Tips for Stepping into your Power

A question I get asked a lot is, “Lisa, how do I step into my power?”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered that yourself. I see those hands waving in the air. Trust me when I say #YANA (you are not alone).

That’s why this week, I’m going to share some tips on not only how to STEP INTO your power, but more importantly, how to STAY in your power – even when things around you are turbulent…when things around you are uncertain…or when things around you are constantly changing.

#1 – Understand your power is always there.

The number one way to step and stay in your power is to understand that your power is always with you–even when you don’t feel like you have it. You see, your power, your strength, your resiliency, and your tenacity are not determined by the weather outside or politics or social movements or health conditions. Your power and your resiliency are ALWAYS there. Some days it’s active, and you’re living in your power…you’re owning it…you’re walking with it…you’re walking beside it…you’re walking in front of it. Power is everywhere around you. And on other days, you have it, but you set it on the shelf temporarily.

No one took it away from you. I know there are times we may feel powerless, but no one can take your power. No one. You may have to dig into your reserves. You may have to think about it differently. But power is always yours. You’re always in the driver’s seat of your life. Now, I know that things may happen to you, but I promise you that there’s a point when you can slide right back into the driver’s seat.

#2 – Sliding back into your power.

Years ago, I was in an abusive relationship and felt like I lost my power.  Whenever you feel this way…like you lost your power…what you’ve really lost sight of is who you are and who you’ve always been.

So, how do you remind yourself?

Affirmations. Take post-it notes with affirmations and stick them wherever you spend time. The first place I stuck them was on the bathroom mirror, so that while I was brushing my teeth I could look up and see a reminder to get back into my power. I saw a note that said “Lisa, you are built from greatness…Lisa, you’re a divine being…Lisa, you’re a child of God…Lisa, greatness is your birthright…Lisa, happiness is your birthright.” I put these notes on my headboard and on the back of my front door. I would go to bed and see a note that said, “Lisa, you only have to accept healthy love.”  I would walk out of my house and see a note that said, “Lisa, you are ready for the world and the world needs you.”

Those affirmations were instrumental in getting me back up and back into my power. Turning my crawl into a walk, and my walk into a run, and my run into a soar. So, if you really want to get back in your power, you need to remind yourself of who you’ve always been.

Another strategy is to find people who can remind you of who you’ve been. People who can pour into your ears and into your soul. People you can call and say, “Can you remind me of what a great mom I am?” “Can you tell me all the reasons I’m good at what I do?”  Sometimes you just need a little evidence. Sometimes you need to look at yourself through someone else’s lens, because their lens of you is often clearer than your lens of yourself.

#3 – Living in your power.

There are some days when it feels like you’re getting further and further away from your power—the power that keeps you in peace and the driver’s seat of your life instead of a victim of your life. Things like COVID or social injustice or an unexpected death of a loved one can throw you into the passenger seat or the backseat or even the trunk. I want you to know that it is your birthright to climb out of that truck, climb out of the backseat, scoot over from the passenger seat and get back into the driver’s seat and declare, “This is my life and I get to run it from the beginning until the end.”

The strategy I use to live in my power is to find a tribe of high-conscious cheerleaders. Make sure they are high-conscious thinkers. Low conscious thinkers will always want you to keep them company. Get your cheerleaders that are going to require you to stand in your greatness. These cheerleaders can reflect back to you what they see when you are in your most powerful space. Then, you can rinse and repeat. I always ask for feedback.  Leaders, gladiators and unicorns always do because we take that feedback and apply it. Because that’s how we grow.

Remember this show is not a monologue. It’s a dialogue and here we have juicy, courageous conversations. I love reading your comments and seeing you engage with one another. It makes my heart sing. So please, share with me your biggest #BOL (breakthrough out loud) or #AHA moment in the comments below. What hit home for you? Are you dancing in your power right now? Or do you feel like you slid out of your power and are in the passenger seat? Was this the reminder you needed to move back into the driver’s seat?

I love you…I believe in you…and will always be your sister in prosperity and possibility,

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    • Dottie
      Dottie says:

      I love bein;11g with so many Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!I L O V E the Lord. Jeremiah 29

      I look forward to being with you and getting to know you

      • Dottie Arehart
        Dottie Arehart says:

        so sorry i did not check my grammar. Jerimah 29;11. Love being you all and Lisa is Fantastic. i have had 15 teachers (spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and she is the sweetest and i am feeling i will say my best and most favorite.

  1. BDC
    BDC says:

    Thank you Lisa!

    The reminders are so necessary and welcomed. #BOL How and where do I find that encouraging tribe. I’m not sure how to go about it being an introvert. At this stage in life, I am open to direction! Love what you do, you are amazing!

  2. Tiffani Smoot
    Tiffani Smoot says:

    Thanks Lisa, I needed the reminded that I am not a passenger, but to get back in the drivers seat, and not let fear of stretching, what others think, or my own comfortability keep me from standing and accessing my power. Yesss, put up my post it notes.

  3. Venus Jones
    Venus Jones says:

    Thanks. Great post it for the door! I often say, “they not ready” but “l am ready for the world and the world is ready for me.” BOL I also feel like l have to remind my Elevate group that we are high conscience thinkers. Love ❤️ you back Lisa.

  4. Kristin Walker
    Kristin Walker says:

    This is a great reminder 1) that getting in the driver’s seat is not a permanent condition and 2) that when we do get pushed from or move from the driver’s seat, there is always hope to get back. My life’s goal is helping people see this and live this. Knowing our driving purpose is an important goal for all of us. Thank you, Lisa, for being a driving force for good in this world. I enjoy your messages.

  5. Kimberly McMillan
    Kimberly McMillan says:

    Hi Lisa-
    So thankful for this video this morning. So timely! I needed the reminder/ BOL that power is always mine and I am in the driver’s seat of my life. I set my power on the shelf and it’s time to remember who I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. Albertina Walker
    Albertina Walker says:

    Thank you for that Magnificent Message! I WILL get back in the driver’s seat because that is what I believe God would have me to do! Thank You Lisa!!

  7. Jacqueline Tessler
    Jacqueline Tessler says:

    Two years ago my 26 yr old became very fussy about her future. She could not see a clear path ahead. I wrote her a letter; In it I reminded her that her first 9 years in school, she was always in the top 5 or top 10. She lost sight of herself just because she was in a “barren” season and she was living with us since post-college. As a mum I knew who she was all along and that her time would come. Last week I moved her to Texas to take up a job with Goldman Sachs. She is so happy and she now realises that there is growth in the valley. Yesterday a conversation developed and I told her to follow you on Instagram. Always been a fan of yours Lisa. The engagement pictures were amazing ❤️

  8. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Lisa I love the distinction you make of Power to take great control over my own life, not Ego-Power or Power over others. Yes! I receive this Power that gives me Peace

  9. Brenda Doerfler
    Brenda Doerfler says:

    BOL, thanks Lisa. After open heart surgery and 4 stents in 2020 I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my power. Just what I needed to hear!

  10. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    Thank you so much Lisa ! Grand rising everyone ! This was a great way to wake up and start my day with a very important reminder my biggest #BOL moment was when you said “ The strategy I use to live in my power is to find a tribe of high-conscious cheerleaders. Make sure they are high-conscious thinkers. Low conscious thinkers will always want you to keep them company. Get your cheerleaders that are going to require you to stand in your greatness. These cheerleaders can reflect back to you what they see when you are in your most powerful space”. That literally took the words out of my heart because for the longest I had be trying to put it into words, when ask how I would want my future team / life to look like but I just couldn’t put into words so you literally described how I was feeling down to the T ! ✨

  11. terry taylorTaylor taylor
    terry taylorTaylor taylor says:

    This was really a revelation that I do have power. I needed that encouragement and to reframe my mind to remind me of that. Also like when you mentioned to listen to what others may have said about you that enforces this narrative. Thanks again.

  12. Candice
    Candice says:

    Thank you Lisa
    Lost site of my power for a while again. I’m so determined to be successful this year. Loved the post-it note affirmation idea.
    Lots of love from Cape Town, South Africa

  13. Nadia
    Nadia says:

    Thank you My sister for reminding me how about to keep my power up and believing in me. I can step into it and speak into my existence. God bless you and your family:)

  14. Laura Lee Magana
    Laura Lee Magana says:

    Thank you Lisa for the reminder that “I am in the drivers seat”, that “I am in my power”, That I am a beautful woman who deserves healthy intimate love…After a 17 year marriage to a man who I knew was gay, but I was paralized by having the perfect family and life. After finally having the courage and reclaiming my own divine female personal power, I divored him in 2017. I was so freed and finally felt like my life could begin. Then on Jan 12, 2020 I was diagnosed with Jaw Cancer had 1 surgery, again on May 28th, then a second surgery and they replaced my jaw and 1/2 my chin with my Fibia bone, I underwent 6 weeks of radiation, Lymphatic Drain Therapy, and now I am awaiting reconstruction and prosthetics to get teeth in 1.2 of the front and entire right lower portion of my mouth…needless to say, I have been feeling less than sexy. Today you reminded me of what I have been doing for myself and that is to reclaim my divine femine beauty and reset assured that the
    “right” man is waiting to love me and that I deserve healthy love with a man that can hold the space for all of me. I am cancer free and I deserve LOVE!! Thank you Sister!!

  15. Patrice B.
    Patrice B. says:

    I just finished chapter 1 of Abundance Now!!!! I recorded my voice speaking those affirmations so that I can listen to them while I sleep. Then I checked my email to see that this video had posted. All of these BOL’s in one day have had me at the place where you were when you were in tears as you sat back looking at your vision. I’m in tears because I can feel and see myself and my life so clearly. Thank you Mrs. Lisa for BEING; and thank you for your OBEDIENCE to BE. Your obedience has helped shift my mindset and my GODfiedence. Even though I have chosen you as my “mentor”, I had to seek MY God to make sure I was choosing the right person. I am so glad and grateful for EVERYTHING I’ve watched and read from you. Thank you! Thank you! A BIG——–THANK YOU!!!!!

  16. JoAnn
    JoAnn says:

    Today I woke up with a heavy heart. Wanted to cry. Not feeling sure of myself. Feeling down. I was about to start a home project when I decided to go to the Beach and rejuvenate. I did. I came home, opened my laptop saw your email, listened to it and it was the candles on my cake today. Thank you for reminding of how powerful I can be and am. Your are a great inspiration and I can’t thank you enough. WOMAN POWER!!

  17. Darnell Osborne
    Darnell Osborne says:

    BOL thank you for reminding me of who I am…. recently been feeling like I’m in the passenger seat so thanks for the reminder to get back in the driver’s seat!

  18. Yonette Sydney
    Yonette Sydney says:

    My ah ha moment is knowing how powerful I am, but chose to sit my power on the self. Forgetting that its there sometimes. At this point I need constant reminders of my power., and how to stay in it
    Thank you Lisa.

  19. Constance
    Constance says:

    Thank you Lisa. My BOL was the post sticky notes. I am going to put them up not only at home but, in my work place. Thank you for loving sisters enough to share what you know. Peace , love, and light.

  20. Kume Krahn
    Kume Krahn says:

    God told me to stop looking for validation in people and settling for unhealthy love and that he has a purpose for me, season to focus on him. I’m ready for the world to hear my story to let them know he’s the real thing and that we all are truly made in his image Orphan to a single mom and still keep preserving with his power, he said “you didn’t choose me, I chose you! It’s time to let Jesus take the drivers seat, Amen! #BOL #YANA

  21. Nkem D Kay
    Nkem D Kay says:

    My aha moments is to write, read and speak things that reminds me of who I have always been…. I am God’s precious child!

  22. Vivyan M Jones
    Vivyan M Jones says:

    I believe that you are right about having to stay in the power seat and how it propels you from one place to another but you said something that I can register with and thats affirmations. I need those. They do work and keep you grounded.

  23. Bernadette Montez
    Bernadette Montez says:

    Lisa, thank you for being my sister in prosperity and possibility. How do I find “a nitch?” I am 53 and cannot figure out what I can use to make it to that financial wealthy place. I’ve done the affirmations and sticky notes for years! and continue to do so, however I still cannot figure out where to even begin to reach the financial wealthy place. I thought then to invest in myself and I saved $500 to invest into real estate coaching with Noelle Randall (a person I found on YouTube) however they claimed that the training was cancelled and that they could not refund my money and but instead are asking me to sign an agreement so that my $500 will be invested into her new project called NUUREZ for shares in Nuurez inc. I feel so tricked and disappointed because I took such a risk in trying to change my circumstances. I guess this is the part where I pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. My new sticky note says…”I am NOT a failure”

  24. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Yes, I put my power on the shelf for a while but now I am gonna use it again… and affirmations are working quite well with me.

  25. Marjan
    Marjan says:

    Thank you again, Lisa, for being you.
    You really are a cure for sore ears! Is that even english? (i.s.o. ‘sight voor sore eyes)
    B.O.L.: Keep looking for High conscious people. Well that’s a challenge in these mostly
    negative times. Let’s keep up the good work, if possible, together…

  26. Verette
    Verette says:

    Lisa – from the very fist, time I saw you, I wanted to be like you. I saw the strength in you that I l lacked. Strength to stand alone, strength to fight back and strength to say “no. that’s not what I want.” But I’m getting there, and I thank you Sis!

  27. Carla
    Carla says:

    I am owning my greatness and trying to expand it further. I love your uplifting reminders of why it is so vital. Thanks for being that extra umphhh of motivation Lisa!

  28. Lauren D Thomas
    Lauren D Thomas says:

    Even when the world is falling apart around me, I have a choice and a voice. I can be weak, allow the devil to win, lose power, and lose the will to stand on my own two feet….OR… I can stand tall, fight for the light, know my power, proclaim the Lord, be the change the world needs, and use my voice loud and proud. Right now, I will no longer be defeated by any thoughts or realities. I will create a new reality for myself, others, and my children. No one can dim this sparkle anymore Lisa. And thank you for your sparkle, you have been my light and inspiration for quite some time now. You are my leader, role model, and teacher. I love you!

  29. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the reminder that sliding out of my power doesn’t mean I’ve lost it. Some days I do feel powerless. I’m reminded that I am not and will never be. I do the affirmations but I have an OCD husband that likes to have everything in place. I have one affirmation in my bathroom behind the faucet. He can’t really see that but putting it on doors and walls will drive him crazy. LOL Currently I have them in a box. I don’t see them often. I need to see them daily. I have one as my computer screen saver too. Any ideas will be nice. 🙂

  30. Shareka Swaby
    Shareka Swaby says:

    Hey Lisa. Thank you so much for this. I have sticky notes all over but I will definitely be adding, Shareka- You are ready for the world and the world is ready for you!!!!!

  31. Noelle C Murray
    Noelle C Murray says:

    Thanks Lisa for the reminder. At this moment I’m home in a 14 day quarantine and while resting (tested NEGATIVE) and preparing for my Annual Exams next Wednesday I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude and blessings for what I have achieved and what I look forward to, new horizons. This reminder just made me smile to myself and to make a comment. I feel really wonderful.

  32. Alejandra
    Alejandra says:

    I loved it all!!!! The driver’s sit idea, the reminder of my power, nobody else’s but mine to switch back to the drivers sit, that is wow! and again the humility and acceptance that we all have been and will be thrown back but always can go back to be in charge of our lives. Also loved the post it notes, must work on that one.

  33. Isaac Gathu
    Isaac Gathu says:

    I am a space enthusiast and the President/Founder of the Mars Society Kenya. I am also an I.T. Technician by profession. I love both roes and very passionate about them. Unfortunately, I seem not to be able to get my I.T career out of the woods and I can hardly attract any venture capital for my space project. How can I find abundance in both or at least one? Please advice.

  34. Michelle Dupuis
    Michelle Dupuis says:

    Thank you, Lisa!
    I have been feeling pretty down and very overwhelmed lately. When I thought of myself in that car, I realized that I would be that girl in a horror movie desperately trying to smash and scratch through the glass to escape out of the back seat because I got abducted. #BOL I have control of myself! No one can abduct my life and I don’t need to break through the glass to escape. I just need to jump in the driver’s seat and take control! Wow, thank you!

  35. Tammy Machmali
    Tammy Machmali says:

    Dear Lisa, Thank you!!!! This week I lost my powers and I forgot who I am. I just opened my inbox and saw your emailed. After listening to you I feel inspired and powerful … God bless you and your wonderful work. I am grateful to you.

  36. Yonette Sydney
    Yonette Sydney says:

    My BOL in this episode was when you explained about when we are trying to stay in your power, but feels like its drifting away from us.
    For me its the power of resilience that keeps me walking and staying in my power.
    Thank you Lisa


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