The Mountaintop is Yours

The Mountaintop is yours. Go create your path! 

When I go outside in nature, I’m reminded of all the unpredictable things that can occur. You know, we all like to have a clear path in front of us. But, sometimes there is a groove in the road…or you lose your step…or the terrain gets a bit rough

Being in nature reminds me that not everything is within our control. We can create plans, or come up with strategies, or follow a GPS to our destination. We know WHERE we wanna go or HOW we wanna live. 

But, what we tend to forget is that sometimes you gotta go THROUGH something to get TO your destination. You gotta go through some rough terrain at times and even might have to alter your course to get to that mountaintop.

Cause the mountaintop is the decision…the non-negotiable…it’s the “WHAT”…it’s the destination. HOW you get there is what might change. Because you can start down one path, but discover there’s a big tree in the way, or a little lake you didn’t know was just around the bend. 

Sometimes, you gotta STOP for a moment and RECALIBRATE, instead of getting frustrated, running out of gas, or giving up saying it didn’t work out. 

In this week’s episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I share some tips for how to re-strategize. How to stop and remind yourself that just because things might not have worked THAT way does NOT mean they won’t work at all. 

I invite you to come outside into nature with me. Because that mountaintop is YOURS to be had.  That relationship, the health and wellness, the financial freedom…IT’S YOURS! 

That’s non-negotiable. But what’s ALSO YOURS is the hiccups, the ditch and the tree in the way. The running out of funds, someone betraying you, someone not understanding your vision. That’s all part of the process

Sometimes when we dream and plan we forget that between us and the mountaintop is the path. And that path can be rocky, turbulent, dirty and full of unknowns. But it doesn’t change the fact that the mountaintop is yours to be had. The decision is up to you to create your path! 

Remember, THIS is your community, and we are a bunch of trail blazers, gladiators and unicorns. If you have not subscribed to my channel yet, please do so now so we can stay connected. I LOVE reading your comments, so please share with me below: What paths have you had to create? What obstacles or bumpy terrain have you had to navigate around?

I LOVE you and I BELIEVE in you, and are glad we are on this path together! 

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