How to Manage Stress

A comment I hear a lot is, “Lisa, you seem so calm, like you don’t have any stress in your life”. 

First, let me just clear up that MISCONCEPTION. I operate at a very high level of productivity and have high demands on my time. So trust me, I touch stress on the daily. Who doesn’t, right?

Before I give you some of my first tips on how I manage stress, I have a challenge for you that is going to feel a bit uncomfortable at first—even for all my gladiators and unicorns out there. 

Ready? I want you to try to eliminate using the word STRESS whenever possible, and instead, say, “I’m inviting GRACE AND EASE into my life” 

Why? Because energy grows where energy goes, and I want you to move in the direction of where you are going vs. where you’ve been for a long time. This shift in perspective was a huge #BOL (breakthrough out loud) for me!  

Here are four of my own personal strategies for inviting grace and ease into your life. 

  1. When your to-do list is a mile long, move some of your “by when” dates to more realistic ones. 
  2. Look at your list and see how many things fall into the URGENT category vs. the IMPORTANT category. Very few things are truly urgent, and when you operate in urgent mode all the time, it is hard to experience grace and ease.
  3. Get it all out of your head and onto the list. Make your list, and then break down each item into smaller steps or sub tasks.
  4. Practice the rule of 4X5 deep breathing, taking in a deep breath to the count of five, then holding it for a quick count of five, then exhaling it to a count of five. Do this 5 times a day. Your body cannot experience stress while you’re taking deep breaths. Isn’t that amazing? 

I love reading your comments. So please, share your biggest #BOL (breakthrough out loud) or #AHA moment in the comments below. What hit home for you? How can you invite more grace and ease into your daily life? 

And if you have not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, what are you waiting for? Please do it right now because this is your SAFE HAVEN. This is your SAFE SPACE to take off your cape and explore what you think and how you feel about the life you are creating.  

I LOVE you and I BELIEVE in you. By just being a part of my tribe, YOU bring grace and ease into my life.

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