3 Tips for Sparking Creative Thinking

A question I get asked a lot is, “Lisa, how do you always come up with fresh, creative content to share and how do you jumpstart your creative thinking process?”

You see, creativity is not only important for your personal artistic expression, but it’s also important to use creative thinking and problem solving to INCREASE your business and learn how to TOUCH and INSPIRE more people to TRANSFORM their lives.

I truly believe that creativity saved us in 2020 and helped us to thrive because the whole year was about…

…How to creatively pivot

…How to reach customers the way they needed to be reached

…How to stay inspired in the midst of a pandemic

…How to stay connected in a socially distant world

That’s why this week I wanted to share my top 3 tips for sparking creative thinking because I KNOW FOR SURE all you changemakers, gladiators and unicorns are going to need your creativity now more than ever to spread light in the world.

#1 – Build in time to be creative.

To spark creative thinking, you actually want to build in time to be creative. Creativity doesn’t happen just when you are in the shower or driving. You can be very intentional about carving out creative thinking time or what I like to call “content planning time”.  Now if that name scares you and makes you want to shift into your linear brain, then shift the name as there is one thing I know for sure about creative thinking–it doesn’t want to be linear. It’s not structured. It’s not one, two, three, and four. It’s all over the place. So, you may want to use either a journal, or sometimes I even go as far as to have five pieces of paper. And I write down the title of the thing that I’m in creative flow about and then allow the ideas to fall out in no particular order on each sheet of paper. Then, I pull them together and write them in my notebook.

So, allow time to be creative and then give yourself the space, the grace and the ease to not have to have it structured. It could be a walk in the park or on the beach. Or sitting in your favorite spot outside or in your home. Allow your creativity to flow from every part of your veins…every part of your essence. Allow the way it flows onto the paper to be fluid as well.

#2 – Begin with the end in mind.

I read Stephen Covey’s book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, when I was 25 years old. Stephen said to always begin with the end in mind. In other words, how do you want this to end up? I’ve been incorporating this idea for the last 25+ years.  When you start your creative thinking time, spend some time visualizing the outcome or result, not the process of how you are going to get there.  Focus on what you want the end to look like. For example, I’m planning my wedding, so I’m focusing on what I want the wedding to look like. I want us to be connected. I want my international tribe to be connected to my new Bahamian community. I want the vibe to be filled with connection and fun. I want us all to be laughing together to the point we are exhausted from laughing. So, I began planning with the end in mind and then reverse engineered it in my creative time to figure out how we’re going to actually make that result happen. Even if you are a little off, you will actually end up closer to the result than you would have been had you not thought of the outcome first.

#3 – Look at people who inspire you.

Trust me on this last tip. In order to spark or maintain your creativity, you must look at people who inspire you. Inspired people inspire others so look at those people who inspire you.

I remember when everything was happening spotlighting the social injustice going on in this country, I needed some inspiration to spark my thinking about what part I wanted to play in creating a social justice environment. So, I went to Barack Obama’s site. I went and listened to old Dr. Martin Luther King speeches. I went and listened to Nelson Mandela because they inspire me. They inspire the highest conscious version of myself. They inspire the greatest good in me to come out. I didn’t listen to low conscious thinking people. I didn’t listen to people who were just angry. I already knew I could tap into that. I needed to tap into people who could help me creatively tap into Lisa at my highest level and help bring something forth that could inspire other people. The movie “Let’s Grow” came from that, and I believe it’s some of my best creative work ever in my entire life. I got to that point because I turned and looked to people who made me want to be a better woman. I turned and I looked at people who made me want to continue to be a change agent. And then I turned around and processed that inspiration. I didn’t duplicate their words. I didn’t try to say exactly what they said. I’ve just processed the inspiration and allowed it to come out of me in my unique form.

Remember, I’m not here to deliver a monologue. I’m here to have a dialogue with you—a delicious, dynamic conversation. So please share with me your #AHA moment in the comments below. Let me know what you have created by applying these tips. Tell me what has worked well for you in the past or who inspires you creatively.  Or what was your “OMG I didn’t realize I needed to do XYZ” breakthrough out loud (#BOL) moment.

I can’t tell you how much I love seeing you engage with one another and share your life with me. I enjoy it so much so please keep it coming.  This is your home. We are your tribe. And every time I say that I believe in you and that I love you…it’s not because I lack creative ways to say it…it’s because I really do.

Your sister in prosperity and possibility,

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    • Diana Cardenas Mrs.
      Diana Cardenas Mrs. says:

      THANKs Lisa`

      My notes are everywhere in files, I try to organize them, but of course I write them down -life takes over then can’t find them as my mind is all over the place….perhaps just put them all in one big box?? “The big box of ideas”? Let me know of other ideas?

  1. Maricela Rios
    Maricela Rios says:

    These tips are so incredibly simply and awesome–thank you Soul Sista–you are my inspiration and I am going to apply them to my next speaking engagement. TY! TY! TY!

  2. LinLi
    LinLi says:

    Love this conversation Lisa!
    Allow the creativity flow, not linear. And reverse engineering it. Inspiration and clarity with end in mind, I am loving this process!

    Creativity and structure (engineering) are two side of the manifestation.

  3. Lenora
    Lenora says:

    Lisa you inspire me and Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. Music also inspires me. Kiki Ramsey a Master LC I trained under also inspired me. My ahha moment was “Begin with the end in mind”, now that’s deep. My mind is always in “creative mode” because I like to take ideas from others and make them my own. Thank you.

  4. Jamika Smith
    Jamika Smith says:

    I just love how you make things I perceive to be challenging, look so seamless. I am on the right track, I just have to continue to trust the process, and understand my breakthroughs looks nothing like your breakthroughs. #iammyownrescue

  5. Renee Bryant
    Renee Bryant says:

    Thanks for the update for my journey Lisa and I will look at the end product in order to go forward BOL

  6. LisaA
    LisaA says:

    Lisa, you really inspire me. Thanks for your time and your care! I really want to be like you This’ : successful in my business and that it be multiplied in the lives of all who enroll. I’m going to need a lot of creativity to keep up with a burning desire of having time- freedom as a goal or a dream, for my team, especially, when I’m not quite there yet. I know, that having these 3 tips from you will gear me towards fulfilling my dreams, and helping my friends and customers fulfill theirs too!! My world mission would be, to keep bullying out of school. I recently lost my bus driver job of 14 years because I stood up for a student who was being bullied right before my eyes! ..and I didn’t follow the discipline guide lines.. ( our school had just lost a female 2021 graduate to suicide because of bullies. Another one happened 3 years ago. ) So I know my passion is that all students should be treated fairly and with respect; not bullied!! Now, I need Building up! .. congrats on your wedding planning! Thanks for All you do, Lisa Nichols ❤️

  7. Linda Mills
    Linda Mills says:

    WOW! This was amazing Lisa. You know my baby sisters name is Lisa. She and I became closer in some related events in our lives. You are really giving me some ideas about creating my business. You are one of my inspirations. I will be with you watching, learning and implementing.

  8. Chanee’
    Chanee’ says:

    Thank you for these tips! They’re so simple, but ones we forget to apply. For example, begin with the end in mind. During the day, I’m a teacher. I always begin with the end in mine. I think about and plan around what I want my students to learn and do by the end of a unit or lesson and so forth. I rarely apply this to my writing and creative endeavors. Starting today I will do just that! Thanks again!

  9. jill
    jill says:

    That was incredibly useful for tools not just for sparking creativity, but I can also apply to relationship issues I’m having i.e.. Who is a role model in love, and what is the end result I am desiring? It’s certainly not the separation and struggle of the now. Thank you Lisa!!

  10. Gabrielle Pratt
    Gabrielle Pratt says:

    Hi Lisa,
    You are truly motivating. Begin with the end in mind is something I always say due to the book by Covey. However, you reminded me of how I can be more PRACTICAL with this in the kids book I am currently writing. Hearing you explain your planning for your wedding was also insightful. You have certainly made a huge impact for me as we journey on.

  11. Leona Martin
    Leona Martin says:

    Thank you Lisa, you inspired me to really get more intentional about thinking more creatively and acting upon it!

  12. Diane
    Diane says:

    Thank you Lisa, So inspiration and growth and learning. I needed to be reminded of these important and valuable steps to go forward. A much needed breakthrough for me. Love you Lisa; you are the best sister.

  13. Leona Martin
    Leona Martin says:

    Wow, had to comment again, I must really remember to focus on the end result as I prepare my content for my career coaching groups. I focus too much on the process I take them through and not enough on what is ultimate, the end result. This is good stuff Lisa, thank you!!

  14. Margaret Ann De Peza
    Margaret Ann De Peza says:

    I truly appreciated this conversation. I did the Stephen Covey course a long time ago, but your packaging of these 3 tips is #bol for me. You are one of the persons that inspire me, so I have started tip #3, but I will implement these 3 tips now.

  15. Carl
    Carl says:

    I was literally contemplating my creative block and worrying about how I can finish questions for my 1st course… now I am motivated to sit with the concepts and open myself up to have info flow…Lisa through the divine you just popped up as you do in the post aesome way at the exact MOMENT ..whooop divine timing or what .Thank you xx

  16. Angela Cote
    Angela Cote says:

    Great points! I especially live point #3 about looking to people who inspire me – of which you, Lisa, are definitely one! I listen to your speak to be heard talk (Mind Valley) before any of my big speaking engagements! xo

  17. Mary
    Mary says:

    I love all of it but especially the part about 5 pages, titled and then brainstormed. My head is ON all-the-time. Option anxiety from so many thoughts and ideas. It’s like chasing butterflies with a net full of holes! Seriously! This is a good plan. I’m going to apply it immediately!

  18. Joi
    Joi says:

    Lisa, I loved this! You drop such good nuggets!!! I had already been carving out time to “align” (that’s what I call it; and beginning with the end in mind. But “look for inspiration” was a #BOL! That’s what I need to add! I love you!!!

  19. Brigitte Elohim-Pinas
    Brigitte Elohim-Pinas says:

    Hello Lisa. Thank you for your love and your warm welcome home in this tribe and your identification as my sister. I really thank you for that with all my heart.
    Thank you very much for really wanting my progress and prosperity to be a fact because of your show.

    I am a 35year old mother of and I did al these 3 tips in the past but I never did them as a system. I believe that this is what I needed to know, so thank you very much for your tips. We live in Suriname in South America right beside Brasil, Fresh Guyana and Briths Guyana.
    This is my first time watching your show and commenting.
    I watched you a lot on social media and I am ready to leave everything and everybody so that I can go safe myself and my sons and than go back and safe the others when I am capable….I am exactly at that same rockbottom place you were in and I am so thankfull to recognize my life in your life….that is a confirmation that I am taking the right action. I recognize so much and look forward to share my own testimony with you.

  20. Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark says:

    Thank You Lisa, my AHA was your #2 Begin with the end in mind for creative planning I will implement into my real estate business planning. Thanks so much! Love You!

  21. Keiko
    Keiko says:

    I look at you as you keep inspiring me. Take care, Lisa…..for the upcoming your amazing wedding, wow!❤️

  22. Flavio Eitor
    Flavio Eitor says:

    Lisa great insights! I’d add only that to inspire oneself you must look not only what inspiring people said but look at the fundamentals of their ideas.

  23. Irena Riv
    Irena Riv says:

    Lisa, you’re fantastic! I really appreciate your natural way and smart spirit. We willcome to you, from Europa, Brussels with an amazing project on social justice, history and our reason to live, to vibe! Taking further the message of our inspirational figures. You’ll love it! Great hugs and blessings

  24. Keesha
    Keesha says:

    Dear Lisa: I totally needed this video. I do all of the above to propel myself in life. But I have one major problem – I have OCD and I hate when processes aren’t linear. When things go out of order, I freeze, overthink and try to strategize about a new linear process, including the perfect timing. What I learned from your video is that I have to accept the beautiful mess that’s a part of the process and keep my focus. Thank you for giving me my BOL moment. I’m glad to be your sister and that we are in this tribe called life together. Be blessed and many thanks.

  25. La Tanya
    La Tanya says:

    Thank you.
    As always you constantly deliver nuggets of wisdom to help me grow and keep me inspired.

    Ironically, I look at the end result of my goals, but not the creative orocess.

    Peace and blessings ❤

  26. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Begin with the end in mind. Holla real loud! #BOL How and where do I want this creativity to end up. I love that and I will be putting the end first going forward.

  27. Kimani Ruth
    Kimani Ruth says:

    This is powerful!
    You are one of the people who inspire me to want to speak to transform. You awaken the highest conscious self in me!
    I’ve always started with the end in mind. #BOL

  28. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Wow! Lisa, you are such an inspiration! I always believed in the here and now and working within the *present*. That involves recognizing what needs to change in the present before moving forward. Today, you taught me to work from the end – backwards and visualize the end *first*. Somehow I knew that, however, had a totally different perspective. I really embrace your concept. AHA!! Moment!!
    Thank you so much.

  29. Andy Charles
    Andy Charles says:

    Hi Lisa, what inspires me the most is your simplicity and honest commitment to what you say (you believe). I have so many examples in my life of the points that you have made, but the AHA FOR ME, WOULD BE THE IDEA OF LOOKING AT PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE YOU, been doing a lot of that lately; and you are right about the protocols. It is not to imitate or rehash, but to align with and produce your innermost inspired self that can be the agent or progenitor of change to inspire others to do the same; the Domino effect. Thanks.

  30. Janet
    Janet says:

    Thanks Lisa for sharing your strategies for being creative.I like the idea of bouncing things off others who inspire. .I do that continuously. I have several pieces of paper around me with all sort of jottings on them. I make these jottings reflect Janet by presenting them in a manner that portrays Janet. I assume whats in my head is what my listener receives. I now realize this is not true. I have to be definite about what I want the listener to receive and present my message with that outcome in mind.This I will implement starting now. Flow charting also works for me. Listening to others like yourself also helps. When I am doing this I always have writing material

  31. Pau j Kelly
    Pau j Kelly says:

    Thank you Lisa for being my sister in prosperity. I am greatful for beginning with the end in mind. That’s how I see goals also, and when you believe you can, you are half way there, sending a warm virtual hug to you from Ireland 🙂 (:
    Paul j Kelly Trillionaire inside

  32. Glo H.
    Glo H. says:

    Hi precious Lisa,
    As always, thank you for sharing your insight and offering some direction. I can clearly see the value of specifically visualizing and feeling the end result and allowing time and space for ideas and answers to flow!
    Love & blessings!
    Glo H.

  33. Zion
    Zion says:

    Thank you Lisa you are awesome you always inspire me,I was merina and Eric events I learn a lot from you I wash if you are my coach.I need to grow in net work marketing I have to breakthrough but English is my second language.
    Thank you

    Best regards

  34. Michelle Brown-Mosley
    Michelle Brown-Mosley says:

    Lisa, thank you for inspiring me and being my mentor as well. I have been listening to you and following you for 2 years trying to get my business launched. I’ve had so many roadblocks and heartbreaks that hinder my growth and development, but I would always bounce back after listening to you. I can’t wait until I can afford to attend one of your workshops in person. My Business “Michelle’s Health & Wellness Body Tune-Up” focuses on getting people connected with their bodies and how their feeling. By creating of safe and scared space to allow them to step into their own power. Thank you for your guidance and leadership.

    Much Love Michelle

  35. Amy Armstrong
    Amy Armstrong says:

    Lisa you are the real deal!! I watch your videos over and over, just love your energy and authenticity!!
    Have you seen Susan Scurlocks course on creativity? About how we as women often keep our creativity locked up in our pelvis?? So fascinating. Sensitive subject, But women need to understand this!

  36. Ana Capunayan Bayani
    Ana Capunayan Bayani says:

    YES!!!sis Lisa ….i Spark watching your video, you’re so energetic. Thankiss and god bless. SALAMUCH.

  37. Kalitah
    Kalitah says:

    I love what you are sharing I’m so ready to live it by just doing the Art that I love. I was in the downtown of RVA and I shared my art that I loved ❤ we 2 guys by the library and they confirmed they want to be customers. I’m making shirts with Black Lives Matter on it because that is what they want. Crying tears of joy. #yesyes #BOL


    Ooh wow… wow… Lisa I am inspired by your words and wish i could sit right in front of you face to face so i can start writing that long awaiting book of my dreams full of words of wisdom… God bless you my sister

  39. Nadège C
    Nadège C says:

    My OMG is” begin with the end” I was focus on the process not the outcome. I was told that by family member but that going to change from now. The people who inspire me is Oprah, Lauren Lake and you Lisa.

  40. Jennifer Francis
    Jennifer Francis says:

    Lisa, I love the looking at people you admire tip. It’s true that plugging into greatness is a great inspiration. Thank you.

  41. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi Lisa N. this is Lisa C. You are such an Awesome Gladiator so Grateful to be apart of your tribe. My takeaways were “Begin with the end in Mind.” Stay Consistent and don’t give up. Pray for a Team of Inspirations that will build a Community with fun, education and empowerment for Everyone. My Passion is to advocate for the Homeless and Mentally Challenged. I want to Coach people on healing trauma and other severity’s that may have come from in my experience an Wounded Child whom became a Runaway and victim to the streets. I want to help teens so that recidivism can be reduced with the challenges that come from having Narcissistic parents, and other silence killers that either they are suicidal or cutters, on drugs, Human Trafficking ……. Or they get victimized like I did when running from abuse at home to abuse in the Street’s. If I can carry the message to just one Soul, All Is Well. But I know that My Mission is to stay on My Journey of Transformation and Thank You Lisa N. for Being such a Great Inspiration.

    Lisa C.


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