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New Year, New Vision

Lisa Nichols shares three strategies to achieve your goals in order to create a new vision for the new year.

Top three foundations to quantum leap

Foundations for Quantum Leaping Your Life

Lisa Nichols shares her top 3 foundations for quantum leaping your life in a particular area.

Find Empowerment When You Feel Powerless

Find Empowerment When You Feel Powerless

Lisa Nichols shares some of her top tips to shift from feeling powerless to feeling powerful and explains that transformation happens over time, little by little.

Don’t Dim Your Light

Lisa Nichols shares why it is so important to show up, play full out and own your brilliance and not dim your own light for anyone else.


The Cost of Living in a State of Optional

Lisa Nichols shares the costs of living in a state of optional and explains the distinction between optional and non-negotiable.

Surround Yourself with Quality People

How to Surround Yourself with Quality People

Lisa Nichols shares how you don’t have to make an “either or” choice between developing new relationships as you evolve and maintaining existing relationships, and why it is important to nurture relationships so they don’t wither away.


Mistakes I Wish I Avoided Around Achieving my Goals

Lisa Nichols shares the 4 biggest mistakes she wishes she would have avoided while striving to achieve her goals in hopes that you can avoid these same pitfalls and attain your success sooner rather than later.