When was the last time you laughed like a child? 

It’s your girl, Lisa Nichols here, and I wanna know…when is the last time you laughed like a joyful child with no concern about who was listening? I mean a deep, belly laugh that is truly infectious?

You see, there is a beautiful freedom that children have and embody. They are curious, joyful and look for the happy. They are non judgmental and simply seek activity, play and fun. 

Children don’t care what religion you are or where you were born. They don’t care what your economic status is or what your political beliefs are. They just want to know, “Will you play with me?” “Can you push me on the swing or catch this ball I’m gonna throw?”

We are all born with these characteristics…with the desire to RUN, LEAP and PLAY. But then we grow up, get older and mature. We become wiser, more responsible, and more dutiful. We become goal-oriented, and somewhere along the line, we lose our child-like wonder and the desire to play and laugh. 

We can all benefit by taking a moment to remember what it felt like to be EXCITED just because you were OUTSIDE. To be happy just because someone NEW showed up in your space. To be NON JUDGEMENTAL and ACCEPTING of other people. To FORGIVE easily and move on to the next game.

This week I literally went outside to observe children at play and was reflecting on how much we can truly learn by watching them. 

Remember, this show is not a monologue. It’s a conversation. I love reading your comments. And I want to hear from you. What hit home for you? What was your #BOL (breakthrough out loud)? What would it take for you to set aside a few minutes this week to be child-like and just seek play, fun and joy?  

Please share a memory of what you loved to do as a child, How can you recapture and experience that same feeling as an adult? Remember, that although aging is inevitable, you are never too old to laugh out loud til your sides hurt. You are never too old to find joy in the simplest of things

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And every time I say I love you and believe in you, it’s because I do.

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