3 Tips for Creating your Own Opportunities

When I was deciding on a topic for this week, I wanted to touch on something EXTRA juicy…EXTRA delicious that would spark a dynamic conversation.

I started thinking back to a time in 1994 when I needed to rescue myself and give Lisa a chance to see who Lisa could become. I needed to touch my full potential. My 100. Anyone been there? Or maybe you are there right now. If so, I promise you, #YANA (you are not alone).

You see, I had to figure out how to create new opportunities for myself. And if there is one thing I know for sure, sometimes you gotta LIVE IT before you can TEACH IT.

So, this week, I am sharing my top 3 tips for creating your own opportunities. These are the EXACT mindset shifts I used personally to touch my full potential.

#1 – Creations are born out of need.

Write this down. Creations are born out of need. What do I mean by that? What do people need that you can easily fulfill or not so easily fulfill, but you can fulfill, nonetheless?

Every business opportunity, every creation, every invention (and this was a really great AHA moment for me) were born from somebody needing something to either 1) eliminate a pain or discomfort or 2) bring forth a desire or a solution.

For example, the cell phone. Now we feel like we’ve lived with them for so long that we’ve never been without them. But there was a time when we didn’t have a cell phone. That need was born from a husband who needed to talk to his wife from the grocery store and ask, “What kind of brand did you want?” There was a need. And I’m just joking about that. But there was a need to talk to people while you were out and about. So, first the pager came, and then the phone came, and now you can have those types of conversations. That was a need.

Most things are born because someone wants to eliminate a discomfort, or they want to get closer to a desire. So, remember that creations/new opportunities are born out of a need.

So…ask yourself: “What do people need or desire that I can fulfill?”  

#2 – Money isn’t earned or given. Money is created.

Write that down too. Money is not earned or given. Money is created. Now I know jobs allow you to earn money. And people can or will give you money. But when you look at it from a mindset that revenue is created, you begin to see opportunities. Meaning ask yourself:

What can I create?

What do I know that is of value to others? So much so, that they will put a monetary exchange on it.

What knowledge do I have?

How can I position it to the people who need it the most?

How can I offer it at a rate that people will say absolutely yes—even if it is a stretch for them?

For years, I did not understand the concept that money was created. I thought, oh I should just get another job. I have to work another hour and another hour until I ran out of hours in the day. I would start working at 9am and work until midnight. I worked two jobs. I left home at 7am and got home at midnight. There were no more hours in the day. I was at my max. So, I had a choice. Live at this max for the next 30 or 40 years or create something. So, I began to look at what I could create in exchange for money?

Now you won’t ever find this answer inside a box. Matter of fact, you won’t find this right on the outside of the box either. In order to get to the place where you recognize that you can create more money in your life, more opportunities, more revenue streams…you have to recognize that there isn’t a box at all.

#3 – View yourself as the answer to a need.

When you are looking at creating new opportunities, you have to look at yourself as the answer. Write this down. I AM THE ANSWER. Can you be the answer or provide the solution?

For example, if you are a master organizer–then that’s just what you do. It’s how you roll in life. That’s not me, but for you, that’s just what you do. Then you are the answer to someone like me. You’re the answer to my needs. I love a well-organized house. I’m just not the best organizer. I love structure and systems. I just don’t do structure. I don’t create structures and systems. I follow structured structures and systems. So, I’m always hiring someone to help bring structure. And then I follow it. And then that muscle that was in atrophy gets developed for me.

So, what do you do? What are you the answer to or are you willing to be the answer to?  Because when you’re willing, write this down, too. When you’re the answer to a need, a new opportunity is born. Then add to that a value exchange financially. Add to that a marketing engine that says, “Hey, if you have that need, I’m right over here.” Add to that some structure, and you have a new business opportunity.

Ask yourself:

What do I know that’s just effortless to me?

What am I the answer to? The solution for?
What have I been doing for so long that I don’t even think it is special or a talent or a gift?

Most people’s new opportunities elude them…constantly elude them because they’re usually right in front of their faces. It’s something that you do effortlessly. It’s accounting. It’s math. It’s the number crunching. It’s the organization. It’s cleanliness. It’s the childcare system that you created years ago. 

I love nothing more than to hear from you. It means everything to me. So please share with me your thoughts from this episode. What was the big AHA? What are you really good at that you realized, hold on…there might be some opportunity in that? What do you know so well that people might need to learn, or might bring value? Has something got your wheels turning?  Please leave me a comment below and share it and declare it to me and the tribe.

Remember, this is your home. And there are always plenty of opportunities, possibilities and connections for you here. I LOVE you. I BELIEVE in you. And I’ll always be…

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Adrien Blayre
    Adrien Blayre says:

    I wish it would be so easy to find it out what r u so good at… I guess I’m still digging in myself..
    Some point that I am an activator for them and I can see them changing, doing, achieving.. but I can’t do it to myself.. and sometimes very needed.
    One more crazy one, has some power/influence on people, but cannot master it………….yet.

    • Carl Ivey
      Carl Ivey says:

      Hello Adrien,
      Once I remembered who I am truly am, my life has become incredibly joyful and awesome. I am the single most blessed human being on Planet Earth. I would not trade places with any other person, even if they have millions or billions in their bank accounts, own huge mansions around the world and fly back and forth in their private jets. I am looking forward to my 75th birthday in a couple of weeks and I have never felt more excitement for life and its infinite wonders and possibilities. I have more energy than I had in my 50s and 60s, take no prescription drugs, play the piano 3 to 4 hours a day(my favorite composer is Beethoven as I celebrate his 250th anniversary year of his birth). I am a retired holistically trained pediatrician living the life of my dreams in Victoria, British Columbia. I play the piano at retirement homes and I am paid money for doing what I would gladly do for free! Is this legal? I love words, have an ability to motivate and inspire people and am currently writing a book entitled,”Stop Punishing and Start Disciplining; Breaking the Centuries Old Cycle of Abusive/Dysfunctional Parenting.” Key to my joy and success(the best is yet to come) is I have come to understand,without any doubt, that I am worthy and deserving of all of the best that life has to offer. I understand that we are all interconnected and that the more I give to others, the more I am giving to myself. Please feel free to contact me. Peace, health and love to you.

      Carl Ivey,M.D.(retired holistic pediatrician)

      • Alan Weiner
        Alan Weiner says:

        I am touched by your note and would love to correspond abt Alexander Technique. You have probably heard of it. My practice is way less than it shpuld be. Thanks for the inspuration to do better

      • Dr Ida
        Dr Ida says:

        I am the answer to teach people how to tap into their intuition to manifest their desires. I am doing this on small scale but I am feeling the need to do on global level. If any one resonates with this message out to me and I send you information on how to join my free Master class “How to Use Your Intuition In Relationships to Manifest Your Desires” and join my Relationships That Works Facebook group to learn the connection between your relationships and your intuition/inner guidance. Dr Ida

  2. deborah burks
    deborah burks says:

    Hey Lisa
    My name is deborah and I have to say thank you for you inspiration. I have a lot of gifts inside of my and I struggle with finding the right one I enjoy making things pop and look good I love planting flowers, designing looks and life in but I struggle when I’m asked to help and I’m limited in expressing myself. Do that make sense I love what you do that is why I was drowned to you I love ministering to people also I’m an ordained minister, I have recorded music I wrote in 2009 and just stopped doing most of it long story but I’ll stop there I don’t want to bore you. So there you are

    • H. Vanessa
      H. Vanessa says:

      Dear Sister Lady Deborah
      Since viewing your post with Lisa I was excited to comment to YOU because I share so much qualities.
      We really should chat at some point. We could encourage and inspire each other….and others.

    • Lea
      Lea says:

      Hi Lisa
      Love listening to you and inspired by your life story. I know I love and am good at teaching, but I want to be able to teach inspire motivate mentor. ….about life…life lessons…. just don’t know how to just make leap across….from teaching specific content (science ) to being general (I guess ). Also love refurbishing, turning ugly things to attractive valuable staff…

  3. deborah burks
    deborah burks says:

    Hey Lisa
    My name is deborah and I have to say thank you for you inspiration. I have a lot of gifts inside of me and I struggle with finding the right one .I enjoy making things pop and looking good I love planting flowers, designing but I struggle when I’m asked to help and I’m limited in expressing myself. Do that make sense I love what you do that is why I was drowned to you I love ministering to people also I’m an ordained minister, I have recorded music I wrote in 2009 and just stopped doing most of it long story but I’ll stop there I don’t want to bore you. So there you are

  4. Albert Horne Sr
    Albert Horne Sr says:

    This episode was powerful. My ability to connect with others is what I do effortlessly. This has opened doors for me but at times it seems to have me all over the place. It is tough for me to settle in on one thing and just stick to it. I believe it slows down my ability to be as prosperous as I know I can be. All three areas mentioned I have come familiar with if I can only stay dialed in. Thank you for your comments and love to make us all better people.

  5. Judy
    Judy says:

    What a great word. The moment lisa said the word shift really grabbed my attention. God has been dealing with me about shifting this year. My mindset on money is shifting from earning. Thank you Lisa and may God continue to use and bless you ❤️

  6. Donna
    Donna says:

    I loved this episode! I never thought about me as the answer! I have been doing holistic health coaching as educational but I am now seeing I am not just teaching I am the answer to bring the good news of holistic living and wellness to a sick and dying world. My vision has just increased a 100 fold

    • Marie Clerjeune
      Marie Clerjeune says:

      Drear Donna. As I am reading your message, I keep feeling Healing energy. Keep on being a blessing to others as GOD place you in peoples lives. I am glad that you are already experiencing the manifestation of 100 folds in your life. Like Shawn reminded us it was inside you all along, your mind shift activated it into being. YOU INSPIRE ME. Blessings n growth in every area of your life’s Journey. You are the change. One of Your cheerleaders . Marie

  7. Patricia Sumter
    Patricia Sumter says:

    Hi. I enjoyed the video. My aha moment is that I learned that money is created not earned or given. I take away is that I have to view myself as being a need.
    I love teaching and empowering others.

  8. Lorraine
    Lorraine says:

    Thank you for this video. By presenting this in 3 steps, it has assisted me to really exam and think about each step. One of my challenge is my belief that someone will pay for what I know…I have lots of ideas and frankly, that is were it stops. I need to figure out what is motivating me to find and work my purpose. The journey continues.

  9. Jaysean
    Jaysean says:

    Hello Lisa, I have been just recently been cultivating my speaking skills to tell my story of how i transformed my physical gender (female to male) and made a transformation on the inside by starting on my spiritual journey (that I have been on a lil over a year now) and being celibate the whole time. I guess I just haven’t found a way to package it to ppl and singularly pick out my target audience.

  10. Charyn Harris
    Charyn Harris says:

    I’ve always loved listening to you and still do. I thought about the content here and how I’m aligning myself for my next phase. I’ve started a directory site for black businesses and service providers. I love connecting people and helping businesses. I’ve started doing so consulting. I tend to get overwhelmed since I work in entertainment management and it can be overwhelming. Trying to pace myself. Hope I can post some of your content someday on my site. We need more of your voice!

  11. Jessica P
    Jessica P says:

    My Aha moment was tip number three(I am the answer), always heard let your gift work for you,however just reading this and visualizing it in this moment made me say AHA.

  12. Amirah
    Amirah says:

    Hey Lisa! I absolutely loved this video! My aha moment was that creations are born out of need. I had an idea a few weeks ago and I’m going to find a way to make it happen.
    Thanks for this Lisa:)

  13. Kim Lewter
    Kim Lewter says:

    I am a really good cook and I do it effortlessly. You have just inspired to me to create my own food delivery service there is a need in my community and my present job is very insecure . I will be launching my business in October thank you for what you do .

  14. valencia
    valencia says:

    This is my first time looking at the motivating the masses, wanted to say I like what i heard today. I wrote it down cause I’m in transition for working for a business to creation my own. And i needed to hear this sometime i doubt myself. So this is what I need to hear so thank you and keep doing what you doing, putting the Motivating in me Thanks.

  15. Nanette M Buchanan
    Nanette M Buchanan says:

    I’ve learned since publishing my first book, I was giving away (and still do…) my knowledge in writing. I’ve assisted many on different aspects of writing, structuring, and publishing…free. Now that I have retired and seek to write full-time, doing speaking engagements, I have a podcast and magazine… none need to be free. My mind is clear, I just believe it was my heart. I struggled to get information when I started. I invested and lost on many attempts to purchase information. I didn’t want others to be dupped, but listening to this I dupped myself. Thank you for the clarity you always give. When you know better, you do better… I know now!!

    • Cherisse
      Cherisse says:

      Good morning! My gift has always been my verbal delivery and written word. I’d love to know the road to actually getting my book(s) published ! It’s so much information on internet but it isn’t really direct information more like general.

  16. Nanthalia
    Nanthalia says:

    This episode gave me a “David and goliath” moment to use what is in my hand. My heart’s desire is to help with current social justice issues. You made me realize that my personal experience, captured in my poetry book, gives insight about subtle ways racism happens and some ways to disrupt it. Thank you, Lisa.

  17. Mirabel Numonengi
    Mirabel Numonengi says:

    I just love this episode, 3 tips for creating my own opportunities, my #BOL was when you said,… when you find a answer to a need a new opportunity is born, that got to me, I never saw it that way, most times it’s difficult to see that we can solve a need, and another #BOL that got to me is when you said that there is no box, oh have always tot that am in a box and I have to come out to live my full potential, thank you so much Lisa for the light….

  18. Tumisang
    Tumisang says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for this!
    I am in that space right now where I am finally choosing to create money out of what comes effortlessly to me rather than than being unhappy chasing money in a job that affected my self worth. I wake up excited about the next step everyday and I know that soon the money will manifest. Thanks for always sharing your wisdom.❤️

  19. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    Hi Lisa, absolutely love your insights. I started thinking that way when the pandemic hit, so I dedicated myself to learn a new thing- coaching for a program that helped me to stay healthy and transformed me profoundly in the way I eat – the WildFit 90 Day Challenge. I feel the world needs more of that, as Diabetes and obesity were high risk factors for Covid-19. And as the thing I easily do is to design modern spaces, I decided to take an approach to it of designing to create well-being. I’m at the stage of what “avenue” should I put myself in for people to find me- would love to hear some advice on that, from you!

  20. Sheandra Brown
    Sheandra Brown says:

    I love this video. My takeaway or biggest “Aha” was that Money is created, not earned or given. For a while I listened to and participated in Professional Development webinars for educators that highlighted effective instructional strategies. So about two years ago I started a blog called Intentional Instruction. My purpose for this blog was to share my knowledge of instructional strategies that I learned in my 20+ years as a teacher, reading interventionist, and instructional coach. I wanted purposely use my platform to also share strategies with parents as I am a firm believer in educating the whole child. Last year, I started a podcast and this year I added an online store of the same name “Intentional Instruction “. While I don’t have a large listening audience, and many don’t read my blog, I’m still encouraged to keep moving forward. Thank you Lisa for this week’s episode. And I especially thank you for continuing to Motivate the Masses! Be blessed

  21. Judith
    Judith says:

    Hi Lisa, you have been an inspiration to me.
    I have followed you since the summit, I like it when you say create your own opportunities, I know things I love doing although with not much of perfection or experience but with love from my heart , like garden,baking and cooking. As for baking I tried to pursue short courses to get to the best I want but I am not getting there.
    I hope one of what I love doing will create money one day.

  22. Sade Moore
    Sade Moore says:

    Thank-you so much for sharing these points!!!!!! Ah haaaaa moment for me what is value nugget #2. The question you posed, “What do you do effortlessly that you disregard as a gift or talent?” And also “How can I position myself/solution to the people who need it the most?”

  23. Queennet Deborah Ehigiator
    Queennet Deborah Ehigiator says:

    I feel so excited after watching this episode. I’m motivated.Thank you so much my sweetheart. If wishes were horses that beggars might ride I would have hugged you. Everything really hits home. As a young girl growing up I loved spirituality. Our Creator is indeed wonderful. I deviated from this path when I got into business then I thought money was everything as of that time. Few years back, memories from childhood began to flood in that brought me back to the path which I neglected. Thank you and love you so much.

  24. Pamela Nelson
    Pamela Nelson says:

    I am so enjoying your show! And, this one really inspired me. I am often asked information directly about the book industry and am also used as a referral for many novice writers (friends of friends) wanting to know the basics of writing a book from A-Z, including marketing, distribution, editing…the works. Because the information comes so easy for me, I didn’t feel comfortable charging and continue to bless others with my experience that I was so fortunate to have gained working in the book industry 30+years. After watching your show today, I’m going to re-think this. Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and light. You are a blessing from the Universe.

  25. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Hi Lisa!
    It is always a pleasure hearing you. Thanks for you message today on how to create your own opportunity. I am tossing with many things. For example, motivating young people, singing, health and fitness.

    Seeing your message today will cause me to return to nailing it down to what I am the answer for.

    Thanks again.

  26. Shannon Battle
    Shannon Battle says:

    Very inspiring. The challenge is allowing yourself the space and courage to create what has always been inside of you without judgement. It’s always revelating to listen to Ms. Lisa.

  27. Simone
    Simone says:

    Thank you Lisa! As usual your offerings are so very rich! I tend to be enthusiastic and encouraging to others & often the ‘life of the party”. You’ve inspired me now to spend time figuring out how to “monetize” this aspect of my personality. It will be important for me to do so in a way that feels authentic, that values my presence and honours others consistently. Thanks again Lisa!

  28. Ms P
    Ms P says:

    Thanks for such an inspirational AHA! I find people especially young ladies I call god daughters, etc seeking me for advice in planning their career, setting goals, etc. I am always being called upon so I am thinking now maybe my consulting should be focused on coaching , etc or at least put the advice, ideas, solution.s in my books because that could be why God is sending Them to me! I believe it’s a purpose I shall fulfill in writing my books to empower them. Thanks Lisa!

  29. Lin
    Lin says:

    You always inspire me to do better & be the best I can be. I’m on track to a new adventure but I am a slow mover. I’m in no hurry but it feels wonderful to know for sure the direction I’m headed in is the right one for me.
    Have a happy day.

  30. Calandra Johnson
    Calandra Johnson says:

    Thank you for the video it was a great message
    It showed me a different aspect of thinking. I’m an upcoming entrepreneur and trying to educate myself on becoming a great business woman. I want to be an encouraging inspiration for families.

  31. Julia Ram
    Julia Ram says:

    Lisa, you are such an inspiration to all of us! I took the ‘I am the Change’ seminar and loved every second of it! Your friends and speakers are amazing and you yourself are such a role model. I am right at the moment you speak of in this article and it couldn’t have been delivered to my inbox at a better time. Thank you for speaking up and showing me (us) the way to a better, more fulfilled life experience. Anything is possible!

  32. Roshima
    Roshima says:

    First I would like to thank you for your inspiration I love connecting to people I’ve always found myself wanting to help others in any kind of way if it’s just to brighten someone’s day.I know that I have a purpose with helping others just don’t how and I feel it so much in my soul so hoping one day we can talk. Thanks again Lisa

  33. Kate
    Kate says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Thank you for these inspiring nuggets. I’ve tried many things and I think there’s a lot of possibilities. But I just realized that what is lacking is my focus and drive, such that when I’m suddenly stuck or something gets in the way, I tend to throw everything away. But maybe your 3 nuggets can help me gain the focus and courage to tread on.

    Thank you so much!

  34. Lisa Higgs
    Lisa Higgs says:

    Lisa am from the Bahamas am in tourism industry after covid I am struggling to find something else to generate new income

  35. Maria
    Maria says:

    Hi Lisa! Thank you so much, I just need a good brain wash and more self confidence, lol but I can tell you that I just love the woman you are thank you so much for helping us ❤

  36. Robyn Jacobson
    Robyn Jacobson says:

    Hello beautiful Angel,
    What do people need or desire that I can fulfill?
    The need to Forgive the people who have hurt them! The desire to let go of their past pains and be free to live their life the way they deserve to!
    I have many stories to share about living a life of continually being sad, blaming others for everything wrong that has happened to me. Once I woke up to the realization that I am the only one responsible for my happiness, I started looking at my life, my thought patterns, my mindsets. I asked the universe how do I let go and keep from reliving my past heartaches, it’s response was, “It is through FORGIVENESS, that you will find your freedom”’!! Ok I thought, great! how do you forgive someone? I researched, I Googled, I do not believe in religions, I do however believe in source and all beautiful angels. I didn’t find what I needed until I asked the universe again to help me find a way to forgive and the next week I was given a, Forgiveness Prayer”.
    I followed this prayer and guess what? Yes, I forgave 68 people, one by one. Starting from age 8 to age 55… this was the most uplifting, freeing, transformational, life changing event I have ever done and I know it worked because I have ran into the people I forgave and totally forgot about how much they hurt me, so much so, I am writing a book called…
    How To Forgive Anyone!!
    Non confrontational, nondenominational step by step guide for forgiving yourself and your past pains…
    I believe there are people out there looking for a way to forgive themselves and those past pains..
    This book is a way to help and serve others, and receive compensation for helping them.
    My stories I believe are important to people who can relate to the pains of having a verbally abusive childhood, attracting abusive people over and over again… I want to share with people there is a way out from that pain, through forgiveness!
    Lisa, thank you for these questions, you have inspired me to finish my book, I still have two more chapters to finish and I am saving my money so I can have Hay House, Balboa Press publish my book. I love the community of Hay House and will be a part of there family one day..:)…
    I love who you are and what you bring to the people, you really are a beautiful angel!

    Blessings be to you.
    Sincerely Robyn Jacobson

    • Angela
      Angela says:

      Please finish your book. Forgiveness is something I could never truly comprehend (even as a child), let alone actually do. If you’ve been able to forgive over 60 people, I certainly want to know your secret. I’ll be first in line to buy your book!

      • Robyn Jacobson
        Robyn Jacobson says:

        Thank you Angela,
        I will let the masses know as soon as I finish my book..
        Check out Dr. Dispenza on U Tube he is an amazing guy!!
        Again thank you..

  37. Angel
    Angel says:

    Thanks so much Lisa for inspiring. I already know what I want but l need persistence and l am working on it. Love you.

  38. Mary
    Mary says:

    Thank you Lisa!
    My BOL was when I discovered who I was. I knew I was created to be someone more but my actions and thoughts processing were conflicting on a daily basis; waiting to be recused from tormenting myself by negative affirmations; lack of beliefs; fueling off of everyone’s energy and not holding myself accountable, and barely doing what I known how to do best. Today, I decided to wake up, speak up, stand up, and show up to my GREATNESS, I’ve could not have come this far without you, Lisa and others that made a platform for me to start living on what I was called to do.

  39. Tracy green
    Tracy green says:

    Hi Lisa this is Tracy thank you so much for providing the information that you have shared with us the tools are very helpful and I will be using it look forward to reaching out and seeing the things some things to benefit my business as well love as my self intervene thanks again

  40. Ibrahim Abdullahi
    Ibrahim Abdullahi says:

    Hi Lisa, YANA.

    I’m really thrilled to hear those amazing 3tips from you, they are mind-blowing fact which money can’t buy.

    You are the hope for this future, I’m proud of you and your son Jelani.

    I can’t really write much here but I know that I really have something to offer to the world.

    In my case, where I have not gotten support to chase after my dream from the people I love and care for, I only learn that from the hard way.

    My first self-realisation took place at the age of nineteen, after watching how my mom has been so patients with my dad with the way he somehow treated her before he could get us food to eat.

    I and my elder brother decide to work for a security guard company here in Kano Nigeria in other to help support our mom and siblings.

    At the age of nineteen, I don’t know what I’m really passionate about. All my decision was born out of need and support, being a security guard offers me an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and level of life.

    I began to have interest from the amazing things I see from these people, nevertheless, I still respect myself holding unto my integrity.

    After one year in the system, I discovered that I have created some number of networks with my customers within and outside the organisation.

    I began to seek their help to guide me to be somebody with a purpose in this world. It was then I began to earn more respect from the executive team and other top managers, I don’t know how but things began to change.

    My desire for growth began to explore after having a discussion with the HR from that organisation, she keeps calling me the young leader for tomorrow.

    She council me and after three months of our conversation, I was able to enrol into college where I earn three years certificate in education courses, she asks of me for the second time what am I passionate about? I reply I want to be someone like you. And she asks why? I said I want to change other people life’s too, I want to give hope to those who find themselves in the same situation as me.

    She smiles and said, you must be ready for another journey of life.

    Eight months later, she tenders her resignation later. I was on the night shift when it happens, it was the next morning the news come to my notice.

    At this point felt helpless. But something brings life back to me, and that was her words as she will call me tomorrows leader.

    One Saturday morning on my off day I pay her a visit and she was excited to see me and she tells me never to give up on my dreams.

    Few months I was able to secure admission into the university where I study BA in Human Resources Development.

    Along the line, I also tender my resignation later with the security company I was employed from then I join that same organisation I was attached to as a guard. They employ me as a groundskeeper, I so much put more energy and dedication to learn across my role in the organisation which earn me the opportunity to grow within the system.

    I graduated from university and I was employed as the Associate Human Resources in that same organisation.

    My growth becomes a hope for the junior staff within the organisation.

    Above all, I began to realise some of my unborn dreams to become an international public speaker. This pushes me to read various kind of books on how to achieve this dream, then I found: Toastmaster International, an organisation that will help me achieve this dream.

    Now I’m a toastmaster and also occupying the office of Sergeant At Arms in Commercial Hub Toastmaster Club.

    Recently, I was able to talk to some youth in my community that are doing drugs to realize the amazing gift I see in them which they don’t know they have inside of them.

    Only two were able to listen to me, and now they are both my mentees.

    One of them now is into sugar cane business and the second one is still under my watch as he needed more time to get used to the process of my mentoring.

    Lisa, I don’t have the thought of helping these guys until after attending your personal training session with Jelani on the MOTIVATING THE TEEN SPIRIT.

    Thank you, Lisa, for making it possible for me to help others realise their own purpose.

    This is the change I want and need to become in the world.

    Thank you Lisa.

  41. Tracey
    Tracey says:


    Thank you for such an inspiring message. As I get older, I’m constantly thinking of how I can reinvent myself. What can I offer that is not currently and readily available? I’ve decided I must learn to believe in my inherent gifts and and how those gifts (which I’m still trying to identify) might benefit myself and others going forward. I’m so glad I tuned into this episode. Thank you for sharing those nuggets and diamonds.

  42. Keisha simpson
    Keisha simpson says:

    Thank you Lisa. I’m really good at motivating others, I’m very creative and when in the right environment I thrive even under massive stress. I want to be a motivational speaker, concert organizer, Author, and do many more business. Thank you so much for the ” I am the change summit ” it was so good when I’m in a position to purchase the replay I’m absolutely doing it. You are such an inspiration to me and others. God bless your little heart. We absolutely love ❤️ you.
    Keisha the bipolar diva.

  43. Pauline Elizabeth Grant
    Pauline Elizabeth Grant says:

    Hi Lisa,
    My is Pauline -Elizabeth ( Elizabeth because the Lord said “my baby leaps”, when I follow you my baby is always leaping

    I so enjoyed today, the BOL for me was “I am the answer”. I have been trying to start my Coaching Business for the past 3 years. And keep hitting a brick wall when its time to JUMP at it. Only to realise l have been looking for a model, I have been the organiser of my prayer ministry for the past 19 years, so l already have a model, On Saturday my inspiration from the Lord was l don`t need to start something new, l just need to expand on what l have been doing. Which is RESTORATION in families, helping them get from PAIN to PLEASURE. When l stated to explore how l want to do my Coaching l did not know about you Lisa, all l knew is I am a voice crying in the wilderness, l am a woman who had no voice as a child even into my adult life, but no one knew as l was good at disguising my low self esteem. My passion is to help broken families find and own their voice, especially women, so thank you Lisa for always being authentic, and giving us the space to do the same.

    I know my work begins with showing my stories, l am just unsure about the platform to use



  45. Shereen
    Shereen says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Thank you for this inspirational message. Indeed humans are in search of anything that can make them feel good. My thoughts are that all of us have something to offer to others but sometimes fear being rejected. I think it is of utmost importance to first believe in what it is that one wants to offer and then introduce it to others. I worked with small groups and find my passion lies in teaching and coaching people.It is fulfilling to see people progress in life.

  46. Cheryl Branche
    Cheryl Branche says:

    Hi Lisa:

    Recently I tooddling around FB and found some crocheters who had purchased some mannequins sans enough butt to display their creations. They want to know where they could purchased some butted mannequins. I offered to custom amke some CurveCreations/CurveEnhancers,pads to enhance the less ample butted mannequins so those who made garments for ample Black women could display their garments.

    So listening to the video above confirmed that I am on the right track.

    Andorra (https;//www.andorrasstore.com) is a little online store where I sell hand knitted and sewn fashion and home accessories. It can take custom orders.

    Thank you. Since I have yet to hear from Hunter COllege, CUNY about my fall assignment as andjunct reference librarian, I am on ok…a little bump. Let’s assess strengths and resources and make not just rent, a couple of mortgage payment for that little hotel in Paris we’ve been looking at.

    Cheryl Branche

  47. Kanela Silva
    Kanela Silva says:

    Sister Lisa,

    YOU are a rock star! You just reminded me how the skills that I have that are truly needed in my community.
    Thank you deeply. I feel I can walk more comfortably in my own skin. I have been following you for a few years and you never cease to amaze me. Love your
    hairstyle, btw.
    In aloha.

  48. Mary
    Mary says:

    Thanks always Lisa, listening to you always brings hope and makes me see possibility even as i am at rock bottom. My great AHA moment from this presentation is ” view myself as answer to a need”. #yesyes, i am the answer and i’m writing that book. It will certainly have a testimony that can motivate someone.
    Continue pulling us along. Greatly appreciated.

  49. Alberta Johnson
    Alberta Johnson says:

    Good evening Lisa, WOW!!! this video 3 tips to new opportunities really hit home with me. I’ve been a Nursing Assistant all my life. Due to a injury my career was ended. But a friend of mine introduced me to one of her former colleague that was in need of assistance. So this is why I said WOW!!! What I know and did is creating money for me. Now I’d like to take it a step further.

  50. Marie Francoise Deverson Gonzales
    Marie Francoise Deverson Gonzales says:

    Thank you for your message. You really inspired me with the third part of your message: view yourself as an answer to a need. I never saw this as an opportunity and I believe I can work from that.

    With what I have, I may create a source of revenue based on my experience and hope it may bring change to families in my country.

  51. ScienTechie
    ScienTechie says:

    I can tutor in math, computer science and technology. I can also write e-books and organize and also declutter. I can make resumes and cover letters. I am a good listener and problem solver. I can also give advice and point people in the right direction. I can help people whom have been abused. I can tutor in English too and si much more. I can build websites, do coding and math.

  52. Isabel Montigny
    Isabel Montigny says:

    Hi Lisa! Thank you ! I am in a moment of change ! Cross roads! Starting a new business in a new country ! Your inspiration and tips are very important to me! I am so many things and I have so many passions that is not clear what’s next !! But I am going ! I am moving ! And I love life !!a teacher, a coach, a healer, a travel professional, and artist and a mother! How to turn that into something that people can use for themselves in a way that is joyful for me ???
    Also, what to say Thant you for the Summit i am the change 2020!! It just remind me of many things that I new but was not using !! And I also learned !! Thank you!!!!!
    Unconditional Love

  53. Creamoulia
    Creamoulia says:

    Greetings Lisa,
    Thank you for this episode of 3 Tips to Creating your Own Opportunities.
    I realized that I have been standing in the space of “fearfulness” of doing the things I need to do… and to make the changes in order to be the best version of myself.
    I am stepping into the WILLINGNESS to move into action, and make that change to create my Own Opportunities.
    #1 – Creations are born out of need.
    I am the solution for many whom may be in need of the many gifts that are within me. I know for a fact that others are willing to pay for these gifts. I have always been offered money when I have helped someone in the past, yet… I turn down the offering. Even to this day I continue to teach others how to use their intuition and other tools.
    #2 – Money isn’t earned or given, Money is created
    I realized years ago that I knew how to create money. However, I never truly applied myself because of fear of success and the old way of thinking about charging others for my gifts/talents. I will definitely review all the questions, refocus and apply myself to create Opportunities, that create Money.
    #3 – View yourself as the answer to a need.
    I KNOW THAT I AM THE ANSWER to what others may need.
    I must become willful and stretch myself in order to create money. I must feel deep within that it is ok for me to charge for my God-given gifts (I Am Working On It.) The time is now!
    I BELIEVE that it is time for me to CREATE MONEY using my gifts and talents!
    This episode followed directly after your 5 Day “I Am the Change Summit” is truly what my Soul/Spirit needed to recharge and be the Solution!
    Thank you once again for being such a Great Teacher, Mentor, Loving, Kind and Inspirational Coach! You are more than I can express in words.
    Sending you oceans of Divine Love flowing freely now and forever more!
    Blessings and gratitude always!
    So, it is! So be it!

  54. Artis Oliver
    Artis Oliver says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I just completed the 3 Tips for Creating Your Own Opportunities. This video along with the others is giving me a big AHA.

    My AHA is- I am the key to my success, not others. I am the key to my non-success, not others.

    In other words I need to own my life.

    Thank you

  55. Tara Nedbalek-Mayne
    Tara Nedbalek-Mayne says:

    Several things resonated with me from this episode. First, and foremost, was the concept that I am already the answer to someone’s need, I just need to recognize that fact, and KNOW it in myself! Two others come directly from that concept: 1) Money isn’t earned, or given; it is created! 2) That revenue comes to me, when I recognize what I already have, do, or know, has value in exchange for it. And the final take-away for me, was not to simply think outside the box, but to instead recognize… THERE IS NO BOX! #yesyes
    There are several areas of my life, right now, that I can see me being able to fulfill someone else’s need or desire. I need to focus on organizing those areas, so I can be their solution!

  56. Motshidisi
    Motshidisi says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am Motshidisi Qhamakoane from South Africa

    Thank you for spending your time in answering to our needs. You have really introduced my mind to a new mental zip code.

    I am in a serious need for a change in mindset and to rescue myself. You have been an answer to my challenge.

    I am so exited to implementing the 3 steps in my life.

    Once again, thanks.

  57. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Thank you so much Lisa. Had a huge wake up call there listening to very wise words, which i do believe you have lived I had some success working ‘outside of the societal box’ for many years, before I had my wee boy, my only son. I enjoyed SO much freedom and joy, using the gifts I had and enjoyed sharing AND I was surprised people wanted to pay me for them. So it was such a happy time in my life. Then I had, maternity leave and the everyday multitasking jobs mothers do effortlessly, whilst trying to work part time at the time, with NO sleep for at least the first 6 months of intensive breastfeeding(so I am sure you mothers out there know that you basically become nocturnal when you breastfeed!). And then I found that sleep deprivation was my new superpower! I bet many mothers can identify with this lifestyle change after a beautiful new born baby is born. So, things were even more amazing, as we as mothers realise how infinitely more resilient, caring, nurturing and wonderful we are, for doing it all again and then some more, with a child(not to mention child birth! ), and the childcare we do for free. So, now we come to the stage of my life that I hope many people do not have to experience, our family was negatively impacted by a major crime. It almost broke us as a family unit, then a year later, it did. It is heartbreaking to feel that despite all your best intentions, love and efforts, something had to give and we had to let go..
    Now, as a mother I felt that the systems and people I felt I could go to for help in our crisis, could actually help me. Boy, was I wrong! So, I became an observer of those very systems, that not only affected my life and governed it badly, but the lives of countless thousands more, who like me, were suffering just the same, because they chose to ask for help, during a time of crisis, that came from ‘outside’ of what they knew and their existence. This I believe is a very normal reaction. But one which made me question the very fundamentals of not only MY existence, as a mother protecting her child, but the existence of these ‘so called’ systems and safeguards, which basically in our situation, completely failed us and are not fit for purpose in our country anymore. So, NOW, I have restrictions on my life that make the work I want to do, not possible, for safety reasons, and I basically feel I have now begun my own Quest as a non official Human rights advocate, for those, especially women and mother’s, in my circumstances. Regardless of the fact, i did not ‘choose’ this. Does that make sense? So, when other people become a threat to our safety, how do we continue to work and put ourselves out there, or even at a basic level connect with other human beings again, and feel safe? How do we find the inner strength and peace, to rise above this ?
    All comments welcome. Thank you Tribe ✌️

  58. Nombulelo Magele
    Nombulelo Magele says:

    Thanks for sharing those juicy nuggets with us. I really needed this because I have just launched my business as a Herbalife Independent distributor and wellness coach. Love you so much ❤️

  59. Monique
    Monique says:

    Hello Lisa, Thank for shedding light on the fact that money isn’t earned but created, I never heard it that way before, as a new author I wrote a book entitled “Coming Into Your Own” and through the process of writing it helped me to realize that I had to be bold enough to step out of the box of fear, doubt or the fact that I do not have a degree and be the best me I could be. I know I have lots to offer and I need to tell my story now more than ever before. Thank you for being a solution to a problem! Monique

  60. Clearish
    Clearish says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Lisa, I have learned so much from you, you have given me so much energy to step out of fear to be able to fulfill the needs of others. thank you once again.

  61. Tova Goldman
    Tova Goldman says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for sharing.
    what I needed to hear.
    I am good at encouraging others and allowing people to laugh. Now I just have to figure out how to market my book

  62. Grace
    Grace says:

    Thank you so much Lisa, this is a confirmation of what iv been yearning for but do not know the way how. I appreciate you. Thank you.

  63. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Your words gave me a reminder that there is one thing I do as easily and breathe – it is an expressive arts tecnique I creatively adapted and it’s very natural for me to lead it with people. It also has led to a sortof encouragement circle who did it together and encouraged each other – and we may open that the others. Thanks for the kick in the creating. Claudia

  64. liz
    liz says:

    “I had to save myself.” was exactly how I began my journey. I had been everything to everyone else and had not left and ounce for me. After crying and breaking down, I sat and said… what value do I have that I can offer to others? But she’s right, the greatest thing I had to offer, I wasn’t because it was so instinctive I didn’t realize it. It was too close. Only after receiving the same feedback did I realize what my true give was. Now, I’m unstoppable.

  65. Tammy Davis
    Tammy Davis says:

    Lisa ✨✨
    Thank you!
    The Divine finally introduced me to you & I truly feel like my life is gaining momentum!
    What am I innately good at? What am I the solution for? I help clients safely integrate essential oils / natural remedies with their medications by optimizing wellness and reducing the risk of potential serious side effects? How’s that for a SNAAP?
    I appreciate you and your gift to the world! I also hope this finds you safe and well.


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