 times in an instance! Know that you are loved by sisters who don’t even know you! Many blessings to you!

  3. Sherri L Southwell
    Sherri L Southwell says:

    I love your videos and you are a true inspiration. Right now, it’s SO easy to lose focus on what’s truly important and become lost in anxiety and worry. Having lost a colleague to suicide recently, because of depression, I can see how this is affecting people. I pray that God lifts up those who are troubled during this time and gives them hope that things will get better. God Bless 🙂

  4. Tenni
    Tenni says:

    Aha moment: celebration party.

    I love how you start your coach calls with “what do you want be celebrated for since the last time we met.” I will adopt this when I now and in the future when I move into a manager position.
    I would like to celebrate that I have two classes left as I am in second to last class to complete my MBA Degree. Yes! Yes!

  5. Nikkitta
    Nikkitta says:

    I repeat my affirmations 3x a day. My phone notifies me. It keeps me focused on what I should be working on now for my tomorrow. I do need to celebrate myself more often. You are awesome Lisa – Thank you for this!

  6. Beverly Efughu
    Beverly Efughu says:

    I agree with you 100%. I have learn you must be serious about protecting your Joy! Being grateful for a healthy Body.. Not stressing to be a certain size. Great video.

  7. Charmaine
    Charmaine says:


    Yes, I am grabbing my joy back! Thank you for continually pushing me and reminding me to be intentional about gratitude. I am enjoying the time I have with my “87” year old dad. The walks, the talks, the sharing, the wisdom. It is a blessing to have these moments. I treasure this time and I celebrate myself for finishing my book. I was pregnant for years, but I birthed my baby and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being apart of my journey and encouraging me to take action. Love you!

  8. Rhoda
    Rhoda says:

    I am on a journey of rescuing myself and my joy which I seemed to have relinguished to others. I celebrate the fact that I do well in my job and other areas, but the two that I can’t seem to get right are finances and love relationships, the latter being the biggest crippling of my joy. I know that I’m still a work in progress and I am grateful that I signed up when I did. Thanks for this reminder.

  9. Lori
    Lori says:

    A friend sent this to me… I love it! Thank you
    I don’t celebrate me and I am learning to do so… This is what I needed to hear..

  10. Aurora
    Aurora says:

    This is just what I needed today… and tomorrow, but especially today! I really appreciate you, you share so much wisdom to all. I love you too!

  11. MocaMo
    MocaMo says:

    That celebration piece is essential…I like how you pointed out how it make you REPEAT. Repeat the successes, repeat the excellence, repeat the accomplishment. Thank you for the everyday insight and being a motivator!

  12. Kena `
    Kena ` says:

    Greeting Lisa,

    I just want to take a moment to say Thank you. What stuck out for me in your message today was “Stop and celebrate yourself often”. This is something I fail to do. Although, I could have accomplished a lot I still tend to dwell on the next thing that has to be done without just taking a minute to celebrate what I completed. Also, I am one to call the people I care about in my life to let them know how amazing there are but I fall short with doing that for myself. I truly appreciate your message.

    Thank you so very much

  13. TREASUREE Kemp
    TREASUREE Kemp says:

    This is what I needed today! I am going to list the 25 things I am grateful for because it puts everything in perspective. I also, will start getting excited about my plans for the future. I am stepping out in faith and publishing another children’s book after 7yrs since my first one. I will celebrate my growth more to remind myself that I am evolving into who God wants me to be.

  14. Jill Millis
    Jill Millis says:

    I’m 46 years old…I’m starting to think that I’m just one of those people who are just supposed to be broke in financial and rich in spirit. No matter what I do or have done Im always at the same spot financially. I’m just thinking maybe I should just accept it…and just enjoy what I got…I’m sustainable… Working towards something that never happens is starting to effect me.


  15. Nanthalia McJamerson
    Nanthalia McJamerson says:

    This was so, so timely for this season we are experiencing. Thank you. The second tip hit me like lightning. The future cast or focus on my purpose will carry me through this. Thank you, Lisa. May God continue to bless you as you bless us.

  16. Don Rosom
    Don Rosom says:

    Yes we do have so much to celebrate ourselves for especially in a world crisis. We can inspire those who are going through a challenging time. A SMILE is something we can give away for FREE. Celebrate always

  17. Lebohang Duma
    Lebohang Duma says:

    Am so grateful to life & having a supportive family and that we can spend time together. I celebrate myself for not allowing pain to consume me 3yrs again when I lost my husband & looked to the future & I have discovered a lot about life, for its in your pain where you get preparation for success. Am focusting being the successful property investor and being recognized worldy& transforming people ‘s life to live a life of abundance through healing and using my experience to impact the broken hearted.

  18. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    This was on point!!! Finding your Joy in your now. Learning to discover me as Me!!! Not just as a Wife and a Mother. But celebrating who I am!!! So that I may add to those other titles!!! Thanks for this. Love ya!!!

  19. Kelvin Tran
    Kelvin Tran says:

    I love the idea of celebrating myself as I am doing the 28 Days to Results program at the moment. I’m on Day 21 and I’m celebrating myself today with new learnings, sensuality and growth. Yea!

  20. Priscilia
    Priscilia says:

    Hi Lisa
    I call myself ‘ your footstep sister ( in prosperity) ‘cos I wanna become a motivational speaker just like you.
    So talking about getting excited about where I am going, it was so much fun acting like you on stage in my restroom, yes in my restroom with my audience being my mirror image.
    I had a big smile on my face all day lone.
    Thank you Lisa

  21. vesna
    vesna says:

    Dear LISA thank you again,I NEED TO HEAR THIS NOW IN THIS TIME OF LIFE,#BOL,I will do today list of 25 things that I am gratefull for… I will do it with my son,that we remember that every day we have something to celebrate,that we r healthy,we have food on the table,that we still have grandma and granpa….and yes life will have meaning,and we wont be focus on this what we dont have…thank you LISA for those words…LoVe from me,VESNA

  22. Elizabeth Cooper
    Elizabeth Cooper says:

    I love the celebrate yourself part. we are under -celebrated especially as women. But my best aha aha moment is to be grateful for the little things

  23. Mona Meland
    Mona Meland says:

    The best part for me today was the celebratepart,,, I forget celebrating my steps trough the days,,, so thank you Lisa I m a single mum and I have been homeschooling for more than three weeks now ,
    we have had so much qualitytime and the teachers at school are impressed by the schoolwork the children are doing, wich is much better than usual,
    This is something to celebrate for shure

    Thank you again❤️, HAPPY EASTER

  24. Bernice
    Bernice says:

    Thank you so much for telling me to celebrate myself and others. I dont have a problem celebrating others; I do with celebrating myself. It was liberating to know that I can and should do so more often than I do. Keep motivating yourself and others. This is an easy practice for anyone to follow.


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