Forgiving Others

I have a special request for you as we approach the holiday season…

While you are busy making your list and checking it twice…please give yourself the gift to stand in the space of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a subject that can change the trajectory of a relationship. And relationships consume the most energy in our lives. 

You see, when we approach the end of our lives, the topic we spend most of our time reflecting on is NOT how much money we have in the bank…or how many possessions we have…or what career path we took. It’s the quality of our relationships.  

There are all kinds of classes you can take to work on your relationships, but the one nobody really teaches about is FORGIVENESS.

Here are some myths around forgiveness. Forgiveness DOES NOT mean you are letting the other person off the hook or pardoning their behavior. It DOES NOT mean that what happened didn’t hurt you. That’s not the case at all. 

Forgiveness IS committing to not being consumed by anger, frustration or hurt. It’s about expanding your compassion and recognizing that we are all having an imperfect human experience.

I encourage you to ask yourself a couple of important questions:

  • Who in your life do you have an opportunity to extend forgiveness to this holiday season?  
  • How many hours, days, weeks, months or even years have you lost with someone you care about? 

If you are experiencing a rift with someone, I encourage you to forgive them and try to mend it. It may not work out, but at least you’ve done your part.  

Because on the other side of forgiveness is peace of mind, grace and ease. 

Remember, THIS is your community and here, we have courage, dynamic conversations – the kind that allow us to unlock, unleash, unblock and get past anything in our way so we can have a breathtaking life. I love reading your comments, so please let me know below what was your biggest “aha” about forgiveness? What part did you really need to hear? 

I love you, and I believe in you and will always be your sister in prosperity and in possibility. 

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