Shayla Nicelle

Business coach, career developer and employee engager, entrepreneur

"Shayla was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. In her youth she became known, by family and friends, as someone who excelled at being insightful and perceptive. In 2011, she graduated magna cum lade from Notre Dame College of Ohio, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management with a minor in Psychology. 

Since then, she has worked in both retail and corporate spaces focusing on hiring and leading others. Although a Cleveland native, she spent many years living in Buckeye, AZ where she honed and improved her professional skillset.

Her specialty and passions are centered on career development and employee engagement.

After climbing her way up the corporate ladder and finding success, she decided a change of scenery was necessary. In fall of 2019, she quit her corporate job to take a chance on herself. There are plenty of situations in the corporate world that she found to be challenging and frustrating, but the truth is she was unhappy there because she wasn’t living in her purpose. She decided she would try her hand at becoming an entrepreneur.

Although her first business venture didn't turn out as she had hoped, this was the beginning of an exploratory quest of self-discovery. She learned things about herself that the hustle and bustle of corporate life never gave her the chance to experience. On this journey, she took a personal development course by Lisa Nichols called Elevate, started co-hosting a podcast, and uncovered her purpose of becoming a Transformational Life Coach. Becoming a Life Coach allows her to do what she has been gifted at for so many years which is helping to develop others."