How to Mend a Broken Business Relationship

This week, Lisa Nichols talks about her experiences with business relationships that did not end on good terms and gives tips and strategies about how to mend a broken business relationship.

Why You Need To Accept Your Partner’s Differences

This week, Lisa Nichols delivers some real talk about relationships and explains how your partner does not have to have the same goals and dreams as you or think and act like you in order to be a good match.

Lisa Nichols Goals

How to Keep Moving Towards Your Goals

I was asked recently, “Lisa, how do I keep the momentum going,” I decided to share my Top 4 Tips to keep my goals on target.

Uncover your purpose

How to Understand Your Purpose

Lisa Nichols shares her tips for uncovering your purpose and explains how your purpose can evolve, expand, and morph over time. Let it reveal itself by doing the things that bring you joy and come naturally to you.

Transforming Your Money Mindset

Lisa Nichols shares how to transform your money mindset from a place of scarcity and lack to a place of prosperity and invites you to dig deep into your money beliefs and challenge those that are not serving you.

Real Talk on Relationships

Real Talk on Relationships

Lisa Nichols shares real talk about relationships and some of her personal experiences of why relationships can become complicated. Lisa’s son, nephew and cousin join her to share their views on the most important elements that go into creating a rich, fulfilling relationship.

Real Talk on Relationships

Generational Differences

Lisa shares a conversation with her son and nephew about how communication, parenting, respecting the wisdom of elders and social media have changed over the generations and what matters the most to them to pass down to their own children someday.

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