Tips to Create a Powerful Message – Part 2

Last week, I shared the first of 5 anchors to create a powerful message. If you haven’t read that yet, please take a few minutes now to go back and read that blog first before you read this one.

As I mentioned before, whether it is speaking to one person in a private conversation or to thousands of people from a stage, it takes a lot of thoughtful pieces to create a powerful message. If you step on my campus you’ll be able to learn all 17 techniques that make up the science of unforgettable speaking, but for now, these top 5 powerful techniques will create big shifts in your conversations and speeches.

Step 2 — Customize your Content for Each Event

I cannot tell you how many times I see speakers, orators, and teachers who have a really great message, but with each new audience they speak in front of, 90% of the message is the same. I gotta be honest with you, some of the people that I know in the industry (even some of my friends) do this too. I love them dearly, but the audience ends up paying because the speaker was being lazy.

You have to customize your message for your audience. You have to know who they are, how they are different, and the time period in which you are delivering the message. You would not be giving the same speech now as you would have in 2019 as too much has changed in the world.

Make sure that your message addresses your audience.

You don’t talk to everyone in your life the same way. If you were talking to a three-year-old, you would have a three-year-old conversation.  If you were talking to a 15-year-old, you’d have a 15-year-old conversation in order to relate to them. And if you were talking to a 55-year-old like me, you would speak to me differently. You don’t speak to your partner the way you would speak to your boss or your children or a friend, right? You speak to them in a manner that fits your relationship. It is the exact same thing with your audience. So take the time to customize your message.

You can be talking about the same content and using the same technique, but think of who your audience is. Is it corporate employees? An entrepreneur?  A bunch of teenagers? When you customize the content, it allows the audience to feel a more intimate connection to you and lets them know you understand them. Then, they’ll lean in to listen to you because they will think, “He or she gets me.” Give your audience the gift of respect by customizing at least a portion of your content or story that you tell.

How to Customize Your Speech

Ask questions.

Think of your listeners as your customers and you are their service provider.

Ask  yourself these questions:

  • What matters to them most these days?
  • What problem are they working to solve?
  • What’s keeping them up at night?
  • What area would they love to grow in?
  • What’s their pain point?
  • What are the 10 things that they are tolerating right now?

Ask those questions, collect the data, put it in your back pocket, and create your content, your programs, etc., about what speaks to them.

Share a Story

The other way you can customize your message for your audience is to share a story about when you were where they are right now. Right now I’m in the top-earning bracket, but when I speak, you don’t hear me talk about that or referencing that. You hear me talking about times when I didn’t have money to buy Pampers for Jelani or when I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. Now that is not the only place I’ve been, but when you are in the business of transforming lives, I try to reach the person furthest from me by sharing that story, knowing everyone else in the middle fits. I share stories about feeling afraid to let my light shine. I share relevant stories for where my audience is right now, not where I am right now.

Acknowledge Why They’ve Showed Up to Hear You

The third way to customize your message for your audience is to acknowledge why they have shown up to the event (virtual or live). Acknowledge what they’re looking for. Let them know, “I see you, and I know why you are here.” Let them know you know the real things in life they are dealing with or pains they are looking to relieve.

Remember, this show is not just a monologue. It’s a dialogue. I love talking with you. And the way we talk is I share something with you here, and then you comment below and share with me what it made you think about. What was your #AHA moment or #BOL (breakthrough out loud).

There’s no judgment here. There’s just sheer encouragement.

I believe in you and I love you. Stay close and get ready for Step 3 of creating a powerful speech coming soon.

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  1. Ana Carina Garcia
    Ana Carina Garcia says:

    Lisa! I’m so honored to be connected to your message (ask Sean and Danita who I am!!) and watching you as you deliver the very last part of your message is so humbling-you radiate love and belonging—and you inspire me to want to dig deeper to see if I am brave enough to explore what God’s gifts for me are and how to share them with my community. Looking forward to step 3! Hugs and love ❤️ Carina

  2. Lisa McNulty
    Lisa McNulty says:

    Thank you for your tips and I am so glad you said it. I have noticed many wonderful speakers with great messages use too many techniques to develop rapport and miss the connection with me because they have not thought about who they are speaking to. I go to a speakers club twice a month and it is definitely noticeable who’s and who’s serving the audience. That said it is not always easy to know the audience and hindsight is amazing if only it was available in advance.

  3. Amy Leverant
    Amy Leverant says:

    Just watched your second video on creating a powerful message. I watched you for the first time at a training event for our company, LifeVantage, several months ago. You mesmerized me and everyone around me as well. You are so gifted and with an amazing story. Thank you for all that you do. I am hoping to become a better speaker and learn to connect with my audience. I have no intentions of becoming a perfessional speaker but these skills that you teach are invaluable. You have a huge spark of God inside you, Lisa and I can see and feel it. You are so real and authentic…that is your gift to us. True connection. Thank you!! Amy

  4. Mercy Collins
    Mercy Collins says:

    This was very inspirational and Informative. Even though I am still feeling a little lost at times because this is all new to me. I will continue on. I have a Great tribe behind me pushing me. Thank you for connecting with me. Every word is felt that you say.

  5. Bernice Ofosu-Koranteng
    Bernice Ofosu-Koranteng says:

    Many thanks Lisa for your time and efforts. This is absolutely amazing. You really know how to connect with your audience and I hope to walk in your shoes some day.
    I’m learning a lot and cannot wait for Step 3.
    Keep it up!

  6. Jose
    Jose says:


    Thank you for your words, always full of love and insight.
    You mentioned being afraid to shine your light back when you struggled.
    How were you able to overcome this fear?
    This is something that I am struggling with and could use some advise and perspective.

  7. Linda Mills
    Linda Mills says:

    Being able to customize a story in my life that can relate to my audience is phenomenal and I am on top of this one to thank you Lisa little sis.

  8. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Lisa – where do I begin I am stringing these lessons together like a string of pearls I see from your teachings that reinforces what I already know, (I studied acting, was a dancer so I know the importance of “know your audience”) and what I need to get way better at (know your audience). The content and connections piece clarified and gave legs to why a speech always sounds better, grabs my attention, and is more impactful when the speaker throws in a personal story. Like Jose above – I’m struggling with letting my light shine – getting a coach when I have no money – how to get it off of the ground – achieve – and be all that God wants me to be. Sigh! Thank you thank you thank you

  9. Marnie B Maxwell
    Marnie B Maxwell says:

    This topic of acknowledging the audience as the experts as they know better than anyone what they need to live their most fulfilling life and I am the service provider. YES!!!……Thank you Lisa
    And customize each speech / talk for the audience….Yes!!!. I celebrate your skill and lovely heart. Marnie B

  10. Ngozi
    Ngozi says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for this message. I’ve often wondered how one can deliver a message or speech without actually repeating the same message all over again. And this really makes it clear. Thanks slot.

  11. Denise Grant
    Denise Grant says:

    Valuable message, Lisa. This information will definitely transform my speeches. I am implementing these tips right away. Thank you!

  12. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you for these messages, and your realness. You’ve taken the content I’ve heard elsewhere and made it more understandable and real for me. You so role model being real and connecting to your audience!


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