Balancing Your Mind and Body

Balancing Your Mind and Body: Lisa Responds to Community Comments

A while back, I had an episode called Balancing Your Mind and Body where I talked about my personal struggles with my own body, and what I did to overcome them.

What To Do When Someone Keeps Using Your Ideas Without Giving You Credit

“I’m new in the network marketing profession, and my sponsor, who is two years ahead of me, is also new to the business, and I feel like she’s using my ideas without giving me credit.”

The Brutal Truth about Being an Entrepreneur Nobody Will Tell You

Recently I was asked by an Austin based community startup named, #besomebody to write about what makes someone an “Entrepreneur”.

This is the story:

Working since very young, we quickly learned the benefits of innovation and finding hidden resources to bring value, answer a problem and develop the solution. It’s not just blind ambition or a competitive desire to win, it’s much more to being a fabulous entrepreneur. It’s doing what others think can’t be done, it’s working through the constant peril of obstacles and dead ends to get that internal juice to find flow and create. Read more

Write Your Book in 30 Days

“Don’t die with your song still inside you.”

The late Dr Wayne Dyer said that and was a triumphant vindicator for others in living their truth and playing life full out.

We all have a unique and fascinating story to tell buried inside us. But what makes it entertaining, engaging and provides value for your reader??

For those of us that love to tell stories, here are ten things you can do to write your book. Read more