How To Resolve Toxic Relationships

It’s your girl Lisa Nichols, and I wanna know…are you finding yourself running into the same relationship challenges? Are you trying to figure out if the people around you are toxic or if maybe YOU are the one who might need to change?

My dad has played tennis for 40 years, and what I’ve come to realize, is that relationships are a lot like tennis matches. I hit the ball to you, and you hit it back to me. If it’s working well, it’s because of the way we are BOTH engaging. And if it’s NOT working, guess what? It’s because of the way we are BOTH engaging.

In this week’s episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I explain how to step over smallness and negativity and choose intentionally high-evolving, encouraging conversations and interactions.

I invite you to watch the episode, to find out how to truly live in a highly conscious place of integrity and respect—not just visit that neighborhood from time to time.

Remember, this is your home. This is a delicious, courageous conversation with thousands of people all over the world. We are in one giant, nontoxic relationship. And ALL of the dynamic content here comes from questions you all have asked me.

So I invite you to please ask questions. I promise — if you come empty, I’ll come full and serve you back answers.

Watch the episode right now and please share which part really hit home for you. How will you raise your own bar and release toxic energy?

I BELIEVE in you. And…come on, you know what I’m going to say, right? I LOVE you. I really do.

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Awesome Lisa, I now can give people my address and tell them that I don’t live where they are looking for me. Many times people will bring you stuff and yes I said stuff from Garbage Alley and Dirty Drive. I have to give them notice and some precise directions of where to take it because I don’t live there!!!


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