How To Maintain Faith

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “Lisa…how do you keep the faith when things feel like they’re falling apart?”  

It’s easy to keep your eye on the prize and the big vision when things are going great, and you can SEE IT, FEEL IT and maybe even TASTE IT within reach. 

But the true test of faith comes when the challenges happen. When the NOW happens. When there are health challenges… financial challenges… naysayer challenges… time challenges.

I’ve been in that EXACT situation. I could visualize my dreams, my mission, my no matter what. I was keeping my eyes focused ahead, yet I’d look down at my NOW and see my 8-month old son, Jelani, next to me wrapped in a towel because I could not afford pampers.  

In this week’s episode of The Lisa Nichols Show, I explain how I kept the faith and STILL keep the faith when there are bumps in the road. Faith means the ability to see the unseen. To stand on what you know, not what you see or hear. To FEEL so much in your spirit and soul that you don’t NEED to see the physical proof. To know you WILL get knocked down, but also know you are PREPARED to get right back up again. 

So, please watch the episode right now and share in the comments which part really hit home for you.  What lesson did you learn or #BOL did you have? Or maybe you already knew this, but just needed a gentle (ok maybe not so gentle) reminder.

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