Three Tips for Hiring a Ghostwriter

Last spring, I shared a video and blog about hiring a ghostwriter to write your story. I received SO MUCH feedback from our community on this topic – thank you! I love hearing from you! So, I decided to answer your burning questions about how to hire someone to do your writing – if you’ve never hired a writer, you might not know where to start. That’s ok. I’ve got you…

My number one tip for hiring a ghostwriter is to ask for referrals! Ask people you trust if they know anyone who does this work? You can even put out a general request on social media, maybe something like, “Hey, I’m looking for a great ghostwriter to help me on a project. I’d love some suggestions or referrals. Thanks!” You’ll be surprised how many people want to help you find what you need.

OK, you’ve  gotten some referrals from friends and colleagues – now what? How will you know if this person is going to be a good match for you? Tip number two: ask the writer for some references and samples. Professional writers will often have a website to showcase their work, or at the very least, they can send you some writing samples. Look at their style, and how they express themselves, and evaluate whether or not they are a good fit for your project. When they write for others, do they capture the voice of the person who is speaking? Writing in the speaker’s voice is one of the most important qualities to look for in a ghostwriter! When they write for you, you want your readers to hear YOUR voice when they read it.

My third tip is to ask the writer to do a test piece for you. Give them a blog or an email to write and see how it comes through. Does it sound like your voice? Will it resonate with your audience? If you are very casual when you speak, but the writing is very formal, your audience won’t be drawn in – they are reading your blog or email because they are connected to you and your energy. Make sure your writer can BE YOU in their writing. You may have to pay for this test writing, and that’s OK…it’s worth a small investment to make sure you have the right person for the job.

Feedback and communication are so important – make time to connect with your writer and let them know what you need, especially if you are working on a big project like a book. Being able to share ideas and concepts openly and often will allow the ghostwriter to get your story written the way you want it. If you like something they wrote, share that. Tell them, “I really like how you did this chapter – let’s do more of that!” In the same respect, share any feedback about things that you don’t like. Maybe there’s a section that doesn’t sound like you, or doesn’t accurately tell your story. The sooner you communicate with your writer, the easier it will be to get things back on track.

Let the writer handle all of the grammar, spelling and writing structures. This is why you hired them! Your book will go to an editor after it’s written, and that person will make any adjustments that are needed. Writing a book takes a village! Any book you have ever read has been through the writer, proofreader, editor, and most likely, beta readers, who are people who read the book and offer feedback to you before you send it to the editor. Even if you are the writer, you still will have a team of people who help you bring that book to the public.

Remember, it doesn’t matter who puts the words on the paper – this is still your book. The thoughts, stories and ideas are yours, and hiring a ghostwriter isn’t cheating! It’s being resourceful and utilizing people who love to write and are great at it. I like to use my time doing the things that I am good at, and I hire people to do the things that aren’t my areas of expertise. It’s a win-win, because my writers get to do what they love, while I do what I love!

Please share your BOL (Breakthrough out Loud) in the comments. How could you benefit from hiring a ghostwriter to write your story? Think about the ways having a book published would impact your business: potential clients seeing you as an expert in your field, your credibility increasing, and your confidence amping up, just to name a few!

Remember that this is your community – the more we interact in the comments, the more ah-ha moments we get to share! Share any great experiences you have had with a ghostwriter (or not-so-good experiences), because we can all learn from one another! I am over here, cheering you on! I love you and I believe in you – nothing lights me up more than seeing the awesome people in our community bringing their greatness out into the world. We need you to be your best – it inspires others and has a ripple effect. You matter – and your story matters.

Your Sister in Inspiration and Impact,

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  1. Javier Vega
    Javier Vega says:

    It’s a lot of things that I want to do too, but I’m stopping myself I have a license a life license that I have in used and I need to do the business I want to do the business. Plus I want to write a book my life story book I need help thank you have a blessed day is is me stopping me.

  2. Charles None Taylor
    Charles None Taylor says:

    Thanks for the info. Love You Back!
    I appreciate your services. I reached out to you in the past before. I’m interested in your services. I would like to book an appointment with you. Let me know if you’re available. Thanking you in advance.

    Charles Taylor Founder/CEO EMILIA FREE
    FOUNDATION. Best Regards

  3. Trinity Wallace-Ellis
    Trinity Wallace-Ellis says:

    I am so appreciative of your transparency in your journey. I’ve thought of getting a ghost writer to help me with my book, but I felt shame around it, like I was cheating or something. But writing about ME and my story is so emotionally taxing, that it create “blocks” for me and I feel like I’m never gonna get it done. Thank you for giving me permission to show myself grace and do what it takes to get my out of me and into the world.

  4. Trulie Nix
    Trulie Nix says:

    This is so timely. I am looking for a ghost rider to launch my podcast, and it’s extremely important they speak in my voice because, in addition to it being packed with fact-based research, it needs to rely heavily on my values, morals, and ethics.

  5. Glory
    Glory says:

    Thank you so much Lisa for this video about ghost writer. I have been wanting to write a book for the last twenty five years, but since French is my mother tongue, and I taught myself English, I didn’t thing I could do it. I am from Canada, I have two University degrees, and a Master degree however, writing in English is very hard for me, I did all my studies in French. I want to write my book in English because I want it to have more exposure to the world, and I think it will have more success than if l write it in French. I do not know anyone who knows a ghost writer here in Canada, please could you refer me to one? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  6. linn McKeown
    linn McKeown says:

    Hi Glory and Lisa,
    I am from Vancouver Island in Canada and I would like the name of a ghost writer here as well. If you hear of one, will you please let me know too. Thanks Lisa for this information about ghost writers.

  7. Carla Adams
    Carla Adams says:

    Hi Lisa!

    I am so happy to have received this, this morning.

    It just so happens that last week my very first book “Get Up! God’s not done with you yet.” became a Best Seller within days of publication. I co-authored the book with several other amazing people and we are so proud of our accomplishment.

    I know that my next steps are to write a solo book. But even after the Best Selling accomplishment I am still insecure about writing solo, so a ghostwriter sounds like the perfect option for me. I love what you said, that it will benefit the ghostwriter (doing what they love) as much as it will benefit me. .

    Thank you for loving your village, and for sharing your golden brain .

    Love ya! ❤️

    Carla V Adams

  8. Kume Krahn
    Kume Krahn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips Lisa, I never knew ghostwritting was a thing. It’s time to tell my story. Good is God!

  9. Simone
    Simone says:

    Writing a book can feel like giving birth. A ghost writer can get me through like a midwife, yet there’s no question that the baby is mine! I love to write and though I feel gifted so to do, sometimes my story is too emotionally charged for me to do the writing. A ghost writer can help me get the actual writing done by extracting the manuscript from my mind! BOL

  10. Jean Mitton
    Jean Mitton says:

    I am old Jean from South Africa… the book inside of me… NOT YET OUT… best I HURRY.. Im a HOSPICE Nurse and I KNOW.

  11. Terri Bartchak
    Terri Bartchak says:

    This video about hiring a ghostwriter was very informative. I have a story I want to share and I believe i can help others that are dealing with grief. I have typed about 60 pages so far and I reached out to an old friend that I ran around with in grade school. I saw that she is an editor in Philadelphia on LinkedIn. She has read my first 25 pages and indicated that I have a story to share. I will need a publisher and I will have to see if we are a good fit. I know she is very busy, but she just sent me an e-mail that she wants to connect after the holidays. I am looking forward to this new adventure. I am also terrible with grammar and writing structure, but I have a story to share.

  12. Coach Cola
    Coach Cola says:

    Thank you for the information! It was right on time! My followers are begging me to write a book. They have witness my life via social media and most people know me personally and they think my story is one that has helped them and believe more people need to hear it. However, I use to feel guilty for using such a tragedy to now capitalize on it. However, I understand that every year I tell the story on its anniversary date and people get teary eyed and thank me for sharing. I’ve even been asked to speak a few times to tell my story. However, I am not a professional speaker or writer. I would like to get better at speaking and writing so that I am impacting lives when I do speak or write.
    It’s has been a dream of mines to learn from Lisa so I am ready


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