How to Connect to Creativity

Hi there, and welcome back! This is the space where we transform our lives by learning how to use the tools we need to thrive. I love the questions and comments you share here, and today I want to talk about a question that came in from one of you:

How do I connect to my creativity when I feel blocked?

This is a great question. First of all, you need to look at why you feel blocked. The number one reason we can feel blocked is because we set unrealistic timelines. We are stressing ourselves out by saying things like, “I will make six figures this year.” Now, this might be realistic if you made $89,000 last year, but it’s a pretty big stretch if you made $35,000. It’s time to pick that apart, and figure out how to set a realistic timeline that you can feel successful working through.

So, let’s say, for example, you want to build a program to move your business into that six-figure geography. In order to reach that goal, you have to decide how many people will need to sign up for that program, each paying whatever your price point is. Once you have determined that, decide – realistically – how many people you can get signed up each week or month. Now, you can see more clearly how long it might take to reach that goal. Maybe this year, you can increase from $35,000 up to $55,000. And that’s great! At that rate of growth, it would be possible to get into that six-figure range within 3-4 years. Can you feel the pressure release?

Be generous with yourself and take the time you need to work toward your goals joyfully instead of being stressed out. Remember that it is about the journey. Our lives are not a destination. Reaching a goal is not the end. You will reach your goal, and then set another one – this is the fun part! Your growth and learning is fun, and it makes the journey feel lighter and much more enjoyable. It’s not about waiting for when you hit that magic number – it’s about the adventures you have along the way.

After we adjust our timelines, let’s think about how you will FEEL when you accomplish this goal. Paint a really clear picture. Sit with this. Close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself having accomplished your goal. Picture yourself in that space. What does your life look like? Who are you with? What are you doing? How have you been able to enhance your life? Are you able to open up more possibilities and opportunities for yourself? Write down everything that you feel about this.

The second part of this is bigger than the first part. What does life look like for others? What kinds of shifts are happening for the people you serve? How is your family affected by your achievements? Will your kids be able to participate in activities that will make them grow and learn, because now you can afford to enroll them in different things like music, sports, or whatever their interests are? Are you now able to give back to your community to enhance the lives of the people around you? Can you take your parents on a dream vacation?

How does this make you feel?

After spending this moment with your accomplished goal, can you feel the stress melt a little? Is your creativity opening up? By focusing on how we will feel after accomplishing a goal instead of the timeline we have imposed upon ourselves, our creativity is naturally elevated. Ideas come more easily. We are in the flow of our work when we take the pressure off of ourselves to meet deadlines. I don’t like that word: “deadline.” Instead, let’s use words that bring life to our goals: stand alive dates, living boldly dates, accomplishment dates. These words are life-affirming! You must be conscious about how you talk to yourself!

If you are trying to get “un-stuck”, remember these two important things:

  • Focus on the feelings
  • Set realistic timelines 

I want to hear from you. How does setting realistic timelines and focusing on the feelings of accomplishment change things for you? Tell me where you felt stuck, and how things have changed since you raised your chin to look over the horizon instead of getting stuck in the details. Always remember that this is your community; your family. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do that now so that you never miss an episode – so that you never miss an opportunity to connect with me and connect with your tribe. Tell me about your breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. I truly do love you and I believe in you. I want you to accomplish your goals joyfully! I’ll see you real soon.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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    • Sharon
      Sharon says:

      Thank you so much Lisa, I have followed you for about 5 years now and you have inspired me much. I may have had a dream that was laid aside because of the fear. Dusted myself up as I have $5 in bank account which is going to be wiped off by service charges and leave the negative. I must not dim my light. I will come back with a testimony this time next year of how I my light has been a torch to others that are in the dark. Thanks again Lisa for being a light of hope not only to me but to many. I hope someday we will meet and share a stage.

  1. Mariann Beard-Goss
    Mariann Beard-Goss says:

    You have always inspired me and I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this message today! Been dimming my light for too long which caused me to be stuck!

  2. Mahan Kaur
    Mahan Kaur says:

    I never give myself a timeline I give myself a commitment to work on it every day to keep the momentum on my progress being kindness to myself. I’m struggling with getting to the next level financially. Being seen and receiving back what I’m putting out. I have gratitude for each step. I keep showing up. Looking forward to meeting wonderful people who may see me and offer me my next opportunity of gratitude.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    This was a very insightful session for me. I do feel like I am stuck, trying to decide what’s next. A little history, I started a youth organization in 2007. Had an awesome session, and then the market crashed. I am an educator and I went back into Education for safety, but I opened another center in 2016/2017. Had issues with the location twice. Once we were closed for a year, and in 2019 had to let it go because of illegal substances in the building. I have exhausted my funds with this venture, yet I can’t seem to let it go. I find that I am looking for a new location because there is such a need to educate our youth and introduce them to the creative side of life. Introduce them to things that our education system feels to provide them with successfully. A life that sometimes only privileged children can acquire. I’m stuck because each time I say I’m letting this business go, I get charged when I think about the possibilities to elevate our youth. The creative side of me gets intrigued and I can honestly answer both of your questions, #1 & #2 with clarity. I can’t use any more of my funds, because they were exhausted, but I have learned to use other people’s money to support this endeavor (grants, investors). But I come back to, do I let this go, because my success has been limited due to an adequate location? But is it actually just that? I ask myself, what am I missing?

  4. Jocelyn
    Jocelyn says:

    Hello Lisa! had 3 areas where I felt stuck all year. Your message was so clear & helpful!
    My take-aways:
    ~Deadlines can be a gateway to procrastination.
    ~No one else has set this weight on me. I set this goal & need to envision my outcome
    ~Feelings are more powerful than thoughts

    Thank you so much!

  5. Sara kour
    Sara kour says:

    My dear sister in prosperity and possibility, I was intrigued by your phrase “yes, yes?” . I watched the episode that you told story about being a single Mom, and you don’t have money to buy your kid pampers! I am so proud of you. You look wonderful. I don’t know how you make it. I always want to write books and be a motivational speaker, but it seems too far fetched for me. People start giving me advice left and right, they seemed to know much more than me. I am 58 years old with a master degree in teaching! After 25 years of teaching , I was beyond burned out, I quit in the middle of school year and never look back at teaching job again. It had been 6 years that I don’t have a career job that I once love! I am floating around try to figure out things to do with out causing me so much anxiety! Love you Lisa! Ra Kour

  6. Gwendolyn Stuckey
    Gwendolyn Stuckey says:

    This is what I needed to hear. Give myself some grace. God is not through with me yet. I realize I need to move away from the negative. I am learning that some things are not meant to be permanent. Let go and let God! Thank you Lisa! Peace , light and love ❤️

  7. Christele
    Christele says:

    Hi Lisa, it is always a pleasure to read you.
    I liked the way to insert family and others in our dream. I strongly believe we don’t succeed for only ourselves, but also to let our relatives enjoy and thank God with us.
    All the best, Lisa!

  8. Michelle Hutchings-Medina
    Michelle Hutchings-Medina says:

    Lisa, thanks so much for this advice. It’s essential to have realistic “smart” goals, but what I’ve found most helpful is this idea of tying my feelings to goal setting and completion. Initially, I had difficulty setting and meeting goals for my business because the focus was on me and mine. The reasons to move forward weren’t compelling enough to keep me going. The whole game changed once I identified a group to serve and help! My creative juices started flowing once I found the problem I wanted to solve and a target group. Only now am I able to begin setting smart goals around the business.

  9. Axel
    Axel says:

    Thank you Lisa. Absolutely agree with clearing up our vocabulary and making a conscious effort how we speak. We have been conditioned with such words like “deadline, brainstorm, etc.” Programming all those negative words into our human computer. I read this in the book “Your word is your wand by Florence Shinn… owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract. After man knows the truth, he cannot be too extra careful of his words. Man only dares to use his words for three purposes, to heal, bless or prosper”. I live and believe in the philosophy of positivism. It becomes a daily habit. Yes yes! On the accomplishment date or meeting of the minds. Focus on what we want not what we don’t want. Thank you for reinforcing this belief. It does work and creates flow in my life and provides inspiration, knowledge and wisdom from infinite spirit. Love you Lisa. After The Secret, your interview with Tom Biyou was inspiring and life changing for me. CTTP it is.

  10. Shynauna
    Shynauna says:

    Lisa I have learned so much from you.You inspire me to want to give and do more.Thank you for taking the time to share these impactful moment s with all of us..You are a beautiful light..

  11. Lydia Mcfee
    Lydia Mcfee says:

    Thank you Lisa Nichols, for giving me the word of encouragement, enrolling in the Ignite program, let me see how much work I need to do in myself, am also glad I will be finished better thank I started. I need to be more committed to myself. Thank you and your team fantastic jobs you put in helping us who come on your community to be better version ourselves. Thank you.

  12. Emily
    Emily says:

    Thank you very much Lisa.Its such a relief for me, instead on focusing on the process and getting stuck, I can think of how my life and that of others will look of feel like with me accomplishing what I have set .I have been too stuck thinking of the pressures of the processes.

  13. Ingrid
    Ingrid says:

    Lisa, I know I am here to help people. Not quite sure how to get it started. People call me, reach out to me for advice, help, prayer when they are going through a challenge. I would offer my advice, if they take it, it is up to them. I pray with them; I try to comfort them. I am amazed at the amount of people who reach out to me. I know I am meant to do something with this, not sure where to start. Also, I am a dog lover, passionate about them. I wrote a book, it is listed on AMAZON, no traction. Really need help on knowing where to begin. Do not want another year to go by and I am still in the same place. What would you suggest?


  14. Anna
    Anna says:


    Thank you for this. I’ve come a long way – growing up with my single mom on public assistance to having a daily life that’s full of ease as a freelancer. That said, this comfortable place I am is partly why I’ve been hesitant to do something bigger, like restarting a major project: a Korean Spa / Spiritual Retreat Center. 😀

    Here’s some gratitude for your continuing to share your gifts and perspective with the world, Lisa!


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