Balance your Body and Mind

Body-Mind Balance is a topic that is close to my heart, because it became a necessity when I realized I didn’t have it. I have always been taught that my body is my temple, but until I was faced with a health crisis, I didn’t fully understand what that meant. If you haven’t known me for a long time, you may not know that I went through some health struggles almost a decade ago that stemmed from being obese. Most people just looked at me as being overweight, but I was obese, and my body suffered for it. I was grinding every day – speaking to large audiences, releasing books, meeting people, signing autographs…all while my body was struggling, and my temple was about to crumble.

I hadn’t yet learned how to balance my body and mind – I was so focused on serving others, that I wasn’t serving myself, or my body. I didn’t yet understand that in order to best serve others, we must first serve ourselves by taking good care of our minds, bodies and spirits. I thought I could just go to church on Sunday, and then get right back to the grind on Monday. I thought that was all I needed to do – until my body was no longer able to serve me well enough to allow me to serve others at the highest level. I knew things had to change. But I knew I didn’t have to do it alone – I had help from healthcare professionals that gave me the tools I needed to turn things around.

At one point, I attended my first detox retreat, where we only ate organic, raw food from the earth. It was hard core! I was blessed to speak with this beautiful man who was there – he weighed about 320 pounds – and he told me something I will never forget. He said, “Lisa, I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to make money. I’m worth 2.8 billion. And now I’ll spend the rest of my life and all of my money trying to figure out how to get my health back and my family back.” This man taught me that without health and balance, all of the material success in the world will not serve you.

When I was young, I was an athlete – I worked hard to strengthen my body. But that’s not what I mean by body-mind balance. I was just going through the motions, because I didn’t understand that my mindset was directly related to my body. I didn’t value my body as a young athlete or as an obese woman for those 19 years. I just did what I knew until I learned a better way. Just like we all do. I didn’t make the connection that my body was a valuable tool that allowed me to serve the world. Yes, my body ALLOWED me to serve the world – that was an important lesson, because without taking care of my body, it wasn’t going to allow me to serve forever.

What I had to learn, and I hope that you learn this too, if you haven’t already, is that I need to listen to my body. Oh, yes, your body will tell you exactly what it needs – but are you listening? Sometimes, my body needs movement, whether it’s dance, yoga, going for a walk,  or running around outside and playing with my bonus kids. Our bodies are designed to move, not sit behind a desk for hours on end.

Guess what else my body says to me? Sometimes, it says, “Lisa, you need a nap.” Yes, a nap. You might have 100 things to get done today, but if your body is tired, how well are you going to do those things? If you need a nap, take one. You will accomplish so much more, and with so much ease, if your body is well rested. Figure out how much sleep you need every night, and commit to getting that! Sometimes, I need 7-8 hours, but there are times when I need 10-12. That is not selfish, that is self care. My daily work is of much higher quality and it can be done in less time, when I am well rested. This is why people need to take vacations! Maybe your body is screaming for some relaxation on a sandy beach – do your best to honor that. A few weeks ago, we talked about the value of grounding – getting outside and connecting with the earth. You can feel the tension leave your body when you do that.

Are you drinking enough water? Are you stretching? Are you eating foods that fuel your body, or are you eating whatever is convenient? Take a look at these things. This is a journey – I’ve come A LONG WAY – but I am still on the journey, because it never ends. I love that yoga is considered a “practice,” because I promise you, my yoga is far from perfect. But the point is that I keep showing up and doing it, and it makes my body feel good.

Do you ever notice that sometimes you feel “out of sorts” for no apparent reason? I know I tend to get impatient with people and I feel resentful towards them when I am not honoring my body’s needs. Pay attention when this happens. Maybe you just feel “off” – this is your body telling you that something is wrong, or it’s feeling stressed. Do you know that most, if not all,  illnesses are stress-related? I don’t want you to become ill because your body is giving up on you. I love you – we are family. Your health is important to me..

So, I want you to identify what your body needs. Sit with it, and really listen to what it is telling you. I invite you to try this within the next 24 hours. Tell me in the comments what you are doing in the next 24 hours to honor your body, whether it’s increasing your water, eating better food, exercising, or taking a nap! Please commit to trying at least ONE THING in the next 24 hours. And please let me know, because I love reading your comments. I love connecting with our community. It’s the best way for us to cheer each other on!

Remember that this is NOT a monologue. I’m not here to preach from the mountain top. This is a delicious dialogue, where all of our voices are heard and honored. I want to hear how changing your mindset is bringing your body and mind into beautiful balance, one day at a time – remember that this is a journey. Our health and balance needs to be honored every day. I believe in you and I believe in your ability to make beautiful changes in your life. And it starts with your wellness. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Your Sister in Vitality and Wellness,

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  1. George Emory jefferson
    George Emory jefferson says:

    Good afternoon or good morning sista I’m coming to ask or pray for understanding how to get out of being stuck I wanna push this very hard wall I’ve been pushing through and it’s been a hard chizzle to push through I’ve been dealing from a lost of a relationship and been trying to help others while my spirit has been broken due to what I allowed and a person who claimed t love tore my spirit down and I’ve been fighting ever since so reaching out to you for some understanding to get through this

  2. Timothy Edigue
    Timothy Edigue says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. There should always be a balance between our health our body, most times we pay less attention to our body and eventually our health suffers for it. I drink less water daily and it has caused me a great deal. I am trying at the moment to master the act of consistently drink water.

  3. Antoinette
    Antoinette says:

    Lisa, I am so grateful for the space. I’m The oldest of 13 siblings. I’ve lived my life in making sure everybody is OK. When my mom passed away in 2009 with cancer she told me to live my life now because I’ve helped her so much. It has been lore a journey. I struggle with projects that my mine give me to do I don’t complete them. I am a mentor to so many but behind the scenes I struggle. I am working on sleep well water do a lot of walking and more meditation. Each day I tell the little girl inside of me that I love her and I want to do more for her at 61 years old it’s never too late.. I have kept my eyes on you for a long time and say speaker and I used to always say wow what is the story . Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Elle
    Elle says:

    Wow! That hit me. ❤️❤️ Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Even without struggling with weight, I’ve had a lot of issues with my body and mind -balance. We really are capable of taking care of our temples – it’s never too late and always worth it!

  5. sandra High
    sandra High says:

    Thank you this on time message Lisa! I am going for a Power Walk today and l am going to not eat after 7:00pm.

    I am so grateful to be apart of a moving forward community! Thank you for your beautiful light Lisa

  6. Keiko
    Keiko says:

    Lisa, I will be running in a beautiful autumn park in the UK- preparing for a future marathon. I like your energy of this recent video, calmer and a natural beauty. Luv ya

  7. Ella Monette
    Ella Monette says:

    Right on time! I needed to hear from you Lisa as well to be encouraged by the comments. I am not doing any of the things you suggested so here I go getting back into gear with taking care of my health.
    Thank you so much.

  8. Raysa Santiago
    Raysa Santiago says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Wow I needed this! When you said “I know how to GRIND” I have also grinding through dealing with many issues with anxiety and panic attacks. This made so much sense. I’ve neglected my body in fact I am the heaviest I have ever been and now I feel shut down. Something guided me to this video today. It’s time to take action. I can’t serve from an empty cup. In the next 24 hours I will drink more water, eat clean and join a gym. This is not only for me…. when you said “I want to enjoy my sons kids” that hit me my son is only 10 but, that is the goal to be here. I can’t continue to neglect me. Thank you for this Love Raysa. P.S
    I met you at Eric Worre’s home this year in May. I attended the MPW 2022 Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing. Thank you for serving !

  9. Erica Alexes
    Erica Alexes says:

    Hello Lisa and Community
    I will listen to my body when it tells me to be still, rest, sleep or take a nap. When stressed anxiety drives me to do unescessary and multiple tasks often neglecting my body and my mind/peace.
    Thank you for this space.

  10. Sheba Wilson
    Sheba Wilson says:

    My body is telling me to prioritize my rest, to eat on time and more nutritiously. This was an encouragement as I started this week to focus more on my care. I’m naturally a giver, helper always taking care of others. It’s time I become selffull – making sure my cup in full so that others are served from the overflow.

  11. Raeshad Blankenship
    Raeshad Blankenship says:

    Say I’m here to push one of my goals off and speaking out to all of color I belive in that I can reach out to people of all situations that they are going through or went through me and my wife have a story a strong testimony to give off. I have saw where you sent me a message but I don’t have the funds but I really want to be a motivator speaker like I just want to push light into someone who is feeling like it’s the end of the world for them like I said it’s one of my dream goals to pursue to give off good vibes and help someone in their time of being stress depressed down or overwhelmed

  12. Raeshad Blankenship
    Raeshad Blankenship says:

    SORRY I just got your email my sista. But for the next 24hr I’m trying to build as a man everything as I was created to do you know being adopted has got to me growing up like when you here my story you’ll be like yeah my brotha tell your story and then it’s just not about me but my children and children of the world who going through anything and I want is to be the best black man in this system of a society that we live in. So for the 24hrs I’ve just been thinking about a lot and what really matters to me as far as being the most important person in my wife life my children’s life but just LIFE period

  13. Wanda Monroe
    Wanda Monroe says:

    Thank you for Sharing. Really needed to hear this. Even though I am aware that my Body is my temple. I struggle a lot. I take care of others more then I take care of myself. I just turned 50 and I Promise myself I will take care of me and my temple Better then Ever.

  14. Keina Marie
    Keina Marie says:

    Peace Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for the reminder to be in a mind and body balance. Our bodies are sacred and our bodies are our temple. I am going to “take the shot” every moment of this 24 hours. I want to know what it will feel like 24 hours from right now, with the decision to make good choices, do yoga, a morning meditation, eating more greens and drinking lots of water, and gracing myself with a good night sleep. Thank you for bringing me back to my body, and myself, as a priority.

  15. Doris
    Doris says:

    I used to walk at least 6000 steps daily but 2 weeks ago I started going to the gym , working with a trainer and at the age 54, I decided to learn how to swim. I got an instructor and now I wonder why it took me this long to start.
    I drink more water and feel good. I eat what is good for me, making sure I rotate what I eat.
    I already feel a difference.

  16. Maya nicolaci
    Maya nicolaci says:

    Thank you Lisa
    Yes i have found when i get distracted, annoyed with other people it is because i have not had a good sleep or drank enough water.
    Each day i am leaning new things
    God bless you

  17. Ariel Sommers
    Ariel Sommers says:

    Lisa you have no idea how badly I needed to hear this today….. I have been struggling behind close doors, behind my face of support for others….exhausted, broken and alone. You see I use to be a competitive fighter and in top shape, it was my way of dealing with (or lack of) my trauma…. Fast forward to my late 30’s find man of my dreams and get the family I always wanted, became a trauma coach and starting to do speaking…. But somewhere along the way of having 2 babies and changing my life, I lost myself. I am no longer the athlete braving through my traumas, I’m a mom who is overweight and lost…. I bring a lot of good to the world but not for myself.

    So I am COMMITTING TO MYSELF , I will take the time tonight for a hot bath to read a book that isn’t work related or self help- just for fun. Tomorrow I have blocked off time for a workout as time to meditate.

    Thank you for the reminder today, you are one of my fave mentors even if you don’t know me directly xoxoxo

  18. Treasuree Kemp
    Treasuree Kemp says:

    Hi, Lisa,
    I know my body is telling me to start moving more in exercise and enjoying being outside-grounding. I commit to exercising in the next 24 hrs. I also commit to listen to my body daily and be proactive with my mind and body balance. This was what I needed to hear today. Thank you for being so inspiring for others.

  19. BJ. Martin-Terrell
    BJ. Martin-Terrell says:

    Hello Lisa you are a confirmation and I thank you for sending that email to me about taking care of your body. I am getting ready to make some changing in my health and take better care of myself. I am an older woman over 60s and have some health challenges. I have been neglecting my body and now it’s time to get on track. I will start the first two weeks in November by going on a raw vegetable challenge and then incorporating some stretching and getting on the treadmills. I am hoping this raw vegetable will get motivated again to do at least 5 to seven days of just vegetables and no meat, bread, or sweets each month to gain that energy I so much need. So, thanks again for the concern you are showing because you are right we women and men need to take care of our bodies.

  20. Latisha
    Latisha says:

    I am kind of here with you. I have a “battle” with my body…but I have sought care for quite some time to no avail. I have trouble breathing for years now due to my ongoing health issues and this condition also affects my metabolism but there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do about it. I thought I was alone but I am one of the many black women who struggle getting care.

  21. Muriel Reed
    Muriel Reed says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for opening the platform of balancing our mind and bodies. I will purpose my mind to drink more water and exercise more and to listen to my body. Your are an inspiration to a lot of people.

  22. Doll
    Doll says:

    Thank you Lisa.
    Watched this message after I woke up this morning after a restless nights sleep. Many things running through my head but the one thing that I woke up feeling this moring, was that I had to start doing right by my body. The most precious thing next to my mind that I have to keep me alive and in my right mind on this planet.

    Going through my inbox I see this message and decide to play it. Then I watched it, then I embraced it. Not because it was from you Lisa (ok I lie) I love you. Haven’t met you in person as yet, but God placed you in my life for a few years now. Your message was on the same level as what God was saying to me. Thank you again for being you and showing up for such a time as this for me.

    Take care Lisa, looking forward to more.

  23. shiru
    shiru says:

    i started the journey to balance my mind and body last year my hormones had gone wild and my face was telling it all i woke up one day and said to my self i will fuel my body with nutrition dense foods and guess what within a month i could see the difference i also felt different.i now drink a lot of water and mind what i eat its been one year i feel and look good my face is now so smooth its such a good feeling i keep reminding myself that i can only move forward and not backwards .Thanks Lisa because to start this journey i did the 28day course and for me it was eye opening .

  24. Monique
    Monique says:

    Thank you so much. Your message is so timely because I have decided to start OMAD on November 1st for 30 days. I appreciate you Lisa.

    I struggle to love myself enough. But your message is so motivating.

  25. Jessica King
    Jessica King says:

    Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing. From the moment I first knew who you were, The Secret, you’ve made a diff in my life. I have also learned money and things do not bring happiness! Personally I have followed Denise Austin for over 20 years and she helps me still, at 56 to exercise every day. However, the grind…oh how that eliminates a lot of the rest of life. Love you, thank you again.

  26. Selena Santana
    Selena Santana says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I am so glad I came across this video today. I am always about the grind and never fully take care of myself. I needed to hear this! Thank you!!

  27. Alphonse Musyoka
    Alphonse Musyoka says:

    After reading your piece, I realise that my body is painfully tired. I have resist the urge to take a nap daytime for sometime now. The one thing I will embark on is eating right, get enough rest when the body needs it, get some sleep during the day when the body demands it. Due to the chronic fatigue I am unable to remain focused on plans and projects that I really care about.

  28. Marlene Stovall
    Marlene Stovall says:

    HI Lisa, I knew this was part of your story because I listened to your book No Matter What and the sub-liminals you did. I am so pleased to see you are making an opportunity to help us take care of ourselves more. I wanted to take the Speak and Write but just could not do it right now financially. So I am glad to still be mix even this way. How I feel about my body doesn’t match how and who I am inside. My body and my finances are the two areas I have avoided. But that all stops now, because you can’t win the lottory if you don’t ever play!

  29. Akua Fayette Hunter
    Akua Fayette Hunter says:

    I saw you this morning on the podcast with Lewis Howes Podcast. You were awesome down to earth and fearless…and touched me in so many ways I am older wiser and ready to Go Grow & Glow.
    I really really need to talk to you ..I have to share my story and my stories.
    You have things that remind me of my childhood especially the grandmother wisdom.
    Except I had no grandmother, my mother’s mother died of a heart attack with twins when she was 13…
    My mother loved school but was not able to go she married at 17 and had 10 children I was the tenth and the “different one” I wanted to excel and i did in many ways but needed that grandmother push you got…although my mother played a big part i my life she became my real hero(shero) once our father died tragically of which I witnesses as the age of 10…THAT CHANGED MY LIFE….I was the only one who finished school and I loved school and loved to read..
    I am a Symbolic Artist,Artist / Author/storyteller of truth , among many things( called a Renaissance Woman won awards for my Storytelling on PBS ….I am in my fourth quarter and COVID 19 TAUGHT ME WHAT YOU MENTION TODAY ABOUT FAMILY & FRIENDS SUPPORT and how we have to let go and just enjoy them , I stopped to many times to rescue them but now I want to be in a position to leave a legacy of my wisdom and spiritual growth I will send you a package if that is OK.

  30. Akua Fayette Hunte
    Akua Fayette Hunte says:

    Dear Lisa please forgive me I tried to delete my comment above I had been looking at you all morning on the Podcast I was excited to talk to you I realize this was about weight ,I can truly pass this on to my daughters who have been battling weight these past ten years…Yet most of us as women suffer with something too much or not enough..once I went back I saw the post was basically about weight and health, which is a great topic and at my age I am doing what I can to stay healthy You have proved once you get it into your mind the “why” you put on”the heavy 78 lb. jacket” then you could begin to take it off. I admire your authenticity.
    Well my “jacket of weight” was the people I cared about and tried to carry to the finishing line …So I dropped my ball of purpose right outside of the scoring line several times, now I am asking for help to finish the important things that I have been sent here to do. Thank you,may many blessing continually follow you.

  31. Nolwazi
    Nolwazi says:

    Just today I was thinking about how I can incentivise myself back into the movement and shaking of my physical being.

    So as if were, tonight I decided to scroll through emails to see if I could quickly find any email I may have missed.

    Voila, slap bam, my girl, spiritual mother, goddess Ms. LISA NICOLS is still at. Your subject line, frankly, Balance your Body and Mind is what caught my attention.

    I have literally been struggling to get back to my true me. Avid and religious exercise baby, but yikes I just haven’t been able to get back to her.. My deeply routed in mother nature and her consistent self, me!

    #BOL #YANA #100,2ndChances.

    Thank you for still carrying us through. You are a great treasure to my world Lisa. I honor you and 1000 thank you’s.

  32. Karina Wyllie
    Karina Wyllie says:

    Thank needed to hear this today! I have a really bad back pain….for months now, been drinking way too much coffee, stuck on trying to lose weight but not truly committed, and i feel like my body is trying to tell me to stop and take a break, its out of sorts for sure! THANK YOU for this message……time to think and focus on whats important.

  33. Marie Smit
    Marie Smit says:

    WOW WOW WOW just love reading the comments Thanks so much for this Lisa I really needed this. I am going through a tough time health wise and have gained a lot of weight and it has been taking a toll on my body mind and soul. Lisa in the next 24 hours I am going to give my body the nutrients and exercise it needs but not only the next 24 hours I promise that for the next weeks I am going to fuel my body with water fresh air and everything humanly possible to make it healthier and stronger. You are such a inspiration and I am so thankful that God has blessed us all with such a amazing person. Love and Light to you and may God keep on Blessing you abundantly

  34. Marie Smit
    Marie Smit says:

    Good Morning from a sunny but cold South Africa Lisa I am so thankful for your emails your inspiration and the warmth and positive feelings I get from your emails. I sit here and I laugh and cry and go aha. I am going through an extremely tough time with my weight my emotions and just listening to your videos is so inspiring and gives me so much hope and inspiration. You are a wonderful inspiring woman and I just love everything you are giving to people like me. I am going to fight and conquer this mountain in front of me and give my body all the love and care it needs. I am going to start moving and dancing my way to a healthier and better me. Feeding my body with nourishing food and not comfort food. Love and Light to you xxx

  35. Pamela Faye Weathersby
    Pamela Faye Weathersby says:

    My body is telling me to prioritize my rest, to eat on time and more nutritiously. My body also tells me it’s time to get this unnecessary weight off that I encountered over the years of being stressed out about when my health, children, family, job, among other things that took a turn down the road of darkness oh along with I lost my mother in/on February 22, 2021and since then my life has been an roller-coaster. This was an encouragement as I started this week to focus more on my care. I’m naturally a giver, helper always taking care of others. It’s time I become selffull – making sure my cup in full so that others are served from the overflow. I will honor my body with meditation and water daily. Thank you for SharingLisa, Because I Really needed to hear this. Even though I am aware that my Body is my temple. I struggle a lot. I take care of others more then I take care of myself. I just turned 54 and I Promise myself I will take care of me and my temple Better then Ever. Lisa, I really, really appreciate you and your motivations videos and speech, thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️❤️❤️❣️

  36. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Where it’s been cold here, excercise has been a challenge but I do some you ga and meditation in the morning. I’ve been dealing with a lot emotionally and intellectually, so I’ve been called to rest and relax the mind so I can rejuvenate Both mind and body, so that’s my goal in the next 24. Thank you Lisa!:)

    • Lyralisa Stevens
      Lyralisa Stevens says:

      Deeply appreciate you inviting me to watch your informative presentation Sistah Nichols. I have encountered a lot of ladies who see themselves as chubby, and obease, as you mentioned in your video. My contribution to the struggle, comes from Genesis 1:29, where GOD SAID,”BEHOLD, I GIVE YOU EVERY SEED BEARING FRUIT, VEGETABLE, HERB, AND SPICE OF THE FIELD. THAT SHALL BE YOUR FOOD.” GOD built our bodies, so he would know what best to use for energy to get the healthiest, best performance out of it. But the deception comes in when restaurants take the Herbs and Spices GOD gave us, to disguise dead animal, bird l, and fish flesh to cause our sense of smell, to be led astray in Mc Donald’s, Sizzler, Jack in the Box, where hamburgers-(dead flesh of cows), bacon,(dead flesh of pigs), steak, (dead flesh of cow/buffalo=Beefalos), and fish, crab, oyster, clams, that it smells appropriate. If any of our Sistahs who want to give up eating dead flesh of animals, fish, birds, stop their car the next time they see a dead rotting animal on the highway, get out and squat over it, and inhale, that would pull the wool off the meat industries deceptive move that makes them think dead animal flesh is savory and delicious. So then, the Buddha said,”WHEN you eat dead animal, bird, or fish dead flesh, you turn your stomach into a cemetary.” Furthwrmore, we all know what kind of devastating, cancerous effect childhood trauma will cause, so consider this. The cow lives a relaxed happy life with the farmer. The cow is fed bails of hay, allowed to go lounge in beautiful pastures, drink plenty of water, and is protected from predatorial animals by the farmer, until one day the n8ce farmer cuts the poor unsuspecting cow’s throat! The shock from such an event, where the most living, protective person takes a malevolent turn in character, is so traumatizing that the cow involuntarily urinated internally. It’s flesh is inundated by the uric acid of the pee, that becomes the steak, hamburger. So, it’s fears, that trauma is stored in its muscles, flesh as muscle memory. Like an athlete, who stops working out, looses his or her muscular form, can, years latter regain that form by way of MUSCULE MEMORY when working out again, our bodies digest the cow’s trauma induced flesh, and the same muscle memory reawaken fear of death tge cow felt at the instant its throat is cut, heart break at it’s most trusted persons act which brought demise, and we suffer depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. We began to eat like the cow, gain weight like the cow, and to steal it’s babies milk, which was meant to accelerates the growth rate of a baby cow in proportion to how a beast of burden gains weight, NOT A HUMAN! And yes, the people after Genesis 9 did start to eat dead flesh, and GOD HAD TO TEACH THEM HOW TO COOK IT. But, it came with all those diseases Jesus had to heal. So, my eating habits do not go pass Genesis 9. Before that, no human ever ate dead flesh. At AFTER Genesis 9, IN DEUTERONOMY, GOD SAID,”BEHOLD, I PLACE BEFORE YOU LIFE, AND DEATH. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO CHOOSE, CHOOSE LIFE, SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE.” IF WE EAT ROTTING DEAD FLESH, WE GO TOWARD DEATH, BECAUSE THAT DEAD FLESH TAKES 3 MONTHS TO GO TGROUGH OUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, AND OUR LIVER MUST STRUGGLE TO FIGHT OFF ITS POISONOUS DECAY. BUT when Noah stepped off tHe boat, GOD SAID TO NOAH THE SAME RHAT HE SAID TO ADAM AND EVE.”Behold, I give you every seed bearing fruit, Vegetable, herb of the field. That shall be your food.” NOW, we know that it was a test, because GOD offered dead flesh to Peter in the book of acts, and Peter said, “NOT, my Lird. I can not defile the temple.” Christ said, “I will rebuild the temple in 3 days after it is destroyed.” HE was referencing his body-(the living temple). So, I conclude with this, as my Mentor said,”Never eat anything, that’s ever had two eyes, a face and emotions, and all of t h e rest of your weight . Loss difficulties, obease complications/ habits will be disentangled.

  37. georgette craig
    georgette craig says:

    Hi dear sister Good to see you. I used to work out everyday and made me so happy. I was never a sleeper so I used to get my 7 hours of workout in everyday. All of a sudden I stop and now I struggle with my weight today I’m going to try to do something different.


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