Foundations for Quantum Leaping Your Life

As you look back at 2020, I wanna know…have you stayed stagnant, experienced growth, or have you QUANTUM LEAPED in a particular area of your life?

For those of you who are wondering what a quantum leap is, it’s having a compressed sense of energy focused in one area where you see SIGNIFICANT growth.

You know how when you cross paths with someone or see someone again after a long time and you remember where you were in your life the last time you ran into them? And then you think to yourself, “Wow I am SO not in that place now…I have SO surpassed that place.” That’s a quantum leap.

The one thing I know for sure is experiencing a quantum leap DOES NOT happen by accident. It is INTENTIONAL. So this week, I felt it was the perfect time to share my three foundations you need in place to quantum leap your health, your finances, your relationships, your mental capacity, or your business—a very timely topic as we start approaching the holidays and setting goals for 2021.

#1 – Consistency.

Most people do something one time with intensity thinking that the intensity is going to create a quantum leap of growth. And it does not. You need to apply attention consistently over and over and over again. Consistency is the key. It’s key in physical leaps. It’s key in financial leaps. It’s key in relationship leaps. If you look closely at any area in your life that has stopped working, it’s likely because you weren’t consistent in that area.

So how do you apply consistency in your life? I believe that every single person should have allocated time to be consistent. You must be intentionally consistent to a particular action. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am PST to 12 noon PST I focused on sales for an entire year. And my company grew over 150% in one year. Then, every year after that my company grew by double digits because I consistently applied sales. Without that intentionally allocated type of time, I might have wanted it, but doubt I would have achieved it.

#2 – Sweat Equity.

My favorite phrase is “sweat equity.” Are you willing to let the brow beads of sweat come up for you as you put time and energy into what you want to get results for? Most people have an idea. They put a little bit of energy into it. Now, I say a little bit compared to what is actually needed. It doesn’t mean you’re not working hard, but sweat equity normally is going further than you expected to go and longer than you expected to go to get the result you want. Are you willing to be consistent in your sweat equity time even if you have to put in 10,000 units of energy to get one unit of results out? That is sweat equity. A lot of times we’ve committed to working hard for say a year. And then after a year, if it hasn’t worked, we start checking out or slowing down. Sweat equity means you go as far as you need to go for as long as you need to go to get the result you want. Sweat equity is required in order to quantum leap your growth.

#3 – Community.

My first seven years of business I was a lone ranger. A solopreneur. I didn’t know how much I needed community. But now I’m crystal clear. You need a community of people who are riding and running in the exact same direction as you are. They don’t have to think exactly like you or want the same outcome as you, but they do want to up level and quantum leap in their lives. They want to increase their growth. They want to be better people. They want to serve the masses in whatever way they’re doing it.

You need a community who can hold you accountable to the woman or man you’re becoming. They serve as your check and balances and are there to bounce ideas off of. They remind you of what you said you wanted. They allow you to tap into your consistency. They will help pick you back up if you decide to sit down. They are an example of what sweat equity looks like. They are the ones who are two or three steps further than where they were before if you haven’t spoken to them for 30 days or 90 days.

They are the ones who are in this tribe and community of like-minded unicorns, gladiators and change agents. That is why you are here, right? You’re not just online inside my community to have an experience with me. You’re here to talk to the other people who are here as well.

Remember, this show is a dialogue not a monologue. I want to hear from you. I LOVE reading your comments, so please let me know below what stood out for you. What was something you needed to be reminded of? Share your quantum leaps with me and your areas you want to intentionally focus on for 2021.

This is your home, we are your tribe, and I am your girl. And every time that I say I love you and I believe in you, it’s because I truly do. Here’s to quantum leaping in 2021!

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Robyn-Lee Nichols
    Robyn-Lee Nichols says:

    Thank you so much for the confirmations, which you deliver with such care and passion! You highlight critical aspects of growth in a way that always inspires me and at the same time gives me comfort for my onward journey.
    Love and light Lisa

  2. Evaline
    Evaline says:

    Lisa I love this video. My Aha ha moment was realizing I am doing all three of these things but I’m doing them in an unproductive manner. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bring this to my attention. I consistently do the same thing every day. I utilize sweat equity in giving my valuable time to gossip, allowing people to pull me into drama to the point of sweating and wiping my face and brows and big sighs. I have had the same community of friends, co-workers who do the exact things I do we say we want to level of but we make decisions that is not in alignment with what we say we want. We behave in a way that says we’ve given up. Starting today I am comminuted to using the three foundational principles to level up so I too can experience a quantum leap in my finances, health, and relationships. I can hardly wait to share my testimony on how these three things changed my life. Thank you for sharing this video. Your sister in love & prosperity.

  3. Jacqueline Triplett
    Jacqueline Triplett says:

    Amazing this is almost exactly what my meditation was this morning: 1) Rid inconsistencies: Finish what you start 2) Do the Work 3) Set timelines and meet. Lisa I thank Father God for you. Thank you for being you, thank you for MTM and thank you for not leaving me behind.❤️❤️

  4. Cynthia Thomas
    Cynthia Thomas says:

    Thanks, for the wisdom. We can relate to everything that you were saying. I am taking one day at a time, not perfect. I will continue to grow and to inspire others along the way. Thank you, again.

  5. Barbie Layton
    Barbie Layton says:

    Yes to the quantum leap! Consistency has been my jam year and every event you offered, I was there! Both of your online summits, Powerhouse Speakers three days , where you discussed that you needed a way for people to find you after the Secret and it took 9 years and you had such great advice on how to create a multi-layered business. Your advice is so spot on as to how to uplevel and bump up!

    Also, shout out to my Soul Sister Regina as I have had the privilege to watch her quantum leap this year and 2021 is going to be a banner year for rocket launches! Thank you, Lisa!

  6. Kay schnizlein
    Kay schnizlein says:

    Sweat equity more in every day I expect results to continue or charge to different action.more in .over & over. My community left this LAB business.
    I just learning find like minded community

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Lisa, my ah-ha moment wasn’t necessarily from the three points. However, it came from the the topic itself… the quantum leap… and asking myself in what way has my life changed in the last year in the areas of personal and/or personal growth. My shortfall is, although many positive changes of growth have happened in the last year, I don’t naturally give myself the credit that I deserve. I am in this perpetual loop of “just doing what needs to be done to make it” instead of doing what needs to be done to better understand what I really want in my life, particularly my professional life. Because of this, I oftentimes feel that I am not progressing but continue to feel stuck. When in reality, I have come a long way. I have to become more consistent but in a way that isn’t self sabotaging.

  8. Imani
    Imani says:

    Thank you for these three points as a reminder of how we are to pursue and activate our vision and goals. The one I am focusing on the most is consistency, as well as community because we were not meant to live our lives just by ourselves, but to be surrounded by the right people who will encourage, support, pray and uplift us daily.

  9. Jay
    Jay says:

    Thank you Lisa for some end of year encouragement, and to consider where I am at with Quantum Leaping?
    I think to achieve a Quantum Leap for me is the outcome of a significant mental shift forward after applying an ongoing committed and consistent vision to where I want to go. This means remaining aware (as you say)… in what my ‘mental location’ is doing to assist me in getting there. Adding my sweat equity, which translates to both my beliefs, mental location, and taking action. I have to keep believing in myself, believe that my health circumstance will heal, that my life will change, having faith – while taking consistent micro steps day by day, by day, by day applying an action to support my body, mind, and spirit, building on the shift in energy, the shift in mindset that will lead to the quantum leap. As far as Community, I have to admit this one is a challenge, but believe me it too is on my want to achieve list. Finding a ‘like minded’ vibrant and encouraging community, or what I call a progressive, positive, loving, supportive spiritual community that you can feel safe to be you in, to grow within, and particularly support to grow within – I have been taking action on seeking this out for years, and find this to be quite a challenge to discover (in my country? as I’m sure acceptance of diversity is a challenge for many in other countries too?). Hence, I guess in the meantime that’s why I eventually manifested finding Lisa Nichols, and the internet community/tribe.

    So yes, I am a recent newby to connecting but its an awesome encouraging ride to be a recipient of your blessings Lisa. Thank you, and bless you dear one.

    All the very best for a Happy Christmas 2020, and to all who of you who’s comments are an added encouragement and blessing on my journey.

  10. Becky cardenas
    Becky cardenas says:

    Hi Ms. Nichols.
    Thank you so much for the love!!!! Thank you for the help it is confirmation for me!!! Sending you lots of

  11. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    The two points that resonated with me were Consistency and Sweat Equity. It is important that I continue to be consistent and put the sweat equity into my business. I keep getting side tracked with work.

  12. Andiswa
    Andiswa says:

    Hi Lisa

    Thank you for this episode. What hit me in consistency, I really need to practise this a lot. I tend to be sidetracked when my mind is stimulated with a new idea.

  13. Nicole from Fr Guiana
    Nicole from Fr Guiana says:

    Thank you once more Lisa! Those three keys are just in line with “blowing my mind in 2021” It will be much easier for me to “practice active self-care”. I must keep up with my strategy. In fact I need first quantum leaping in my well-being in order to have it in my business. You are just great, and I will keep following you.

  14. Justine Anku
    Justine Anku says:

    Good morning Lisa, thanks for the mail. I really like it to prepare me for 2021.
    A foot ball team in my country has a slogan that reads ” never say die until the bones are rotten ” that’s me in 2021. 2020, I went through a lot. Now it’s time to tell my story even as I moved forward to play full out by God’s grace.
    In 2021, CONSISTENCY is key to me if I really want financial abundance .
    Thank you Lisa. Merry Christmas

  15. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    All three were benefiting! Getting it Done in 2021 is my vision! Consistency, Sweat Equity, and Community! Thank you Lisa for allowing me to benefit, just to tap into your overflow.

  16. Gregory Perrimon Jr.
    Gregory Perrimon Jr. says:

    The video was very inspiring and informative with the keys to hatch a change within our lives. I just love your energy of passivity, a conquering spirit, and a positive mindset. God Bless.

  17. Paula Centofanti
    Paula Centofanti says:

    I am wondering how to find this tribe other than facebook groups, I get exhausted being online. I want others ways to have a community to inspire and hold me accountable to be the best version of me and keep pushing forward in the same intensity to achieve my dreams and make my business a reality

  18. Beverly Matthews
    Beverly Matthews says:

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your wisdom and testimonies. All three pillars resonate with me. The consistent application that comes from equity sweat is my lightbulb moment.

  19. Marge Di Blasio
    Marge Di Blasio says:

    Such a moving message Lisa. You’re such an inspiration.. thank you. That part when you said, “This is your home we are your tribe..” hit me hard this time. I’ve been following you for a while and even enrolled in your 28 days course..but i guess this time, I am ready for transformation so hearing that from you again makes me feel belong.. thank you for making this world a better place.

  20. Bibi S
    Bibi S says:

    Wonderful sharing! I appreciate the reminder about consistency and sweat equity. My ‘aha’ was… community – I happily laughed out loud as I recognized …, Lisa, are a big part of my community…holding me accountable and continuing to guide me. Thank you.

  21. Mara Palma
    Mara Palma says:

    I needed to hear this! I particularly heard, “Consistency” and it hit me in a different way today. While I can say I want to do something, if I don’t apply the necessary hours to it, I will never get there. Here’s to #BOLs!


    Thank You for your Consistent Support Lisa! I have found that I’ve lost focus due to trying to be supportive of someone who is pessimistic in life. It has slowed down my own process, as I’ve tried to get THEM to refocus on the light rather than the dark. They simply choose to seek and focus on all things negative instead. I need to refocus on my own vision and future. I truly need a like-minded Tribe.

    Thank You SO Much!

  23. Judith
    Judith says:

    Mine were the first 2. I do have community of supporters, but have let them down due to lack of consistency and going above and beyond. One of the cons of home base business, you tell yourself you’re the boss and I don’t have to work today or this week and then you miss a goal . So I am going to commit to consistency in 2021.

  24. Miriam Edwards
    Miriam Edwards says:

    Mine was the first 2. Having a corporate job and a ailing family. That demands a lot of time can definitely cause gaps. I have to work consistently and allocate time to accomplish daily goals.

  25. Loren
    Loren says:

    Thank you, Lisa! i love me some you. Another Good Word. You are such an awesome, wise, powerful teacher. This reminds me that I need to work on expanding my community. That is an area of the three steps that could use some work. Being here is a great start for sure! And there’s so much online now due to the pandemic. So I’m going to put some effort and time into connecting more deeply with my tribe/s. Again, I thank you, Lisa.

  26. Bridgette Prendergast-Francis
    Bridgette Prendergast-Francis says:

    Thank you Lisa for such inspiration. What stood out for me was that in order to quantum leap my life I have to do some sweat equity. I have not been doing this and now I am empowered to go out and do what I’ve been slacking off on doing. Thank you so much. God bless my sister

  27. LinLi
    LinLi says:


    Quatum leaps! It indeed takes consistency, commited sweat equity and community. I came along away, and I am leaping onto being the light and inspiration in public eyes. That shy and introverted closed up me has leaped to who I am today, continue leaping! You have been inspiring me in all levels! Yes, community is what I am building, love to expand myself to Oneness!

    Thank you!

  28. Kinsey
    Kinsey says:

    Absolutely love!! Quantum leap is cultivated by the fundamentals. It is repetition and grit with the love of the like-minded community that will support you to success!


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