Mistakes I Wish I Avoided Around Achieving my Goals

I wanna let you in on the 4 mistakes I wish I could have avoided around achieving my goals and moving my life forward.

I’m serving up my own public service announcement to help you achieve your big, bold vision and goals a little bit sooner, faster and quicker. Perhaps you can pick up a nugget or two as I share my mistakes (or things I would do differently) if I knew THEN what I know NOW.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret any part of my journey, I’m grateful for the outcome and how things turned out.

But in this week’s episode of The Lisa Nichols Show, I reflect on how things might have happened with more ease if I had…

  1. Given myself more grace. Every time I set a big, bold goal and gave it a timeline, I wish I knew it was going to take twice as long and it was going to cost three times as much. Had I known this, I would have just naturally doubled at the time and tripled the cost and then I would have evaluated the goal again. If I thought it was going to take six months and cost $50,000 – I would have said, “Do I still want to do this if I know it will take a year and I’ll need to invest $150,000? Do I still want to pursue this?
  2. Created more detailed, smaller action steps to get to my goals. In the past, I would set goals with a big, bold completion date, but I didn’t want to get into the granular details of how to get there. I now believe the success is in the details and the step-by-step action plan.
  3. Spent more time nurturing the relationships in my life. In the past, I neglected some of the relationships around me as I went after my dreams. Luckily, I was able to course correct that, but it took me probably 10 to 12 years of veering off that path to re-engage, and I couldn’t restore every relationship that I had allowed to fall by the wayside.
  4. Stop being afraid. I wish I had stopped being afraid sooner and realized that greatness and abundance was available to someone that looked like me…someone that came from my background…someone that had my educational foundation, which was functionally dyslexic. I would have given myself permission sooner to have a breathtaking, abundant life. Until I believed it was for me, it couldn’t really come into my life. I would have done the mindset work earlier. I would have not just chased the goal…I would have chased the new belief system first.

It’s my hope that some of my mistakes help to validate that you’re not alone (#YANA) and help you shift your mindset and actions sooner than I did.

I love reading your comments and engaging in a dynamic, courageous conversation with our entire tribe of unicorns and gladiators. So, share with me below, what hit home for you?  Did you have a #BOL (breakthrough out loud)? What did you need to hear? Did this shake you up a bit?

Remember….I believe in you, and I love you. I truly do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    If I could just stop being afraid. My biggest fear is followed by another. I fear saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I fear everyone has more knowledge, more informed. Afraid of falling and failing! I’ve got it bad but even with all this, I still find the way to believe I can; just don’t know when.!?
    Thank you

    • Mildred
      Mildred says:

      #4 my Gritud my cancer my life a story that need to be herdet and listen roo. #3 sooner biger faster like 10yr ago herd and you mad make me ready start journey bless you god gave the. Me the message through you be safe

    • Nicolet
      Nicolet says:

      Lisa! I love the part where you say give myself more grace. I believe anxiety causes me to not give myself grace. that was my BOL Thanks for sharing.

    • k wellman
      k wellman says:

      Fear can be the biggest motivator to not do what we really should. Do it anyway. If you can join a International Toastmasters Club, you will getting over your fear will be one of the biggest achievements. There is no one in the club that does not want to see anything but success for you.

  2. Estela Herron
    Estela Herron says:

    Your are fantastic Lisa, I listen to you and I get a clear and very inspirational information, Thank you
    To follow my new system of thoughts and pay attention to them rather than follow the goal first, it is a remarkable thing for me.


    This helps me to take life head on and not be afraid anymore. Rejection is apart of life. If it did not kill you, allow it to make you stronger!

  4. Josiah
    Josiah says:

    I am an 18 year old Independent Business Owner (IBO), and now that I am seeking to cultivate my entrepreneurial gifts, I find your talks to be extremely insightful and inspirational. It’s instinctual for me to outline the details of an assignment or give a detailed description of how someone else can achieve their goals; however, when it comes to my own BIG goals I tend not too. It isn’t instinctual. I’m not sure why that is. My ambition is at an all time high, but my strategy tends to change which becomes a hinderance at times. Thank you for this talk. I truly connected to it!

    • k wellman
      k wellman says:

      Josia, I worked in prisons for eleven years. When I found inmates that were trying to figure out what they needed to do different to stay out of prison, I would ask them “Think back, did something happen to you, someone say something, or did someone do something to you, that if you really think about it is why you are here today?” The answers were surprising. It many times was an event that happened when they were young, five to nine years old. Ask yourself that question, find the answer, acknowledge it, and let it go, so you can go after your dreams.

  5. David S.
    David S. says:

    Perfectly manage my imperfections. That was a BOL. As a 13 year old boy I was able to do some amazing things. Performing acts of clairvoyance on the radio, getting rid of a sexually abusive toxic teacher from my school but I wasn’t able to manage the dysfunctional behaviors I developed being in a family that condoned the teacher’s behaviors. Now I know to be authentic and no one can touch you because your truth is front and center. LGBT and proud!

  6. Kristi Diane Williams
    Kristi Diane Williams says:

    This video confirmed my feelings #YANA
    I struggle everyday with where will this business take me? Am I putting enough effort into the business to make it successful? How to develop and keep positive relationships going? It’s difficult doing everything by yourself No family or friends interested in your business. It’s very hard to trust unknown people. Thank you for giving advice and suggestions to help others!

  7. Wanda Faye
    Wanda Faye says:

    Sister Lisa, thank you so much for your sincerity and transparency. I’ve been listening to you (not as consistently as I should) for the past several years. Your messages always reaches my heart because it comes directly from your heart.
    I’ve heard others but they don’t shake me up like your messages do. I belief we’ve lived similar lives and that’s why I can relate. Thanks for allowing yourself to be you. Much love to you, my Sister!

  8. Petreni
    Petreni says:

    Man Lisa, you was right on time Queen thank you for your words of encouragement especially at this time with what we’re going through what everyone is facing for me I just tried to kick start my life again with changing up things that weren’t working and boom the coronavirus stopped everything and I was feeling a little discouraged I am a believer of Christ and his word and that’s what sustaining me, but it’s always good to hear from someone like yourself with gifts of encouragement, thank you sister and one day I’m going to meet you and give you a big hug

    TREASUREE Kemp says:

    I needed to hear that my mindset has to be that abundance is available to me first. I was enlightened and encouraged to have gratitude, detailed goals, and patience with myself on the way to success! Thank you, Lisa!

  10. Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson says:

    Hello Lisa
    Thanks for sharing that.
    I have delayed some many things in my life because I allow that judging voice in my head that says who wants to hear your story and no one wants to read your book and so on and so on. Your story has push me to want to move forward to get it done no matter what!..I look at you and listen to your story and know it is possible. You are an amazing person with a heart of gold to help people by sharing your life …thank you it is truly a powerful teaching. I am a better person because of listen to you and its given me confidence that I too can to this…

  11. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    The part that got me was Grace myself because I know I need to embrace myself and believe in myself , I am scare afraid to go forward. I tend to do for others instead of myself I need to grow.

  12. Keith L. Belvin
    Keith L. Belvin says:

    Sister Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing this today. The Lloyd doesn’t make mistakes and He lead me to this at this moment.
    At 52 I agree with what you posted, I think my fear is running out time so I’m pushing to complete multiple things which then slows down everything. Your book on your life and your videos grant me hope and motivation but it’s tough. Made even tougher when things start getting better and now the pandemic hits. Regardless, I’m remaining focused and prayed up while building myself anew.
    Thank you sister for holding up your light to show many of use your way.
    May the Lord continue to bless you. Keep me in your prayers.
    Keith KL Belvin, MHSC, MS Ed.

  13. Sabrina Strong-Nasabal
    Sabrina Strong-Nasabal says:

    The validation in the details was big for me. I start them then doubt them. I think I am doing too much. I believe shade I get from others or worse I still carry the negative others have said to me. Another one is about relationships, I have really been working on cultivating new ones and understanding when the ones I start might not be real on their end. It is hard when I keep reaching out to others but then they do not reach back. Lastly, for me when you said double the time and double the costs!!!!! WOW!!!!!! That was REAL TRUTH and you helped me with a breakthrough in my thought process there. You my girl! I am grateful and thankful that I found you in the “Secret” and refound you doing your own thing. God! was like NO! I have someone that can help you now listen. LOL!

  14. Teuta
    Teuta says:

    I wish I had your wisdom 15 years ago when I first started marketing business. I rushed through things and hoped for results to be better sooner than I set up the goals. I am on another journey of starting a new life path and a new business that is so out of my comfort zone. Seeing you speak at the Mindvalley live in LA and now here with your nuggets of wisdom, I am equipped with better mindset, tools and strategies. Seeing you with both of your parents on stage, I had tears of joy. I was so happy for you and proud of you. I don’t think I ever had tears of joy for a stranger before. Love you and thank you for all your hard work, for sharing your vulnerability and all the stress you have to go through to help others.

  15. Nicole Porter
    Nicole Porter says:

    Hello Lisa! You are one of my most favorite motivational speaker. Im at a time in my life where i want to start engaging myself with supportive and positive people, I know my situation will change because it is a process, but when i get over this no vehicle situation, i know my financial stability will change. I feel that if that change i will be able to do more, I do work but i need more, i dont have a support group but with listening to a couple of motivational speakers like u, ill stay focus and i will succeed successfully. Thank u for taking the time out to read my comment. Love for a Queen

  16. Jilvonda
    Jilvonda says:

    That was great, I truly resonated mostly with making more details when setting my goals to achieving those goals and definitely stop being afraid unapologetically with accepting me. Thank you Lisa Nichols!

  17. Sabrina Haralson
    Sabrina Haralson says:

    Hi Lisa, WOW! I needed to hear all of it! I can feel any one of these things at any given time, and I can also feel that I have mastered any one of these things at any given time. I need to learn to be more consistent in my thinking and my mindset. I too have faced a lot of challenges, so many so that I am writing a book about my life. I believe we each have a story and could all write a book and I have chosen to write mine. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for sharing and letting us all know that these things are a work in progress and do not need to hold us back! Thank You! I love you too!

  18. Jacqueline Taveras
    Jacqueline Taveras says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for everything. You are an inspiration and I pray to be like you one day. So free, joyful, and at peace. Everything you said hit home, especially the part of gratitude. I believe that sometimes when we are at our lowest points it’s always hard to practice. I am not where I want to be at this moment, but I am grateful for people like you that help me want to push through. Much love, and blessings to you, and yours Lisa. Thank you!

  19. Kamelia Pearson
    Kamelia Pearson says:

    peace Ms.Lisa give thanks for your time first you are truly an inspiration for me at age 26 being an new entrepreneur. I can say I find myself being afraid of my own greatness which seems so crazy but it’s like now that I see that anything is possible for me getting out of my own way while pushing through this crisis all at the same time is a major point for me. Thanks you for speaking on these topics.

  20. Charmaine Dunn
    Charmaine Dunn says:


    First, thank you. I have been following you for years, and I can say you have truly impacted my life. All of theses points resonated with me. I have experienced and I am still struggling with most of this. “Perfection” is my enemy. I now struggle with my age and sometimes thinking I am too old to start. Thank you for sharing your most intimate self, and helping me realize I am not alone. I embrace this platform and it is wonderful to know you are apart of a community and tribe where I can be my most authentic self. I love you and love your genuine character of being you. When I am feeling my most vulnerable you have this way of tapping into my spirit and bringing me back. Thank you so much!

  21. Deborah Silvernail
    Deborah Silvernail says:

    I met you in San Diego when you were doing classes for us, linked to Mind Valley.
    I loved this talk. I am 64 now, and just now feel what my gift or purpose is.
    If I think about your question, I would of taken my time getting married at 17. I had a dream of being a singer and worked hard, but I was always shy and wouldn’t step forward and reach out for what I wanted. I am now retired and really have the time to think about things.

  22. Judith Daley
    Judith Daley says:

    No 3. Hit home, as during the early stage of my business I was so excited I ignored my husband and daughters and giving more of my time to strangers. But that has changed as I have learnt how to compartmentalize and balance my life

  23. Michelle Thorpe
    Michelle Thorpe says:

    I thank you for telling me that I have to do the work. I also am grateful that you have been where I have been and are showing me how I could go about to fix it. I too, think things will just go as I plan them.
    Sometimes I get frustrated/disappointed when I plan things and they don’t.
    I now know the details were not as detailed as they needed to be. I am grateful I still have time to work and fix each goal I have.I want to buy a newer car and buy a home in the next five to ten years.

  24. Sheila Mills Carroll
    Sheila Mills Carroll says:

    Hi Lisa, I follow you and do a lot of self development work so I know that ALL these points are so key! I’ve been working on my mindset; and am working right now putting the details together for the online presence and business I want to build before my federal government retirement. (I’m 52 now.) That sound nice and neat, but believe me there are a lot of ugly yarns under the life tapestry I am weaving together with God’s help. Relationships are my weak point. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable and allow in help. Also, I’m not sure how to connect and be genuine, be vulnerable without oversharing or burdening others. I believe and know I have a lot to offer and want to enjoy people around me in the process. Skill building needed here, lol. Thanks for all you do and for your encouragement and love. Continued blessings to you as you continue to bless us all! ~ Your sister, Sheila

  25. Erina
    Erina says:

    The first and last resonated with me fully. Recently I made a decision to not buy a dream home on my ancestral land. The opportunity was right in my fingertips! I live to regret it now and realise there were some self sabotage issues and i didnt make the decision that paying more was worth it! I feel sick in my gut when i think about it because it was perfect and meant for me but i have to forgive myself and to trust and have faith that something better is out there. I love you Lisa. Thank you for sharing so much with the world xo

  26. Tonyia
    Tonyia says:


    Thank you for sharing #2…this is my pitfall in setting & meeting my goals. I can set the desire or the goal, but the details aren’t always clearly listed.

    For my goal of home ownership, I will do my research, stop fearing, and I will start and achieve my goal.

    Thank you for sharing!


  27. Nina JamesGregory
    Nina JamesGregory says:

    Omg! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Gods grace is sufficient for me. Having medical conditions that plague me makes it easy for my beautiful to forget to nurture the relationships that have slipped by the way side. I love hearing you because often I feel like I’m alone. You let me know I’m not alone! I thank God for you and your messages. They’re often spot on! Keep doing what you do it benefits so many of us.

  28. Nelda
    Nelda says:

    Twice as long and 3 times as much! I’ve been learning this in my current engineering employment as well as in my home DIY efforts!! Thank you, now I know I need to apply it to growing my side business as well. And you gave me the confirmation I needed that mindset and especially gratitude are so important and worth the time, and will help overcome the fears we have. These videos are so helpful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  29. Monica O Squires
    Monica O Squires says:

    I wish I would have belting myself and the divine gifts and talents given to me by God. I am working on correcting that now and going forward. I am learning to dream big and go forward not staying stagnant!!! This is my time, my life, my purpose to manifest and share with the world.

  30. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Lisa, your message was real. Just as you talked about your different points, I can relate In some as spect i feel the same when you said you struggled with wanting the success but when it gets hard you draw back to can I really do this. The time frame discourages me. I started something and have a deadline when I would like to finish and something comes up and I have to take care of the unplanned situation and don’t go back to what I was doing previously.

  31. Margaret solomon
    Margaret solomon says:

    I need to give myself permission to believe that I deserve abundance and I will live in abundance
    Thank you Lisa for the encouragement. I will keep on pressing forward.

  32. Salim Shaikh
    Salim Shaikh says:

    Lisa I have just surfaced from a difficult goal, and everything did happen exactly as you said would happen. And sure I can say now, that if I had known this and that, then “I would have” or “I would have” etc etc. But frankly if I had known from before To expect budgets to go wrong, relationships to go wrong, and time factor to go wrong, as a standard ratio that you derived and arrived at. Then I wouldn’t have gone ahead with the project, and would have just stayed put. But at the end of the day I am glad that I plunged into it and did it, Handling all the eventualities just like the way you listed. And you know what? “No regrets” again just the way you said it.!!.. Although I would like to write a blog for the benefit of others on How to get organised / How to list the details / How much to trust / And what mistakes to avoid. Just like a professional would do. But try hiring a professional and all the above blunders will appear like chicken feed when he bills you. No I would do much better on my own if there is any next project. But until then you have to swallow the humble pie and wish that you don’t harbour any regrets and live with the gratitude that you did indeed achieve the goal you set out to do. As there will be plenty who will poke holes and criticize you on how you could have done better or avoided certain mistakes etc….But you have to remember that you did come out with some valuable experience, that will make you a better manager, and if you share your experience, than you have given back to the world the best. after the worst that the world threw at you when you were blazing through the path towards your goal.!!

  33. Kimberly F. Costner
    Kimberly F. Costner says:

    I’m transitioning from a place of fear, procrastination, & deflecting social media – one day at a time. My confidence is building & I’m showing up for me. It feels great, so I’m looking forward to my future. I thank you for that. Abundance Now is real..

  34. Bobbie James
    Bobbie James says:


    Thanks for sharing your lessons. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my desire of wanting things faster.

    Thanks for ALL that YOU do and for shining YOUR LIGHT!


  35. Monique
    Monique says:

    God is good and sometimes he’ll make sure that you can here or a right on time word… this message totally motivated me and gave me a spirit to believe in myself again and definitely to give myself Grace and how to manage my success and goals….

  36. Molefiseng Phora
    Molefiseng Phora says:

    Wow! I always had this thought of “why does it look like every goal I set takes longer to archive?” most of the time I even give up on them because of the anxiety and feel like maybe I choose a wrong road to success. Thank you so much Lisa.

  37. Meli
    Meli says:

    Thank you Lisa and I am so grateful to whatever dive power brought me to you. I have a way to go before I completely believe that my story is worthy, yet that voice inside says go, sing your song, dance you dance. Meli in the UK. x x

  38. Carol U.
    Carol U. says:

    Thank you, Lisa. Thank you!
    Sitting here this morning, coffee in hand and headset on, listening to you and sobbing quietly, I was fine until you said, “STOP BEING AFRAID.”
    Why would anyone listen to someone like ME? My insecurities may be different than yours were, but I realized listening to you that the specifics don’t really matter. Why would anyone care what this old, fat woman who can’t even afford decent clothes might have to say???
    My fear of stepping outside of my fear is debilitating. I am stuck here and fear taking the next step. This is more honest than I have been with anyone, so thank you for the opportunity to say it “out loud.”
    – Carol U.

  39. Tarsha R. Gunn
    Tarsha R. Gunn says:

    This is my validation that I’m on the right path taking steps to achieve my goals. Mini goals to achieve the big one accepting setback embracing moving forward afraid. Mindset was what hit home for me. When my mindset changed so did I. I’m now evolving daily as I’m on this journey of being imperfectly me. Loving flaws moving forward in excellence.

  40. Tarsha R. Gunn
    Tarsha R. Gunn says:

    This is my validation that I’m on the right path taking steps to achieve my goals. Mini goals to achieve the big one accepting setback embracing moving forward afraid. Mindset was what hit home for me. When my mindset changed so did I. I’m now evolving daily as I’m on this journey of being imperfectly me. Loving flaws moving forward in excellence. My mistake was hanging onto people who could not would not acknowledge and accept where I’m going.

  41. Serenthia Joseph
    Serenthia Joseph says:

    Yes you are up in my business. Lol its been a wonderful journey and bumpy. I’m 27 years old. Around March 9, 2018, I’ve established a company Called, “Endosite Co.”

    Endo( internal or within )
    Site(form location)
    It’s functions are routining a clothing line at the moment.

  42. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I love your insights, I agree so much about feeling gratitude. Letting go of the fear is so difficult. I work almost every day on stepping out overcoming that fear and limiting beliefs. Thank you for what you share and do love you

  43. ebony walsh
    ebony walsh says:

    Lisa, thank you always for this vulnerable, raw and real message. I am young, just starting on my journey and deliberately creating a strong foundation. I listen and respect you like a Mother figure in my life.

    For me I already made some mistakes of not nurturing and prioritizing relationships, so thank you for reaffirming that.

    The BIGGEST take away for me, is number FOUR: new belief system before goals. I am setting big goals, determined and hold a lot of pressure on myself because I don’t feel ENOUGH. I must must must get a new mindset before I go the next ten years chasing.

    Thank you with blessing & admiration.

  44. Cathie Oliver
    Cathie Oliver says:

    Hello Lisa Nichols
    I have been wanting to sent you a message for a very long time. Where do I start all 4 avoidance I can relate to. I operated a family home childcare for 10 years or so. I stopped in 2015 due to changes in the system and went to working for the government. During this time, up til now I finished my A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education. In my mind I had believed that I would come back to childcare because it is my passion to teach our children. Recently, I started slowly putting things in place and I begin to reopen a family home childcare in my home. I have everything done. It cost a few thousands and some to finish. Today I called the city to ask for a Certificate Of Use that the BSO Fire Department stated I needed. I got a call back and was told that because of the zoning I could not open a childcare business. I immediately went to the city with documentations of my old family home business. I will have to wait until Wednesday or Friday for my status. This was a terrible thing to hear. I still have confidence that I will be able to receive that certificate. So you see I met all 4 avoidance. Meanwhile, I will continue to put my systems in place for my family home business.

  45. Daphne
    Daphne says:

    Thank you for sharing Lisa,

    What I learned from this video is that with success there will be rejection and mistakes made along the way. I do not like rejection and I know that is what is holding me back. Sharing rejections have motivated me to move forward. I know that it is part of the process.

    God bless you

  46. vesna
    vesna says:

    yes Lisa my BOL is to give myself more grace…I let myself too long in suferring relation,knowing that this person is not for me,I was his rescue,and it took me a few years before I rescue myself…
    And # YANA I was also stop beliving that seccess is availeble to me…and funny thing is that all people arround me see that I deserve abundance,but it was me who stop beliving that I cant get something better…so if I knew before what I know today,I will act diferrent,but it was all this suferring part of my growing

  47. Leslie Crudup
    Leslie Crudup says:

    Managing my imperfections and living in gratitude! Doing my mantras because of you. I want to meet you and put my arms around you. Ok social distancing may mean virtually..lol but I want to meet you…soon. You have already met me in my mind. Thank you

  48. Nyla A Franklin
    Nyla A Franklin says:

    Yes!!!! Thank you, sister love, for stepping into my shoes. Showing me that we need the word, encouragement, and love. Not to be afraid, this is a challenge in life, for anyone. So the words you speak, wisdom to my ears.

  49. Annette
    Annette says:

    Yesss, you have given me the best insight to keep building and growing my mindset. I thought that I should be working around it and focusing more on my goals. Now know I must diligently keep working on it!
    Which will get me there and even more solidify my achievements!

    Thanks for those great sharing details Lisa!

  50. Monique
    Monique says:

    “I would have not just chased the goal…I would have chased the new belief system first”
    This striked a deep chord within me
    Thank you for work that you do!

  51. Floven
    Floven says:

    Thank you Lisa you just hit it right.
    Relationships,detailed goals and to stp being afraid.
    Thank you

    Floven from Zimbabwe

  52. Cassandra Hill
    Cassandra Hill says:

    Hello Lisa

    Wow! It’s good to know that I am not alone in feeling I should reach goals sooner than scheduled. At times I have moments when I put too much pressure on myself. Moving forward I will keep in mind that extra time is needed to accomplish GREAT things. Thank for your words of encouragement!

  53. juanita harris
    juanita harris says:

    This has blessed me to know that I’m not alone and that I’m worthy of success even being broken through past abuse and no college education, single teenage mother, rebuilding my credit etc.. I deserve to live life more abundantly, serve and share my story.

  54. Mary Jackson
    Mary Jackson says:

    Changing the belief system is hugh for me, it’s everything. My belief system has held me back in every area of my life. But at 59, I’m still pursuing my life’s purpose but with a changed mind. #yana, #bol

  55. Priscilia
    Priscilia says:

    Hearing that I can live in gratitude even in the most difficult times struck a cord in me..I believe it will certainly take my energy up But Lisa, how can I do that, how can one flip from hot to cold or vice versa?
    Thank you
    Your footsteps sister ( in prosperity)

  56. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    I’m so grateful and thankful that you are willing to share all your tips about your ups and downs while achieving your goals. I take notes every time I listen to your videos. It will help me through my process of achieving my goals from you sharing.

  57. Dr. Chantell Butler
    Dr. Chantell Butler says:

    I happened to stumble across you about 2 weeks ago. You speak my language and have paved the way. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and share your path so that we can grow.
    Thanks sis!!!


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