How to Release Years of Anger

Have you ever had someone hurt you or betray you? Have you been holding onto that anger for a long time? Are you tired of being angry, but not sure how to release it? Maybe you are even angry with yourself.

I can totally relate. ‘Cause anger is gonna come. We ALL get angry from time to time. I get angry. But, I no longer give anger permission to take up valuable real estate in my heart.

You see, one of the first steps to releasing anger is to understand the power behind the emotion. Anger causes us to be smaller than we want to be. To not stand in our glory and greatness. It causes us to contract and robs us of feeling love and peace of mind.

In this week’s episode of The Lisa Nichols Show, I share strategies for releasing anger and choosing forgiveness—an expanding emotion that invites in love and possibility. Because YOU deserve to live with peace of mind and joy.

I invite you to watch the episode right now and then share in the comments which part of the message you needed to hear the most. What was your #BOL or “Aha” moment?

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