Speak Up Even When Your Voice Shakes

Being willing to speak up, even when voice shakes, is such a relevant topic right now. We’re in a time where we must be willing to have courageous conversations–even at the risk of challenging our comfort level. 

While we all have different experiences and backgrounds, we MUST be willing to cross-cultural lines…religious lines…socio-economic lines. We NEED to make a commitment to cross those lines and SPEAK UP so that we can all come out of this together. We’re in a time where it’s really not a black and white conversation. It’s a right and wrong conversation. 

It’s requiring us to push past the discomfort, speak to the obvious, speak to the not so obvious. Speak to educate with compassion and awareness and conviction. 

When I speak and say I believe that black lives matter. I’m not saying that brown and white lives don’t. It’s a matter of saying I want all of our children to feel safe. I want all of our children to have the same experience. It’s you and I against injustice…against racism–not against each other. 

And so I want to invite you to be willing to speak.

Speak to inspire, not to impress…

Speak to encourage not just to be right…

Speak to challenge the status quo…

Speak not to put down, speak to lift up…

Speak not to dismantle, speak to encourage… 

Speak to make people aware, not just to make your point…

Speak not to be heard, speak to connect, influence and heal…

Speak with courage, speak with conviction…

Speak not just so people know you have something to say, speak so that your words encourage someone to stand a little taller, hug someone a little tighter or hold on a little longer…

Speak to incite change or invoke possibility…

Speak even when your voice shakes and quivers… 

Just speak! 

I know that right now, there’s a lot of turbulence. I know that right now, there’s a lot of tension. I know that right now, there is a lot of friction. I know that right now, there are a thousand reasons to be divided. I know that right now, there’s reason to want to be quiet or scream. I know that we are filled with so much emotion. I know that our minds are screaming with so much being thrown at us by the media. 

But my challenge to you is to speak with passion and conviction, compassion and empathy, and speak with awareness and share history. Our children and our children’s children will live with the results of what we said in this time or what we didn’t say in this time.  

Remember, this is NOT a monologue. It’s a dialogue, and here we have dynamic conversations. I want to hear from you. What in this episode shook your core…made you feel uncomfortable…or pricked or poked you? What was your #BOL (breakthrough out loud)? Did it prompt you to take action? 

Please let me know and comment below.I love reading your comments. I love the way you comment on each other’s statements with your #YANAs (you are not alone) and #BOLs. Your comments fill me up so please stay engaged.  

This is your home. We are your peeps. I’m your girl. I value you. I honor you. And when I say that I believe in you and I love you, it’s because I truly do.

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      GOOD evening I love your comment it inspires me to motivate. I need your push to the place god is take me .from the prison to the Palace. I do know you love me you also know I love you.keep your comment come kee push me I am very grateful you believer in me.lise you are working behind the scenes in my like more than, you know I going thought God process. I am getting more boldness fearless more caught confidence in myself more than ever before.it was god put us together. take the wrong people out my life put people like you. I also work me stop smoking. I am cranky irritated sleepiness. also, Lisa, I change my career from driver truck done physical work .god told me retried. I can be more focused complete his mission of writing his book. my new career becomes an author but it requires me to use my mind not physical it been years sent I been out school now I got to program my mind more.relearn even thing learn in school with just a high school diploma without a college degree GOD told me he going make me richer cause a poor man cant be a blessing to another poor man .at the time he told me I was wondering how but I didn’t know I was going changer career to be writing books. when God told me writing a book years back before he told me to s retried when am in good health three years early in 2018 also lose my full benefit gloss incomes don’t know god were set me up to writing more than just one book. when he told writing A book. the first came to my mind if you crazy me writing a book with just a high school diploma everything I learn in school I have forgotten with just a C average he said trust me you can do this I said I don’t write or read book .he said again trust me I going sent you to help I going give everything you need now l Lisa I love writing. fell I can do this once the help comes .show everything I need who to trust deal with the people pubis world .it all come together

      • Lu-Ann Patrick
        Lu-Ann Patrick says:

        Hi Bradford: I encourage you to continue to hear the voice of God. I was laying down one night, and I heard those same-words; ” I want you to write a book.” I too, had doubt and fear; however, I self-published my first book in 2015 entitled: ” The Birthing Is In Your Belly.” You can view the excerpts on the following website noted above.: I encourage you to write, even if your soul is quivering, God is in control.

      • badru
        badru says:

        what i know is that i have to silent to avoid un necessary conversation and be flexible to every and also be stricked about my time.
        otherwise thanks for your lectures
        your frnd at
        arrows records and studiose

  1. Jeremy Yohanes
    Jeremy Yohanes says:

    Thank you, I want to learn not to judge others always in my mind, I want to be honest and filled with integrity, and learn to accept other people’s weaknesses

  2. Blessing Ighowho Okah-Avae
    Blessing Ighowho Okah-Avae says:

    Thanks ma’am this is an amazing piece..I will speak not to put down, instead I will speak to lift up.God bless u ma

  3. Aneth S Machiya
    Aneth S Machiya says:

    You encourage people and you inspired me alot LISA.i will speak up even when my voice shakes Thank you so much for your amazing message

  4. Boingotlo Shinny
    Boingotlo Shinny says:

    Thank you Lisa. U no u are always straight to the point. Will speak even when my voice shakes, to be understood not to entice anybody. BOL) cos in speaking, will be able to come out of my comfort zone.YANA) thanks a lot dear. (Boingotlo)

  5. Della Walker, Jr.
    Della Walker, Jr. says:

    This message revealed the cost of not speaking for me. I am a very camera shy and private person with oddly a lot to say. Thank you for these words of encouragement and call to action.

  6. Eric C. Little
    Eric C. Little says:

    Thanks Lisa, for reminding us that our voice matters. Your words encourage us to speak up and not adopt a “What’s the use?” attitude. If enough of us speak up, change will surely come.
    God bless,

  7. Uday Dattatreya Bagade.
    Uday Dattatreya Bagade. says:

    Yes we must feel free to share and speak or speak and share.
    We share the same social media platforms , our Physical Mental Emotionl Social Economical and Spiritual needs are same irrespective of whether we are white, brown or black , whether we speak English German, French, hindi, Urdu, Japanese or any other language , whether we wear a suit or just shirt and trousers or kurta pajama or a kimono , whether we are vegetarian or non vegetarian , whether we worship God, Allah, Bhagwan or Budhha ,our basic needs are similar whether we are an American, European, African, Asian or we live at North pole or the South pole ,we are just the same inside out .
    We can accept globalization for making money but we are not ready to accept the people who purchase our products and let us make money out of their own pocket.
    The discriminations are the creations of the past which were designed by our ancestors but now it is the best time to forgive those people who designed such a divided international society for some pitty gains such as money and fame , the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown has opened our eyes now , it says that grow beyond this man made barriers between the classes,creeds or the so-called religious practice groups because everyone feels hungry for food and consideration and the body , then where is the difference .
    People are going internationally for Studies, research , teachings and manufacturing or just plain selling , we must share our information , knowledge and be prepared to take the Actions based upon information and knowledge gained from various sources.
    We must just forgive our ancestors and Express gratitude for the information and knowledge passed on to us to generate the necessary amenities which makes our lives happy and make us feel contended . Just open and speak , no man is similar to the other in observing and jotting down those observations , for the circulation and sharing .
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration and wish you a very great day ahead and period ahead .

  8. Nanette M Buchanan
    Nanette M Buchanan says:

    Our voice gives us a release and in hearing our voice others are also released. We can’t continue to imprison our voices, our views, our needs to motivate, encourage, or inspire. The voices of our ancestors have become whispers. We can barely hear them because of their struggle, our struggle, the voices have been quieted by those who won’t say “I have something to say”. We can’t hear the screams, the shouts, in those the sound gets our attention but we lose the message… We are one. A part of this worldwide connection and we can’t simply disconnect to reconnect without all of the parts of the masses coming together. We can’t disconnect to reconnect without a voice that cries for justice, economic and educational growth. The cry for the equality of one is the cry for all…there is no other message if we all can’t be heard. The voices in a choir are harmonious. We too must be as a choir each having a verse that carries our voices in one song. Each of us must sing the chorus in a melodic harmony allowing each voice to be heard blending together so everyone can join in…. The voice, I agree is my weapon of choice. It has been revealed, let’s heal and inspire. You see that is my goal, that is what my voice will do.

  9. Janet Grillo
    Janet Grillo says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your inspiring message. I went from a fetal position to a woman of strength after the mysterious tragic death of my husband on December 13, 2001. Morgan James Publishing Company will publish my book worldwide in May 2021. May is Mental Health Month. My self published book from 2018 will be renamed “God Promised Me Wings to Fly: Life for Survivors After Suicide.” My story is powerful. After my husband’s death, I discovered that he was living a double life, had a multitude of affairs and allegedly was connected with the Mafia. My front story is different. Our back stories are the same. We have all found ourselves on our knees and wondered how we can find hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation. Although there were many days when I thought God was nowhere to be found, I realized that He was talking but I was not listening. I truly want to make a difference in many people’s lives. I am only one voice. The more people I share my story with and God’s amazing powers, the faster we can give hope to others and help save lives. Thank you for all that you do. You are a true inspiration to all. Janet Grillo

  10. Myesha
    Myesha says:

    I was reminded to SPEAK no matter what, who, how, when, or how much. cuz I have something to say. Thanks Lisa for going 1st. Because “I am”

  11. DeBora Mapp EdD
    DeBora Mapp EdD says:

    I have recently written a series of books that speak to this moment in time: the SAUCE Series to Speak and Act on the usually Unspoken to Challenge Expectations. The latest two books are Making Sense of Today: How to Connect for a Better Tomorrow and Prepare Our Children for Their World from Birth thru Graduation. I’m just getting started with putting my thoughts out there, and will soon start a blog. I have to speak up even when my voice shakes and funds are low – because it is past time to do so. This surreal period in time forces us to stand up for humanity – and all of us have a part to play. Thank you so much, Lisa Nichols!!!! Dr. DeBora Mapp #YANA

  12. Motlaletsona
    Motlaletsona says:

    Speak the truth even when it challenges your position in your circle of contact.Speak even when it put you in a very ackward space in the corporate ladder

  13. Maya Davis
    Maya Davis says:

    Your video really spoke to me because I am striving to be more vocal and make my voice heard, but I sometimes struggle because my voice sometimes quiver when I speak and it is sometimes hard for me to articulate what I want to say. I just want to speak truth to power, but at the same time have compassion. Thank you for letting me know that it’s ok to quiver when I speak, as long as I don’t stay silent.

  14. Karen Hull
    Karen Hull says:

    Geeze….Lisa you touch deep into people’s beings

    Speak…even if my voice quivers
    Speak…to heal

    Thank you so very much…With Gratitude

  15. Kinsey Greene
    Kinsey Greene says:

    I am learning that speaking up even when being uncomfortable is not an option it’s a necessity. Thank you for your encouraging.
    Much Gratitude ❤️

  16. taj muhammad
    taj muhammad says:

    Thank you very very much for sharing these inspirational videos. Every one of us has something to say, something to speak about, some message that we want to share, some stories that we want others to know about, some deep and dear dreams that we have been nurturing and hiding for so long. Now through your videos I have got the courage to speak my voice without considering its right or wrongness, because that is my voice… Thanks for empowering us.

  17. Mzimhle Zuko Mbijekana
    Mzimhle Zuko Mbijekana says:

    Great inspirational words Lisa.

    You’ve just filled me courage to speak even when my voice is shaking. I have a bid speaking engagement on Tuesday and this is just what I needed to hear as I prepare.

    Thank you so much for your willingness to assist.

  18. Pratibha sharma
    Pratibha sharma says:

    Thank you so much Lisa for creating spark in me thank you so much to realise me the power of my own voice but sometimes I shivered to speak don’t know why I want to say many Thing but don’t know what’s stoping me. Your video and you are very inspirational but I need little more support from you to speak my views in front of the world.
    I’m looking forward to you for helping me To speak with confidence.

  19. Neco
    Neco says:

    I feel challenged and convicted to speak out more on this topic. I’ve had and continue to have private and productive discussions with people who don’t look like me. I didn’t feel the need to have public discussions with people who only want to argue, but listening to this is making me think about reconsidering that.

  20. Iris
    Iris says:

    Your words touched my soul, to the point of tears appearing of my face. I have been shy with public speaking my whole life, and I deeply desire to breakthrough to the other side of standing in my power with my words flowing from my lips to inspire and share my story for the healing of others to experience. You have sparked more confidence for that to occur, I know I am getting closer to this reality in see in my mind. I am so thankful for your heartfelt words that played as a tool bringing it that much more closer into manifestation. My #BOL

  21. Carol Hall
    Carol Hall says:

    Wow! My 20 year old daughter with Aspergers listened to this with me & she really felt your message. For me it was your statement that it is not a black and white conversation, it is a right and wrong conversation. Also, I want all of our children to feel safe. I thank the Universe for you and your timely messages.

  22. Arlene McCray
    Arlene McCray says:

    All of your messages/ motivations speak volumes to me but in this message in particular, when you said “Speak to connect ” it shook my core and my spirit… I had to write it down in my journal along with other points. Thank you and yes I am the change I want to see….it does start with me. I speak

  23. Silvera Pamela
    Silvera Pamela says:

    Thank you Lisa for your heartfelt words of encouragement. You are truly a blessing and a voice of life in this hour. Your reminder of unity, respect, honor and love is much needed in this hour. I was so encouraged by your statement on speaking even if you voice quivers. I know I need to speak up more. God has been speaking to me about being more courageous. So this is confirmation precious sister. Thank you!!! God bless you and the works of your hands.

  24. Evelyn
    Evelyn says:

    I totally agree, people for years would just sit back and talk about what’s wrong but not do anything about it. We’ve been doing this since we were kids. We would watch from afar or maybe crowd around when two kids were fighting; until an adult showed up. Maybe we’ve seen a man and woman physically fighting in public; we would just watch, then just say to ourselves or the person next to us, “OMG, I can’t believe this is happening.” No one would Step In feeling it’s none of our business. It is time to Step Up for one another like we are family.
    It’s time to come together and Speak Out against violence of any kind. If you agree, register to join in Oct. 2, 2020 for :
    Gandhi’s Birthday Conference on Peace and Nonviolence
    Speak Up! Invite 10 people you know. This is one of the most important Zoom meetings of our generation!

  25. Joleen Frideres
    Joleen Frideres says:

    I live this. I breath this. My business n a m e is Courageous Life Counseling. I took a values test where “Speaking the Truth” is my #1 Value. Now. Friends… here’s where I fall short. Details, following through with daily assignments for ME. I have let down my MTM group, by NOT showing up. Truly… I want to give, & give, as I know people are hurting & need the healing I can offer. But, damn! I seriously need someone to kick my azzzz, bc I KNOW what Lisa is saying here is true. I do speak from the pulpit. I speak via fb… & feel goooood about what I am doing to lift up others… But! I am C A L L E D to do more. Then! Life happens. Tomorrow is Monday, & I have my wonderful clients waiting to see me. I am NOT afraid at all! I just need the daily poke & prod for accountability. Tribe… I need help gettin off dead-center. I am a giver, so I have zeroooo doubt that I will give back to this tribe but seriously, I need a PUSH. 515/341-5800 CourageousLifeCCC@Gmail.com

  26. LaShondra Tinsley
    LaShondra Tinsley says:

    I am so very thankful for this time. Although tough, I feel and see change coming. I am so thankful that all of our ancestors sacrifices weren’t in vain✊! A change is coming!

  27. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I have agreed with or disagreed with a lot of things over the span of my lifetime. The agreements (though many), so far, are fewer than the disagreements. It’s such a wonderful feeling when “agreement” is in the mix (when spirit bares witness with spirit!). Your topic today was excitably easy to completely agree with because it reaches the CORE…it reaches the soul, thereby finding its way to the sleeping giant – asleep in a box of way too much fear disguised as comfort! When you speak, not only do you inspire, but you encourage, you challenge, you lift up, you serve delicious delights of awareness and you do so with style, grace and sincerity; you talk the talk and walk the walk. I love to see scripture in action; in other words, you help people become “doers” of the word, and not HEARERS only! I just HAD to share my two cents, and I send it from a good place within..

  28. Cynthia Bowe
    Cynthia Bowe says:

    You are so on point with this video. It describes me to a tee. Now to implement these strategies. Thank you for the encouragement.

  29. denise patricia bolton bottermann
    denise patricia bolton bottermann says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for the nudge to say the Right Thing, to respect the people you are talking to, help them stand Tall, to also BE the Change we need right now. Carefrontation vs Confrontation is very much the Game right now. YANA

  30. Sarah Graham
    Sarah Graham says:

    As a black woman in the UK, I was appalled, saddened, angered and sickened by the Story and footage of George Floyd. It angers me that we are kept in this circle of conversation because of those who hate us, those who choose not to see our unique individuality; and those who do not feel we want the same wants as them. It pained me to see the suffering in his face, the cold ignorance of those police officers, that cared not at all about what was dear in Floyds life, heart or soul.
    I’d like to share a poem with you from my collection ‘A Brief Encounter of consciousness’, it expresses not just the plight of our race as black people; but the plight of all those who do not have a voice in this world; and those who once did, but have lost it.


    Completely lost!
    How much more for how much longer?

    A wealth of debt engulfs me, locking me deeper in chasm of exhaustion
    Fuel no longer flows my way
    I live on gas fumed vents and broken instruments

    Tunnelling through shit to find more on each layer
    Survival of the fit? My state is critical

    So much to give and no means to do it
    An army of bitterness attacks on my soul

    However did I get here, however will I leave?
    Strategy is my only key
    Yet how can I apply this without time to plan strategically?!

    I trip and fall, collapse into numbness
    A relapse of thought, workload stored for another day

    The shit hits the fan and stops its’ motion
    Filling the air with rank and unbearable smells
    Filling and killing MY freshness
    with the pungent stench of hopelessness

    Still, I tunnel through the shit, so it doesn’t fill my every thought
    A clip I made earlier for my nose is lost and found throughout my journey

    I keep turning to the sky and asking WHY!!!
    But my whys fall in a queue of thousands
    Still, mistakes I’ve made, although mistakes I’ve saved;
    so why all this harshness?
    To make me a big strong being! If so, forget it!

    Keep your cruel realities, your initiation tests and insanities!
    Don’t subject me to your judgement
    “HOW DARE…” I shout, “HOW DARE YOU!”
    To victims who shout back; oppressing having been oppressed

    The shit sets thick and the smell is toxic
    Stuck, jammed, set – like fly trapped in web.
    I cry and tears sting my face,
    I could lock away my dreams, play safe

    All around me sits my sorrow, praying for that bright tomorrow
    To see the light, get out of darkness
    To wash myself of this vulgar episode

    Can’t lock myself away though, as all I have is me
    Don’t want to tunnel an eternity
    But what must be will be.

  31. Ophelia Murray
    Ophelia Murray says:

    The #BOL moment for me was the statement about how our words will create the world our children & their children will live with in. Words have the power to destroy or uplift. Maybe the racial upheaval we are currently experiencing had to happen to force us all to have the discussion we seldom want to have with those who don’t share our opinions or experiences. It is much easier to talk about difficult subjects when we know the other person won’t disagree or oppose us. My hope is that we not only learn to talk about the things that make us uncomfortable but that we learn to really listen to one another. Angry words only serve to shut people down. It’s not about one group being better or more deserving than the other, but it is about learning to live as one unified group working together to solve the issues that keep us from collective thriving as a society.

  32. Katy Koontz
    Katy Koontz says:

    Wow–I always love your messages but this one was on a whole other level of amazing. I felt it in every cell in my body. I’m with you, Lisa. Thank you so much for being who you are in the world today. Your words here are SO right on target and so needed. I hear you! And as I said, I’m with you. Thank you!

  33. Liliana Massia
    Liliana Massia says:

    Yes,yes, my dear Sister Lisa. You give me back my voice In” Speak and write to make Millions”.. Since then I decided to be again the inspirational entrepeneur I used to be before . To be again touching lives and make people Dream Again and have the courage to Go Go Go for their Dreams not matter what ! I’m out of my Shell again! And so thankful to you ! I hope and I ‘m visualizing you in our 2022 International Rally speaking for my Forever family from 165 countries………….. different backgrounds, languages, cultures, colors religions.. all together working for an healthier, abundant and happy world with more love and compassion . You are there… I’m seing you… I’m earing you… on the stage… motivating us… !!! WOW …

    NORI SALAZAR says:

    Lisa from day one, the first time i heard you. wow! you are such a great inspiration to me. “It’s you and I against injustice”…against racism–not against each other! so powerful.
    Every time i listen to you, my mind, my heart, my body, my gut, my SOUL is stirred, i tremble i feel so courageous and certain about the changes i have made in life even though today it is looking gray for me. Fear, come on lets continue our ride, you ain’t stopping me. Thank you so much.

  35. Pamela Francisco
    Pamela Francisco says:

    Lisa, I sent an email with this same message to “support,” but just in case it didn’t get to you I am repeating it, and, if anyone has a suggestion for me….I am listening!

    I attended everyday of the Summit and have taken your 2 final action steps seriously.
    1. Educate yourself. I have been reading nonstop: bios and histories of Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Malcom X and amazed that I lived through all that history and knew so little about what the real issues were; Ben Crump, Lisa Delpit, Kenneth Davis, Raymond Sturgis, and Michael Eric Dyson have brought me to awarenesses that are humiliating, embarrassing, shocking, frightening…… I don’t even know what to do with these feelings. Where do I go from here? I need a group of people to talk with…to process with. My book for this week is White Fragility.
    2. Emerce yourself in a community of color. Because of the social distancing of these last 6 months, there isn’t a school or a church or a youth center open for me to engage with. I am finding a few on line, but am open for more personal contact.
    THANK YOU. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! For your courage, for your abilities, for using your platform to reach so many people!! I am still open to your messages and action steps.

  36. Joy Agius
    Joy Agius says:

    Lisa, how do I speak to my daughter, when she has shut me out. I know she hurts, but I can’t heal her, she has to want to do that. It hurts that this gulf exists between us. I have sent messages, but they go ignored. I can’t make her want to connect.

    • Pamela Francisco
      Pamela Francisco says:

      Hi, Joy. My heart goes out to you. I am a mother also and have a strong minded daughter and she goes in and out of talking to me…..it’s been years of this now. My best strategy is that when she was young, it was my job to keep her safe and moving toward independence. Now that she is grown with a teenage daughter of her own that is no longer my job. She doesn’t need or want any “mothering.” My job now is to just love her, listen to her, and end on a positive note so that she will feel OK about talking again in a while…whenever that is. It has been a struggle, but there seems to be an improvement in our conversations. I also sincerely apologize when she tells me how I failed her or made her feel bad. I can’t fix anything now, but I can love her…..always. I believe that as she feels safe in not being criticized or told to do things differently, she talks to me more readily and often.

  37. Charmetra Roberts
    Charmetra Roberts says:

    Thank you. I just put in my plan to get out of my comfort zone and speak to people of different nationalities. I believe in what I am doing, I teach financial literacy I feel everyone should hear what I teach now matter what economical class they are in. SPEAK!

    VENUS JONES says:

    LISA that was remarkable. I also love your shirt. #AllBlackLIvesMatter Your message is right on time! I subscribe to conservative and liberal pundits in search of the whole truth, and it saddens me when I don’t see diverse perspectives in the comment sections. Thank you for welcoming diverse opinions.

    Most people seem to be preaching to their favorite choir. Today, I spoke up for Breonna Taylor and every other poor black, brown, or white person who has been murdered vs arrested without due process and a trial. I quoted Bryan Stevenson and reminded everyone that we are all bigger than our worst act.

    I even sent them to view a TED Talk on the topic of intersectionality and why we #sayhername was born, since in their ignorance a couple of them were making jokes about it and were misinformed. I thought about walking away and finding my own amen choir, but something told me to speak up and share what I know with compassion.

    I also asked a popular international travel magazine that never features any of the 54 African countries why that is, without shaming them but in the hope, I might get an honest answer and possibly influence and inspire them to believe all continents matter.

    My social advocacy is not something that comes easy for me. But I too realize that I have to stand up for what’s right and remind people of our common humanity now more than ever.

    The parallelism and passion presented in this speech was on point, poetic, and you delivered it beautifully.

    We are on the right side of history, and it is a speaker’s responsibility to stand up for what is right, even if we are standing alone.

  39. Deon Robinson
    Deon Robinson says:

    The inspiration gathering from your presentation is splendid. Opened up my mind to a far more reaching horizon, that I thought was not possible. But with more confidence to speak the is no longer the limits.

  40. Masza
    Masza says:

    Thank you for posting this Lisa. I was born and educated in times when we were encouraged at scholl to have firy debates on literature, philosophy and ethics. Always happy to hear other peoes point of view to encourage thinking and broaden perspectives and points of view. I feel theese days kids have no ability to listen. They just seem to blame and victimise themselves. They say ” you can not say that!” as it is not politically correct.
    I know many people who could be superficially classified as “racists” and yet they proove in their lives that they re not bigots and racists at all. It is important to hear what they have to say too as often their point is quite intersting.

    I thought about you Lisa thia morning. You re the one of the inspirations, you make history. You re proud of who you are in a loving, compassionate and non discriminative way. You don’t demand the world to give you everything just because your skin collor is black. I think this is such a beautiful example to follow.

    Thank you for this video. It came in the right moment as I was debating if I should say out loud what I think even tho I will possibly loose friends and get anger of my family. But I know being truthful to myself and my values is most important.

    Thank you

  41. Gbenga Ajagbe
    Gbenga Ajagbe says:

    Thank you i really appreciate on how to speak up even when my voice is shaking
    i also scared when i want to talk in public but with this point you talking about impress me.

    God bless you (Ma)

  42. Ruot Kedok
    Ruot Kedok says:

    You’re so inspires to so many Young people and also a changemaker to thousand Youth.
    Mother and a girl to thousand people out there.
    I am looking for to emulate your powerful motivation speaking to courage people in my circle as growing bigger and bigger.
    I had dreamed last months like I open big supermarket in Juba, South Sudan named after your name as “Lisa Nichols Supermarket”

  43. Carmelita Nkrumah
    Carmelita Nkrumah says:

    God Bless You My Beautiful Sister,
    I always love the intentionality from which you speak, it draws you, it causes you to either want to rise up to be the King or Queen you are Called to Be or to realize you need to look in the mirror and see who is looking back at you! You Inspire me to want to play full out!!!! Thank you!!

  44. Aida
    Aida says:

    What “poke” me is YANA. I do believe in speaking up, but, I also know the tsunami of opposition that can bring, even from people who claim to love us, it is almost as if they expect to muzzle us because they are afraid of saying things we are saying, the truth is a threat even victims are afraid of. So, it is of great relief to hear of YANA , it is good the YANAs are the invisible troops there, somewhere far away maybe but, they exist. Thank you Lisa.

  45. Oscar Gregory
    Oscar Gregory says:

    How many times have I been standing watching things happening? How many times have I been willing to say something and did not speak out thinking and waiting may be others have said it? Have I not been willing to share that message and constantly postponed waiting for the perfect time, the perfect audience, the right occasion?
    Lisa, thank you for your inspiring speech!

  46. Kim
    Kim says:

    Thanks for reminding us that each of our opinions matter. As a conservative Christian, I feel like our conservative voice is the one most silenced. It does take courage to disagree with others who think there is only one way. i am curious to ask you, and those who have jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon. Do you know what that organization stands for? Are you also for disintegrating the nuclear family? Promoting homosexualism? Socialism? Do you understand and know who is behind this organization? Where any contributions might be going? Are you in agreement with the organization or just the ideal that Black Lives, and all lives matter? As a caucasian middle class middle aged woman, I don’t know what you or my friends of color go through every day, or have experienced because of the color of their skin. I DO know that all lives matter to me and to a God who does not rank us by color. (Including the precious lives of unborn babies, older adults, and each of our children) I also DO NOT believe that the Black Lives Matter organization is one that I want to support. Lisa, I would love to hear your opinion. I love that this should be a discussion, not a monologue. And yes, I am a bit shaky even writing these words. Blessings to you.

  47. Margaret Ann De Peza
    Margaret Ann De Peza says:

    Thanks Lisa for pushing me to respond to your insightful and stimulating message. I usually listen, receive but don’t send a reply. Secondly, I quiver to speak out in public. You spoke on my behalf # YANA with this current situation. Thank you for challenging me to be courageous and speak out on issues. #BOL my voice and contribution matters.
    Lisa, I too value, honor and love you. May God continue to fill you to overflow and we can will continue to drink from your outpouring.
    Warmest regards
    Margaret Ann

  48. Diana Cardenas Mrs.
    Diana Cardenas Mrs. says:

    Thank you Lisa! I have lost my voice and confidence to speak, it’s not only because of my personal challenges but more so since Covid and we don’t see anyone anymore. Most of our communication is via text, emails, FB, etc. Not only we are in a challenging climate, but we are becoming challenging against each other. Life is supposed to be sacred and valued-and we are to be so “Grateful” to God/Universe that we have such a life to live! So need to return our gratitude by becoming change agents! It’s soo disheartening that we are divided by disrespect and money. I need to stop complaining and start doing…as this is why I’m a Gladiator! No one is perfect, although many think they are because of social conditioning, developed behaviors, etc…..but I have to believe through faith in a higher power that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. We all have to become aware through peace and love for humanity. Perhaps, our climate is God’s cry out to the world for us to WAKE up and get it “TOGETHER”… May God continue to work through those to inspire change, such as yourself……you are doing great…as you have impacted my life by being a Strong Women. Thank you Lisa and Love you too!

  49. João Sá
    João Sá says:

    Wow! Just a little mindshift, that has blown up a great belief, that will create a dramatic change in my life! My #BOL was to speak to influence, not just to tell other people I have something to say, spek to incite change, not just so I can make my point! THANK YOU!!

  50. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    My #BOLs when you said “When I speak and say I believe that black lives matter. I’m not saying that brown and white lives don’t. It’s a matter of saying I want all of our children to feel safe. I want all of our children to have the same experience. It’s you and I against injustice…against racism–not against each other.” As a Hispanic community leader it is very difficult to fight the “divide and conquer” strategy that is in place with terrible propaganda against our community to keep us from working together. We must work together to create the Change that our society needs and to stop Injustice, racism, discrimination and all of the other ism across this Nation. I think that it takes courage to make speak up and create change. So, I applaud Black Live Matters for speaking up, and for starting the conversation that was much needed in this country. As for me, I believe that All Humanity Matters, Diversity is our greatest opportunity for human potential and we should embrace it instead of fearing it. Together We Stand.

  51. Margie Calhoun
    Margie Calhoun says:

    Dear lisa thank you so much for all that you do
    I have so much that I desire to give to the world I know it will take steps just looking at you and so many more who have made it lets me know that I can also where do I begin.

  52. Lu-Ann Patrick
    Lu-Ann Patrick says:

    Hi Lisa: this video was right-on-time: ” speak not just to impress, but to influence.” This is my take-away’ when my voice shakes, quiver, I will continue to speak; in doing so, I am a Change-Agent that will have influence to educate and not impress. I truly admire this! Why, because my voice can be used to impact change, though it may shake and or, quiver! Thank you!

  53. Sarie
    Sarie says:

    Thank you so much, Lisa, for your very good content!! I loved you saying: speak to hold the dignity of your audience! That is great & I want to practice this more, so I will do better & people will like my ideas more and can take them for their grow and thriving.

  54. Nova Niz Autor
    Nova Niz Autor says:

    WOW! That moved me, Lisa!

    Speak even when your voice quivers. Speak the truth even when society will judge you. Speak to inspire and not to impress. Love you, Lisa!

  55. Justina
    Justina says:

    I completely agree with the message. However, I want to ask what do you do when you speak but the other person/people don’t wanna listen? How to speak to people who have strong beliefs and think they are right? I feel that sometimes people just want to speak but they don’t want to listen to other point of view…I always have this dilema :/

  56. Rina Jones-Dorceus
    Rina Jones-Dorceus says:

    Yes Lisa!!!!! I loved when you said “speak, not to be right but to be heard…” #BOL. That was an AMAZINGLY POWERFUL statement for me because I find that at times I won’t always speak up for fear of not seeming intelligent enough, or fear of being too loud, or being too LARGE in personality. Now I realize that I’m doing myself and others a disservice. I need to speak even if that little voice is saying “keep quiet, they don’t want to hear you”. Because really and truly , SOMEONE needs to hear my message. Whew!!!! That’s so impactful and I am thankful for your support and being a part of this movement because it it truly life changing. You’ve given me the ok to LIVE LARGE and no longer diminish my light because other folks are uncomfortable. Thank you. And thank you to my fellow brothers and sisters in this group. I look forward to growing and flourishing with you all.

  57. Ikira
    Ikira says:


    About ten years ago, when I was walking in Little Five Points, I encountered a message that was spray painted on a building which read, “Speak, even if at first your voice shakes”. This has stuck with me and like a week ago, I wrote about this.

    I tend to skip most ads, but on yesterday, I saw an ad with words that captured the premise of the spray painted message. It was your ad. I watched from beginning to end. To add to this, perhaps 30 minutes before this, I was in deep thought about reclaiming my voice, coming out of “hiding”. That ad is what brought me here. Your message here has served as confirmation for me. It is time for me to speak, even if at first my voice shakes.

    With gratitude and appreciation.


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