How Do I Promote My Business Effectively?

One of our tribe members that attended the Powerhouse Speakers Event has a question about how to promote herself – she is already using social media and has a beautiful website, but she doesn’t feel like she’s getting the results she’s looking for. I know like I know: she is not alone. Lots of entrepreneurs are struggling with the same situation. People are asking themselves, “What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?” I would ask, “How are you using social media? “ I use Business Building Media, which is social media, but I use it for the purpose of building my business, rather than for social interaction.

I have good news for you! Here’s a list of the TOP THREE tips for promoting your business, and it doesn’t require you to abandon social media, but rather to make some shifts in the way you are using it to promote yourself and make connections. Are you ready for the delicious details? Ok, here we go!

Tip #1

Be SUPER CLEAR about who you are and how you are able to serve others. Promoting yourself online, whether it’s social media, a website, or a video platform, requires building clearly defined connections with the people that YOU serve. Are you telling your audience who you are and how you can serve them? What problem are you solving or what desire are you bringing to fruition in their lives?

People want to know what benefits they can expect from working with you – they don’t want to know about your business or how you do it. They want to know: what can you do for them? You must answer this question in your posts. Take a look at who you are in the world: are you trying to market to EVERYONE? If so, you are marketing to no one. You need to be specific in your message about who you are and how you can help your audience. You need to speak as if you are talking to one person. When that one person reads your message or watches your video, they should feel like you are speaking only to them. And don’t worry about those who don’t resonate with your message, because they aren’t your clients – only work with the people who are in alignment with you!

Tip #2

Be CONSISTENT. Are you posting once in a while, or do people see you on a consistent basis? Are you taking them through a journey and providing valuable content that gets them engaged with your message? Something that I see so often is that people are posting about their business, but they aren’t sharing who they are. They aren’t building relationships, and they aren’t giving people an opportunity to engage. You need an “ask” at the end of your post or video. You need to take them on a journey with you, helping them to engage with you at each step. If you’re not asking someone to join you and work with you, you are leaving money on the table. It’s great to ask people to subscribe, but make sure they have something to look forward to the next time they see your post or video – if you jump around from topic to topic, they won’t feel invested in the journey. Giving them a consistent offer every time, which allows them to choose to work with you when they feel ready.

Here’s an example, “If you want to learn ten ways to attract the love of your life, join me for my free webinar by clicking the link below.” OR “Click the link to get my Top Ten ways to cut calories without ever feeling hungry.” When people click on the link, you gather their information and allow them to opt-in to receive your emails. This gives you another way to build a consistent connection with prospective clients.

Tip #3

Get out from behind the screen and make real connections. Are you engaging your audience so that they feel like they really KNOW you? This is how you can become a real person to your viewers – not just someone they happen to see as they scroll through social media. I love to use the Audience Connection Formula, and I teach people how to implement it when they are on my campus – it’s the “Me, We, You” dialogue. So, let’s imagine that you are engaging clients in the love attraction example I gave you earlier. To use the Audience Connection Formula, you might say this:

There was a time when I struggled to find my soul mate.” (Me)

We have a tendency to get frustrated, because we know we have a lot to offer, but we seem to have a hard time attracting people who are a good fit.” (We)

Have you ever considered working with a coach who has tried and true techniques for attracting perfectly aligned people into your life?” (You)

Who YOU ARE is in the implementation of your ideas and strategies, not in the data you collect, so don’t just offer an opt-in to collect names and email addresses that you’re never going to connect with. Create valuable content and offerings to show how beneficial it will be for your clients to work with you.

When you have questions on how to increase your success, always remember YANA – You Are Not Alone. So many people have the same questions, so when you ask a question that you have, you are asking for many! We are all in this together, and we are a part of a beautiful community of soul connections. I love hearing from you and how you are implementing the tools you learn here, so please leave your comments and let me know about your breakthroughs out loud #BOL, so we can share our successes alongside our challenges. I love you and I believe you.

Your Sister in Abundance and Prosperity,

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  1. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hi Sister, Love your videos; so much learning and growth. How do I build my website since my computer skills are not good? Many thanks and blessings.

  2. Tabitha
    Tabitha says:

    I was trying to get help with social media marketing And people would scatter. It was crazy. Then the 3 tips came along, so grateful!! The 3 tips were so helpful. They help me with learning more about connecting with my target market, how to talk to them and more! Thank you Lisa!!

    • Valarie
      Valarie says:

      Your tips for promoting my business were greatly appreciated. I was recently offered to oversee a program and was told I would have to promote the program. I was promoting the program and taking the opportunity to promote the program and my business. My productivity was low for both businesses. I continued to say what am I doing wrong; I will be using your tips, thank you

  3. Dr. Shannette Bone
    Dr. Shannette Bone says:

    Good afternoon such powerful marketing strategy. I post everyday I engaged every day already with my audience sometimes several times a day. I just gotta do video and go live more often. But I’m very grateful for your steps it’s confirmation from what I have already been told. Forever grateful iron sharpens iron. Queens uplifting one another. The race is not giving to the swift or to the strong, but to the one that endures to the end..keep making a impact on lives daily you are leaving a legacy and that’s exactly what I’m striving for..

  4. Mukete Grace
    Mukete Grace says:

    Thank you very much lisa Nichols for this three best tips ever and this particular “me, we and you” it’s the best.
    Please Dr Lisa Nichols I have a question and I have been having sleepless nights trying to figure out a way. please Dr Lisa Nichols what can I do for you to MENTOR me?

    I have followed your programs for a very long time now and it has transformed my thinking and help me to understand who I really am. I just got to discover I find happiness helping people find who they are and counseling people on their life in general and I have also discovered what steps to take but I just need a mentor who aligns to who I really am.

    I am from Cameroon,kwakwa.

  5. Mukete Grace
    Mukete Grace says:

    Please Dr Lisa Nichols I have another question?

    What can I do to change my location because I want to know more, learn more and cut out from my confort zone and build me but the thing is I don’t even have enough money and I Don’t have a financially supported family who can assist me to relocate to where I see myself restarting my life and rewriting the better version of me. I have my dreams written down and I have a lot more written down in my journal but I can’t act because of my location (being in a typical village with no schooling because of the crisis and gun shoots in my area I am forced to just keep dreaming without acting because what I need isn’t here in kwakwa. I need a job to save for my future but there is no schooling, no job but just poor farming and hand to mouth living.)

    Please Dr Lisa Nichols how can I get support and change my location.

  6. Mukete Grace
    Mukete Grace says:

    I feel catched in my environment and I need a change of environment in order to act on my dreams and who I am .
    Every single day I would take out my journal and speak louder to my self and tell myself my dreams but It hurts more because I can’t act me because of my environment, no schooling, no jobs to save for your future, gun shoots every where and killing.
    I live in fear and scared of my life because of the things happening around and I have tried going in to apply online for scholarships but no one would accept me.
    I feel catched in my environment to manifest my dreams and I watch my self being motivated by you every single day but I can’t act on my dreams because they’re shootings every where and no security, no jobs just me and my poor parents hoping on a piece of land to yield fruits so we can have a daily bread. I am tired of just looking and hoping please what can I do to change my environment Dr Lisa Nichols.
    I am tired of being inspired and transformed by you but not acting on it when I already know what to do but I am being catched in no income and my environment.

    Please Dr Lisa Nichols help me and tell me what to do.

  7. Denise
    Denise says:

    Good evening, thank you so much for the ME, WE, YOU, of how to connect on social media. I am so glad someone asked the question. All who tells me to post I ask how and what do I say now I know. I have learned a lot tonight from this and I will start to implement it and be more consistent now.
    Thank you my sister in prosperity.
    Many blessings to you and your team.YANA YANA. IANA I AM NOT ALONE I have you.

  8. Barbara PAZ
    Barbara PAZ says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for giving of your knowledge, your time and of your soul to all of us! Lisa, you have had a profound influence on my life, especially during troubling times. I have grown and stand taller just from watching and taking in your podcasts. Hugs and love from me.

  9. Tengetile
    Tengetile says:

    Amen Lisa, i love you. i needed to hear the ME,WE,YOU oh my God. im a leader in church i actually read your books i love you. God bless you

  10. Thabiso
    Thabiso says:

    Thank You for sharing. I am scared but I will sure try implementing the 3 steps. I am currently working on the SNAAP and I am yet to see how it goes. Thanks once again. God bless You


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