Top 3 Tips for Dealing with Failure

How many times have you tried something and failed?

Come on y’all…I see those hands waving. Trust me when I say, #YANA (you are not alone). In fact, I’m a PRO at this topic. Why? Because I’ve tried so many things and failed, over and over again. I am SO QUALIFIED to talk about this subject–LOL!

You see, I believe that all of my successes today are because I failed at something in the past and was able to pull the best lesson out of it.

That’s why I wanted to share my top three tips for dealing with failure.

#1 – Give Yourself 1,000 Second Chances.

And every time you get to 999, press reset and give yourself 1,000 more! Life is about practicing and replaying. Life is not about perfection. The moment you pursue perfection vs. progress, you suck all the joy out of your moments. You know, sometimes you can accomplish something amazing and 96 out of 100 people think it was great. And instead of focusing on the 96, you focus on the 4 who didn’t think it was all that. All of a sudden, you stop giving yourself the grace that you give others. So, give yourself 1,000 second chances to get it right—or better yet, to do it better. I never say I’m going to do it perfectly or right; I’ll say I’m going to do it better the next time.

#2 – Keep Track vs. Keeping Score. 

Don’t keep score because keeping score is showing up and collecting evidence on why something won’t work, why someone’s going to fail, or why something isn’t good. Keeping track is taking note of the directions that served you or didn’t serve you. Keeping track is making sure you understand what steps gave you the return on your investment you wanted and what steps didn’t. So keep track instead of keeping score.

#3 – Recognize the Power Lies in Getting Back Up.

When you fail at something, the power doesn’t lie within what knocked you down. So, quit telling the story of what knocked you down. Quit posting on Instagram, on Facebook, or telling you girlfriends, or telling God. Quit rehashing the story because energy grows where energy goes. Instead of regurgitating the story of what knocked you down, begin to focus on what’s going to get you back up. That is where the power lies.

When I look at someone who I’m going to bank all my energy on, who I’m going to give my last dime to, I’m gonna bet on the person that’s more committed to getting back up. So please choose wisely where you spend your time, energy and thoughts.

I’m so curious…what was your biggest #BOL (breakthrough out loud) or #AHA moment from this episode? Where in life have you been knocking yourself down? In what ways have you been afraid to fail?

I love reading your comments and responses and seeing how you engage with each other. It makes my heart happy. So, let’s please keep connecting.

Remember, this is your home. I LOVE you. I BELIEVE in you. And I’ll always be…your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility.

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  1. Jesus...Grace
    Jesus...Grace says:

    ThankU for encouraging message of hope…I really need the right support system in place to strengthen myself again!!! I have been isolated a very long time wanting to share my message the right way and want to move soul is screaming out to ask in the name of the Lord for help because I cannot do it by myself anymore it is a heavy cross alone!!! I really want to come out there and have all your support..I am uncertain of the steps to take to get there because I venture off in the wrong direction a lot!! I want to be around healthy, inspiring people with the right skills to help me strengthen my foundation so I don’t keep affecting my health the wrong way!!! I am trying to keep my faith as strong as possible and not focus on limitations but it would be a lot easier around the right frequency people!!! I am open to any suggestions you have of how to reach my destinations because I realized I cannot go searching for majical planes that don’t exist…lol!!! I would be grateful to be around some strong inspiring women such as yourself who believe in Gods word because that’s what is placed in my spirit & soul to give!!!

  2. DESPINA Counsel
    DESPINA Counsel says:

    Lisa l have listened to you from your early days and watched you grow evolve and blossom.
    What a Woman & Shining light you have been at different ages and stages of my own personal life.
    At 62 l have had many experiences Joyous and Sad and have had times of feeling unmotivated.
    Today after a long while l listened to my intuition and pressed play. Thankyou for the motivation.
    In these times it’s taking all that we have to Rise Strong and navigate this transformational time in our World.
    With Gratitude & Blessings

    DESPINA Counsel
    MindBodyCounsel. Melbourne Australia

  3. Niki Watson
    Niki Watson says:

    I clicked on the site because I’m failing at things I’m passion able such as empowering the youth about their opportunities in life especially when they come from a single parent home. It’s experience tough trying to be entertaining when sports is where they want to be.

    I’m going to keep going. Thank you for the video.

  4. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    #YANA. I have failed and fallen down so many times, but I always get up and take stock of what I learned. I am working on not dragging the stories and energy of past failures into my future. Thank you Lisa for another great lesson!

  5. Leonard Robinson Sr
    Leonard Robinson Sr says:

    Hey Lisa, this is your boy Leonard and, your brother in everything you do for mankind. I love you just the way you are. Thank you very much for the 3 tips. My takeaway was best on give yourself 1000 more chances. I see how this can and will fit in my relationship with my future wife. She had a stroke and is doing everything she can to use her left side some. I love her and I am so proud of her strong will and determination to walk again. Now when I see her looking discouraged I will say honey Lisa Nichols say give yourself 1000 chances and when you get to 999 stick your finger out and hit RESET!!!

  6. Sondra Menifield
    Sondra Menifield says:

    OMG! Thank you! Rejection and failure knocked me down! Wow, did this just speak to me! I almost didnt open it, ah ha moment…lol!

  7. Wanda Hutchinson
    Wanda Hutchinson says:

    Hello Lisa,

    I was introduced to you for first time watching The Secret!! And watched you transform beautifully!! Go Sista, I have begin manifesting the life want to live!! I vowed not to do a thing, because of the distractions I allow it to bring into my life. I got week, did it anyway! At first I felt so disappointed in myself and Disgusted at the act, it made feel like I had failed myself as well as lied to myself!! The great thing!!! It me understand that’s not me anymore and I don’t have to go here until I am ready and it’s right for me.. we think we want something and it can happen but do we really want that!! Anyway Give myself a 1000 second chances, Recognize the Power Lies in Getting back up!! Thanks I hope see me comment. W

    • Lillian
      Lillian says:

      I feel like I have muscled up. You are strengthening my spiritual being every time you say something. Thank you Lisa

  8. Fran G. Durand
    Fran G. Durand says:

    Hey hey hey Lisa,

    My aha moment although I’ve heard you say it before about not replaying the failure or what made me fell but to give myself a 1000 restarts . Give myself the same grace I always tend to give others . You also said that Life isn’t about Perfection.. it’s always in practice mode .. it’s about getting better than yesterday or our last time doing whatever it is we think we need to be perfect at or whatever we failed at. Awesomeness .. yes Yes‼️

  9. Petra
    Petra says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this timely message. God knows I have tried many things and felt like a failure too many times, cause things didn’t work out, so I really appreciate this message as I am reinventing myself once again in my 46 years of experience, so with your words I am ready to fail over and over again, cause I will press the reset button to give myself 1000 chances over and over – I know I’m gonna need this button, but it’s OK, cause the button won’t fail me! Muahhh!

  10. Janice George
    Janice George says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I’m so happy for this reminder today.
    As I send this message I’m looking at some of the objects in my house that remind me of some major failures I encountered on the winding pathway towards success. In my eagerness to succeed I would often take a leap in a direction that later proved to be a failure. Many of my ideas did not quite work the way that I wanted them to . I have also learned some valuable lessons ,
    I’m also spending some of the time reflecting on some of my wins. I was chosen as Bermuda’s May 2019- May 2020 Nurse of the year, I launched my book “ My Mama is a Nurse “ and I am now a Certified Professional Life Coach adding value to the world.
    Your reminder to give yourself 1000 second chances and reset at 999 keeps me soaring amidst life’s turbulence. One day I would love to meet you, (even a virtual chat), so that I can personally share how you have added value to me as I waded through some of the deep dark moments in my life .
    Each day I get stronger and grow wiser . I then choose to help someone else in need of direction and support .
    Yes Yes!!! I’m living my best life for the rest of my life !
    Thank you for adding value to me and the world .

  11. Sholem Cox
    Sholem Cox says:

    Thank you for the wonderful and powerful video with such amazing encouraging tips.
    You actually caused me to have a paradigm shift. Thank you Lisa and May God continue to bless you!!

  12. Angel Wilson
    Angel Wilson says:

    I like the topic of today discussion about dealing with failure. This was a wonderful topic, because in recent weeks I have had to relook at a business vision I let fall by the wayside last year. Be honest for the last 19 years do to fear and not having a blue print for my vision. However, yesterday I took a chance to do something others have always wanted me to do and that was to model some clothes. I never did it because the one time I try I was laughed at by the casting person do to the way I carry myself. However, yesterday I was free to showcase my qualities all of them including my character. Also, I realize that another one of my business plan objectives is being answered because of the photo shoot.
    Lastly hearing that failure actual leads to success was confirmation.

  13. Mavis Arendsen
    Mavis Arendsen says:

    Dear Lisa

    Thank you for liberating me.
    I am still bleeding from a failure and set back of 3 years ago.. However now that I have listened to your show, I have just pressed the RESET BUTTON AND I AM GETTING BACK UP.



  14. Justine Anku
    Justine Anku says:

    Yes yes , I don’t have much to say. I don’t know about others, but as for me, you always gives me the best . That’s what friend is for. Bringing me back on track when I was going astray. Thank you Lisa. I love you. God bless you.

  15. Soni
    Soni says:

    I really liked this talk about failure.
    It is so important it is like a disease in so many people today (me too of course) to just keep going back to failure. To go back to blaming, rewriting new excuses every day to why I didn’t succed…. Basically blocking your self by cristelising all these fears and limiting beliefs….

    I think it’s a huge obsticle to succes.

    We must focus on what gets us up and going and on the solutions and on the action. That truely is a life changing thing and the only way to really apply it is by journaling and mindfulness. To have a system that can check the direction always.
    It is so important to KEEP TRACK.

    Thank you Lisa for the beautiful talk

  16. se
    se says:

    hi lisa,
    you always make me cry! loved the story about jelani.
    this is so valuable, i think i’ve needed to hit reset a couple times, lol. just going to make today a bit better than yesterday – thank you!

  17. Christina
    Christina says:

    Lstened to this 2x this morning before starting my day; so very powerful. I know I have been very results focused and this video is just another reminder to keep working on letting go of the perfectionism called “my life story”.

    MY 2 BOLs..Don’t keep score because keeping score is showing up and collecting evidence on why something won’t work, why someone’s going to fail, or why something isn’t good. AND energy grows where energy goes!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Hi there Lisa –
    Living this now. I actually thought I was doing okay but in our recent climate some things have been revealed and (and some changes needed). In short, I walked away from this moment feeling like a failure and the piece about “retelling the story” is one I will have to work on because it definitely does not give me fuel I need to continue and I always add another piece to the story 🙁 Thank you for sharing your tips.

  19. Zonke
    Zonke says:

    Thank you. I loved the story about being a parent for the first time every birthday. My breakthrough out loud moment was when you say press reset button after 1000 times. I am so happy and grateful that I have this community in my life. Thank you Lisa. I love you back

  20. sandra L steward
    sandra L steward says:

    Thanks so much. For many years I have felt like a failure because several things that I tried did not work out in my favor. Those around me did not encourage me or show any kindness at the time. I’ve always been very hard on myself, (learned behavior) so I just stewed in self doubt. .But, with your help I see myself differently & your videos are helping me to believe in myself again. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and experiences
    so that others can move forward.

  21. Olivia Underwood
    Olivia Underwood says:

    Thank you for this reminder!! I needed it! I love how you share your experiences to encourage, inspire and empower others! Continue to be that light!


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