Realistic vs. Unrealistic Goals

How realistic are your goals and dreams?

We live in a world where we are always told to DREAM BIG.  And while we have the best of intentions, sometimes we unconsciously set ourselves up for failure because our dreams and goals are SO big that we forget to make an executable plan to achieve them.  

I always say, “Dreamers are dreamers, but planners are out there making their dreams come true.”

You see, a BIG dream becomes unrealistic when you can’t see the SMALL steps or recognize milestones along the way. And nothing feels worse than losing faith and trust in yourself if you don’t hit a goal you set. 

In this episode of The Lisa Nichols Show, I share strategies for how to set realistic goals that have milestones, “micro wins” and “by when” dates attached. And, I explain why it’s so important to share your dreams with someone or within a community like ours.

I invite you to watch the episode right now and then comment below. Let me know what part of the message you needed to hear the most. What was your #BOL? What goals or dreams can you break down into smaller micro steps? 

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