How To Create Healthy Boundaries

This might be a little hard for you to hear — I know it was for me. But in this relationship we both signed up for, I tell you what you NEED to hear vs. what you WANT to hear. I’m gonna give it to you straight, no chaser!  

The way people treat you, is how you train them to treat you. 

If people are crossing your boundaries, it’s because they don’t know where they are. If people call you at crazy hours of the night, it’s because you keep answering. If people ask you to do things above and beyond, it’s because you keep doing them. It’s because YOU TRAINED them to do it.

This is a tough lesson. One I had to learn for myself. But there is some good news.  People can be RETRAINED! It’s up to you, though, to set the record straight.

I invite you to watch this episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, cause in it, I give you the EXACT words to use…the EXACT script to follow to apologize for not setting healthy boundaries. I’m talking some serious grown folk talk. It’s time to pull up your big girl or big boy pants and make it happen.

Because on the other side is the experience you deserve! It’s time to reclaim your boundaries, reclaim your joy, reclaim your life, and reclaim your future. Let’s design it in a way that serves EVERYBODY!

Remember, this show is not a monologue. Oh no, no, no. I AM NOT going to be the only one talking. I wanna hear from you! So please, watch the episode right now and share– what was the biggest lesson you learned? What’s the boundary you have not yet set? Share your feedback in the comments below and practice with us. 

And if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube channel yet, I want you to know, this is your home. This is the home study course from the comfort of your couch at the best price in town — FREE!  We are your tribe. And when I say I LOVE you and I BELIEVE in you, it’s for one reason. BECAUSE I DO.  

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