Everything Happens for a Reason

A member of our tribe recently asked me, “Lisa, what does it mean when people say everything happens for a reason?”

I thought about it for a minute and realized this is a statement we hear people say a lot. We just don’t always take the time to understand what it truly means.

Whether it’s a relationship that ends, a job that you are passed over for, a business deal that falls apart…there is usually a reason we may be unaware of at the time that presents itself later.

So, this week, I decided to share my take on the 4 KEY MEANINGS behind this saying and challenge you to consider and embrace them.

#1 – Everything happens for a reason is a mindset.

Embracing this mindset allows us to divorce ourselves from our need to control all things. Now, I don’t know about you, but I sure have to embrace this mindset over and over again. This mindset allows me to relax, let go and release the belief system that I must control all things in my life.

#2 – “Man’s rejection is God’s protection.”

I’m not sure where I heard this quote from first, but this concept has been a lifesaver for me. It helps me to realize that when things don’t go the way I thought they should go, it’s ok. Sometimes it is even for the best because there is something I could not see at the time. The word “man” is used loosely and applies to a woman, job, project, career…really anything. To me, this means that if a door doesn’t open, it’s not my door. There is another door out there, and I’m being protected from walking through the wrong one. The one that does not serve my highest good.

#3 — Recognize there are blessings, even in the “NOs

There are blessings everywhere, even in the rejections…even in the NOs…even in the breakups…even in the release of a job…even in the proposal or book deal I got turned down for…even in the things I thought I should have. There are blessings in both the things that worked out for me as well as those that didn’t.

#4 – It’s an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience.

Everything happens for a reason is an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience, beyond the rejection, beyond the loss of a job, a career, a loved one and open up to the lesson or the opportunity.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to reach past the pain and grab the opportunity to learn; grab some compassion; and grab the blessings that exist—especially during times of loss. Now all I’m asking is for you to become aware of the invitation. You don’t have to accept the invitation, but know that there IS an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience and the pain, and understand what the lesson, blessing or opportunity to learn is really about.

So, I’m curious…what resonated or came through for you?  Which meaning of “everything happens for a reason” was an #AHA moment? What lesson can you now see beyond the inconvenience? Share with me in the comments below.

Remember, this show is not a monologue. It is a dynamic, delicious conversation between you, me and oh about 200,000 of us in this tribe of unicorns, gladiators and change agents. I love seeing your engagement with me and witnessing your support of others in this beautiful community. 

This is your home. And when I say I believe in you and I love you, it’s because I truly do.

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  1. Amy C Winters
    Amy C Winters says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for this word. It literally just saved my life because I was giving up. I’ve had to many rejections in my life this year and I was at my wit’s end. But knowing that I am being protected enlightens my belief to live on and pass the pain. Again thanks!

    • June
      June says:

      Hi Amy,
      What a fantastic decision to not give up. In fact, make it your motto/mantra, (call it anything that helps YOU) to NEVER give up. My mom always said, “Every Bump is a Jump”, meaning, with each negative experience, you are propelled forward. In fact, a negative experience can actually CLARIFY what you really desire. So please know these 3 things: YOU ARE LOVED, NEVER GIVE UP, and Don’t worry about tomorrow, Infinite Wisdom is ALREADY there making any rough road of today, smoother. Amy you are so important & what you contribute is so valuable, enjoy your life’s journey & Follow YOUR Bliss . . .

  2. Belinda Thompson
    Belinda Thompson says:

    Everything happens for a reason was a lesson learned, I found out that sometimes when things happened in my life although I didn’t know at the time I did find out later the reasons why! Some I wasn’t happy about but acceptable because it worked out for my good and God’s glory! There still are some I am waiting for the answer to, but I have learned to say it is well with my soul and not stress over them

  3. Maud Cassagnol
    Maud Cassagnol says:

    Thank you Lisa, for the reminder. I already believed in this saying, but I kind of forgot it’s invitation to wisdom. I trust in the acting power of God in my life and your intervention this morning seems to me a God sent reminder to keep going.
    I believe you, Sister, when you say that you love me because I love you too and I know is not that fuzzy feeling that gives us personal satisfaction, but a more profound desire of what is good for the other. And I know you will me good the same way I will you good.
    Your sister in prosperity and in opportunity,

  4. Regina Umoya
    Regina Umoya says:

    This message spoke directly to my heart and ministered to me just as certain memories of loss entered my mind. Yes everything happens for a reason. I remembered the loss of a woman who is so dear to me and how she once told me, “When one door closes, the next one opens.” It reminded me of “everything happens for a reason.” I realized while listening to your message, that I didn’t really take the time to grieve after she passed away because she and my mother were sick at the same time and I couldn’t bear the pain of giving in to the grief. I presented a speech months before she passed in which I talked about how she impacted my life and then later on became bedridden. I also talked about how my mother was also bound with dementia in a nursing home. My two mothers were both without voice and unable to speak into my life anymore but now their memories were inspiration to my public speaking. I blew the crowd away with my speech because I declared that I would use my voice since they could no longer use theirs. I told the devil that he couldn’t have my voice. I made speech after speech with Toastmasters and always awed the crowd. I know I have something special and I’ve got toooons of stories locked inside of me. I don’t have to write and prepare my speeches. God plants a speech in me either the night before I speak or the morning of my speech and it always moves the audience in such a profound way. The loss of my dear friend and the absence of the conversations my mother used to have with me before dementia took over, has propelled me to want to share more of my life experiences in public speaking. However, I work a full time job that takes up the majority of my time but it’s not what I love. I love touching lives and motivating people. I have these gifts inside of me and God has confirmed it to me. I so understand why Lisa Nichols cries when she speaks about her life and looking at where she is now from where she came from. It’s got to be mind blowing but it just confirms even more that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason much larger than ourselves!

    • Nici Verriest
      Nici Verriest says:

      I encourage you to keep telling your stories as they come to you, both at your Toastmasters events and at other private gatherings. Your voice is a powerful tool for change 🙂

  5. Jim Hendrix
    Jim Hendrix says:

    I had a pretty thorough grasp on this before, however this week my grasp was tested when I was turned down for two jobs that I thought I would be choosing between. I am still in the place where I need a day job to fund my vision. I am working diligently to hone my skills and message but it languished for 20 years. In that time I went from an engineer and psychotherapist making six figures to a broken and homeless man with 83 cents to my name. I had a psychotic break and was hospitalized and spent time in jail. My story got more interesting to say the least. It took 4 years to get another engineering job and I needed that time to recover. Everything happens for a reason and I’m on fire to realize that reason. Thank you Lisa for the guidance and inspiration you are giving me through “Whatever it Takes ” and “Speak & Inspire” as well as the other videos and books I’ve been able to get my hands on.
    You are awesome!

  6. Ernestine
    Ernestine says:

    Hi Lisa

    For many years I had to control my mind with Reason Season and Lifetime then had to remember I had to control the situation don’t let the situation control Me ! I have to also remember The mind is a battle field so I most Fight with God being my leader !


    • Justine Anku
      Justine Anku says:

      Hi Lisa,
      You want to know my AHA moment, it is man’s rejection is God ‘s protection.
      As a child of God, I came to realise one thing which I couldn’t explained to myself , especially in these episodes of mine, in my relationship with the man I said I love. Which misery was behind the rhetoric. But I always have consolation that anything we go through in life , we have to be mindful of the fact that God sees and God hear.
      If we think about the life of job a man of faith; lost everything. But Bible says after losing all that yet focused on God. God replenished everything, even more that what was lost.
      What do we learned from this piece? We must always be thankful in everything .
      Be still and see the salvation of God ‘s army.

  7. Lin
    Lin says:

    Thanks for the great “eyeopener “ chat. You helped me see things The way they are instead of the way I was thinking.
    Your the BEST ever and I thank you for being you.

  8. Alison Jones
    Alison Jones says:

    My AHA moment is recognizing “Man’s rejection is God’s protection” There are so many things we seek out to accomplish in life and I’m the kind of person that will keep fighting until I get it down. Over the last few years, I’ve been faced with some of the most difficult times of my life. Just in the last two years I have experienced losing my professional license, my job, my career, and if I’m being truly honest, I lost my peace of mind. I was so confused and hurt, and I didn’t understand how and more importantly why would God allow this to happen to me. Now, I have a much better relationship with God and I know that no matter what God is still able. I am grateful because pain made me pray and prayer made me powerful!!!

  9. Sara
    Sara says:

    Thank you for this video.

    Yesterday I had to break up with my BF of one year, since it was made clear that he didn’t want a serious relationship. It is painful, I was really into the relationship, I’m completely in love with him.

    But I can see the blessings in it, even if I hate this situation.
    My biggest AHA is that the two serious relationships that I had, each one taught me something, each one uplifted me.
    In one I was taught to speak up more, talk about my feelings and opinions. And this last one taught me how to love myself more, specially my body.

    I’m grateful. And the real thing will come along.

    Thank you for the video, I needed to hear something uplifting.

  10. Belinda Fisher
    Belinda Fisher says:

    Thank you for your video on “Everything Happens for a Reason”. I have had that mindset for a very long time and try to share it with as many people who have struggled or have had disappointments. But I am stumped about why it’s taking so long to get out of a relationship that is toxic because I can’t afford housing. My daughter and I have been looking for what we can afford but nothing yet. I know there’s a reason but it’s taking a toll on my heath living with him. Now with Covin-19 causing havoc in our lives I am more stressed. You can’t reason with a crazy person! Prayers!

  11. Antonette
    Antonette says:

    I live by that statement. I strongly believe in that statement. Maybe deep down it is a security blanket to cradle my ego during moments of disappointment. Nevertheless, I have seen where things did not work out and I realized that I had dodged a bullet. One example, a relationship that I was in. I can’t say it was romantic but I will say that it was supposed to be but someone misled me. I was used as a window dresser. We were supposed to buy a house together but he reported commitment issues. Looking back now, in this very moment, he told the truth. He could not commit to me. I was a girl. Another example is before the rise or even awareness of COVID-19, I was looking to get a job in Maryland and move away from NY. During my phone conversation with the lady, I realized that I basically sabotaged myself. I was not myself during the phone interview. I got off the phone asking myself, what was that about? During the second conversation, I did the same thing. I felt like a phony was I was off the phone. In that moment I knew that job was not for me. I unconsciously sabotaged myself. Couple weeks later, was the pandemic and people lost jobs left, right and center. I had my job during the whole pandemic because I was considered essential. This is where my story gets sweet. I lost my job on 6/17/20. Not due to COVID-19 but because of a spiteful, immature and insecure lady who holds two doctorate degrees. I will not go into the story for the sake of time but I will say this, I went from being the golden child to I don’t want to work with you anymore because I picked from two options given to me and they expected me to choose the one that I rejected. It took her a year trying to pressure me into resigning. During that year it took praying, fasting and listening to gospel songs to make it through each day. COVID-19 happened so getting a job was not easy. Believe me. I tried. God gave her the approval to do what she wanted a year ago. I saw the whole experience as a lesson; training for the next level. As a result, I was not upset that she did what she did. I was relieved. She released me because I was not going to quit even though I was holding on enduring daily discomfort in that environment because I was a prisoner to my monthly responsibilities. The job is gone and the responsibilities are still here. In fact, the monthly payment for the biggest one, the mortgage, increased, lol. I am going through another phase of my training. Before it was patience. Now it is trust.

    My aha moment is that there is a lesson beyond the inconvenience. I love that structuring if words. I will use it with your permission. Everything happens (the inconvenience) for a reason (to make available for the next step).

    Thank you for your time, what you do and keep inspiring. It is very much needed.

  12. Latiera
    Latiera says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I am being tested at this time and the one true love of my life has created a great challenge for us to be able be together. I am trusting in this phrase while trying not to ask the question why. My faith is in God and although this has happened I believe the reason will play out in my favor.
    Thank you and god bless

  13. Heather
    Heather says:

    “Reach past the pain…”
    This is so powerful. As my marriage crumbles, I realize that pain can be reached past, and it is in these small moments of courage that I find solace.
    Thank you Lisa.

  14. KFrancette
    KFrancette says:

    #2 and #3 Wow ! A new perspective – Thank you so very much ! I will now think of rejection as repositioning for my greatest level of gifting to flow . “No” is no longer a dirty word ! It can mean , no not right now , or from God it could be the Father saying ” no I have more for you , no don’t touch it’s not good for you . I am excited about paying closer attention to what is happening in and around me ……and later receiving the surprise gift of the experience and the greatness of it all . I love you to life ! I am extremely excited about your futures! PLJC-K:)

  15. Alphonso Henley
    Alphonso Henley says:

    Humans are on earth to learn to become better humans. In order to become better humans, we must continue to learn; otherwise, we’d be stuck on the same old raggedy racetrack for eternity.
    Learning is a process of gathering, processing, and storing information from everyone, and everything around you. Many of us fail to learn important evolutionary things because we’re caught up with tangible and mental distraction.
    In order to properly learn what we must learn in order to become better humans, we must get past what presently distracts us. A learnt lesson is a lesson mastered and stored for future use. To continue to live life in one thing learned is slavery to an infinite soul. So, when all things happen, as they always do, good and bad, dwelling upon these things, good and bad, whether they be electronic or alive, is what keeps us enslaved to whatever it is we are fettered too.
    If a current attraction is destruction to your evolution, make a mental note, and move on. By moving on from destruction, you’ve laid your first brick of construction.
    All must accept everything we learn, good and bad, learn from it, in order to avoid or use to in the future, at a different time and plane which flows with the natural evolution of all living things, or, we can destroy ourselves and everything around us as the single tossed stone in a quiet pond transforms to the tsunami.
    Everything does happen for a reason, and the reason is, if you decide to accept it, is to become a better human. You can reject it, which leads you blindly down the long road of mundane insanity.

    Mind Lyght

  16. Justine Anku
    Justine Anku says:

    Hi Lisa,
    You want to know my AHA moment, it is man’s rejection is God ‘s protection.
    As a child of God, I came to realise one thing which I couldn’t explained to myself , especially in these episodes of mine, in my relationship with the man I said I love. Which misery was behind the rhetoric. But I always have consolation that anything we go through in life , we have to be mindful of the fact that God sees and God hear.
    If we think about the life of job a man of faith; lost everything. But Bible says after losing all that yet focused on God. God replenished everything, even more that what was lost.
    What do we learned from this piece? We must always be thankful in everything .
    Be still and see the salvation of God ‘s army.

  17. Jim taylor
    Jim taylor says:

    Thanks Lisa for todays things I needed to hear it,s so very hard when so many of our coustmers are in trouble with see beyond the problem what i think i will do new things,change some things and stop doing some things i,ll try to let know how it go,s

  18. Sharon J
    Sharon J says:

    Lisa! Lisa!

    I learned “Everything ;Happens For a Reasons” many years ago. That’s when I first learned to “LISTEN!” and feel what’s happening around me.
    Heading into work one morning, I couldn’t. for the life of me, get out the door. Not only was I running behind schedule, every time I thought I was ready, I realized I was forgetting something important. Where are my glasses that I just had on? Remembering I needed to bring a lunch that day, now I need to change my shirt….
    Once, I was able to make it on the road, I noticed traffic was heavier than usual. I soon discovered I was on the tail-end of traffic that was backed up due to an accident. That was my Ah-Ha moment. If I WAS able to leave when I wanted I could have been involved in that accident or waiting longer in the back-up. I learned to slow down during moments that seem to be working against my agenda and consider, the universe has a different plan and is saving me from some form of hardship whether physical or mental.

    Peace and Sunshine,
    Sharon J

  19. Vesna
    Vesna says:

    Mens rejections its a God protection…that is soooo true,thats my #AHA moment,cuz so many time we are angry if we get NO insted of YES…but on the end,or after many years we see and thank to GOD that it was blessing for us,yesyes Lisa and thank you verry much for this…Love you sooo much…Vesna

  20. Dianne Winser
    Dianne Winser says:

    Thank you for inviting me to your home. I have always believed that “Everything happens for a Reason”. Short story, I joined this amazing new company and was so excited about the income prospect – but I needed 5 people to be a Qualified Founding Affiliate. I got my first 4 in 45 days and then stalled – totally – after weeks of trying I stepped back and said “okay, this is happening for a reason”. I felt the Universe was testing me to see if I wanted it enough to stick with it – I needed to practice patience and perseverance. As well I got that I needed to change my energy from fear and anxiety to confidence and joy. Two days later (30 days total) I signed up my 5th and opened the bottle of champagne. Interesting – the very next day 3 people contacted ME about the opportunity and I signed up another one (because my energy had changed). It is all so very interesting.

  21. Raoul Walravens
    Raoul Walravens says:

    I believe in it:everything does happen for a reason….and when you don;t get the lesson in 1 time, the lesson will comeback in a new package . Maybe in a more heavy 1. I am 46 years old and my last “lesson”cost me 2 weeks in jail and almost my life.It is time for me tod o something with it. Because the lessons become to heavy..Life is a fight against or surrender to the bigger picture….you only can surrender if you are open minded to every oppertunity. . Should try another turn….

  22. Kelli Totillo
    Kelli Totillo says:

    Thank you Lisa, my AHA moment was Man’s rejection is God’s protection. God is in total control and He knows what’s best for us even if we are disappointed because we can’t see the whole picture that He’s got planned for us.

  23. Jacqueline E Bearden
    Jacqueline E Bearden says:

    Thank You Lisa. I heard your story for the first time last year and have heard it multiple times. I drove for LYFT before Coronavirus started getting out of control. 60 hours a week. I listened to your story multiple times and just cried. Because of how strongly it resonated with me . The part where you talk about being in your closet and that was your office and when you went back to the bank with your little boy and asked to check your account and he said , Mommy can we go to mcdonalds now? CHills even now as I write to you. I have a little boy. See I was on the wrong path for a while(none that matters now.) I told the passengers about you. I would say go listen to Lisa Nichols. YOur story has inspired millions I am one of those millions. I told my story to many i drove around. IT was my fultime job. Your story inspired me not to give up. The part where you talk about , being alone your family thought you were on drugs yada yada yada. Literally everything resonated. I am freer than ever even in the midst of this chaotic world. Living in Colorado pursuing whatever I want. I am not going to give up now. We have two choices right now just like everyday. Give up or move forward. UP is the only way to go in my book. Everything we do now impacts the future. I just wanted to take this time to thank you Lisa. I had two choices myself last year. It was so very stressful. Give up and do what i have always done-go back to whats familiar drugs, sex that life. that I knew led no where. OR look forward believe in myself . I chose the latter and I attribute that to yes myself but you were used in a way you may not even know in my life. I thank you

  24. Veron
    Veron says:

    Thank you Lisa,

    I really like #4. It’s an invitation to see beyond the inconvenience- this is so true. Sometimes God has bigger and greater plans for our lives yet we settle in place , with people where we cannot be useful. It’s difficult to see pass the pain but in time… it all work out to be for the better good of all involved in the situation.

    I love your tenacity, your smile and your optimism. You are a great blessing to many Lisa. Keep on going Sis!

    With love
    Miss V

  25. Shavleen Kour
    Shavleen Kour says:

    I don’t know much about this
    But what I feel is when we desperately want something to happen and when it doesn’t happen, we don’t able to accept that change in our life. We fight, we oppose, we argue or we refrain, then eventually we begin to connect with that change. That change then become part of life and we begin to expect something from this change now. Therefore, this cycle goes on and life ends.
    # We shouldn’t expect much just go with the flow and learn to have perseverance.

  26. Makeba
    Makeba says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I appreciate all of your encouragement and motivation that is given at the right time, when needed. What a powerful statement. I believe that statement is so true, “Everything happens for a reason”, whether we know what purpose it serves at the time of the storm, it is serving a purpose. A month ago my brother had a stroke, and I was his caretaker; his stroke was not severe, his speech was off a little and he shuffled his feet when he walked nothing major, he was blessed. On June 28, 2020, I had a stroke, yes me his caretaker, my left side went numb/dead no feeling what the call flat, and all I could think was, this cannot be happening to me, the one that takes care of everyone, especially my family. I realized in that moment that this could have went all bad “but God” had a different plan. He spared me & gave me another opportunity to get whatever is/was wrong right. In that moment of stroking out, I was able to dial for help, which in most cases don’t happen. I won’t go deep into the story for time sake, but it’s a Great testimony. I was able to dial my mother, in my mind at the time, I was telling her I was having a stroke, but all she could hear was slurred speech, she called my daughter who just got off work & happened to be around the corner from my house at a friend’s house. She got to me, put me in the car a ran every light getting me to the hospital, it was like every car we would come up on, they would get over in the other lane clearing a path for us, I know that was God. We got there & I was faced with a decision to let them do a procedure called TPA. You have a certain time period from the time of your stroke to even get this procedure. I was within my time window to havr the procedure, the doctor told me I was lucky their haven’t been to many that made it in time to have this procedur. Which by the way turned out fine. Long story short my speech was cleared, I was raising my hand & moving my toes by the third day, then I was moved downstairs to the rehab floor, where I improved even more. I started walking with a cane for support by the 7th day and continued to improve from there. I was discharged from the hospital on July 15th, you cannot tell me that wasn’t God; nor could you ever make me doubt Him, or what He can do for you whenever you’re going through any situation big or small. Now, whether I had to go thru this experience to learn a lesson, be an inspiration for someone else going thru, so they know not to give up, or for someone to learn thru my experience, that your health is important & cannot be overlooked etc., then so be it, I will be that example. I’ve learned in this situation life is too short, so don’t take it for granted, you may not get a second chance; fortunately I did this time. Take time for yourself and family. No job is worth putting your health and life at risk like I did, missing appointments, ignoring warning signs, trying to self medicate just to make a deadline and over working yourself. This was an eye opener for me, my “AHA” moment, you reassess your life, and the choices you have made & will make, you think about did/is my affairs in order if the outcome had been different, for me a change took place, and preparation began. To think of not being here for my 16 yr old son, & my family, gives you a certain drive to move, think, & speak different. You begin planning making sure all the necessary things are in place, which for me was that peace of mind, that my son would be taken care of should something else arose out of my control, just wasn’t a second thought for me, but very much needed. Just when you think you have it all together, turns out you really don’t.
    Thank you Lisa, please continue to be a Blessing & Inspiration to All.

  27. Lu-Ann K Patrick
    Lu-Ann K Patrick says:

    ” Everything Happens for a Reason.” The key subject that stood out for me in this video is: “Divorcing Thoughts.” So how do you this when so many things are piling up! I have to shift my mindset: Taking away any dissipations of negativity! By this, I would need to: Re-Direct my mind, Re-Frame, and Re-Calibrate my thoughts! And know, in-spite of every distraction, I am still in the Journey!

  28. Natashay Green
    Natashay Green says:

    Greetings Sis Nichols & Tribe,
    #2 is paramount in my life right now! Mans rejection is Gods protection… I recently was rejected from a relationship and a job promotion. I needed to hear your powerful words, this is Gods protection! Often times feeling rejected drains the possibilities of accomplishing projected goals. Knowing this painful feeling of rejection is truly protection gives me reassurance something greater is ahead…. thanks Sis

  29. Lisa Higgs
    Lisa Higgs says:

    I had a break up recently and it took me a while to see the blessings in that. I had to learn to love myself before I could love another person

  30. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Hello Lisa, my aha moment was when I realized that healing takes time actively participating in my own healing from trauma I’ve suffered in the past. I’m learning the root of my rejection was having low self-esteem, being insecure and having no confidence in myself. As a result I was constantly looking for something to make me feel okay. I’m learning that having the correct mindset is important to victory.

  31. Allegra Maple
    Allegra Maple says:

    I was suppose to have surgery on Friday July 17, 2020 but “unfortunately” I didn’t because the ambulatory surgery unit had not yet received my results from my Covid19 test which I took on Tuesday July 14. Needless to say I was frustrated… I was up since 4:00am to get to the hospital by 6am, I had to wait under an awning as I cried because mentally I was like ok Allegra let’s get this over with I realized that “Everything Happens for a Reason”. As I dried my tears I began to take notice to my majestic surroundings, a beautiful landscape of flowers, grass and a tree that looked like it had snow on its leaves since after a quick thunderstorm. The majestic backdrop of a mountain of trees in the foreground and the birds tweeting as the sun began to peep through the clouds. Did I mentioned the care and concern of the director of Nursing as he reassured me that he was constantly in touch with the lab requesting the results and that he spoke with my doctor and made her aware of this misfortune as well as staff who asked me how was I doing?. Eventually, time had passed and my doctor had completed her last surgery and everyone had hoped that by her last patient the hospital would have received the results. It didn’t. My doctor came out to see me and apologized and stated “Everything Happens for a Reason” we both laughed. The next day I received the results. I could have had the surgery. I asked God what Lesson am I to learn from this experience I do know that Man’s Rejection is God’s Protection.

  32. Latoya
    Latoya says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I think all 4 points speaks the truth of effective management skills bit it’s sooooo awesome to hear someone else say it and reaffirm the truth. Love u !!!!!

  33. Lynn McCray
    Lynn McCray says:

    Hello Lisa –

    Thank you for this message! I had just spoken with a friend and said this to him. What I received from your 4 points is the first and the last – that the statement,”Everything happens for a reason” is a place where I can relax and not try to control the situation and it’s an invitation to see beyond the hurt, the loss, the moment to see the bigger lesson. It may be a recurring theme, something you continue to deal with, but your points bring the message home and allow me to stay on my path to understanding myself better. At 55, this is a message I’ve not received before. Time to take a step back and not just surge forward and create a solution- to be still and allow God to speak to me and through me.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Lynn McCray
    (678) 517-1350

  34. Vashti
    Vashti says:

    There were multiple “aha’s” through this but the one that resonated for me was “Mans Rejection is God’s protection”. It’s difficult when your nature is one that desires to have total control but where can God show up AND show out if we are trying to construct the outcome???

  35. Leann Evans
    Leann Evans says:

    This message hit home hard for me as a #BOL, especially ‘mans rejection, is God’s protection’, as this weekend I truly admitted to myself that I love my ex and I needed to let it go. We split a year ago but remained friends in loose contact. After a year I wanted to see him and see if there was any way to rekindle things. The short version is no we couldn’t and spending the weekend in his house has been emotional to say the least. I wrote a forgiveness letter to help me process my feelings and although I love him, I acknowledged the red flags and why we are in 2 separate worlds now. I truly believe I was being protected from even more hurt and pain down the road and as it stands we will continue the friendship at a distance.

  36. Tanisha
    Tanisha says:

    Thank you, like so many of the others replies; this message hit home for me. I am on a journey of rediscovery of who while processing a divorce. As I heard you say, “Embracing this mindset allows us to divorce ourselves from our need to control all things.” While I am divorcing a person I have been in the process of divorcing a mindset that no longer serves me in order to become the best me I can be. Your message just confirmed somethings that are taking place in my life as well. I thank you!


    I have always believed in there is a reason for everything, growing up in church with my great great grandparents I learned about some of the key scriptures in the Bible like Eccl: 3-8 “There is a a time and season for everything under the sun (son)” But sometimes my acceptance is low, so I pray about it, I talk to God just as though He was sitting in front of me. Over these past few years I have come to accept where other’s don’t understand that my addiction was far greater than myself and that was all for reason, my addiction to drugs and all that lifestyle entails was all done so that He could get the Glory, I also believe that I was chosen because after ten years of drug use I surrendered on July 6th 2003 and I told God I can’t do this anymore and when its gone, it’s gone and heard Him say its done! Since I have not had the desire to use anything and I have been clean now for seventeen years only by the Grace of God because I am a firm believer that His Grace want take where His Mercy want sustain you. Now I am going through financial hardships but even in though my bills out weight my finances He has still kept me afloat, so no matter what it looks like Lisa I know that its all for a reason and its BIGGER than me.

  38. K W
    K W says:

    This was very comforting and a great reminder. We get so caught up in a dream, an idea or a wish. Then, when it doesn’t show up, we are crushed. This makes it easier to understand that God has a better plan. We don’t know what it is, but, we must trust and let Divine timing materialize our hopes and plans.
    We need to Surrender to God and all will be as it should.

  39. Tina
    Tina says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I strongly believe in this statement…..it’s hard to understand it in the moment when it happens, but as time goes by and the wound heals it reveals the message of hos it was best for me that things turned out they way they did. It still hurts and makes me wonder why I was so naive, didn’t speak up……just too vulnerable and trusting. What can you do…….with time I have learned to Let it Go! It’s like a bad cut you get when you’ get that caused much pain but the healed scar with time and serves as a reminder a memory of that bad moment. It’s never forgotten, we just learn to live in the present and make each day another day you get to enjoy and keep learning while earning your keep. God knows all things that have happened to each one of us and we are all on his Timing.
    I have developed a closer relationship to God in which I am grateful that he listens. I ask and I know I will receive. Thank you Lisa for being a great woman of wisdom and sharing that wisdom to connect in a truly real way.

    We are sisters at heart! God Bless you !

  40. nicollet
    nicollet says:


    Thank you for your info. I really try to grab the things you say but….
    The pain is so severe. I have frequently the thoughts I quit I step out of this pain. Bit I promissed my family to stay.

  41. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Today my “AHA” is ti regocnize that that the rejection is aGod’s protection. I wished something very much to happen and was rejected once again, but two days after this rejection I clearly see that was my highest good to be rejected… making effort to really embrace the mindset evolution. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you too! You are a great teacher!

  42. Thandee
    Thandee says:

    This morning during my quiet time I was thanking God for things that didn’t work out the way I wanted them to. I thanked him for my guardian’s lack of support and he’d absence at times when I needed her. I thanked God for my other aunts’ lack of support, lack of taking initiative to build relationships with me or avail themselves to be there for me as I lost my mother at age 10. And I was thankful for how things turned out even when I used to want them around so much, want my guardian’s support and approval, because I realized how God was protecting and providing the current me. God works out all things for the good is a statement that is linked to everthing happens for a reason. Today I know how to survive, thrive, look for support even when with their lack of support. Because of their unavailability I know how to make do with what I have, appreciate it and love on myself. I found myself being thankful for things I used to cry about – and that’s my lesson.

  43. Belinda Ruben
    Belinda Ruben says:


    The more seasoned I become in age the more patience and understanding of simplicity comes forth on this earthly tour.

    Everything happens for unknown reasons at that particular time on the learning journey. Recognizing the NO has taught me a wealth of knowledge. Realizing the NO allowed me to become open and receptive to grow.

    • Maggy
      Maggy says:

      Oh Lisa
      So glad to have listened to this right this moment. I had a harsh moment an hour ago.
      This spoke to me:
      Everything happens for a reason is a mindset.

      Embracing this mindset allows us to divorce ourselves from our need to control all things. Now, I don’t know about you, but I sure have to embrace this mindset over and over again. This mindset allows me to relax, let go and release the belief system that I must control all things in my life.

      You rock Lisa

  44. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Thank you, Lisa! It’s all resonating for me during a trying time. And most of all, I appreciate you for saying you love and believe in us, sometimes we need to hear that from someone we admire, even if it’s someone we’ve never met. Please keep creating these videos, they mean more than you may realize. (Also, I bought your most recent book. Love it!)

  45. Darnell Osborne
    Darnell Osborne says:

    Thank you Lisa for this reminder. I’ve always believed this but sometimes forget. I see the blessings each day in my disappointments. What resonates profoundly is your reminder that “Man’s rejection is God’s protection!” Amen

  46. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    Today was my day 6 – How You Play Games!.Whenever I go out and anyone asks me what I do I just quickly say..well I am home taking care of the kids. My husband would always tell me that I sell myself short. I have been fasting and praying for the past 2 weeks and things have been surfacing about my deepest hurts. It goes back to childhood, not having the affirmation from parents, not feeling good enough, pretty enough, bright enough and favored enough. I took this into my marriage and after 18 years I still don’t feel good enough in the marriage. Even though on the outside I seemed well put together- no one knew my inner feelings and struggles. I gave up my job and decided to have a flexible schedule for my 3 children. I was middle management in a top telecom company in the Caribbean (where I lived previously -ie Trinidad) and resigned when my husband got an assignment in England. I became fully domesticated. When I returned to Trinidad after 3 years in England, I got pregnant and never bothered to go back to work. When my last child was 5, I started my Phd and in the middle of that, i started recording my music (Christian Worship music).I had been a worship Leader since I was 13 and by 43 recorded my original songs…but still never felt good enough…loved enough..favored enough. .I felt that I always had to be fighting for a place or a space. I felt my worth was questionable because being a full time mum did not get me much recognition and the absence of title and not earning an income made me feel of little worth. I often got caught up in the cycle of what if this had happened.. or that or the other and was never satisfied with my choices and wondered why I was never anyone’s blue eyed baby….so these words stand out for me big time. I have been trying to get these voices out of my head. I always felt rejected and I felt when people did not listen to my opinions, I took it personally because I felt they were rejecting me. I have been asking God how do I change my mindset…Yes I know I should change but I didn’t know how….So I started the 28 day course. “Man’s rejection is God’s protection..I have to tell this to myself whenever I look back and want to feel regretful about something that did or did not happen. “Getting past the hurt” are timely words in this season of change. Its hard facing all my hurts and inhibitions but I know I need to get past them for change to come. I need to remind myself of this and choose the joy that is way past the hurts…or what I perceive are hurts.

  47. Williams Freda
    Williams Freda says:

    Thank I Lisa. My first time and all I can is My God I Thank U. Bc I have been hearing just wat u have just alway in two day so I knw My God is talking to me bc I have had some bad I have been stressing so bad and than went to my email and saw ur email looked at ur video saw TD jake yesterday and John Gray so I knw God is telltale no me something through you all. So I Thank u. Can’t wait to hear more. Thank u Lisa

  48. DJ
    DJ says:

    Ms. Nichols, I loved the way you broke that statement down. I actually stopped saying that statement that things happen for a reason. Back then when i was younger, it was okay to hear that statement from you Auntie, Grandma or Grandpa, or even your parents. Now in today’s world, people are angry and frustrated to the point that the statement is not what they want to hear. A person now would probably accept the statement “Get over it and move on” . With that being said the statement that things happen for a reason is unexplainable and you just don’t understand. So you have no choice but to get over it and move on. But when things are happening over and over again, that statement that things happen for reason can’t be. It means that you constantly making the same mistakes that put in a situation over and over again. I feel sometimes that you have to go back and fix something so you won’t keep repeating the situations that happen. Even if it means to remove yourself, someone, or something for a peace of mind. Mainly, we all want some kind of peace. Instead of broken pieces that we can’t seem to put back together. I had to learn to let go and Let God piece the things together for me so I can understand. As I continue to believe in him, he hasn’t failed me yet. I’m still alive. Actually, being alive today is one of the reasons things happen. I wasn’t supposed to be here, but things happened for a reason.

  49. Syretha
    Syretha says:

    Well lisa first of all I like to thank you for allowing me to say what I feel , because I never had too many people I can share what I would like to share about me often times people are critical and judgmental about my delicate situation . before I go all in (I’ll save it for the summit) I want to thank you for allowing me to to join the tribe for free thank you so much for that I would use that to say everything happens for a reason WOW I’m anticipating cant wait .
    NOW lisa it’s a whole lot that’s going on with me for now I’ll just give you some of what I like to say this road to the path to success is no joke. apart from the things I have endured in life even up till now see I really need you and the teams help right now @ this point in my life. I believe by you and the team reaching out to me and we have this online summit and it came @ the time when I’m questioning everything in me and around me in my life as a result I’m beginning to believe Everything Happens for a Reason so once again I can’t wait until Saturday.
    Thank you

  50. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    Lisa, this really spoke to me today. Thank you for being so open. I struggle daily to speak positive feedback to myself.

    The opportunity to see beyond the inconvenience Is number 1 and all the others has hit home with me in how I handle my daily journey. This is teaching me more about how to believe in me.

  51. Sharyn
    Sharyn says:

    Everything happens for a reason really blessed my life. This was an #AHA moment for me. I have listened to this over and over and it has given me new hope. Thank you Lisa!!that message was right on time for me.

  52. Kathie Weissberger
    Kathie Weissberger says:

    Hi Lisa: Wow, I’ve watched this video at least 3 times in the last few weeks, and only now did my mind fully grasp the meaning. !! Now I understand why my wishes and dreams have not shown up in 3D, and that’s because it was not a Divine Time for them. While I’ve been frustrated, disappointed, I’ve just realized that the Universe and God are working on making it better for me for when the timing is right. Now, I have a little more patience to wait and to keep working on me and my mission! Thanks for that, it really makes sense now and helps a great deal!


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