How to Validate Your Ideas:

Validating Your Idea

You’re here because you are a kindred spirit – you want to make a difference with the gifts you are bringing to the world, the programs you are creating – maybe it’s personal development, cosmetology or becoming a more effective parent – whatever it is, there are steps that will bring your creations into the world in a powerful way. When you can stop getting paid for what you do, and start getting paid for what you know, WHOA, that’s when your business is going to scale, scale, scale and grow, grow, grow!

You might be asking, “Lisa, how do I get people to believe in my new program enough to invest in it?” Let’s look at some steps that you can take right now to start building confidence in you and in your new program – to validate it in the eyes of your potential clients, so they know that they are investing in something that will benefit them.

Step #1 – Validate Yourself as an Authority

You need to validate yourself as an authority in your chosen field. Why would someone choose your program over someone else’s? Because you are an expert in your field – that’s why! You need to validate yourself, but how? Learn how to leverage social media. Trust me, it’s not just for vacation photos or posts about your new puppy – it’s a powerful business tool that allows you to position yourself as the go-to person in your field. When people are having a discussion about your industry, your name should be the first one that comes to mind. Build your brand with posts that inform and educate your followers, showing them that you are the person in your field.

Step #2 Build Anticipation

Tell your audience about something you have coming up, building anticipation. An important key to attracting attention is to tell people how your program will benefit them, not what it does. Think about when you see a commercial on television: they tell you about the amazing results you will get by choosing their product. This is why you may buy the more expensive razor, to get baby smooth skin without nicks or abrasion. You already know what a razor does. The advertiser must tell you how you will benefit from their razor in order to get you to choose it over the 20 other razors on the shelf at the drug store.

Tell them about the results they can expect to see when they learn with you and implement your teachings into their lives. There should be a real emotional connection with how they will feel after working with you. Bring that emotion to them in your posts – make them feel like they just have to work with YOU. There is no one else who can bring them the same results – you’re selling your energy and expertise, not your program.

Step #3 Prove That It Works

Show evidence that your program is effective. Even though this program is new, you have years of experience that went into its development, including techniques that  have proven effective for your clients and/or yourself. Remember all of the trial and error that went into the development of your skills – trust that this works, because you’ve seen it! These are the experiences you can utilize to show your followers how your program has already benefited your clients. Personal testimonies can be great tools to help you do this, and your satisfied clients are typically honored to offer those words of praise for you, because they appreciate the results they achieved while working with you.

I know that being an entrepreneur can be tough, especially when we think we should know everything right away. But you only know what you know. I know speaking… but when I started out, I didn’t know marketing or how to run a social media strategy. You don’t know until you know, so don’t beat yourself up for that. Ask for feedback. Ask people what they want and need. Get feedback when you do “lives” or videos, or speak in person. This is how we learn what works best. We are always going to be learning and growing, so don’t be resistant to that. Get the feedback and then listen to what people are saying: what do they want to learn? Where are they stuck? What problem can you help them solve right now? This is what will make your program successful – you are meeting the needs of your people.

Launch your program live and for FREE. Your audience will be so much bigger if you are giving it away – then, when they see for themselves how much value they received from your free program, they will feel so much more confident in their decision to buy your paid program. You can tell them about your paid program during your free event – you’ve got the audience and they are feeling some momentum, so that’s the time to keep them going. And you can do this again, and again, and again. Structure your paid program around your free launch, offering more structure and value.

Let’s recap what we’ve discussed today: 1) Validate yourself with consistent content – be the expert in your field. 2) Speak to the outcome of the program, showing how someone’s life is different because of the work they did with you. 3) Show them evidence of the benefits others have received from your program (before it was even a program). Doing these three things consistently will drive people toward you and the program that you are offering. And don’t forget to do a live, free launch – this will get the audience in front of you, allowing you to sell your paid program to a group of excited, engaged listeners!

Put it to the Test

Start planning your social media posts to build your authority. What pieces of knowledge can you drop on your page this week to start shifting your social media into a strong business tool? How can you help your followers? Who has this already benefited, and what is their story? Run a live test, letting them know that you want to make sure that they love it, and that it’s what they need. People will feel heard and acknowledged by your attention to their feedback. Ask them if they want to go through the program with you – there are lots of people on this planet, and when you show up in your beautiful energy, the ones who are called in to work with you are your tribe.

Remember that this is not a monologue – it’s a dialogue. I love reading your comments, especially your #BOLs (breakthrough out loud). What kind of program are you launching? What parts of this did you find to be the most helpful? I love you, I believe in you, and I want to see you shine!

Spiritually and Abundantly Yours,

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    • Andrea Onuoha
      Andrea Onuoha says:

      Many thanks , Aunty Lisa for your great words. I like the fact you brought to my term ‘ program” rather than general public speaking. It’s interesting. I learnt to be an expert in my field and authenticate it with rich content and validation. I will re-start my radio business program and apply these.xoxo

  1. Isabel Tambala
    Isabel Tambala says:

    Hi Lisa, where do I begin from to become a great public speaker?Do you have resources which you can recommend? I really wana develop in public speaking

  2. Ana
    Ana says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing these very valuable insights. I am not currently thinking of launching any online programs. I run a nonprofit and I can see how these startegies can be used as we develop our programs.

    Many thanks♥♥♥

  3. nyambura maina
    nyambura maina says:

    Wow. I have always known I have so much value to offer- & I have been doing it. Lots of love Lisa .

    I just needed to hear you say it ” validate yourself as an authority”. I am amazingly knowledgeable about Blockchain technology. My clients are making 1000’s of $. I just need to validate me !

    Love, Nyambura.

    Am I invited to the wedding,☺️☺️

  4. Billy James Bynes
    Billy James Bynes says:

    That was amazing. And I don’t say that lightly. My biggest takeaway is. How you broke down the steps, it was easy to digest and I love when you say do a free live. Because this is a good way to feel your tribe. And you my sister. You have brought it alive, in my heart’s desire. Thank you for sharing I am looking forward. For more. Because like Les Brown said, I am hungry….

  5. Clare D'Agostino
    Clare D'Agostino says:

    This is great Lisa….I am in the steps before launching my program but have not reached out on social media at all! Your advice to just get out there and post consistently is exactly what I need to do…I am frozen. Question…if I’ve never posted for my new business on my personal FB page, how should my first post go?

  6. Ladoris
    Ladoris says:

    I am thinking about launching a course and these are some great ideas about how to add value to the idea I have in my head.
    Right now, I have one-on-one classes with my course outline so I can get feedback during class or afterwards.
    I help non- speakers and native speakers improve their pronunciation and reduce their accent.

  7. Jeanie Traub
    Jeanie Traub says:

    There is always enough people to help!

    I’m loving your talks! You’re the one person I hope to meet in my lifetime! You’re amazing, inspiring, and a kindred spirit! Thank you so much for contributing to this world and being the light that you are!

  8. Laura Gregory
    Laura Gregory says:

    Several points I loved about this show:
    -Speak with the end in mind
    -You don’t know until you know
    -Feedback will push you forward

    Especially the question: What problem does my product solve? That was awesome, really helping me to define my product better



  9. Drocella Mugorewera
    Drocella Mugorewera says:

    Thank you Lisa.Your message is a true gift for my birthday. Knowledge is power when you implement it.
    Today I will do a video to validate my program. Blessed is the man who is marring you and everyone who knows you.
    Also I like the way you simplify your messages.
    I am really thankful for being part of your tribe
    You awakened me today and you have been my role model since I heard your first YouTube Video. Blessings!

  10. Clifford Brown
    Clifford Brown says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing that simple,.but profound information.
    The part of your encouragement for me was when you said speak to the outcome.
    Thank you,.thank you, thank you
    Yes yes yes

  11. R
    R says:

    Thank you so much for this content! It was perfectly presented for me (clear, concise, concrete) and exactly what I needed. I especially appreciated the live free pre-launch suggestion. I talked myself out of moving forward with a formal program launch but your content has inspired me to BeginAgain

  12. Saundra Gage
    Saundra Gage says:

    Thank you for this inspiring session of the Lisa Nichols Show. I am in the process of creating a new audio/video training program and you gave me some JUICY nuggets to implement. Thank you for being available even beyond Speak and Write to Make Millions. Love you Lisa

  13. Gail
    Gail says:

    Do it for free then do it for fee?! Wow!! That is a priceless gem that I never would have thought existed, what phenomenal advice. Thank you Lisa!

  14. Dawn Rowntree
    Dawn Rowntree says:

    I love you Lisa! Five minutes listening to you and so many great tidbits!
    My favourite today:
    Stop getting paid for what you do, and start getting paid for what you know.

  15. Lucina
    Lucina says:

    Thank you Lisa for the validation of me knowing I am an expert in my field professionally and personally. I wear two hats which makes me feel as though there is a clash. I realize I am an expert in both fields.
    I bring out that light in you.

  16. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Thank you Lisa! I just launched my first soulful creation yesterday! And after watching this, I realise I missed a few steps. The biggest takeaway for me was, have the idea and create the layout then ask for feedback to see what my clients are seeking and then include their needs into my program. I also valued the piece around validating myself as an authority through my posts. Thank you!

  17. Mercy
    Mercy says:

    My BOL was to validate myself with consistent content. Though I have never done a program before. I am learning some golden nuggets from you Lisa and Thanks.

  18. La Tanya
    La Tanya says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of inspiration and nuggets of wisdom!!
    My goal is develop financial planning services to underserved communities!!
    Validating my expertise and proving success will be vital the success of my business!! Thanks so much for giving some Aaha moments!!!

  19. Kisma
    Kisma says:

    I have been thinking about a program for a very long time. This message has inspired me to sit and start creating some structure around it

  20. Svetlana
    Svetlana says:

    Lisa hi! You are an inspiration! Every time I am listening you I feel the strength to start again and again and again…But I always come to a point when I loose trust in myself agin and again and again…How to stop it?

    I have learned how to be a coach, I have learned how to be a healer, I have learned how to make an account in IG, how to work in Canva, InShot, take pics and correct videos, create a contant, got followers. A lot of likes and comments. I became recognized by authorities as a hight level professional.

    I have helped a lot of people…for free. I have created a course but no one have paid for it. People say to me: why to pay when there are so much free information in Internet? My friends and there friends were SO happy to have free sessions with me, but when I said that I am going to take money for sessions, they said: you are only the beginner! But they are happy to spend their time for free with me again.

    My family was always sceptical about my “hobby” as they think about what I am doing and still laughing at me.

    When I finished my first cause and became a healer COVID-19 started. And I began to develop my account in Instagram with the russian audience. After one year when I got almost 5000 followers, war happened and IG in Russia was closed.

    I do not know what Universe is saying to me. But I can not pull myself together already during two month…

    Lisa, WHAT TO DO?


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