Transforming Your Money Mindset

This week I wanna talk to you about a subject that we often avoid. That’s right. We are going to have a courageous, dignified conversation about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “Lisa, how do I transform my money mindset from lack and scarcity to a place of prosperity?”

In order to begin to change, you have to understand that we all have a money BLUEPRINT and HISTORY. We didn’t create it. It came from our parents, our community, our spiritual and religious upbringing, and our economic experience.

In fact, by age 10 our belief system around money begins to take shape…and by age 21, we all have a completely developed belief system about money—most of which is unconscious. Isn’t that cray, cray?

The gift of being in this tribe is that we know in order to transform, we have to bring the UNCONSCIOUS to the CONSCIOUS. That means DIGGING DEEP and discovering your own belief system and relationship with money.

When I dug deep into mine, I realized that I held these key beliefs:

Wealthy people were stingy or greedy…
Their kids have all kinds of problems…
You couldn’t be wealthy and spiritual at the same time…and the list went on and on.

It wasn’t until I began challenging those beliefs that I was able to realize they were JUST NOT TRUE. And only then could I begin to create NEW beliefs to take their place.

I invite you to dig deep and uncover your beliefs around money. Are they serving you? If so, keep them. If not, challenge them. Ask yourself: “Are you living in a relationship with money that you CREATED or that was CREATED FOR YOU?”

Please share in the comments below which part really hit home for you. Did I push one of your buttons? Was there a message in there you needed to hear? Did you experience an #AHA or a #BOL (breakthrough out loud)? I love reading your comments and sharing in your lives. This is your home, and we are your tribe.

And when I say I believe in you and I love you, it’s because I truly do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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    • Becky
      Becky says:

      First of all you are amazing I need help and figuring out how to More debt free that would make my life more comfortable and care for myself more mentally. This all works together. Becky!

    • Kellie
      Kellie says:

      what helped me to start to move past my issues with not deserving good things was a good therapist to be honest. She was a lifesaver to me at a very bad point in my life. I’m not saying that’s what you need to do but I wanted to throw it out there that it’s an option. I hope you find something that is helpful to you as well.

      • Zelina Star
        Zelina Star says:

        kellie I struggle with my money beliefs too and feel I am at Avery low point in my life. Working towards allowing more positivity in my life and remind myself that #yesyes I AM DESERVING and so are YOU! I believe in my heart that WE CAN do this. Thank you to the other commenter for mentioning how a good therapist helped you. This is something I have been very resistant to in the past but am slowly opening myself up to the possibility of support I could get from trying this rout. Thank you to all the supportive people in the motivation the masses community. Much love, peace and gratitude to you all ❤️✨

    • Enrique La Cruz
      Enrique La Cruz says:

      First of all congratulations, that phrase “cannot get past the I’m not deserving” is courageous you are amazing for being able to even get to that, why you may ask? well first you are consciously acknowledging your relationship with yourself and in that way that even though you don’t know what to do you do know that you have to do something and are asking for help, secondly you already have a direction in which to follow just keep searching on that direction. In my experience, this is a very common thought we have, but most people are not able to admit it, I also have these kinds of thoughts from time to time but way less than before, the feeling that you’re not enough comes from lacking self-love, and not accepting yourself fiscally, mentally or spiritually, what I did is letting go of those feelings putting myself in awkward situations that can incite those feelings and letting go of them with the help of a breathing practice, keep searching for content like this, and find like-minded people that want to be happy just like you. Good job and hope you find your path.

  1. Ladycwilliams
    Ladycwilliams says:

    I appreciate the conversation, however I believe my concept is simple wrapped up in my self-esteem/self-worth. Thanks for the question

  2. Bibi
    Bibi says:

    What you say is always relevant and timely and always touches my soul and gives me the guidance I need in the now. At 54 years old and starting over, the task seems insurmountable. Who will hire me? Where will the money come from? Is it too late for me? All of these are my beliefs about me and money that I need and will challenge. Thank you

  3. Serenthia
    Serenthia says:

    This was a great message, I ask myself all the time how could using my spiritual energy to draw in prosperity, love, happiness, riches, wealth, and MONEY. I mediate and I created a practice. I can tell you this it’s coming because I am Alright. God is making away as we speak. Thank you sister.

  4. Donna Bluitt
    Donna Bluitt says:

    Wow once again you are awesome. My money mindset has been so make it spend it give it away, lose it all my life. I’m trying to do better but it all start with me 2020 I will challenge myself to have a better outlook about money, I will continue to make it, give it away and make more to give more. Thank you for always enlightening, motivating, inspiring us to be better, do better to have the life you know we deserve

    Donna Bluitt

  5. Yashate Pendergrass
    Yashate Pendergrass says:

    #YANA I love your post. At a young age my mother use to say “Times are Hard” & “I am trying to make ends meet”. BUT she also ensured I had my very own Christmas saving club. I recall her taking me to the bank and letting me give my money to the lady behind the counter. This give me a better insight to saving. I also recall looking for the mail at the when it was pay out time . The check has a snowy/Christmas tree background. I belief that my mom taught me at a young age, about Hard times and saving despite all!!

  6. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    Just bringing this totally out and to bring this to the forefront. I have been ignoring my money issues hoping that everything will work out. I really want to be the best i can be. Money and health mentality and physically. Money wasn’t included before this conversation. Thanks it’s included to make this whole best person i cam be.

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Before I listened, I wrote down my thoughts and beliefs towards money and then listed the negative cycles I’d found myself in as a result. Hearing you confirm it, is exciting because I HAVE been wearing my struggles like a badge on my sleeve but am determined to change this generational curse/pattern right along with several others. Thank you for your words of wisdom

  8. Tracy King
    Tracy King says:

    Money hasn’t been discussed in my marriage in 10 years.
    #BOL: That having wealth isn’t a bad thing and it allows you to be more of who you are….. Yes!

    • Chanty
      Chanty says:

      I had a similar experience in my relationship with my fiancé. He wasn’t comfortable discussing money and would feel very defensive. I also learned when I had financial success or unexpected blessings that it was “our” money or I was being selfish which created guilt feelings.
      I love what Lisa says about $ making you more not less you. It’s very counter what society tells us. ❤️Grateful for these tough convos and invitations to explore this topic.

  9. Clarissa Watts
    Clarissa Watts says:

    I always thought of lack before I could even consider where I could go before the money manifested…if it manifested. My worries overpowered my thoughts surrounding money and when you said “rob Peter to pay Paul” girl! My mama would always say that and it has permeated my mind I guess. Around where I’m from, Chicago suburb, we flaunted money on our backs that we Would sacrifice the electric bill or something way more significant to have the appearance of “money” and I detested that thought process. I thought I had a better grip on my ideas surrounding money when I started thrifting and creating a budget but my financial status would become stagnant when I slipped back into a lifestyle of penny pinching and afraid of lack but still spending like there’s no tomorrow. We don’t talk about money because I don’t want to be judged. I attach it to my personal self worth and I know that just isn’t true. Lisa you are a true homegirl and I can’t wait to meet you

  10. Ellis V
    Ellis V says:

    It seems I have some money lessons to learn. I was raised in a family with a healthy flow of money coming in from a young age and this kept on going till recently. Now I learned that money is not to be taken for granted. and that you have to earn it yourself

  11. Echama Arlando Mba
    Echama Arlando Mba says:

    I never thought about how the culture I grew up in was about money and I don’t know why but that gave me like AHAs

  12. Edna
    Edna says:

    This video was right on time . I never considered all of the things that could impact my feelings about money . My Bol is when you said your culture I grew up in a very hip hop influenced era and my parents are African so my thoughts on money were so conflicted. I wanted the flashy diamonds and cars but I saw only rappers and singers with that kind of money and my parents instilled that the only way to have money was to work tirelessly and maybe one day have enough to retire , or believing income tax refund was a holiday . You’ve completely challenged my way of thinking and the deep rooted feelings towards
    Money . I will continue to work on healing these feelings towards money to open up room for financial wealth and abundance.

  13. Diana
    Diana says:

    Thank you, Lisa.
    Even as a single mom it is possible for me to have more money. I deserve more money.
    Even though rich people treated me badly in the past, it doesn’t mean all rich people are like that.
    As a rich person I can even give more of myself to others.

  14. Margie
    Margie says:

    Thank you so much
    Yes I grew up thinking money was the root of all evil. We were taught that in church
    Now I know better
    As I have begun to form a loving relationship with money my vibration has changed

  15. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the insight. I recently made some decisions regarding my financial future and your conversation was very timely. I have never considered my money belief. I always felt I was pretty level headed in my perception of my finances but some recent issues and your “talk” has prompted me to take a good look at my beliefs. As always you are the best! Much love to you for all you do!

  16. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much for you sharing, one of my goals in 2020 is to get a grip on my money this teaching was very helpful especially understanding out money beliefs.
    *** Grow, Inspire, Empower 2020***

    Lisa Clark

  17. Erin
    Erin says:

    My grandparents were the money holders in my life, and my parents were the entitled moochers. My grandparents bought them houses to live in rent free. Gave them cars. Always made sure my sister and I had our needs met. But I grew up poor. We had nothing. If we needed something we had to ask someone else. My parents never learned how to manage their own money, because their parents took care of that. And my parents had nothing to teach us. We fell through the cracks. But I’m 36 now. I have my own kids. I make my own money, and control my own destiny. I’m ready to challenge my belief that I’m poor and don’t know how to handle finances. I’m tired of copping out, and ready to change my trajectory. Thanks Lisa, for inspiring and supporting us.

  18. Beverly
    Beverly says:

    My mom used to say , poor people don’t waste food and my reply was, you may be poor but I’m not. I will admit that I’ve had to deal with the fear of not having enough. I’ve also had to deal with the thought that the only way to have money is to work a full time job. Corporate America almost killed me because it was out of alignment with my soul purpose. O quit my job in September and I’m now waiting on an approval for social security disability. I don’t intend to be dependent on it forever because I am building my spiritual wellness practice and one day I’ll be purchasing homes for the homeless

  19. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I thank God for your gift. I am 55 and just learning to invest in myself. I’m looking forward to learning more about money and ready and willing to do the work. Tonights homework for me will be listing my true thoughts about people with money and what having money means to me. I can’t wait to learn more from you.

  20. Phyllis Simpson
    Phyllis Simpson says:

    How can I possibly purchase fine jewelry earrings, when I own credit card debt? Priorities, get it in order. Let’s not mention dollar cost averaging. Don’t spend your money in 1 place, tithe and save some for a rainy day. Have a budget. Also, there are wants, needs, tangible and intangible items. I need food, clothing, water and shelter. Everything else is a want. Self preservation is number 1. I work hard so I am entitled to some wants, but not everything. I should have an idea as to how much I am willing to pay for something. Also, be careful about spending on intangible items. Keep it reasonable. Some people are good and some are bad no matter the socio-economic status. But, in recent years it seem most college educated have a side hustle that might not be 100% legal, but are protected by their status. They want to win whether they are right or not. This may be the case for those who did not go to college too, but I did not experience it until I became a professional, exempt employee.

  21. Allen
    Allen says:

    Love this clip! Time to talk about the obvious in all of our lives that we all have a tendency to avoid. MONEY IS EMOTIONAL!!! Discover your feelings about money and you will find the golden keys of advancement in regards to your financial future! Opportunity awaits! Don’t delay…do the deep dig and find the gold you are destined to have! Your brother in prosperity.

  22. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Thank You Lisa, you said something about, our parent I never thought about. I don’t recall then them taking about money when, I was a little girl.As I got older a teenager it was my mother and brother we didn’t have very much money she received social security when my father die. My mother never talk about money to us my mother didn’t know how to handle money my mother drank a a lot and that’s where the money went. I didn’t have nice clothes like the other girls because there was no money to go buy them. I have never thought about this until you spoke about the parents. I am 66yrs old with two income survivor benefits and SS. still trying to make it with bills. The other day I remember what Rev. Michael Beckwith said speak the possibility I shouted out that I am not going to live in lack or scarcity enough is enough, I am so glad that I found you from mind valley. Thank You!

  23. Khalida
    Khalida says:

    I met Lisa Nichols one year ago and my life is only getting better and better. I say Yes Yes to all of her energy and the thoughts. #BOL

  24. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    Lisa! I needed to hear that wealthy people can be spiritual! Thank you! BTOL! I’m sure you’ve heard of scripture that says it’s easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than a rich man to go into heaven . But God must be talking about greedy rich men right? Because there are lots of generous rich people who could be very spiritual, right? Thank you Lisa for being so open and authentic. You are amazing!

  25. Anne
    Anne says:

    Thank you for what you do!
    I enjoyed the video because i can definitely relate. The way i was raised and the beliefs around money were if you had too much of it you would end up doing bad things… i am actively working on changing that. Will you be in South Florida anytime ?

  26. Demetria Clayton
    Demetria Clayton says:

    Yes I totally agree with changing the poverty mindset. I had to leave a comment to let you know that your life story has helped me considerably. As I try to get my nonprofit off the ground I continuously try to remember to control what I’m thinking. Although my organization is not yet bringing in funds or donations as much as I would like I still try to keep my mind focused as if I’m working with millions. I just wanted to say thanks for your transparency it has truly blessed me and boosted my confidence and boldness. Much love

  27. James
    James says:

    Greetings, well my wife and I are not on the same page about money. Which we trying to find a way to change that. Now, I’m grinding working multiple gigs to make money. She’s says that I need to stop chasing money, but if I don’t work, we will have even more financial issues. So I feel like if I do, I’m wrong and if I don’t, I hear it about it still. So, I’m trying to understand how can I change my mindset of grinding but doing it in a way that doesn’t cause any rift between us, but still hold this down for us. Any invite would be great!

  28. JudithRDaley
    JudithRDaley says:

    My Bol moment was that I didn’t have to give my money away because I have a sufficient amount of it. My family feels if I don’t give them when they ask me, I am being mean. But I have always give them money.

  29. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Lisa, I had a #YANA moment. I’ve been scared to talk about money because most of my life, I’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul. This doesn’t serve me. I’ve acted in a place of scarcity. I am working on changing my habits and thoughts about money and changing my mindset. I honestly didn’t have anyone to really guide me on how to truly use money to my advantage and on ways of saving. I’ve had to fend for myself most of my life. I’m in a new age bracket and feel like I should be better off than what I’m doing now. “If I knew then what I know now, I’d never be in the position I’m in with my finances.” I spent too much and some took advantage of my kindness in the past. I didn’t really save.

  30. Stephanie J Imhoff
    Stephanie J Imhoff says:

    My money thoughts came in the 80s when credit was not overly valued. My dad was forced into bankruptcy after his second wife died. I have the wrong relationship with money. I believe I am not worthy to have more money because I’m not smart enough or driven enough to consciously change it.

  31. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Thank you Lisa for the courageous conversations and dynamic dialogue. This was so inspiring to hear about money mindsets. I appreciate all the work you do and thank you for being you. I look forward to more courageous conversations about the relationship with money. Please also or perhaps you have discussed establishing real human relational nutrient connections who are open, honest, and vulnerable to engage in those deep meaningful conversations. I saw you at essence a few years ago and I am so amazed how much you have conquered all your fears. Keep shining!! I look forward to speaking with you soon.

  32. Fulei Ngangmuta
    Fulei Ngangmuta says:

    Thank you for this! What you said is absolutely true. I’m literally doing the deconstructing work of figuring out my true beliefs around money. I’ve always believed from a child that I was meant to be wealthy, however I want taught how to become wealthy & how to manage it. My father’s very wealthy but extremely stingy & selfish. So I learned that money was there but not always for me. Sadly he taught me that generosity was for others & not the family. So I learned to love/hate money. My religious upbringing also didn’t help because I was always taught to give it away & that suffering is par for the course. This year I decided that enough is enough & that wealth is mine to be had. That generosity didn’t need to skip my immediate family & that suffering for the sake of giving is completely off balance. I even created a mantra to keep me on track & change my beliefs around money. Again, thank you for this video. Quite on time!

  33. Laura
    Laura says:

    #YANA I have had some of the same beliefs. I’ve since learned that I cannot lump people together like that. Some wealthy people may be that way but that’s just them. Others are kind and generous. I know now that money is a tool and I decide how to use it. I am focused on ways to improve my financial situation and when I get to where I want to be, I will share what worked for me.

  34. Constance
    Constance says:

    Lisa you are a bomb lol, I was of the believe that good people don’t hold on to money they are always giving so im always giving all my money to friends, family and anybody in need of it, it makes me feel good though but just that when I am in need I barely get anyone coming to my aid financially but God has a way of sending me a quick gig that puts money back into my pocket then Im back to giving it to needy friends again my pain however is when Im not able to give, people think Im hording, stingy, Im mean, it kinnda hurts because these are the same people I give all the money to.
    How do I have a healthy relationship without the pressure from friends and family and how do I handle these people without lying to them when they ask for money? Thank you for the Help.

  35. Francesca Hepton
    Francesca Hepton says:

    Thank you for the provoking questions Lisa.
    My inherited belief system regarding money as a child is that you have to work hard to earn it. I’m using your Exposing the Lie technique to weed that one out of me. Replacing it with Money can be fun and easy to earn!
    At 21 money was something I never thought I’d have a problem with. I always wanted as much of it as I could have and it flowed in until I became involved. Both men in my life did not work. One brought significant debt with him. The last 20 years of my life have been shaped by being the
    Mother breadwinner and paying off debts that aren’t mine.
    Just like you said, I adopted a belief system. Plus the belief that men aren’t the knight in shining armour they are hyped to be
    Trying to shake it off one thought at a time some starting your 28 Days No Matter What course.
    Keep inspiring

  36. Chastity
    Chastity says:

    BOL!! I realize my life now is the life I had as a young child, enough for needs and a few wants. I’ve always had dreams of bigger things but find myself going after the “regular jobs” that I was taught was the way to be ok. But I don’t want ok, I want the greatness that I feel inside. I’ll be doing the work to break down this belief

  37. Pricella Ogun
    Pricella Ogun says:

    I. just wanted to say very big thank you Lisa you always smash and you always deliver. I appreciate you thank you so much I personally adore you and I love you.

  38. Mayu
    Mayu says:

    Thank you, Lisa. I believe it’s not the first time to hear what you’ve told us. So I understand it by my head, but I’m not sure what my subconscious believes. In order to spend money for the welfare and do the tithing I decided to be a mother of a kid in an underdeveloped country by sending money every month, although I have just about enough money to do so, I mean I’m not so rich. I don’t even know how I can live after my retirement. I sometimes wonder if I should just save that money for my future, if what I’m doing is ok. But I believe that since money is energy, too, I should let it move. Maybe this way it should come back to me more, too. I’m not sure if I’m doing for the welfare, or for my own good. Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to talk to you, Lisa. Thank you.

  39. Fehiman
    Fehiman says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Yes , I guess ,I always had problems with money. I was always worried not having enough of it. I saved my money as a small child. Even now, I feel guilty spending big sums of money on anything. There is a limit ,I would go and I stop because I feel ,I should have some money ,just incase of rainy days. I know ,this mentallity could create that. I would like to make big sums of money because I get messages people asking me for money and I feel bad when I can not help. I am an empath and I feel peoples pain and I help as much as I can .

  40. Zelina Star
    Zelina Star says:

    Thank you Lisa! I have been following you for about a year now. Looking for ways to find likeminded people and build a support community around sharing and caring. I NEED more of this in my life. How can I get more connected with all the beautiful souls I know are here? #ichoosetolivefullout #YANA #2020Decedance ❤️

  41. Reese Evans
    Reese Evans says:

    Money mindset helps you to improve your business. Because it makes only in case of making a profit and grow their business. If this fails there is always a way of making money.


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