How To Not Lose One’s Self in a Relationship

When is the last time you took off your superhero or shero cape and let someone help you? Or better yet–asked for help

You see, relationships are a dynamic exchange. Whether they are romantic, friendships, family or work relationships, one person is usually the GIVER and the other the RECEIVER.  

Some of us, including myself, are way more comfortable in giving mode. We actually seek out receivers. Then we get upset when the other person doesn’t give to us – I mean that is CRAY CRAY, right? 

If you’re not asking for what YOU need, then you can’t blame the other person—they can’t read your mind. It’s YOUR job to voice your needs BEFORE they become a complaint. 

That’s why it is so important to exercise and develop both your giving and receiving muscles; to learn to how to ask for what you want; and to teach people how to show up for you.

I invite you to watch this episode of the Lisa Nichols Show where I give you tips on how to redesign your relationships and how to adjust your own behavior to cause a natural shift in the actions of those around you. 

So please, watch the episode right now and share your biggest takeaway. Are you a giver or a receiver? Are you a giver who is ready to receive more? Or maybe you’re a receiver who would like to be able to give more in your relationships? 

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