Do you want to hang out before the event (AND get some extra special VIP treatment)?


  • Exclusive pre-event Virtual Workshop with me
  • Priority access and a sneak peek behind-the-scenes
  • Bonus Q+A with me on Day 2
  • Access to Full Event Recordings

Here’s a closer look at what’s included:

Premier Plus Perk #1 - Virtual Workshop Valued at $299

As a Premier Plus attendee you’ll get access to an exclusive pre-event virtual workshop for 2 hours with me. Join me for this exclusive pre-event session to prepare and kickstart the growth you’ll be ushering in. You’ll also get a taste of what it’s like to be part of my in-studio audience as they join you for this special event. This event will take place the afternoon of April 20th. It’s the perfect time to get acquainted, and get ready for our incredible 3 days together!

Premier Plus Perk #2 - Priority Access Valued at $150

Don’t want to wait around to get access into the live event? As a Premier Plus attendee, you’ll get the VIP treatment and this means priority access during tech check to skip the queue. You’ll get a sneak peek behind-the-scenes to see how it’s all done with my events team!

Premier Plus Perk #3 - Bonus Q+A Valued at $327

During these jam-packed events it’s only natural that questions will arise! And as a Premier Plus attendee you’ll get the chance to ask your burning questions directly to me during an exclusive Q+A session on Day 2 of the event with my in-studio audience. You bring your questions, and I’ll bring you my most powerful answers.

Premier Plus Perk #4 - Access to Full Event Recordings Valued at $499

Don’t want to miss a minute and want to revisit all the juicy nuggets from this event? As a Premier Plus attendee, you’ll get digital recordings of the entire event sent to you approximately 30-60 days after the event. You’ll be able to skip to your favorite parts and its amazing how many breakthroughs happen when people rewatch the event! That’s often when the true magic unfolds!