The Fear of Being Alone

Do you struggle with the fear of being alone

This is one of the core fears I hear about over and over again. And the truth is, that we don’t just wake up one day and suddenly find ourselves alone.  We arrive at loneliness by a series of choices we make. 

Now I know that seems a little harsh or may feel a bit uncomfortable to hear, but the truth DOES NOT AWLAYS COME SERVED with cookies and milk. 

You see, in most areas of our lives we start with the destination first. We put directions into our phone or navigation systems and know exactly where we are going to end up.  

But when it comes to emotions, most of us don’t start with the end goal of connection and relationships and then REVERSE ENGINEER the steps to get there. 

Do I hear some #BOLs or #AHA moments out there? 

I invite you to watch this episode and share your biggest #BOL in the comments. Where could you feel more CONNECTED? Where can you take more RISKS and be VULNERABLE?  Where can you replace a WALL with a BRIDGE? Remember, this is not a monologue. I’m not here to entertain. This is a courageous, delicious conversation.

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