How to Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

Did you set powerful New Year’s resolutions and goals? Are you still going full steam ahead? Or, are you starting to feel a tiny bit of that resolve fading away?

If you are like the majority of people, you start out the year in the most powerful way – setting goals and intentions. Usually in January you are feeling good and going strong. Maybe that firm commitment continues throughout February. But by around March or April, the energy starts to fizzle, and you may fall off the wagon so to speak.

Trust me. I’ve been there. #YANA That means you are not alone for those of you who might be new to this community.

That’s why when I was asked recently, “Lisa, how do I keep the momentum going,” I decided to share my Top 4 Tips to keep my goals on target.

These 4 strategies have personally helped me, and our ENTIRE Motivating the Masses team be successful at hitting our goals time and time again.

  • Setting clear “by when” dates – Goals are supposed to stretch you, not stress you. It’s important to have a realistic timeline and a very clear “by when” date. When I ask my team when something will be accomplished, I always get a specific date, then I add on a five-day cushion (if possible).
  • Setting milestones along the way – When you set smaller milestones along the way, you can see how far you have come and give yourself permission to re-adjust the original goal. For example, if you set a goal to lose 20 pounds by June 1st, monitor your progress in two week or 30-day increments. Your goals should be solid, but not rigid. I’d always rather hit an adjusted goal, then not hit one at all.
  • Get an accountability community – Notice I said community not a partner. The ideal size is about 9 people. That way if five fall off, you still have four people supporting you. If you need to find some people going in the same direction as you, then raise your hand and post in our community. Ask more than once if you have to. Remember we are your tribe!
  • Focus on the result created vs. the process of getting there — I’m a big fan of visualizations, so I always picture what it will be like and feel like when the goal is achieved. I energetically attach to the outcome – what will I be able to do for my mom or dad or son when I hit this revenue goal. What will this warm, loving relationship look and feel like?

I LOVE reading your comments, so please share below which technique helped you the most. What did you need to hear? What goal did you set that might need adjusting? What was your #AHA or #BOL (breakthrough out loud)?

Let’s all “get back in the saddle again” and keep the momentum going! I love you, and I believe in you. I truly do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Mary Tyndall
    Mary Tyndall says:

    I do not make resolutions. I ask the Lord for something
    One year it was wisdom. I received it. Goals are different. They can be set anytime.

    • Loveness Makwara
      Loveness Makwara says:

      I like the idea of an accountability community. I have a daughter who is mentally challenged and I have been trying to connect with parents of children with the same challenge since 2008, to no avail. People I share my idea with seem not to be interested at all, so i was kind of giving up on my goal. Thank Lisa!

  2. Geneva Washington
    Geneva Washington says:

    Good morning you hit it right on the noise i feel myself getting weak again i can be going strong then hear i go i have to stay focus

  3. Othelia
    Othelia says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Goals are set, visualization board done but no accountability community. I struggle on my own and the people I talk to are more of talkers not doers so because I’ve surrounded myself with them their habit of just going on with life tends to rub off on me and I end up finding myself saying 6 months down the line ou but I had set a goal which I never followed. I need an accountability community please help anybody?

      • PatreniaSpeaks
        PatreniaSpeaks says:

        I am interested in an Accountability community.

        I inspire others cascading these principles…. a Plus!
        I need to get my own Spreadsheet out and drill my goals…calendarize…test that I know i am trying to do too much…prioritize and commit…
        Does anybody have big bodacious goals that you keep vagueto avoid drilling to the reality (scope/time) its like procrastinating decision making. Its a punk move, so when I see myself in that play,my Authenticity takes a hit!! Since its NOT who I am, I know I can change it!! So come on ACCOUNTABILITY COMMUNITY!! THIS LADY IS READY TO UNLEASH SOME GOOD STUFF INTO THE WORLD WITH HELP FROM HER POSSE! Thanks Lisa for unpacking so eloquently… bless you!

  4. Francesca Hepton
    Francesca Hepton says:

    Thank you for the boost Lisa. It came just as I had an #aha or rather an oooh moment.
    I have been trying to get away from my “day job” for a year now. I joined your 28 Days to Results program 5 days ago and am fully committed and loving it.
    My ooh moment was when a technical error prevented me from doing my day job tonight (I’m a freelancer). I thought maybe it was a sign I should be focusing on my own goals, my meaningful work. But I dare not risk losing my job, just in case my own projects fail. I wasn’t sure where to focus – then you popped into my inbox! Now I’m sure.
    Your video also kindly reminded me to tackle an area I always leave out – the milestones. So critical. Thank you and bless you for your gracious, generous advice.

    • Shaniece Hodo
      Shaniece Hodo says:

      Thank you, Lisa! I love your spirit, inspiration, and motivation. I’m a young entrepreneurial in every time listening to you makes me feel that I could never give up. I genuinely believed that you believe in me and you don’t even know me it’s my first time writing, but not my first time listening and I just thank you #detroitallin

  5. Vicki Butler
    Vicki Butler says:

    YouTube: HeavenLeeJustice
    YouTube: VvFoxySolution

    My goals began years ago in 1998. Going into 2010 I found out I am a Disable Veteran. Although my doctors applied for my benefits years earlier I did not know I was disable. I have episodes of illness. With PTSD. By the end of 2017 going Into 2018 I had to learn to stay peaceful as my family, friends, were constantly telling me to calm down. I am listening to your video “How to Stop Negative Self Talk”. Saving Lisa Exposing the Lies. My Goal 2020:

    Health & Wellness
    Finance & Business
    Relationships, Love
    & Familia
    Faith & Spirtuality

    Visualize my End Result & Sit in it: Work towards a house for me my family, my dear friend a senior who I love & adore with 5 disable veterans women. The veterans will live on 1 side my senior with 2 other seniors her age with live in the middle of our home. And me & my family will live on the other side of our home.

    I bring my visualization to my accountability community 01262020.

  6. Indian Spice
    Indian Spice says:

    Wow… I needed to hear that. I’m a writer and set a date to finish my novel but haven’t been able to focus because I’m grieving a significant loss from 6 months ago. I can write quotes and poetry at the drop of a dime but writing a urban fiction novel requires more imagination and creativity.. It’s pouring in spouts, then it will come, then stop… I’m determined… And I see so many wonderful things ahead. Working on my breakthrough…

  7. Doug Houston
    Doug Houston says:

    #BOL I struggle with the by-when dates. I tend to think I can do everything by a week ago yesterday, then stress myself out trying to get it done. I’m working on learning to set the milestones. I need the community – I will have to work on that. I’ve learned to reassess the process without changing the results.

  8. Sibe Dube
    Sibe Dube says:

    Thank-you for the message, i struggle to staying on the path, i need the Accountability Community to help me stay on the path.

  9. Serena
    Serena says:

    I love the “by when date”, then add on a cushion date! I agree, it makes you feel more empowered to handle achieving the goal!

  10. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I truly enjoyed the video! I do not make resolutions, I set goals. I really like your 4 points and I do plan to use them and share with others. I am going to recommend this site to my friends and family.

  11. Mary Full
    Mary Full says:

    Thank you Lisa, your words are always great advice. I would love to learn how to motivate people as you do. I am at a point in life where goals have not been easy to set. But will keep trying.

  12. Constance
    Constance says:

    Hi Lisa it was great watching this video my # BOL moment is “sitting inside the result” and the joy that can bring is enough to push me to want to continue persevering. Thanks for for being such a great inspiration!

  13. Timothy Sullivan
    Timothy Sullivan says:

    Vishen from Mindvalley made me rethink my goals. Am I chasing society’s version of what goals should be or my own? I just think you need to do that inner work and make sure the goals are in alignment with your souls calling.

  14. Olga
    Olga says:

    Thank you, Lisa! Your words always inspire! Your wisdom has helped me so many times when I thought I was alone, you gave me hope so many times!

  15. Courtney Alysan
    Courtney Alysan says:

    I make resolutions and set goals every year. I sometimes keep up with then sometimes they slip away into oblivion!


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