Pamm McNeil

Civil Rights Activist

"Pamm McNeil is a child of the civil rights movement whose parents were first in their large North Carolina families to graduate from their land grant historically Black teachers college. Born in Freedman's Hospital in Washington, DC, segregation was being fought and slowly dismantled throughout her early years. 

Her family integrated a conservative Lutheran church and she grew up celebrating Martin Luther's Reformation and reading Ebony and Jet magazines, and many books and recordings by prominent Blacks.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated the night before her 7th birthday which forever shaped her worldview. 

She had the best educational advantages: private, parochial, and public magnet schools, a B.A. in economics from Wellesley College, and attended Harvard Business School.

Even in preschool Pamm was given a microphone and was a natural spokesperson and leader. However, righteous confrontation and conflict resolution training experience did not help when she was asked to leave HBS without her MBA. As a Harvard dropout, for years she intentionally shirked leadership or spokesperson roles until she had an opportunity to prepare teens for the high stakes competitive college admission process almost 30 years ago.

Affirmative action was birthed and died during her lifetime. While civil rights has been fought, too many African-Americans today still experience little or negative net worth, poor educational opportunities, high unemployment, mass incarceration, or death at the hands of police or others.

Pamm has taken on the mantle of Martin Luther King and the spirit of Harriet Tubman to inspire and motivate African-American youth to excel as citizens, as scholars, as leaders, as stewards, and as entrepreneurs."