Hi there! This week, we are having a candid conversation about change. Oooohhh…a lot of people do not like change. We like to know what’s going to happen from one day to the next because it’s familiar and comfortable. Two years ago, we got thrown into a situation that nobody was prepared for or wanted. We were forced to change in so many ways, and it was tough for most of us. We had to let go of things that felt familiar, even if they weren’t things that we wanted in the first place. It was hard to let them go, regardless of whether we liked them or not. Change is almost always a little (or a lot!) uncomfortable.

What did you have to release? Did you have to let go of a job, or at least change the way you do your work? Maybe you had to release a relationship or some activities that you enjoyed. But maybe – just maybe – the things you released, you never liked anyway! You only did them because they were familiar or “normal.” Maybe you had outgrown some things, but it took a big shake-up to separate yourself from them.

A familiar discomfort can be more attractive to us than an unfamiliar new possibility. We become so comfortable doing what we’ve always done that we often don’t stop to evaluate whether or not we are actually acting in our highest good. How did you feel when faced with the decision to go back to something you released during the pandemic? Did you feel excited or were you disappointed? Your feelings were a pretty strong indication of whether you should have embraced it or released it.

When you think about going back to the things that no longer serve you, or that you’ve outgrown, I want you to ask yourself “WHY am I doing this? Why am I going back to something that I didn’t want in the first place?” Most likely, it’s out of habit or familiarity. Instead, try to look at these releases as great opportunities to shift into new ways of doing things. Step away from those old ideas and habits and into the new ones that are going to take you forward instead of sliding backward.

I can tell you – I have no interest in going back to my former “hotel life,” where I spent so much time alone, traveling all over the world, doing my work. I loved it at the time – I love connecting with my tribe in person – but now I see that there’s a better way. We can still have live events, but I can also connect with you virtually from my home, wearing my cozy slippers, creating programs, and sharing content that will serve you. I have simply outgrown the old way of doing things.

So, let me share some good news – are you ready?

It’s Graduation Day! It’s time to let yourself graduate from the old and move into the new. What are you choosing to graduate from? Here are some things you might want to leave in the past on your graduation day:

  • I graduate from long daily commutes.
  • I graduate from putting others’ needs before my own.
  • I graduate from playing small and dimming my light.
  • I graduate from hustling and grinding until I have nothing left to give.

Instead of focusing on things getting back to the way they used to be, how can you create the life that is going to feed your soul, and bring you to new levels of joy and harmony? It’s a choice: a choice between what you are going to hold onto, and what you are going to release. You might not know where the path will lead, or how you’re going to get there, but leaning into the change will bring you to new heights that you couldn’t have achieved by staying the same.

I would love to hear how you are recreating life on your terms. Tell me how you’re stepping into the unfamiliar new possibilities, even though it might feel a little scary. We are here for you – this is YOUR tribe, YOUR community. I love reading all of your comments, insights and ah-ha moments. Together, we are creating a new world filled with new possibilities, and we are doing it in such a beautiful way. As always, I mean it when I say that I believe in you, and I love you, because I truly do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Tara Twitty
    Tara Twitty says:

    I am committed to not giving so much of myself to others that I loose me. I want to let go of not doing more of what makes me happy and allows me to grow. Thanks for todays message.

    • Phuti Moloto
      Phuti Moloto says:

      I am
      ommitted to to stop being lied to in my face and not telling people to stop undermining my intelligence. I am committed to believing in my intelligence, my capabilites and that I am worth it️I am committed in believing in myself. I am Beautiful and Brilliant.

  2. Dolores Heath
    Dolores Heath says:

    I graduate myself for my past pain,and I graduate to Love me more and I believe that yes I can accomplish what I need to do to MoveOn. Thank you for this‼️

  3. Sue Walker
    Sue Walker says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I always like your talks as they get me to look at things, not in a weird introspective way, but in a “oh she has a point” way. Recently, I sold my business that I had for 40 years. It was my child and I never felt like I was going to work in all of those years, because it was a tutoring service for kids. I have helped 1000s of children reach so much of their potential. When Covid came I took the business online and never skipped a beat, because “no one tells me I can’t work”! But, in January 2021 I was done! I sold it to a tutor who had been working for me for 11 years. She’s awesome and doing a great job! So, good point on what you want to get rid of…………I’m moving on. I wrote a beginning reading program for 4-6 year olds that is incredible and I would love to get some feedback on how to market it. This program teaches the real basics on reading and anyone can learn to read from it. It’s my new child. Hope you can help as I am a bit out of my comfort zone. My tutoring business had such a great reputation that I had to do very little marketing. This is a whole new deal. Hope you’re doing well and I hope to hear from you. Cheers
    Sue Walker
    76 years young!

    • Linn
      Linn says:

      Congratulations Sue! I am 80 years young, and graduating from all the things Lisa mentioned in her video above. I am becoming a new person, with a new identity. I am now a speaker, educating people about how to live with the freedom from medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. Great work Sue. Our children need you!

    • Merris
      Merris says:

      I’m moving on from doubt, inconsistency, and fear! Taking one step at a time and building my courses serving others!

  4. Regina Richardson
    Regina Richardson says:

    I’m let go of working jobs, I haven’t punched a clock in two years, although it’s still scary at times I’m LOVING it. I started making Healing Jewelry and Intention Candles they started out as Hobbies but people are LOVING them and the feedback I’m receiving I never knew I had these abilities and I think the Motivate program made me aware of these gifts… Thank you

  5. serena sankofa
    serena sankofa says:

    wooo!!! baybay!!! 1st let me say that 2020 was the best year of my life (aside from the year i was born), bcus it afforded me the opportunity to slow down & reset my nervous system, for the 1st time in my life. we were constantly rushing, or i was suffering from panic attacks. secondly, after george floyd was killed, i was very intentional about choosing love and light, bcus prolonged fury was going to block me from experiencing my infinite potential. then, i let go of a 10 year marriage, to one of my beloved soulmates, bcus it was no longer serving my highest good. then, most recently, i’ve been letting go of my twin flame & of all my years of practicing letting go, this one is the hardest & most painful to date. HOWEVER, i am committed to letting go of him, so that i can do what the twin flame journey came to do & that’s spread unconditional love.

  6. Joi
    Joi says:

    I Love, love, love Lisa’s message this week!!! I graduate ‍ from “should’ing” myself and spending time and energy on things that are not aligned with my purpose and calling. I graduate from other people’s expectations and opinions of what I “should” do. (I feel the freedom as I type!!!!)

  7. Sherika
    Sherika says:

    I Graduate From Sacrificing Me Being Me. “My Thoughts, My Feelings, My Actions”. I Refuse To Ever Again TipToe Thru My Journey. I Am NoLonger Concerned With Anyone Else’s Comfortablity.

  8. Jedi
    Jedi says:

    #BOL….I graduate from people pleasing and trying to fit in, it’s exhausting and can be isolating but I know now living 100% true to my identity in Christ all things will be provided according to God’s plan.

  9. Coach Cola
    Coach Cola says:

    I graduated from isolating myself from people.
    I graduate from Zoom Meeting and back to live in person meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
    I graduate myself from struggling mentally, emotionally and sometimes financially.
    I graduate myself from giving people my time who haven’t earned it nor deserve it.
    I graduate myself from procrastinating and being inconsistent.
    I graduate myself from playing small in the big league.
    I graduate myself from low vibrating people.
    I graduate myself from scrolling social media all day!

  10. Fatima Ingabire
    Fatima Ingabire says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing your statement on what we can stop to better move forward
    I graduate from not judging situations that don’t belong to me. For example, why a parent would not stop substance abuse for the sake of their children? After having a class on substance abuse, I learned and realized that there was more than just drinking and taking drugs. May God make easier for those who are fighting to get back their children out of systems, Amina
    Keep well

  11. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I graduate from trying to save everybody, and save myself. I have also learned to forgive myself for my past transgressions. I’ve learned to give myself “Grace”. Thank you for this. You are truly a Blessing.

  12. Elpy Lopez
    Elpy Lopez says:

    Your such an inspiration love your talk s to us all in this beautiful community you believe in me when everyone else doesn’t see that. Thank you so much.

  13. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    I graduate myself from living in the background and settling for less to make others comfortable. I am playing MY life full out!

  14. Carol E Braswell
    Carol E Braswell says:

    This might sound harsh to other people personally
    I enjoy the pandemic even though I love .to travel that’s the only thing that bothered me the most. I was kind of angry, I don’t know how to explain this but when things start opening up, I got outside and I realize how peaceful It was. I am so excited very few people were around very few people on the bus on the train. I live in Portland Oregon I’m from New Jersey/New York and found myself wishing to go home to Times Square always had my problem of a bunch of people in my way knowing that it was very few people on the street and I wasn’t there to enjoy it made me a little sad so. I apologize if anyone thinks this is weird but I’m an introvert I’m not such a people person I deal with them because I have to.

    BELINDA says:

    I have had to pull away from certain people in my life due to my health. I am choosing no drama mamas or drama kings. It doesn’t matter how much I try to explain it they just don’t get it or accept it. Also my reaction to what others say to me is different. I choose my battles and let people be who they are cuz I can’t control everything in my life. I also choose who I want to be around and the length of time. I guess it’s my way of protecting me. I put me as a priority of taking care of myself cuz no one else cares except my daughter. Life is short and lost may people in these last few years. I have to live the best life I can and be happy. Being on this health journey has opened my eyes!

  16. Michelle George
    Michelle George says:

    Hi, Lisa,
    i really enjoy your motivational videos! i graduate from choosing other people over myself, i graduate from having a poor self esteem, now i understand that I AM ENOUGH, i graduate from having financial problems, i graduate from thinking my books are not good enough to be translated and sold in the whole world!

  17. louise pyant
    louise pyant says:

    I graduated my self from carrying others.. they’re not gonna drown !! I graduated to focusing on me more and yes more ! I’m writing this book knowing it’s gonna be my best !!! My grand kids say “ This is my best ever” I add life
    See u guys soon!!

  18. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    That was a wonderful message. I am graduating from stress. I am graduating from saying yes to appointments after work in the evenings. I am graduating from not being with a significant other. I am saying yes to staying in touch with my friends.

  19. Tania Taingahue
    Tania Taingahue says:

    First and foremost I want to give it back to the Holy spirit for hearing my prayers this morning. Good morning my sister of prosperity, Lisa Nichols. It took me over a decade to get here but I’ve arrived and I graduate myself from helping everybody else before me. That definitely resonated with my journey through life. You ask, “what limiting habit held me back that, I’ve let go of?” My answer would be Cannabis or rongoa/healing herb to ease my brain from exploding. And no, im no doctor but it certainly has helped me with all the trauma I’ve endured. Grateful to be alive and well again. And NO Lisa, I won’t be going back there! Stay safe, be blessed ❤

    • Jeanette Brice
      Jeanette Brice says:

      Hi I’m Jeanette Brice, wow I need to start by expressing im honored to get such warm welcome from you. I’ve been broken for quite some time, I believe its because I’m willing to except change in my life. That I must say i have not been easy to except change although I digest that change is what’s best for me. I’m on a journey to continue with my life with the gifts that God has in store in me . I mustsay this didn’t happen over night I had to make some major decisions I Lost friends I thought was my friend and I cried many of nights behind it I’ve been just tore up from the floor up . Today I decided to get up and fight although the pain is still there I’m still willing to except the new challenges that God has install for me . I got to admit change is different for me so I get a little scary about the new Beginnings. It maybe from all my previous experiences of the things I learned about what happened in the past .so recently I’ve began to evaluate the company I keep and decided I may need to make some changes especially after hearing from some who seem to have propheiset my name, I took that with grace, and that’s when the reevaluation begin. I started all over with taken the cotton out my ears and stuff it in my mouth , for sure for me that was a day at a time process I realized I had so many floors I was a mess today I accept change im all for it I prayed for a Seragate family and I believe God has started his process although sometimes its scary teardrop.!! So enough about me I can go on especially with all God has been teaching me through my previous experiences and with closure I use God lot because thats my friend and thats als my culture my family backgound is about christ although God anit done with me yet lol; lately thats all I felt i had all my life but especially right now since I’ve been feeling alone or though I know im not if that makes any since . Thanks Lisa Nicolas for reaching out I truly needed that Love you and I appreciate the universal connection until we meet one❤️ ♥️ Jeanette drop the pen fo now!!

  20. Joann Bellamy
    Joann Bellamy says:

    I want to get growing and striving forward. To satisfy myself and not others all the time.To empower me..I thank God for being Co-Author in a best seller for the first time ‘Reclaiming My Life “.I thank God for this ,and to launch further to my peace,joy and love. First time to learn of peace and life. Thank you for this opportunity to speak on this. To graduate to the life God has inspired for me-ME

  21. Shereese
    Shereese says:

    I am graduating from self sacrifice. I am happy striving towards excellence. Mediocre people have been in my circle because I had a damaged self image. I am graduating from a life of struggle and lack. I have not because I have asked not. I am graduating from my self imposed feeling of professional inferiority due to color, and gender. I won’t be going back to that place, Lisa! God has too much planned for my life ❤️

  22. Angela M Dotson
    Angela M Dotson says:

    I graduate my self from the school of easy access. I no longer allow folks to have easy access into my world. I love the space I created and I am living in a world of free self gratification.

  23. R Joan McDermott
    R Joan McDermott says:

    Just before the epidemic I had a stroke, had to move to a government funded apartment, fell and ended up in a rehab for therapy for a month, lost thousands of dollars on an investment to get moving on my profession, that I am still paying on blah blah blah. When Covid hit I was already isolated and in deep grief over my losses and the dramatic changes in my life. I had many friends helping all along the way, so when I realized staying stuck in the resentments and self pity was more debilitating than my losses, I made a decision to count each and every blessing and committed myself to choose to live in joy. I ended up writing a book called Clearing Space for Grace – Finding New Life After Loss. I am now in the wonderful process of moving forward to learn how to market my recently published book that is out on Amazon. I will be 86 in 2 months and really coming more alive in so many new ways as I finish up my 85th year. Everything I tried so hard to do in the past had to be renovated. I need some new tools and a greater openness to what is being offered to me. I choose these new discomforts gladly over my old ones. We can do this together as long as I do my part. There is joy in that choice to move forward with grace.
    Love you Lisa and have kept up with watching you since I met you the time you came to our Quantum Success weekend with Christy Whitman.

  24. Treasuree Kemp
    Treasuree Kemp says:

    I am graduating from limiting myself and what I am capable of doing. This is my time to go for all I dream of becoming.

  25. carol
    carol says:

    I graduate from loving others more than myself. Helping others before me.
    Believing that for someone to love me I need to be helpful to them.
    From doing what others want over me.
    Holding myself back from what gives me joy to please others

  26. Michelle Edwards
    Michelle Edwards says:

    Hello Lisa I want to let go of procrastinating. There is a book inside of me that I want to write ✍️ consistently. I want to exercise 7 days per week. I’m so glad I listened to you today. May God Bless You.
    Michelle Edwards

  27. Clint
    Clint says:

    I am 64 yrs. young and I am graduating working a dead end job,
    I know what my passion is !!! I am reaching out and grabbing what I love to do.
    B.O.L. YEA BABY !!!

  28. Dr.Cynthia
    Dr.Cynthia says:

    • Lisa I love hearing you speak. You are absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for this Power.
    •I am not going back. I’m going to Accelerates beyond and above.
    •I will graduate from self and focus on the most needful things not to focus on everyone and their problems.
    •I-graduate from worrying after back to back death with my baby sister one month my brother passed.
    • I graduated knowing I can do all things and I win.
    • I graduated from working hard , more working smarts
    • I will move forward and Coach and encourage others .

  29. C. Ann Marie
    C. Ann Marie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    You look radiant! I graduate from being around people who don’t appreciate my gifts and talents.

  30. Cee
    Cee says:

    I am graduating from worry, people pleasing and putting myself last. I’m moving forward and letting the things that need to leave my life dismantle. Thank you, Lisa. Your words of wisdom have touched my and elevated my thinking.

  31. Magdalena Olesiak
    Magdalena Olesiak says:

    Thank you for this moving message, Lisa1 You nail each time what is needed to be heared.I am learning to grow through my weaker spots, eliminating possible blind spots alike procrastination. I believe it is time to re-claim ABUNDANCY of Life through the power of spoken Word, Declaration of Who I am, and working through driven&core&firey PASSION , not out of habit. GROWTH in discomfort is my month key message. ( and much more)…Much LOVE.Maggie,

    • Magdalena Olesiak
      Magdalena Olesiak says:

      Thank you for this moving message, Lisa1 You nail each time what is needed to be heared.I am learning to grow through my weaker spots, eliminating possible blind spots alike procrastination. I believe it is time to re-claim ABUNDANCY of Life through the power of spoken Word, Declaration of Who I am, and working through driven&core&firey PASSION , not out of habit. GROWTH in discomfort is my month key message. ( and much more)…Much LOVE.Maggie,


    I Graduated from Negative People
    I Graduate from They Sayers
    I Graduate from Still People
    It was meant for me to Listen in this morning I will be checking out every segment. I know there is something about me in each Segment.

  33. Towanna Jones
    Towanna Jones says:

    I’m moving forward from believing in others more than I believe in myself.
    Putting others before me.
    Thinking and feeling stuck..
    I need to take better care of myself and believe in me more….Love myself more..

  34. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I graduate from the commitment to the uncomfortable familiar and start my new semester of excited anticipation of the unknown and accept that little sprinkle of fear that goes with it. Doing it anyway

  35. Celena
    Celena says:

    I needed this today. I was no longer challenged in my position, so I finally made my mind up after 26years in the medical field. So I came to trucking school. Gave things away, and put my other things in storage. This is the first time in my life that I made a decision for myself. I had my first child when I was 16. So everything I’ve done has been to make sure my kids were good and that I tried my best to set them up to prosper. They are grown and gone and now it’s my time. I have been struggling learning something new at my age. I’m very hard on myself and these last two weeks have been a challenge to not go back to the familiar place. I have a dream board and a place for dates of when I accomplish my goals. What drives me is, I can not tell my children that there is no limit to the sky for them, but I limit my sky. I must lead by example, and im no quitter. So thank you for this segment.

  36. Lee McCaskill
    Lee McCaskill says:

    I graduate from playing it safe to flying high with Lisa in the promise of Possibilities and Prosperity. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to speak at a University in Africa about racism based on my book Colored Seated in the Rear and will be on a TedX panel in training to do a TedX talk. I would be so humbled and honored to have Lisa put a blurb in the hardcover about to come out!

  37. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I graduate to not saying my truth out loud. I graduate to not being my side. I graduate to not walking my own speed and being who I truly am. For now on I will tell my truth and speak out. For now on I am my side first and second somebody elses. For now on I walk my speed my way and express myself honestly, even when I feel fear.
    Thank you, Lisa

  38. Edna Chery
    Edna Chery says:

    I graduate from saying Yes and pleasing people and always go the extra miles to please others. I graduate from being too nice

  39. Zina
    Zina says:

    I release myself from always wanting to help others and putting myself last I’m excited to put myself first in every situation

  40. Thaominh
    Thaominh says:

    Xin chào Lisa .Tôi được biết bạn qua quyển sách ” Bí mật ” .Tôi muốn tham gia cộng đồng của bạn để học hỏi cách làm chủ cuộc sống của minh và chia sẻ với mọi người giúp họ có cuộc sống hạnh phúc, bình an. Tôi yêu cách truyền cảm hứng từ bạn. Cảm ơn rât nhiều.

  41. La Tanya Harris
    La Tanya Harris says:

    Thank you for your continued inspiration!
    I let go of things that no longer feed me spiritually.
    And the desire to always be on the go!

  42. Naz
    Naz says:

    Spot on sister Lisa Nichols.
    Thank you for the thought provoking conversations.
    Fully agree as it is written there is a time for everything under heaven.
    I got to graduate or I risk losing the next couple chapters of my life on earth.

  43. Jameelah Shareef
    Jameelah Shareef says:

    Thank you, Lisa for this amazing share!
    I graduate myself today (1:00 AM CST) from choosing work because I think it’s what others want me to do, or it pays well as opposed to it being what a truly want to do. I literally just tore the job profile for which I was planning to follow up with after my first interview. I kept going back and forth with this one because of the opportunity and high pay. However, after listening to you talk about “moving forward.” I realized that I cannot do this if I keep going back. So, I’m saying “NO!” And “YES” to myself and dreams that were on the shelf.
    – Jameelah


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