Why You Need A Money Support Group

“If you are going to arrive at your problems, arrive at your problems with more money and as much wealth as you can.” – Lisa Nichols

Let’s talk about money. Money is a dignified conversation. Conversation being the key word! Money is a dignified conversation that we don’t talk enough about. In fact, we’ve learned not to talk about it from our family, our mothers, grandparents, and community. Instead, we just kind of navigate money. Well, here’s what I know…

It’s time to talk about money and finances, and it’s time to talk about something other than the struggle. We are going to talk about wealth building and financial growth.

Money is Energy

I went from broke and broken to respectfully being in the top 1% of income earners in America. I used to be nervous and, even still, a little jittery when I say that because I don’t want it to compromise my commitment, or your perception of my love for you.

We have so much energy around money. Money is energy. And for the record, money is a masculine energy. We get all out of our skin about that statement unless you have learned to overcome that feeling. So, let’s talk about how to increase your abundance, because abundance is for everyone! 

Money, Finance, Wealth. Same zip code, different block.

You must know where you are, in order to see where you are headed. Where you are right now, financially, didn’t happen overnight. And where you are going won’t happen overnight either. We must be consistent.

I want to talk about money, finance, and wealth because they are all in the same zip code, but they don’t live on the same block.

You can have money and still be in struggle, right?

You can have finances to navigate and still wonder, am I going to have enough?

You can have wealth and still be sad.

Let’s be clear, if you are going to arrive at your problems, arrive at your problems with more money, arrive there with as much wealth as you can.

What Wealth Looks Like

Wealth allows you to navigate. Wealth equals freedom. It doesn’t determine who I am, it just gives me more access to better memories. It allows me to solve problems for my family, and for myself. It allows me to build memories for my community. It allows me to step in and support. That’s the importance of wealth for me.

Generational Beliefs

Most of us come into this world with a body of beliefs around money. It’s handed down to us from prior generations. Unless we seek out other belief systems, other perceptions, more education for a deeper understanding, then we will live out our parents’ limiting beliefs, fears, and scarcity mindset around money. This is why a money support group is so necessary.

This was a hard one for me. I started making a lot of money, but I hadn’t learned about money. No one in my community or immediate surroundings could give me the information I needed. I had to make the difficult effort to step out of my community, out of my nationality, out of my gender in order to learn about money. Love yourself enough to ask..

How do I earn more money?
How do I create multiple income streams?
And if I make money, how do I hold onto my money?
How do I make my money go further, faster?
How do I save my money better?
How do I make more money on my return?
How do I scale my money?
How do I pay me forward?
How do I make generational wealth?

I am here to tell you that there is so much that we can do with our money. You have to know where you are going and where you are growing! Let’s get there.

In Order to Earn You Have to Learn

In order to grow significant wealth, you will need a team of advisors. Think of them as coaches or mentors. You will need to surrender to growth, surrender to the opportunity and the possibility to expand.

First, identify where you are:

“I need to figure out how to NOT run out of money. I need to make it to the end of the month.”


“I’ve got enough money, but not enough to breathe and create and have freedom. I can’t afford any emergencies.”


“The money is flowing. But, how do I scale this effortlessly? How can I make my money work for me? How can I create a legacy?”

Energy Grows Where Energy Goes

What I realized is that we don’t spend enough time looking at our money. And, we don’t spend enough time looking at new ways to make money. It won’t just come to you all the time. We need to sit in creation mode. Write it down. Speak it out loud. Listen to others. And then sit some more with the intention of your money going further.

Money Saved is Money Earned

What can I create today? This week? This month? Record your financial wins, whether it’s earnings or savings, whether it’s creation or elimination. Yes, if you eliminate a bill, you have eliminated a cost and you have just earned your money back. Record that eliminated cost before you spend it elsewhere and lose it again.

Be Intimate With Your Money

Be willing to get intimate with your money. Know your numbers. Every single month I go over every single account in detail. Turn to your advisors, those people you trust, who you have seen have success and manage money well. Together, talk about money and devise your plan to grow your wealth.

Don’t share money conversations with the wrong people. I don’t talk about money with people who have a bad relationship with their money. I came from the “never enough”, from the lack and scarcity, and I don’t want to go back.

I invite you to look at how you are earning money. Look at your savings. If you are in a corporate job, did you know you can buy your way to freedom? You first have to know how much it costs.

Your Job is Your Investor

Your job isn’t just your job, it’s your investor. Your job will help you invest. People say, Lisa, I don’t want a job. Your job is to provide the money you will use to invest. Your most critical money decisions must be made based on facts and logic. Not emotion. Money is not an emotional topic.

The Power of Seeking Counsel

I struggled for years, financially, because I wanted to keep my finances to myself. Money is a necessary conversation. We owe it to our family, our children, our legacy to seek counsel. My life is barely recognizable because I sought counsel from wiser and more experienced people.

“Seeking counsel and trusting the right people was the key to my next-level.”

So start the conversation and start to gather your team. Be the genius in your zone and let someone else support your financial growth. Knowing what NOT to do is as important as knowing what to do. So, ask disruptive questions like, “Where have you made money mistakes in the past?” “What can I do with the money that I haven’t done yet?”

With a money support group, you are going to grow by having conversations, asking all the questions, and discovering multiple income opportunities. They don’t just come up and show themselves. You have to look for the opportunity and you have to create wealth.

I challenge you to start the conversation here. I love to hear from you. Where are you starting your financial journey from? What are your financial goals? Do you have a financial team that you trust? Let us hear from you in the comments. This is a safe place to share and not be judged. We all come from different backgrounds and geniuses. That is what makes this a dignified conversation.

I am your sister in learning and growing your financial wealth. I am your sister in prosperity and possibility. I believe in you!

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  1. deborah burks
    deborah burks says:

    Hey there!Lisa it’s good to see you still on the grid! I have some much to seek and counsel for my money and wealth. Thank you for once again putting something on our mind set to develop, I really need to walk close to this point to change things in my life of finances way to go big Sista you didn’t it again. I need this so bad
    Love ❤️ love

  2. Ricky
    Ricky says:


    Your still my number 1 breath of fresh air…. Thank you. I am horrible with managing my money and need to learn how to keep and grow it. I am an impulse spender.

  3. Eva
    Eva says:

    Thank you Lisa. I’m right there! Seeking people around me with whom I can talk about money and with whom I can learn more about money (to have multi-income, to earn more money, to save money, to make money work for me, to buy my freedom…). I also looking for a wealthy mantor for my personal growth and to understand how he built is wealth and what can I do to get where I’m going! Your conversation was so positive and powerful, I really enjoyed It! Thank you for showing me the way to wealthy life ! I love you too! May god bless you ended ❤️

  4. Odufa
    Odufa says:

    Thank you Lisa. I’m amazed reading your emails always. Right now, my money seems never to be enough for me. How do I make great decisions to break free from this? Thank you

  5. Salamatu Lot
    Salamatu Lot says:

    Money is a dignified conversation! Although my daughter has yet to welcome me into her money conversation, I continue to seek that wise counsel for my own money matters and am more encouraged when a woman of your caliber, commitment and achievement invites us to do the same. I love it and I love you for being so candid and respectfully blunt about the need to speak about and seek counsel about money and to get freedom in this area of life–yes, Lord! In the bible we are told to seek wise counsel so there you go….thank you Lisa, thank you!

  6. Elia Esparza
    Elia Esparza says:

    “Broke and broken,” is the low point fir me and I am there. I’m listening because I can’t afford keep ignoring my burden.

  7. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Hey Lisa, This was something we didn’t talk about growing up. Coming from a family of 5 and being a middle child, we were used to hand me downs and I would love to earn more money through MIT. Need to revisit our teaching. Generational wealth is an issue. Just listening to you Wow double digits for 17 years. Need to revisit that my financial growth. I wish I was 100 thousands . I need to figure that out so I don’t get tight . Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jeff Neil Weatherhead
    Jeff Neil Weatherhead says:

    Hello, Lisa. Congratulations on your success! I’ve been a professional broadcaster and have been teaching radio & television announcing and communications development for many years. When COVID hit, I had to move my course online via Zoom. Recently, I’ve converted my entire course into a full package of 7 instructional videos, scripted commercials, handouts, and an announcers’ bona fide audition test. What I would like to know is how to go about making my at-home course available to people worldwide? If you could help me with this, I’d be immensely appreciative! Warm Regards, Jeff

  9. Josie Redmond
    Josie Redmond says:

    thanks was great but I am senior citizen struggling trying to make ends meet on fixed income in network marketing trying to meet new people in negative environments.

  10. Geraldin Gobvu
    Geraldin Gobvu says:

    Grateful for your messages….
    I didn’t know who Lisa Nichols was last year, well I didn’t know much about this world but the first time I meet you on OYF.. My God, I cried and I understood right there and then that this was my calling… To Help people just like you…
    When my money starts coming in, I am definitely doing everything you just said because i know I really do need help and I can’t wait to sit with you and get advice from you face to face…. one of my goals.
    Thank you so much for your wise words…
    Absolutely grateful .

  11. Joi
    Joi says:

    Yes, yes!!! Money conversations are SO needed. Thank you Lisa for continually taking us into those places and spaces that may feel uncomfortable at first, but are so needed for our journey of growing into the best version of ourselves. This video was a seed of FREEDOM being planted in my soul! ❤️

  12. Mecy Collins
    Mecy Collins says:

    Loved this, the reason why is because I have never heard it introduced this way. No one in my circle looks at money this way, let alone life. I’m grateful to be here with you. Motivating the Masses has helped change my life. You have created a community to connect with people that have been where your going. Thank you!!

  13. Henry Abrahams
    Henry Abrahams says:

    Hi Lisa and team .Deep wisdom shared.AHA moment is for me seek counsel and ask the uncomfortable questions. I am rock bottom all my financial affairs are horrific.To the extend where i cant find a decent paying job die to my credit record.I have a degree and a post graduate degree with a wealth of banking experience. But my industry in south africa dont employ financially bad individuals.I am stuck and need help on ways out.pleasebi need advise.

  14. Ramesh
    Ramesh says:

    Hi Lisa and team
    right time, right people approach us.
    i am just got one of my financial advisor to help me and coincidently i am listening to your video

  15. Judy Ross
    Judy Ross says:

    Hello, Lisa!
    As always, you share valuable knowledge! My aha! moment… stop having money conversations with people who have issues with their own money! Wow… My moment of celebration as I was listening – I did seek counsel and guidance to help “fix” my money issues and move me to a new level of savings, increase and better money management!! Having an accountant and financial advisor/accountability partner has removed so much stress from my life and has allowed me to see outcomes I never thought possible! I still have a long way to go to my ultimate goals, but I’m in such a better place! Thank you for sharing! Judy

  16. Ibrahim
    Ibrahim says:

    Hi Lisa! A marvelous Monday to you and the team. This is so much needed for me at the moment. I’ve been thinking about not going broken again for a while now, as I’m close being broke, paying service fee on my checking account every month. I’ve been out of job for the past seven months. I’ve, however, been searching, applying and interviewing for jobs, but yet to secure one. I chalked this up to the fact that I’m an immigrant and often saying yes to the “would you need sponsorship for a work visa” question. I’m a journalist and audio producer by profession, and I don’t want to go broken again. Any advice for me? I’d greatly appreciate. Thanks.

  17. Banu Köymen
    Banu Köymen says:

    Hi Lisa,

    My AHHA moments are; “money is a teamwork and it is a masculine energy. MIT. Forward looking, financial forecast. You can buy your freedom”.

    I am a mentee of Fatma, your mentee. So indirectly I am your mentee. I am choosing to be your mentee sometime.

    With love

  18. Hudson Robinson
    Hudson Robinson says:

    I am so happy to be connected to your wisdom and found out that mu JOB is my INVESTOR who will help me BUY my FREEDOM. It is my #aha moment.
    Thank you Lisa!

  19. Zene
    Zene says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I love listening your program. I love so much the money conversation, I would love to learn more how my JOB can buy my freedom. I really love it.
    Thanks again.

  20. Adrienne Fincher
    Adrienne Fincher says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! This was so for me today just what I needed. I am the one who never wanted to talk about my money because I am i am embarrassed. I need a group. Thank you for this message. I know help is on the way.

  21. Pam
    Pam says:

    Whew! Let me first start by saying thank you because we as women have been taught that our husbands should be or have the information about money. We weren’t taught that women should know and practice as well. Now, we love our men for knowing about money and investing but women should know as well. As you said it is a freeing experience! We as women can be free, grow and invest too.

  22. Mary Griffin
    Mary Griffin says:

    I want to join. I have just about thrown in the towel; resorting to getting buy and holding on to what I have at the moment. Now considering my age, I feel time is getting very short to build wealth, questioning having enough money for life care and totally dismissing any notion of legacy. My question: is it too late for someone like me?

  23. Nathanael
    Nathanael says:

    You are magnificent. The best advice that I have period. Money was always an emotional topic in my life. Thank you for showing me to seek help. Help from those who are in a better financial position than I am.

  24. Bridget Purifoy
    Bridget Purifoy says:

    Hi Lisa, you are truly been and inspiration for me. The Lord encourage me to follow you in regards to reaching my goals as an aspiring author and motivational speaker. I will definitely be in need of financial coaching.. Much Love to you Sista!!

  25. Alana Browne
    Alana Browne says:

    I can’t even make it to the next pay day without using credit cards cause i have no money left.. I am also saving but have no idea what am i saving for. I’m in a finacial mess Miss Lisa..

  26. Meoshi Crumedy
    Meoshi Crumedy says:

    Thank You for your powerful insight and council. I will take everything you said and apply it to my beliefs around money. The Aha moment for me was when you said “Your job is your investor. Let your investor help you buy your freedom” One of my 90 day goals is to be a student in your class. I have learned so much from your videos. Truly a Blessing!!!!

  27. Kim Millwood
    Kim Millwood says:

    Love this message. As a woman growing up I was always told to have My Own money. A stash for me in case something happens. As soon as I could I started talking to my son about money and how it is not evil, it’s good. The more you have the more you can do good in the world, not only for others but for yourself. Good reminder for me to start talking to smarter people than I on the subject.
    Thank You!

  28. Kay
    Kay says:

    Similar to you Lisa, I grew up with that “I am broke mentality”. Even the person I chose to marry is always “broke”. Which ultimately means the same for me. I will make the money but cannot keep it and/or grow it. I just feel stuck!!!!

  29. Judith
    Judith says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I actually feel liberated from this, because my sister thinks I watch my money too much because I say “No” to certain things or I question the price of something. I am in debt and desire to be debt free so I can travel more and contribute more to my mission projects. Those things are important to me and that’s why I am “tight” with my money as she put it! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be even more bold to say “no” and to get my team to allow me to fulfill those desires!

  30. Linda
    Linda says:

    Watching your videos give me inspiration, your employer is your investor, I never thought about it that way; that was my “Aha” moment. My financial journey is starting from being in debt in which I want to get out, but it seems like the income working with an employer is not working for handling this. My financial goal is to be debt free and use the employer as my investor to build my families generational wealth and find other ways of getting multiple streams of income. I don’t currently have a financial team I trust bust after hearing that this is great to have, I must get on, but where would I get that from? Thank you so much for all the insights and looking to forward to sharing, learning, and growing!

  31. DHRPP
    DHRPP says:

    I’v asked for help with money, asked how to invest or how to make me better with the little I had. Believe me questions were asked, and all I got were learn to save, put $5 away, just candid response. If I could some day share my story you’ll understand where I’ve been and how I’ve tried to work hard for my family. I’d like to continue to watch your videos and learn.

    Thank you for letting me be part of you.

  32. Pesio I’a
    Pesio I’a says:

    Loved “money as a dignified conversation”. I must seek financial support asap Lisa. I need to educate myself on avenues to grow my money wealth, let alone my daily relationship with money. I feel challenged but grateful

  33. Pauline Gayle
    Pauline Gayle says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so very kindly for the interruption to my money system. I must do seek the help I need to increase my money so please recommend any of your Board of Directors or Money managers. I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks again.

  34. TammyRenee
    TammyRenee says:

    First, I would like to say thank you for being you. I started my next phase in life this year, and it has led me to you.
    So we are talking about money; I recently had a breakthrough around money. I have had a strange relationship with money. I never worried or thought about money, even when I didn’t have money. Money has always found me ever since I was a child. It has never been a significant amount, and no, I don’t have money saved. I would receive just enough to buy that meal, pay that bill, or for something else that was lacking.
    It’s time to get into my money talk group. I do feel there is an abundance of money waiting for me to call to me. There are big visions I have been given that need financial attention that I can only manifest.

  35. Giselle
    Giselle says:

    Powerful conversation and motivated to get a counsel or at least a mentor. Asking the tough questions and uncomfortable questions #BOL I am pretty good with my relationship with money yet I am not allowing it to work for me or growing it further. Thank you for your continuing advice.


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