How To Be The Best Version of You

I have a question for you. 

When was the last time you woke up and said, “I like ME today.”? 

I’m talking before you go on Facebook or any other social media to check to see if anyone else has liked you first. 😉

If it’s been a little while, or maybe even a LONG while, that’s ok. I’ve got you!

In this special episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I give you some tips on how to be the best version of yourself. A version you can be SO incredibly proud of. And guess what? The best version of you has NOTHING to do with perfection.  

It’s about being in movement and evolution in each area of your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always where you want to be, but it DOES mean you’re being active, proactive and responsible with your career, finances, relationships, family–all of it.

I invite you to watch the episode, and then take a closer look at each area of your life. Ask yourself: 

What am I actively doing to be in the game? 

What kind of goals can I set that will stretch me, not stress me?

Remember, this is a dialogue–a rich, courageous conversation. I LOVE reading your comments. I truly do. They are like medicine to me. For over 100 episodes I have been reading your comments. So please, watch the episode right now and share what lesson you learned or what #BOL moment you experienced. 

And if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube channel yet, what are you waiting for? Get into the tribe! This is your home. Welcome home. When I say I LOVE you and I BELIEVE in you, it’s because I do. We all do.

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