How to Bounce Back from Unexpected Interruptions

If you’ve been with me in this community for a while, you know that here, we have dynamic, courageous, disruptive, and sometimes CARE-FRONTATIONAL conversations.

One particular question I’ve gotten asked over and over again throughout the years that is so important, especially NOW is:

“Lisa, how can I bounce back when life throws me unexpected interruptions?

I think everyone is experiencing some sort of interruption in our lives right now, right?

Some of us have lost jobs…a loved one…momentum in our businesses…our ability to travel and see our family. Others are facing health challenges, relationship challenges and social challenges.

That’s why this week, I’m sharing my top three tips that I personally use to bounce back when there are unexpected interruptions in my life. I’m talking about unwelcomed interruptions. The “I DID NOT see you coming” and the “I DID NOT want you in my life” types of interruptions.

These three strategies have worked for me and I KNOW can work for you too. They’ll help you to bounce back SOONER, QUICKER and FASTER so you can reach your goals while you are navigating life’s terrain.

#1 – Take note of how the interruption happened. Sometimes you are just part of the puzzle and did nothing to influence the outcome–you were just existing or being. And other times, you did contribute to the co-creation process. I know that can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow. But it’s true.

It’s important to understand that this is NOT about keeping score or beating yourself up. This is about keeping track of the behaviors that may have gotten you there, so you can learn from them and grow.

Whether it’s the way you might have been eating or lack of focus on your diet. Whether it’s your boundaries or what you may have allowed to go on in your business or friendship. Whether it’s the way you communicated or did not communicate in a relationship. Just take note of how the interruption occurred, so that you can analyze what got you there.

#2 – See yourself beyond the interruption.

In other words, see the end result. When interruptions happen, most people are in reaction mode. What you want to do is move from REACTION to RESPONSE.

How do you do this? You stop only looking down at the issue and putting your energy there. Instead, you raise your chin up and see yourself on the other side of this interruption. What does it look like on the other side? Allow this vision to pull you beyond the current moment, beyond the crisis, beyond the issue. Be very clear on that. Now, if you are detailed like me, you can even put a date on it. Not a date that will STRESS you, but one that will STRETCH you and keep you in ACTION.

This date might need to be changed or adjusted. You might have to change directions or change the partner to help you get there. But that’s ok!

#3 – Get a high-conscious, accountability community.

Ideally, this is more than one person. I recommend between 2 and 9. Whether you meet formally every two weeks on the phone or informally, having a high-conscious accountability community will keep you moving forward past the interruption.

These fellow change agents, unicorns and gladiators will not only be able to help you identify the interruption and how it happened but will also help you to see beyond the circumstance. They will help hold the vision of the man or woman you are despite this interruption.

Now, I say high-conscious for a reason, and it is NOT to be judgmental. Low-conscious thinkers tend to grow the issue, grow the drama, grow the impact and the energy of despair, resentment, anger, shame or blame. High-conscious thinkers tend to say, “Well this is true. You are right. This is happening. Now let’s focus on where you want to go and how we are going to get you there. Let’s get you back up and running.”

This community is going to lift you back up. And on the days where you are too tired and can’t run (let alone walk), they are going to link arms with you and help carry you until you find your strength again. I would NOT be where I am today without my accountability tribe who carried me when I felt I couldn’t take one more step.

So, take note of how the interruption happened. See yourself beyond the interruption. And finally, get yourself a high-conscious support system.

I’d love to hear from you how this episode resonated, so please comment below. What interruptions are you climbing through or climbing over? Did you forget about some of your goals because the interruptions have been so big? What was your biggest #AHA from this episode?

Remember, this is your tribe, and we are here to support you as you travel on this path. I LOVE you, I BELIEVE in you and will always be…your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility.

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    • Gerald
      Gerald says:

      Thank you for inspiring me I love your work your energy your positive vibe let me know about your work and training best wishes love Gerald xx

  1. Ivory Simmons
    Ivory Simmons says:

    Thank you for the encourage in the “How to bounce back from unexpected interruptions” video clip it helped me see through some things that I am going through right now.

    Thank you, thank you so much.

    More Love to you,

    Ivory Simmons

  2. Qianna Harris
    Qianna Harris says:

    My biggest Aha was my circle and tribe. I have encouraged and motivated so many but haven’t quite developed that care-frontational group. My husband I currently make the 2 which has been my greatest strength. However, I look forward to a growing tribe. I have 8 children who are my light. I see the future but need to feel it.

  3. Namoi
    Namoi says:

    Hey, thanks Lisa for being consistent.
    My biggest #Aha was to see myself beyond the interruption.
    Looking and having thoughts of something a date that would stretch me and keep me in action as soon as possible.

  4. Dana Weeks
    Dana Weeks says:

    I need a higher level thinking tribe to walk alongside me, keep me accountable and help carry me when I get tired.

  5. Jan Goss-Gibson
    Jan Goss-Gibson says:

    Precious Lisa… how you have fed me through the years! What can I do for you? How can I bless you?
    In my own grief… losing the love of my life… you lifted me up and reminded me to keep my eyes on my intention… not this painful, heartbreaking interruption. I love you my Sister. I pray God’s richest blessings on you.

  6. Tamara Johnson
    Tamara Johnson says:

    Thank you, Lisa, I just lose, my mother back in April so that was a life interruption for me and I’m still trying to figure out how to move on I had so much planned now I feel so stagnant.

  7. Kristi Koons
    Kristi Koons says:

    Lisa, thank you so much for this morning’s inspiration!

    At first I thought “Don’t really need this video moment” then realized I slept an extra two hours I didn’t plan on, and I was still dragging.

    Mebbe something to do with all the extra energy I’ve been giving out for a family member resisting rehab and one that’s Type 2 and believes her hypervigilance against his level of exposure to germs and lack of attention to social distancing earns me the “black hat” in trying to stay in the middle but facilitate in getting him to the appts. or shelter he needs.

    Meanwhile, back at my “ranch” . . . I have no mental “normal” to go to and, as is my nature, I make up solutions as I go along. So thank you so much for your thoughts for keeping focused on my intention and not the interruption!

    I’m hopeful this week will resolve the rehab issue and we gotta get post-Covid someday! I’m picturing it now!

    Have a blessed day, Lisa!

  8. Sherri L Southwell
    Sherri L Southwell says:

    Wow! SO powerful! How often we forget the strength we have inside to overcome the interruptions in our lives. In today’s society with so much tension and violence, there are no shortages of interruptions. I look forward to putting together my tribe so we can find ways to continue moving forward.

    Thank You

    • Lisa Nichols
      Lisa Nichols says:

      Sherri there are so many interruptions right now but we have to keep moving. Thank you for being a part of my tribe.

  9. Stacey Leigh Ross
    Stacey Leigh Ross says:

    That message was perfect for me and the ladies in my little book club. We are 4 Caribbean women based in different countries helping each other rise, reading books like yours and pushing each other to take actions that will elevate us and the 3 steps you outlined answer a question we’ve been dancing around for a while. I like the order you put those 3 in. It really makes it easier to take baby steps out of the muck and get back on track, especially given everything that is going on around us at the moment. Thank you for being so honest and for sharing Lisa, I’ll be sharing the link to this page with the ladies!

  10. Londa Thomas
    Londa Thomas says:

    Thank you! It is truly important to have that community of accountability. The advice of having goals to stretch you not stress. That includes people as well.
    Blessings to you!
    Stay safe & Be Well!

  11. Ollie Babe Garza
    Ollie Babe Garza says:

    Thank You Lisa, My AHA moment when you stated look on the other side. I Published my first book Why Not Me 8 Keys to Turning Tragedy Into Triumph in January of this Year. I want to start serving others to let them know once they can Embrace the Process the sky the limit.

  12. Darnell Osborne
    Darnell Osborne says:

    Thank you Lisa! Thank you for reminding me to look on the other side of the interruptions…… Job security, death of a loved one and health challenges… all occurring one right after the other and reminding to have a higher conscience…. you are a blessing… love you Lisa!❤️

  13. Frances
    Frances says:

    I’ve had multiple interruptions that have stopped my progress and I grew tired so I paused, but after reading this “How to bounce back” I feel motivated and will start preparing to continue my journey. Thank you, Lisa

  14. Judith Gottschalk
    Judith Gottschalk says:

    Wow, I truly needed to here this. I am an Energy Conscious Person, I allowed the death’s of my Sister and Brother to take me down. I was wallowing in my own sadness and allowing it to takeover my emotional state. I work very hard to control how I react to things. I guess I just got a little too comfortable in the grieving process. I do respect the process and feel that I shouldn’t rush it, but at the same time it just seems hard for me to know that I won’t see my family members here on Earth anymore. But I will see them again when it is my turn to exit the Planet. I feel that it’s time to let go of the sadness and be grateful that they have returned to their spirit World of Love. They have left all of their negative emotions, stresses that life brings, and pain with their bodies to return to a beautiful existence of bliss. I must hold onto those thoughts for myself so that I can hold my head up high and let my focus on me be revived. I know what I must do now. I was my fathers caregiver for 4 years before he passed away from Lung Cancer and Kidney Disease. These diseases did a number on his mental state, I knew they would as I read 4 books on the affects of these diseases. I told him before it got bad that I had unconditional love for him and no matter how bad it got I would never leave his side. It got bad he was angry that he was dying. He began to verbally abuse me. I could not show him my pain so I did Havening with Paul McKenna and as he suggested I did this technique for 7 days and I was cured. I didn’t have to lie on a psychiatrist’s couch for the next 10 years. So now I will take my pain to Paul once again so that I can get my focus back. Thank you for making me realize that I was creating a safe haven in sadness for myself which was literally debilitating me. God Bless you Lisa, I Love U 2 very much!

  15. Tina
    Tina says:

    Thank you Lisa!
    My big AHA was the word/phrase “care-frontational” It helps me to understand why at times a friend can be very direct with her words……because she cares.

    Thinking back I’ve had some life interruptions that caused negative things in my personal and professional life.
    They are too lengthy to explain but I know that I have accepted those things as life lessons to learn from and never place myself in those positions ever again. We all have what we know as being vulnerable and it cost me my career……my trust in men….at the time they happened.
    Life is like a stage a platform where we all get to play significant roles as human beings. The strength and resilience in many of life’s occurrences lies within each and every one of us. As we get older and wiser we can help others to not make the same mistakes we did….but then where would the lesson be to come out a stronger and better person.

    Maximize respect to you my sister in prosperity!

  16. Laurette
    Laurette says:

    Lisa great thoughts. Getting stuck with dusruptions when you are just a part of the puzzle can be difficult to handle. But acknowledging and moving in to the goal is important.
    High end accountability team, yes ever so important.

  17. Brikita Barnes
    Brikita Barnes says:

    Blessings to you and thanks for the words of inspiration. Identifying the interruptions are key along with the other steps you suggested. The most impactful AHha moment is having no more than 9 people to carry you when you feel you can’t move forward. When you are weak physically you shutdown mentally and don’t think to ask those closed to you to carry you. Man, that part is most important simply because it may take those individuals to get you look past the interruption and to carry you to what you intended, envisioned and help you make the right decisions. But who, when you’ve never had anyone? But when, when you’ve had interruptions repeatedly and you’re the system supporting you and all four children?But where, where do I go, where do I start? But how, when every resource requires you to have absolutely nothing when you fight to hold on to something, and the fight to get ahead requires what you don’t possess from friends family to finances? The fight o my dear sister the fight takes all your might and honestly not speaking for you but for me there’s never absolutely anyone or anything in sight. Teen motherhood, Homelessness, job lost, son being sentenced to 17 years, single mother of four, divorced and misunderstood, lost my father and went through foreclosure. I’ll stop there, and start here with these steps I guess and begin to find rest.

  18. Isabelle
    Isabelle says:

    Thank you lisa!
    My biggest AHA are :
    – Get clear on how the interruption happened
    – See the otherside of this interruption.
    Many blessings to you Dear Lisa!

  19. Barbara Roman
    Barbara Roman says:

    Thank you Lisa, I love, see yourself beyond the interruption. That’s a sermon and I’m not a pastor nor preacher, but it’s preachable. I will share that with the family and friends. Love you girl for sharing your light☀️☀️☀️

  20. Erica Blanchard
    Erica Blanchard says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Jesus says,”I know the plans, I have for you, plans to prosper you and not of evil, plans of hope and an a expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11 I didn’t think I needed the message at first glance however after further morning activities and listening to other God sent vessels of Love, I realized I need to hear a Word in due season from girl Lisa. First I just ❤ the Care-frontation. My AHA moment is again the the TRIBE, gladiators, unicorn family into the community. As I read the other gladiators testimonies it started giving me the needed energy I was seeking, THANK YOU each for sharing freely, willingly and openly. I obaervating where the interruption came from the lack of funds to move forward in my of Master Plus abd DreamBuilder into motivational speaker. I decline the milkion dollars from Oprah’s winning list giving 1st fruit to the Lord thy God, however it belonged to NO Regrets at all, because I needed MORE, esrablishing myself in the into the community. I also had a GREAT awareness, that was need to overcome and change this paradigm, Absence is not absence of evidence. Absence is absence of AWARENESS. I’m NO LONGER servincing and UPMOST GOD and living a ALMOST LIFE! , I needed to go through this uncomfortable process to set myself FREE as I allow the Lord thy God deliver me COMPLETELY! The Lord thy God has me praising him in Oprah is daughter, by sharing my testimony, this is His healing GRACE on my life, to have me take OWNERSHIP, and to know I can make the necessary changes for my life in Him. When I BELIEVE, “All things are working together for the good, to and for those, that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” God said, “My grace is sufficient for my “power is made perfect in weakness.” 2Corninthians 12:9
    Have a Miracle Working Monday MY TRIBE!

    • Erica Blanchard
      Erica Blanchard says:

      Please forgive me, tribe for all the grammatical errors. It was a big mistake in trying to write the note while my attention was divided, and I failed to proof read the message.
      Thank you for your kind attention.✊✌

      • Elisabeth Hamilton-Ferrand
        Elisabeth Hamilton-Ferrand says:

        Erica, thank you for sharing your unedited self with us! I love the passion and spirit you show here and think that counts so much more than proper grammar or spelling!

  21. Erica Blanchard
    Erica Blanchard says:

    Please forgive me, tribe for all the grammatical errors. It was a big mistake in trying to write the note while my attention was divided, and I failed to proof read the message.
    Thank you for your kind attention.✊✌

  22. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for your encouraging words. I realised, sometimes while looking after everyone else’s needs, we seem to forget that we are also very much human and have our own basic needs and desires. I wanted to move countries to enjoy the freedom to move jobs as well as follow my passion for evangelising and serve society.
    Not only do I suffer from procrastination but fear of venturing into the unknown. Without family support, the condition has only worsened. But when the day I finally mustered up the courage to follow my dreams I realised that not only had I missed the boat but also there was none to reach out to hold my uplifted arms. Instead of care-fronting, I was confronted for not working on things earlier. At the same time, in God’s eyes, we have no past, only a great future so I am hoping to be lifted up…May you continue to be the best..:)
    Stay blessed

  23. Natroy Williams
    Natroy Williams says:

    OMG! I have been dealing with a lot of emotionally charged mental decapitating interruptions. When I ran across this video within an email, it convinced me that there is a such thing as devine intervention. I never experienced waiting to exhale until now. I was holding my breath through my interruptions, not realizing that I was drowning. When you said find a team a gladiators, I never knew there was such a thing. I realized that my surroundings didn’t support where I was trying to go mentally and emotionally. Your recommendations was music to my soul. It was the missing piece within my complex jigsaw puzzle called life. So, my question would be how do you find a team of gladiators? I believe my team will be my life support and I don’t know how to begin or where to start. Can you share any thoughts or recommendations of what and how to do it? Thank you again for your life changing video. Its amazing how one video can have a HUGE impact. Even when you said “I love you”, I was in tears because I never sincerely hear “I love you” at all. The common three words I hear are “get more out” of me from family, friends and everyone within my world. To actually have a video say “I love you” and I could feel the sincerity was breathtaking and emotionally moving. Thank you Nicole!

  24. Merle
    Merle says:

    Lisa. Lisa. Lisa… Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and techniques about “How to Bounce Back from Unexpected Interruptions.” Recently I had gotten to a point where I felt alone and disconnected. I called 2 colleagues for moral support and visited the compounds of several institutions that I am affiliated with. Lisa, I felt supportive energy from their connection and found my bearings after engaging in those activities. However, I need to break through an emotional barrier i.e. I am uncomfortable with seeking moral support because I feel that I am burdening others by revealing where I am at a given moment. How can I move beyond this self-created wall of resistance? Merle

  25. Theda Williamson
    Theda Williamson says:

    Thank you for those words.They came at a time while I had my head down so consumed with this interruption and forgotting to look beyond it. Thank you.. Blessings to a beautiful Soul.

  26. Elisabeth Hamilton-Ferrand
    Elisabeth Hamilton-Ferrand says:

    Dearest Lisa, thank you for the kind and gentle reminder to keep our eyes on the goal and not get bogged down in the interruption. I think that is where I am right now, spending the energy on the things that came up that I didn’t anticipate rather than putting that energy into my goal. I can also really relate with the comments addressing losing some of the passion I felt about my goals when I experienced interruption. I feel this is my first step to getting back on track!
    Love and blessings,

  27. Luz Mariscal
    Luz Mariscal says:

    Thank you so much for your message. I so needed to hear and remember that there is another side. To not get stuck in the anxiety that is currently happening in my life. I loved the advice, AHA moment “energy grows where energy goes.” & “Give the intention the energy.” Thank you, thank you. You are a blessing to hear and to have found in my life.
    Much love and blessings.

  28. Jane Mwanyumba
    Jane Mwanyumba says:

    Wow, Lisa, you break it down is such a simple way, bless you. Fear of failure at some point in my life just got me stuck! Seeing me beyond the interruption & getting myself a high-conscious support system #AHA

  29. Carolyn Jackson
    Carolyn Jackson says:

    Hello tribe, I’ve been drudging along from one point to another but don’t really feel as though I’d moving where I need to be. I know that everyone is going through something at this time, but there are times that I feel as if I’m the only one with an interruption that I can’t do anything about. My take away from this video was being reminded that I had to look beyond the interruptions and get back on track. I had slipped off for a while wondering what was the use of using all of this energy and no where for it to go. Then Lisa said Energy grows where Energy goes. I’m the one that was directing my energy in the directions it was going. And allowing others to tell me that this is what I had to do. I just got caught up in “Oh well, what now.” The current air of the health crisis is not the only thing that was going on. I was allowing myself to be manipulated and thought I was doing what was right for someone else. All the time the game was on and I wasn’t aware that I was right in the middle of it. I know now. And as soon as I realized that I was not being responsible for my actions, being a prisoner to my emotions I snapped out of it. I also took away that I was reacting, so I couldn’t see that I was responding in a way that did not help me to move back on my path. I’m clear on how the interruption happened and that I was a co-creator, and my behavior as well was keeping my goals from becoming the reality that I’ve been working on. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to self assess and keep moving. Be well, Be safe.

  30. Lu-Ann K Patrick
    Lu-Ann K Patrick says:

    Aha Moment: “Energy Grows where Energy Goes,” Accountability is the key for that tribe to link arms together and carry you when you feel you are falling! Thank you Lisa.


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