How to Understand Your Purpose

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Do you ever feel like you have lost your sense of purpose?

This is one of the questions I get asked most often. I receive so many emails and messages that say, “Lisa, how do I discover or rediscover my purpose? What is the process? How do I get back to me? What should I do? Who am I now? What am I here to do?

First of all, I have been there and experienced this myself many times, so trust me when I say, #YANA (you are not alone).

In fact, I was just telling my team the other day that when my son Jelani was three, I looked up one day and realized I lost who I was. I mean I knew I was Jelani’s mom. I knew who I was as an employee. I knew I was a community activist. What I had lost sight of was who I was becoming as Lisa, and what I WANTED to become.

You see, what I DID NOT know back then that I DO KNOW now is that your purpose evolves with you. The thing that drove you 5, 10 or 20 years ago might already be complete. You may have already graduated from it.

I believe that you don’t really find, discover or rediscover your purpose, you actually UNCOVER your purpose.

Purpose is what you do naturally that brings you joy. Purpose is something you contribute to the planet. Purpose is what you do effortlessly that brings value to everyone who crosses your path.

Your purpose may not always scream loudly at you at first, but slowly it begins to drive you and makes you feel good. It’s a slow burning feeling deep down in your belly that begins to evolve, expand and morph over time.

What I know for sure is that the way to uncover your purpose is not by remaining stagnant or sitting around thinking about your purpose.

Your purpose is uncovered when you stay in action. When you do things that make you feel good and serve others. And, when you start to walk in that direction, you will start to uncover the next best version of you.

Remember, I love you and I believe in you and will always be…

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Shavonne Ward
    Shavonne Ward says:

    Fantastic! I began to actively move toward my purpose after shutting down the last two weeks of 2019, being still after working 6 days/week 12-15 hr. days and becoming totally exhausted because I gave away allllllll of my time. I can honestly say I’m excited about moving into my Purpose. I love the me I am becoming by speaking up for myself and loving me enough to determine how I will spend my time from moment to moment, and day to day. You and your fabulous team are a big part of this growth. Thank you for all you do Lisa!

    • Clint Chase
      Clint Chase says:

      Hi Lisa, it’s Clint and I have discovered my purpose. Just one of many of my spiritual teachers spoke of; is there any healing modalities you have learned, the timing of the use of it may not be appropriate, now is the time to take it off the shelf dust it off and utilize it. Back in the 1998 I certified in hypnosis and NLP al lot has changed, in fact my purpose has even evolved. I am being guided to take a spiritual life coaching class and combine that with nlp and hypnosis !!! OH, by the way you, Lisa are one of my favorite spiritual teachers too. you can inspire me so much !!! I am 61 yrs. young and ready to go. Thank You so much Lisa !!!

  2. Alita Williams Young
    Alita Williams Young says:

    What resonated with me was that you discover your purpose while in action. I have used different terminology to press that point with my son but hearing it THIS way pressed a point with me.

    Thank you

  3. Marsha
    Marsha says:

    I love listening to you, you are such a motivation to me especially at such a time when I want to tap into my purpose, keep on doing the good job.

  4. Kenyonn Gregory
    Kenyonn Gregory says:

    When I stumbled upon Motivating the Masses I was a beginner life coach nervous to Venture out and seize the moment. Now I break down my life experiences and help people have those aha moments and open space to vent and be them. Lisa I thank you so much for your “YANA” moments and always the ahas and ohhh it was right there all along. I appreciate you so much. Without your wisdom I would still be living In lover than needed

  5. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    Lisa, I love the simplicity in your explanation of what purpose is and is not. Too often, I have felt overwhelmed and like a failure because I had no clue as to what my purpose is. Thank you for the clarification.

  6. aira
    aira says:

    i have been lost for awhile. I let my fear overcame me and I feel like i am putting myself aside and let depression take over. I was in high spirits when we made a decision to move out here in LA from NY and it started deteriorating when the real life sets in. I was listening to a lot of spiritual people, reading books and I cant seem to go back to that version of me when I I left NY to do what I believe is my purpose. I know deep in my heart that I am here to serve and inspire too. but only God knows what this huge block in me that is preventing me to do it. I guess this is the message sent to me from the Universe.

  7. Lisa Reichard
    Lisa Reichard says:

    Ever since I have heard you in “The Secret” I can never get enough of anything you have to say. You truly motivate me in all ways in my life. This week you sent an email asking me to watch the video “Unsinkable” and it changed my life. So today I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me and everyone else. Thank you I am so grateful that you have the vision that you do to help and motivate people like myself.

  8. Athena Hendrix
    Athena Hendrix says:

    Awe I just fell in love with you

    I received an email from you today. I almost didn’t read it. Was going to pass over it like the many self help, transformational messages I get on a daily basis.

    I kept going back over it and finally thought – ok, I will take a peek.

    As I read the email I had to go back to the top and re-look at who sent this to me. Is it someone I knew. Is it from a dear friend and I couldn’t place the connection momentarily? It was as if it was written to me from someone who knew me. #yana touched me. The journey, the experience all so familiar with the road I have traveled.

    My #aha, is our purpose and what drives us evolves. My daughter first shattered that dream when she told me, “Mom you don’t need the big house anymore because you don’t have all of us living there”. I was so hurt by that reality. In that moment feeling like a failure that we never had the 5 acres, horses and chickens. I was close but now the world around me changed so much. My children were babies any more. Now beautiful amazing young budding adults. My life was all about them. My reality reshaped my dreams and purpose.

    Life has me in a new place. The universe has helped me create space in ways I have never dreamed. I’ve shed a lot of tears and felt enormous pain through the transformation but it is awe striking and life changing. My purpose is calling me home.

    More recently I have felt very isolated as most everything and everyone has been stripped away from my life. It was recently I have learned that is so it can be filled with all that is good and reflective of my life to be.

    I was so touched my your video when you said, “Welcome home” and “being a part of your tribe”. We all need to connect, plug in and have our “tribe”. Thank you for allowing me the gift of being part of yours.

  9. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    Everything about this resonated with me. It has been my own experience that I uncovered my purpose as I was actively doing the work and felt good about the work. It awakened something in me and fed my curiosity to know more about that feeling. The amazing part of this whole journey is that you must be listening to your body and heart to recognize that the passion you feel is unique. I think it’s when you pay attention to what you do exceptionally well that others might struggle to do. That is part of what you have to be on the lookout for.

  10. Kanesha Tipps
    Kanesha Tipps says:

    Thank you for this breath of fresh air. I had so many of the “YANA” moments watching this video and reading your book “ No Matter What”. Just learning about you in these last few weeks have motivated me that i have a purpose beyond what i can see right now. When i say thank you, i truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. Finding transparent people is one of the things i love the most and i have fought with myself about opening up about my life story because of people that may judge me . I too have fought depression and still battling depression, i watched one of your friends Sonia video and it took me to a dark sunken place because they all battled losing a women in their life. And like Sonia i lost my mom aLost two years ago And it’s been the most tuff thing to cope with even with going to therapy. My family said i was crazy for talking to a therapist but everyone copes differently. I feel like i have a calling to help people that battle depression, i have a calling to help teen moms because i was her 17 and pregnant 3 kids later i graduated with a bachelors degree and planning to go back for my master’s. I live on government assistance to raise my 3 boys by myself and all my trials have created me to be who i am. I just want to let you know i love you for being you! Stay blessed my sister!

  11. Roz Washington
    Roz Washington says:

    Lisa, Thank You for taking the time to feed my thoughts, and fulfills and confirm my heart desires. I Love Jeremiah 29:11(For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope). You presented the words “uncovering your purpose” within our life; this is a profound way in wisdom from God to become acquainted with our purpose. I want you to know that I appreciate your sincere openness; what you share yields me in the correct paths to choose. Roz Washington

    • Claudia Muller
      Claudia Muller says:

      Thank you Lisa for your compassion and your patience. I really appreciate your efforts Lisa. But I have to tell you regardless of all the motivational words that you shared with me so far in the first training session I am still feeling the pain, the social shame, the embarrassment and the agony of the recent abusive non stop treatment and the formulated lying diffused scandals my perpetrators inflicted to me without any special reason. Yet, without any apology, any remorse they are managing to continue to use lies to reverse their wrong doing on me and to condemn and blame me the innocent victim for their wrong doings. Isolated and without any resource I am struggling to get myself back on track. Be all along without any physical support and anyone to talk to is tough, but , since I am not able to move to a less hostile environment right now, I am hanging in there. It seems like without changing my environment it’s going to be very difficult for me to expand my purpose. As you know, English is not my first language and sometimes I have hard time to express my concerns the way I should, and bad people take advantage of my lack of English and vulnerability to destroy my life. Just not having anyone to back me up, to help me defending myself and rescue me from unjustified consequences that I have to continue to suffer in a daily basis. Even
      being proved innocent the difficult situation around me still stay the same. I am not able to find job or to be accepted by coworkers and peers, frankly all that make me feel very sad sometimes and make it very difficult for me to get up on my feet and to keep moving forward. Lisa my only support is coming from spiritual words of God, and from long distance friends and God’s people encouraging words. Please be patient with me. I am coming out slowly.
      Thank you again Lisa for your motivational ministry.
      May God bless you abundantly!

  12. LA Grimett
    LA Grimett says:

    Hi Lisa
    Thank you so much. I am in the process of uncovering my purpose. I have had the belly recognition when I was working on a topic. With it came a moment of incredible joy. I know that i want to spend my life doing international trade. What I loved is what you said about purpose being found through action. When we doing stuff. Makes beautiful sense.

    I praise ABBA YHWH for your life. Remain blessed.

    Thank you for the community and fellowship. It has been light to me in a very trying season of transition.

  13. Coach Charlene
    Coach Charlene says:

    Lisa, I love, love. love this. What resonated with me is how you started recognizing the purpose while you were doing(teaching computers). I had gotten stuck, but began to start recognizing that as I was birthing while I was working. That is the #BOL That is how I am uncovering that I love to inspire my nursing staff, not the what, but their Why and That Why pushes them to do the what better. I love you my sistah! So glad we are connected!

  14. Lisa. Marie
    Lisa. Marie says:

    I love talking to people. People are fascinating. I often wonder what there stories are , how did they get this specific place in life.

  15. KAT
    KAT says:

    Not sure how we got connected sister but that’s ok I believe in Devine right order !
    I love your clarity that “ uncovering” our true essence, calling or purpose. Not “finding” it is the road to our real purpose or what I refer to as our God chosen “joy”
    We all need to seek out activities that “light us up” and do as much as you can. I love that you talk about keep moving that it is in Action we discover or uncover who we really have been all along.
    Thank you fir being g YOU
    KAT Troulinos – Leverage The Universe Engage the Magic! .

  16. Charmaine Dunn
    Charmaine Dunn says:


    Thank you always providing clarity and really defining purposes. #BOL….I love when you said purpose is not defined by the amount of money, how many people are following you on social media, or your marketing strategy, but real purpose is when you adding value to someone else’s life and being apart of their journey. That is profound! Thank you for stimulating my thought process and letting me know real PURPOSE! #YANA! Love, Love YOU!

  17. Kimberly Lewis
    Kimberly Lewis says:


    Thank you for being you — an authentic, inspiring, loving. sharing, beautiful woman. Your purpose will find you and put you on notice. Yes, it’s a feeling in your belly. When I launched my speaking and consulting business a year ago, I was fulfilling my purpose that had been revealed to me decades earlier but I didnt know how to walk in my purpose. Now I do, and you inspire me to keep going.

  18. Darlene Duncan
    Darlene Duncan says:

    I’m not sure how we got connected, possibly through Ali Brown. Your Purpose talk showed up at just the right time. I know what I enjoy and I’m going to put forth an effort to do more of it, while still running my chocolate business.Thanks.

  19. Channel
    Channel says:

    “BOL” I have to stay in action and uncover my purpose. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring me to live full out. Your videos are everything to me.

  20. Erin Stennett
    Erin Stennett says:

    Thank you for all you do! I have discovered my purpose in life. It is to help everyone to live the best lives they possibly can. I want to inspire and help people grow to be the best person they can possibly be.

  21. Anne Jackson
    Anne Jackson says:

    You’ve been my inspiration for so long. Your teaching and motivation have made me see things in a way that I would not have You are such a blessing! Thank you, thank you!

  22. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    AHA, over the last couple few weeks I’ve been thinking what is my purpose, what am I here for – that there has to be more. Thank you for Inspirational message.

  23. Noel
    Noel says:

    I can truly attest to purpose only being uncovered when you’re in action. I also want to add that I learned that passion doesn’t necessarily equal your purpose but it can definitely lead you into it. There was my purpose sitting in my passion but the thing I was doing wasn’t the exact duty my purpose was calling for. I am passionate about fashion but my purpose was to empower women and I thought at the time I was supposed to be doing it through fashion so I opened a boutique but I found that I still didn’t feel fulfilled. Long story short I took that and dug a little deeper and now I feel like I am totally walking in my purpose. Thank you Lisa ❤️

  24. Laura
    Laura says:

    #BOL Purpose evolves with us. What drove me years ago doesn’t now. I’ve grown, experienced and learned a lot. I’m not in the same place or the same mindset so it makes sense that my purpose would have evolved as well. I just need to use what I’ve learned to move forward with the things in my life that give me feelings of fulfillment and joy. Thank you Lisa!

  25. TT
    TT says:

    Lisa, I acknowledge you for all you do. Whenever I’m looking for direction or need a boost you are there: via email, popping up on Facebook, YouTube, etc. It’s really amazing how God works. Before I never would have realized my natural desire to empower people could be considered purpose because in my opinion it was never grand enough. Now, I know different and will be in action more around that. Thank you for your diligence in sharing your gift, your belief in us, and your love. Love you right back! ❤️❤️

  26. Dankedia Thomas
    Dankedia Thomas says:

    Discovering and uncovering my purpose was an issue for me. Until one day I told a minister at my church that I didn’t know what my purpose was. I knew/ know that I have a purpose. I realized I was looking for it to be big and extravagant. And she told me Dankedia do you know how much people you influence? I said No I don’t. She said people are watching you. They see you growing, they see you loving, they see you. And though your purpose may not be loud for everyone to see, the person (s) who are suppose to see it do. She said your in your purpose you just have to hold on to it. Accept it and keep doing what God has placed in you to do. It’s a constant reminder to self YANA.

  27. Diane Mollica
    Diane Mollica says:

    Wow! Did I need this post today! What is my purpose now that I’m starting a new job tomorrow and want to separate from my husband. I love that I’m not seeking it / I’m uncovering it and at 60 I want to know where it will send me.

  28. Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith says:

    As a former news reporter, school district PR officer, teacher, school counselor, school principal, and ordained clergy, my purpose is summarized as a monchromatic PINK Praise, which consist of the following formula. (PRAISE, INSPIRATION, NURTURE, and KNOWLEDGE). I’ve encountered so many setbacks throughout the seasons.

  29. Felicia Rella
    Felicia Rella says:

    Thank you so much. I love to hear you speak on any micro topic but this one is significantly relevant to me at this time. I just couldn’t connect with anything I listened to on how to get to my purpose. However telling me your story made me finally “get” it. I still don’t know my purpose but listening to how you uncovered yours gives me direction and hope. I need to go about and get into action of some of my interests more consistently.

  30. Lin
    Lin says:

    You gave me the nudge I need to keep on keeping on to continue writing. I’ve had the bug forever and I believe it’s about time to do it right. I’ve heard your talks over the years online & you’ve got that magic voice with the magic words that inspire. Thanks for being you

  31. debra mcgee
    debra mcgee says:

    Wow, I feel like I’ve come full circle, trying to lock down what my purpose is. my life has been full of distraction that has challenge my will power. Thank you Lisa for what you deliver to us. having the tools you give us helps keep the train on the track, and when we get derailed, how to get back in alignment and focus. Blessing for 2020.

  32. Jamare Miranda
    Jamare Miranda says:


    I am currently reading your book…”Abundance Now” and I carry it around everywhere I go. Thank you…for allowing me to hit My RESET Button. I’ve come to realize that my Purpose is something I have carried with me…I would even do it for free and people always seek me for it…now it’s time to get paid for it. Thank you.❤

  33. Judith Gottschalk
    Judith Gottschalk says:

    Dear Lisa, I have been trying to find out what my purpose in life was, all of my life. This makes so much sense to me. I have lived my purpose all of my life. I just didn’t know it. My husband and I lived in CA, and Las Vegas for 26 years. We made a decision to come home to Michigan to take care of our Parents. (We built a big house and moved them in) His, then my Dad, and then my husbands mentally challenged brother, whom he took over the obligation of the guardianship for him for the last 10 years. We gave ourselves selflessly to our family. We went broke at the end. We definitely had our problems in the last 20 years as well. I broke my neck twice 9 years apart. That both times came with spinal cord damage and 2 cervical fusions, A 6 year recovery for each. My husband suffered with prostate cancer, and a triple bypass. All of it for 20 years has been very hard. But we got through it all with a drive that we somehow maintained.. We lost everything in the last 5 years. We both have been living off of his SS for these last 7 years. It was not enough but we made it work. We have been getting food from the churches. And social services. We have been humbled, we chose to be happy and live in the moment. We had always done very well for ourselves in our businesses while out west always knew things would change for us as we have been working toward our dream for many years. Now that time has come. All of the family members we came home to take care of have now passed on as of this last Sept. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I feel so relieved that I don’t have to stress over Not knowing my purpose. This talk was extraordinary! I have given myself to others all of my lifeI All of the jobs I have had were of service to others. The good things, we have had 9 great nephews and nieces since we have been home. They are the light of our lives. Along with our sweet a beautiful dog, who makes us laugh and keeps us happy. Now we have closed our Bus. Deals and will be financially healthy within the next couple of weeks. We feel incredibly blessed. With the help from Mind Valley, I have been on my spiritual journey for 8 years. And have become an Energy Healer. I am now well and so is my husband, and we are happy. Life has taught us so much, and we are eternally grateful for all of our experiences. As it has enhanced us both in so many ways. Thank you for being one of the best mentors in my life. I could not yet afford to take your classes but I have enjoyed your books. I love You so much too!

  34. Judith
    Judith says:

    I have been with you for many years. Allowing your inspiration to fill me up. I have enjoyed many of your Master Classes. The last one was on becoming a writer which I wanted to join so badly, but couldn’t . Soon I will be able to dive in. How do I become a Member?

  35. Galina
    Galina says:

    Dear Lisa! Thank you so much for your job. My name is Galina, I’m from Russia and my purpose to inspire women to become free of their limited thoughts and feelings for living happy and bright lives. Now I learn to speak from your programm Speak and inspire ( Mindvalley). Thank you for the inspiration, your sunny soul and your teaching abilities.


    I enjoy listening to your videos of which has become reminders for me that I’m on the right track in my life’s purpose. And today’s message of understanding your purpose resonated with me immediately because recently I have been giving an opportunity to do something within my field on a different level that I would have never imagine myself doing. I’m getting ready to embark on a journey in life that now I know evolved naturally as I had continued to do to the foundation work that I have been doing all along which you say determines your purpose, “Something that you do naturally that brings you joy.” This was an aha moment for me so thank you for your tireless effort to continue to inspire us to do better and become better versions of ourselves..

  37. Nolwazi
    Nolwazi says:

    WOW! #YANA Lisa. I think I am almost where you were in 1997 in my life right now.

    I lost my way in 2017, but the greatest #aha moment for me is that PURPOSE is not uncovered if it is docile. Purpose is uncovered when I am in ACTION. #BOL “You have to be in action to discover the next best version of you.” Safe to say #YANA I can relate that when you work at your purpose, when you give it back to the planet, the feeling in my belly it is there. I WILL BIRTH OUT MY PURPOSE. Thank you Lisa for your ministry man!

  38. Mario Bellavance
    Mario Bellavance says:

    I don’t know if I really learned something from your video on purpose. It is your tone your voice your gesture that speak load to me. It is great. Thank you!

  39. Robin Houston
    Robin Houston says:

    To uncover my purpose instead of seeking my purpose is a such a profound way of finding my next new me… Thank you Lisa for your insight and wisdom to help me with this journey called life.

  40. Marshe Whaley
    Marshe Whaley says:

    Purpose is uncovered while you are in action! “You have to be in action in order to uncover the next best version of you.” Profound. You have truly answered the question of how to discover your purpose — by uncovering it! We are constantly evolving… It’s all about the journey, not the Destination.

  41. June Gilbert-Collins
    June Gilbert-Collins says:

    Today I realized that I forgot to graduate from being a great Early Education director years ago. This part of my life is complete but yet I’ve been trying to hold on to it thinking that whatever my purpose is is working with Early Education directors.

    Today I discovered that I have been limiting myself by my beliefs. I love interacting with people. I love seeing people evolve . I love having intelligent conversation I love being around people who are accomplished, who aspires and have dreams and goals, and I love being part of that journey and getting them there.
    I love mentoring and growing people I would like to be around more Youth and teens to see if that’s where my target audience is.
    Today I realized because I was good at it doesn’t mean I have to stay in it. Today I am committed to taking action to move in the direction of finding that thing that brings me joy and doing it.

  42. Ulla
    Ulla says:

    Dear Lisa,
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this beautiful video.
    The AHA for me was the graduation part. I realized that I have multiple graduations uncelebrated as time has flown by. I discovered that I found my purpose in one of my first professions and have been searching that immense feeling ever since. Yes, now I understand to have graduated from it. I also realized that the action is what brings the feeling of the flow and warmth. I realized that it can’t be felt in advance, it manifests itself only in action.
    Somewhat two months ago, my friend referred to your ‘You are your own rescue’ and I’m deeply happy to have found you. Thank you for being true you. Love you Lisa

  43. Clarissa Watts
    Clarissa Watts says:

    My purpose has been so fuzzy lately. I’ve totally and abruptly quit pushing forward and I haven’t been able to finish anything that I have started. I don’t know what is happening to me but I’m always so fearful because of the huge mistakes I’ve made that brought me to my current situation of extreme lack, everything is getting cut off, my marriage is on the fritz, my kids are feeling the effects of their lives changing financially and I my will to push forward is being blocked. I have no desire to work in the same field of audit like I have for the past 5 years…it isn’t who I am or what I want to do. I have a story to tell and so many of my close family and friends have been so inspired by it…I struggle to keep the momentum because it’s so much different and financially I’m struggling and it clouds my vision…but you were right…purpose isn’t the likes and huge bank account it’s about serving from a place of ease and flow and not being stagnant. Thank you for your love Lisa

  44. Deborah Nicholson-Benitez
    Deborah Nicholson-Benitez says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for reaching out. I must say I wanted to bring you into my life after reading the secret, your quote: we often get distracted with this thing called our body,our physical being.that just holds your spirit and your spirit is so big it fills a room. You are eternal life. You are God manifested in human form, made to perfection! So my purpose lisa, is to get my story out. I am a survivor. Abandoned and abuse by a parent that had mental illness, then into the hands of a husband that would continue the abuse. He would go to work and lock the doors from the inside so I could not get out until he returned home. He would often say You will never leave me! I will kill you first! You do not think I think for you! I would endure beatings, broken arm and just plain
    mental abuse. I would try to commit suicide and become drug addicted feeling there was no other way out. But after many years of abuse, I would leave with just the clothes on my back,staying underground for several years so that he would not find me. Well, since that time I would bury him and the person that birth me into this world. I would like to use my life to be of service to others, because I believe there are others out there with a similar story. I am passionate about life itself and I chose to love regardless of where I have been. Where do I start? I would also be come homeless for 3 years an agency wanted to tell my story about being homeless. They would raise a quarter of a million using my story. I ask for a job part-time and they would no longer take my call If you would like to see the video this is there website:LakeView Panty client story. I am the first story featured. Thank you Lisa, for inspiration to live a life of truth.

    Deborah Nicholson-Benitez

  45. Phumza Mpoyiya
    Phumza Mpoyiya says:

    Hi Lisa, #YANA I have consistently been involved in raising my children and supporting my family for a very long time, and not taking on my graduation certificate. The Elevate program has taught me that I can evolve to other areas in response to my calling. Making a difference to those around me in a form of support, sharing wisdom and encouraging others to improve their lives, makes me feel complete inside.

  46. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    I enjoyed feeling like I’m not the only one., but most of all it made since that our purpose grows and changes. It made me feel better about myself realizing I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing. Thanks for bringing that out. Gloria

  47. Gwendolyn Little
    Gwendolyn Little says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am dealing with clinical depression. I have permitted so much stuff such as fear, doubt, other folk issues and procrastination to get me unfocused. I really do enjoy encouraging others and once I have poured out to them I walk away feeling excited. I ‘m the one with the biggest mouth on their cheer team! Yet, I feel lost. There seem to be so much stuff on top of my purpose the journey to uncover it seems impossible. Through I know its not impossible is just seems like it at this moment. I enjoy you show, your sharing reminds me to continue to push.Thank you for allowing me to share.and for caring.

  48. Claudia P Muller
    Claudia P Muller says:

    I would like to know exactly what day a time the Motivating The Mass training program is available on your Web? I had already have one session, please send me a detail schedule, so I can know exactly when you are live.
    Thank you,

  49. Ernie
    Ernie says:


    Trying to find my purpose however, me sending a response is big! I’ve been to afraid to share anything, but hearing your message made me want to open up! I’m now willing to take the steps.

  50. Alinda (Linda) Martin
    Alinda (Linda) Martin says:

    This video strengthened my resolve to move forward on this path. I started a podcast and a community building relationships with women who shared their journeys relative to courtship, marriage, and the traumatic events associated with divorce. I connected well and many of us have remained friends. This was when I realized my purpose and ability to speak openly and have an impact on others. Thus the reason I am here today!

  51. Lucia Modonesi
    Lucia Modonesi says:

    Dear Lisa,
    You are truly amazing, thank you!
    I am in the process to transform myself, my way of perceiving life and I am following the uncertainty of doing what I love with a strong faith to master out my purpose and bring the best and more authentic part of myself out.
    I have a question: How can you deal with it when you come from a family structure which imposes a completely different way of perceiving life and your purpose? How would be the most faster and clearer way to tell them there is a different way to live life and bring it to a complete sense of fullfilment and abundance?

    Send you Love!

  52. Denise Rwakayija
    Denise Rwakayija says:

    This message has given me so much clarity about sense of purpose in relation to my own life journey. I never looked at purpose as something that evolves or changes. But again I as myself, how does purpose then differ from our life calling? I have always thought purpose to be fixed, and our calling to evolve at different points in our life. Appreciate to get your thoughts and context on this. Thank you!

  53. Lucinda
    Lucinda says:

    Hi Lisa! This is my first time commenting and it feels liberating. Honestly, I’m not sure where I am going or how to uncover my purpose. I have so many dreams and my thoughts become overwhelmed and I shut down. I lost myself so many years ago and I don’t know who am I except for what people think they see. I want so desperately to find my purpose. To live “that life of happiness and love”. What I found interesting about your video was we have Not graduated in our mind. Could that potentially relate to fear? Meaning we have done what is needed to uncover our purpose but fear keeps us from recognizing (graduating)?

  54. Tamiska
    Tamiska says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I must be honest and say stagnation is there. It may not be stagnation just the excitement of a new journey. I have what is needed on my part. As you said I graduated. Now what? The transformation begins and feels wobbly because of the a new journey knowing you have what was needed however you learn as you go more is needed to add on what was thought to be all is complete. Knowing ones purpose is a valuable transformation to accept and to carry it out is even better.
    Thank you for letting me know I have to get involved to spark that fire because I know its in there. In Jesus name.

  55. Jabari
    Jabari says:

    Thanks Lisa,

    What I find most impactful from this message is to know that my purpose evolves with me. That principle alleviates me of the notion that I can loose or miss my purpose in life. I am in time! Last year I “jumped” into a career a consultant. I discovered that my voice was my gift and my tool to impact the world. This year I am moving forward with precision and seeking opportunities to practice and hone my craft.

  56. Zainab
    Zainab says:

    Everythinggggg u say Lisa applies to me. It is uuuu who transformed ma life in every sense. Actually u heaaaaaled me. U did!! As I do ma work now I feel n I touch everything u r saying. I do feel how the purpose is waking up and uncovered and popping in da belly at an unexpected intervals like that poet’s sudden inspiration. and evolving with time and days n experience. Lisaaaa u r woowww lovvveee uuu

  57. Fehiman
    Fehiman says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I have discovered, I am a natural healer.People get attracted to me to solve their problems . They open up and tell their problem. I was doing this without relazing.Only problem ,I get sucked into their dramas and feel very diflated. I beleived ,I saved quite a few lifes. Some were suisidal or heavily depressed when they crossed my path One point ,I did not know how to set boundiries and my health suffered. As a result ,I became very concious about boundries and not letting anyone to break my peace.When my peace gets treaten , I have to pull myself to my shell and recover.I would like to help more people but not sure how to set this as a business.I would like to make money from people could afford my services and give free help to those who can not.
    Your sister

  58. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Lisa, you are sooo encouraging! I had to listen to your video twice and I probably will listen to it again because I hear and receive new information into my spirit. I’ve been an accountant for over 30 years and just sit and analyze numbers all day. I need to take ACTION and discover my purpose. I thank God when you said YANA!

    Thank you and have a fabulous 2020!

    • Lisa Nichols
      Lisa Nichols says:

      YES! These are the type of comments that just light me up. It is never too late to discover your purpose. Happy 2020!

  59. Adrienne
    Adrienne says:

    I have been walking off and on in my purpose it feels good but I have trouble staying in action …I know you said that is key and I know I have to continuing evolving …Keep me in your prayer as I really reset my Purpose
    If you have an opportunity please go and check out my Women’s group page that I have started in 2014 and guess what the name is ? lol Yes! Yes! Women transitioning into Purpose …smh I know Lisa you are saying Girl that is powerful keep going … I am going back to doing fb Lives monthly on topics that pertain to women, Purpose and what we had to endure in the midst of uncovering … I have your Book Abundance Now and I need to start reading it you Lisa my beautiful Mentor :_

  60. Whitney Thompson
    Whitney Thompson says:

    The YANA and Aha moment for me was when you said you had been motivating for 3 years an you were depressed at the same time… That one comment gave me permission to live in a duality, comfort to know its normal, and validation that it will change…If I take inspired action and be compassionate with myself in the transition
    Thank you

  61. Moses
    Moses says:

    i have been a secret fan, your write ups, interview i watched prompted me to make you my secret Mentor, i just can hide how motivated i feel right now…
    Thank you

  62. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for those very wise words. This is where I am , i am a former professional athlete and for the last 40 years everything was about the sport now I’m slowing down and looking for the next thing . I am involved in so many different type of jobs because I also want want to be self employed . Its been slow and years are passing by. But nothing strikes me the way basketball did and I find myself doing things my heart isn’t fully in. I am great with people and very outgoing and I know I was meant for greatness that is also why I refuse to get stuck in a 9 to 5 . I just don’t know how to reach my full potential and be great. Basketball was my world and its a long story why I miss the coaching boat (mom illness) but I’m getting old and scared of running out if time. Can you help me?

  63. Dariana
    Dariana says:

    Hi Lisa,
    you are right. Years ago I was on the path of personal growth and my life was different. Then, that same life brought me to other shores and the wave of personal growth has passed and went deep down in my soul. Since last August something started to push hard on that direction. Can’t say what it was but I felt the need to follow and here I am now back to my steps.
    Years ago, I wanted to start coaching people and helping them to grow as well, to see…but for many reasons I just abandoned that dream. We are now 10 years later and I am thinking to go back there cause that is what makes me feel that I can do the right thing. I am still scared. Scared of not being enough, not good enough, not experienced enough and so on but I really want. I don’t even know where to start…but I feel like I am close to my purpose.


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